Online dating: Great for women, sucks for men

Online dating is great for women and it sucks for guys. It seems to be a perfect fit for our consumerist society, where only the best-looking or most valuable packages get taken off the shelf.

The reason why it works so well for them is that men typically outnumber the women in online dating sites. With an oversupply of men, they can have their pick of the litter.

Indeed, any female posting a profile to an online dating site usually gets deluged with e-mails from interested men. With so many e-mails and only a finite amount of time to answer them, naturally they will screen in only the best-looking and richest men.

One man posting in an online forum said he found that for every four hundred e-mails he sends to women, he will get maybe one or two positive responses back. Not dates, just responses. One response for every four hundred e-mails? Yikes! With results like that, it’s not hard to see that his chances of actually getting a date are pretty slim.

A number of years ago, German researchers found that people have to date a minimum of thirteen people before they find a suitable long-term partner. Let’s assume the prospective suitor I mentioned earlier does get one date for every four hundred e-mails he sends. That’s four hundred times thirteen, or 5,200 e-mails to find a partner!

I can’t imagine any man having the kind of time or energy on his hands to carry out such a Herculean task.

Not surprisingly, many online dating site operators find, that with such poor odds of success, they have a hard time keeping male customers. So, in hopes of keeping the money rolling in, they send out bait profiles (profiles of women whose membership has lapsed) to men who have signed on for free trials or who have cancelled their memberships.

I personally experienced firsthand the same bait-and-switcheroo. When my membership was active matches would arrive by e-mail. When I logged on to respond, I found that many of the profiles had magically disappeared!  Cancelling my membership only resulted in more e-mails promising matches and entreaties not to cancel. Recently has come under fire from various quarters for engaging in such slimy business practices. As of this writing, a class-action lawsuit has been lodged against; plaintiffs are seeking a refund of their membership fees on the grounds that they were defrauded.

In my travels, I have found that several basic types of women frequent online dating sites:

1. Stuck-up, snooty women who think they are God’s gift to men. With the tons of e-mail they get from hopeful suitors, they acquire both swelled heads and a wildly unrealistic opinion of their market value in the dating world. Women like this are clearly suffering from what I call ‘Princess Syndrome’. A characteristic symptom of the malady is having a stringent laundry list of ‘requirements’ and ‘standards’ few men could ever hope to meet.

2. Attention junkies.

3. Gold-diggers. No explanation needed here!

4. Professional daters who, sucked in by the endless choice online dating appears to offer, keep looking for the Bigger, Better Deal. Ad nauseam. Scratch a professional dater, and you’ll likely find someone with a serious fear of commitment lurking underneath. The type of woman mentioned in (2) above often fits into this category.

5. Teases who get off on rejecting men for sport. These women should have a big “L” branded in their foreheads – “L” for “Loser”, of course.

6. Desperate single mothers. If you ever see a profile where a woman says, “My children mean everything to me”, RUN! This is code-speak that means a woman is basically married to her children, and if you get involved with her, you’ll find that you rank dead last. Right down there with Fido, if you’re lucky.

7. Russian/ Eastern European women or women from other foreign countries where poverty and crime is rife. Probably half of these women are allied with fraudsters seeking to fleece lonely men.

8. Drunks, druggies, other assorted psychopaths.

The strange thing about the online dating sites I’ve been on is that there are few women who could be considered ugly. (Unless of course, they’re the ones who post a profile but no pic).

Confused? So am I. See points 1, 2, and 3 above for an explanation on why a good-looking woman would feel the need to resort to online dating.

Bottom line: Online dating is a bad deal for men. Guys, your money and time is better invested elsewhere.


163 Responses to Online dating: Great for women, sucks for men

  1. Brian says:

    pofsucks1, you have hit the nail on the head. I’ve just deleted my POF profile after only being on it for three weeks. I sent out 29 emails and, though I did at least manage to get four replies that were positive, out of those 4, there was only one who I would really liked to have met outside of the online world. Unfortunately, after she asked me to complete an online Myers-Brigg assessment, which came up as a personality profile shared by 2% of the population, she informed me that she had met somebody through the site that she found intriguing and preferred only to deal with one guy at a time. Well, fair enough, I thought. So I emailed her telling her that she was somebody I would’ve like to have met offline, told her she had my contact information (I’d given her my phone # and email address) and said that if it didn’t work out, please feel free to contact me.

    Then I thought about all the time I’d spent getting to that stage, and decided that, with my career interest (and believe me, unlike probably at least 3/4 of the population, I HAVE found my life’s calling and do enjoy what I do), my workout schedule at the gym and an activity completely unrelated to work that brings me joy and peace, I simply do not have the time to waste on this site.

    Potential coffee dates with strangers online who I will probably never meet? What’s the point?

    • Dude40 says:

      Don’t despair, I met my share of scammers and meal hunters and not a one decent person. Beware, online women are outthere to use your money to have a free dinner or even rob you. Some even kill men or steal their identity. I’ve experienced all of these.

  2. Farkus Mind says:

    You are right on about the inequitable treatment of men vs. women on the Forum. There is what can only be described as a gang of seriously damaged and extremely childish women that loiter about waiting to pounce on any poster that opposes their views. Considering the views are generally along the lines of delusional self-holiness and categorical man bashing, there is no doubt of a double standard when it comes to policing the dialogue.

    While men are expected to stay on topic and be respectful, it seems that these women can apply ad hominem attacks, off-topic comments, incendiary name-calling and adolescent dismissals with impunity. Once in a while they may be reprimanded for rudeness, but it is an uncommon event. Depending on the moderator dealing with the complaint, one can often expect an entire thread to disappear, as it is the lazy approach to keeping things in order. However, the guilty parties are left unpunished and reappear in the next thread that pops up on the topic to continue their bullying and ranting. There are rage-filled men posters too, but they are not as frequent. However, even they usually survive permanent ban. Somehow, the lesson is to be caustic since logic, consideration and respect are definitely not honoured by POF.

    In fairness, a couple of the moderators have been diligent but it is not nearly enough, as the forums have degenerated into a cyber representation of an unsupervised grade school melee. Once in a while a new member will chime in only to be exposed to a full volley of hatred and vitriol. Honesty is met with hostility unparalleled in a real world discussion (well, at least those that don’t end up in a fist fight). The thread deletion by committee is only encouraging like-minded man bashers to collude in removing any topic that threatens their world of fantasy. Why that feature is even in place when this misuse is obvious, is proof that there is no intention to expend any effort in making a member’s visits a good experience.

    You would think that as a site dedicated to the promotion of finding the heart warming experience of an intimate interpersonal relationship, POF would create and maintain an atmosphere of congeniality between the sexes: but it doesn’t as far as the forums are concerned. Removing the gang of bullies would go a long way towards this, yet this is apparently not on their agenda.

    It doesn’t only “suck” for men, it sucks for the few decent women that do not realize that POF is so infested a pool of detritus that the decent fish are few and far between (or, have long since sprouted legs and have learned to walk away).

  3. carriec says:

    Are you a blog of pof? Markus is making lots o money by making it impossible to register. That’s why he gets so many hits. I’ve been trying to register for days, so many hits for ol M’kus. I’m through making him money. But maybe I still am, because maybe you are him? As far as the women go, who knows. Same with the men. But how would I know? Ol M’kus has made it impossible for me to register.

  4. James says:

    I will never use anyone who advertises on plentyoffish

  5. Seb says:

    I agree internet dating is a scam, and like you said, what the internet dating sites don’t tell you is that there are too many men, and far too few women.

    I made the rather foolish mistake of joining “plenty of fish”, and various paid internet dating sites, and never again will I waste my time and money sending hundreds of e-mails to women who either don’t exist, or don’t even bother replying.

    Internet dating is a fraud!!

  6. Marco says:

    I have been on POF a few times.

    I am one of the “20%” of males that women want due to my height, build and wealth combined with no kids never married etc. I say this not to boast but rather as background information

    My experiences were as follows

    For every 10 emails I send I get about 8 or 9 responses. I would also get many unsolicited emails where the women would contact me first and the majority of those that did are in my view undesirable ( obese, divorce issues, entitlement princesses, feminazi overtones)

    The issue is that these women never want to date — soon as I try to set up a date they disappear or some excuse comes up.

    I believe that 90 % of women on dating sites are there just for an ego boost and to make themselves “feel good” they have zero intention of meeting anyone. In fact I would say many are already in a relationship and are feeling neglected by their partner

    They want too see how much in “demand” they are and by what type of men and as such this inflates their sense of “self worth” in the dating scene. They are basically ranking their own attractiveness and desirability.

    By doing this it assist them to overcome depression or the likes so that they can somehow feel good about their lives.

    I believe only 1 in 10 women on dating sites is genuine.

    • mocco says:

      From my personal experience I would agree that most women are there to boost their ego or are in an unsatisfying relation. I went out on a date with a woman and met her subsequently and she told me that she is already seeing someone. Since I liked her company i said lets stay friends for now to which she agreed. after a month or so i went back to her online profile and see her still being there with log in date as yesterday. when i asked her, she says oh i forgot to pull it down and things not great with my bf so am just keeping it up, and guess what she has this bf for a year before she met me. its a scam completely. the time tested way of meeting via contacts is the way to go

    • steve says:

      This is so right on the money as far as the ego boost

    • Lincoln says:

      Though I don’t have as many replies as you, I do have that experience of women taking off for some mysterious reason.A few email exchanges and then they’re off. At first I thought it was me. I thought I was booring them, but I’ve talked to others and they get the same treatment. And, when I am at my friendly and happy best they still do it.This occurs for the reasons you said. And it especially happens during Christmas or New Year’s. This piss poor economy has made
      online dating a dry desert. I am on a dating website where I have to pay. I am getting off of it soon. I get contact from women outside of Ca. often. So, I think Ca. women must be the worst.

    • Charlie says:

      Same here Marco. Get lots of views, emails and “meet me”. When I send-out an email, I will get a response if it’s sounds sincere. Trouble is, it never ends-up with date or date is cancelled. Took phone off hook for last date. Of course, she tried to cancel at last minute. I wasn’t there. Looked really stupid waiting at bar.

      Now I just ignore everybody. I’m frozen. Don’t care.

      If it makes anyone feel better, I have had opportunity to give a few chicks a taste of their own medicine.

  7. joe says:

    “1. Stuck-up, snooty women who think they are God’s gift to men. With the tons of e-mail they get from hopeful suitors, they acquire both swelled heads and a wildly unrealistic opinion of their market value in the dating world. Women like this are clearly suffering from what I call ‘Princess Syndrome’. A characteristic symptom of the malady is having a stringent laundry list of ‘requirements’ and ’standards’ few men could ever hope to meet.”

    Man, you took the words right out of my mouth.

    I was actually lucky and got a few dates out of what I thought was an attractive woman judging from her profile pics and her description.
    What I found was that this person had posted ‘dated’ photos of herself, in provocative attire no less; she had something like 400+ men who had her on their hotlist; she literally was exactly what you describe about the ‘god’s gift syndrome’. She totally over valued her market worth.
    In person…she had average looks, a lousy personality, and was near sociopathic in her selfishness.
    Sure I found her distasteful in the end, but now I feel pity for her, and could see that she will end up alone, partly because she truly believes she is worth so much more than she is, based on the fact that so many men frequent dating sites.
    From what I have encountered online, from the women I have spoken to, is that most women online have serious mental issues, and are truly not worth the effort. Go back to the old fashion I say…the bar scene may be better and healthier ironically.

  8. Ellis says:

    What about those odd times when you do get an email if your lucky?, the ones that start off with just a “hi”, so you reply with a friendly hello and ask how there day is etc to get ball rolling and all you get back is a one word answer and nothing to follow on with?, geeez what the hell! why bother contacting in the first place if you have no intention of making conversation!. I even had one contact me with a “hi how are you” replied to it to be friendly only to get ignored then a month later get the same email again off the same girl after I had changed my pics!!, do you think im stupid!!??.

    I even read a profile where the female put in her title “about to give up” so thought i’d cheer her up and tell her to give me a chance, what happend read/deleted as you guessed!, no wonder these women are single.

    What about the overwight/obese women? even those suffer from Princess Syndrome!!, you really have no chance at all with there shopping list ideals.

    If this is the modern day women id ratther live on my own.

  9. Charles says:

    Plenty of fish is a great website, if you’re a single mother plus size with a diva complex, false sense of entitlements, and a ego the size of the earth

  10. Kevin says:

    Ellis hit it right on the head. The most frustrating part about POF is when finally do get a response back from a woman it is just a one word adjective or a sentence that is impossible to build a conversation with. I’d say about 90% of the messages I send out I receive a “dead end” response in which you’re at that point better off talking to a picture of a supermodel.

    I remember messaging a woman once trying to stat up a conversation asking her about her job and if she enjoyed it since I was in the same field and I got a “it’s ok” response. Another time I asked if the woman had any plans for the holidays only to get a response of “not sure.” I also had a woman who was more attractive than the average POF woman (not saying much) ask me how many woman I had met through POF. I said “I hadn’t really met anyone” and she responded in a snooty response that she had met 5 guys and was about to meet her 6th that night.

    If there is an attractive woman on POF don’t EVEN try to message her. It will be read then deleted faster than you can say “doh.” I mean how DARE you try and strike up a conversation with a woman on this site?!

    Also if you actually do end up talking to a woman on this site you have almost NO chance of actually meeting them in person. I’ve been stood up twice from woman on this site. These woman view men as pieces of meat to be chewed up and spit out. They love attention and allure they get from online dating.

    • HadEnoughToo says:

      “The most frustrating part about POF is when finally do get a response back from a woman it is just a one word adjective or a sentence that is impossible to build a conversation with. I’d say about 90% of the messages I send out I receive a “dead end” response in which you’re at that point better off talking to a picture of a supermodel”.

      There was an overweight woman with the obligatory cleavage picture. Just like you I’d get these two word responses. So a pal told me to just ask for her phone number, that maybe she’s more of a talker than a typer. So I waited a few days or weeks, whatever it was, to call her.

      When I called her and asked her if she wanted to get together early the next week, she kinda rushed off the phone with only a two minute conversation saying to call her the next week about the proposed meeting up plan.

      She was just as brief on the phone as she was online. I didn’t even bother calling her back her interest level seemed to low. She wasn’t flirty or trying to impress me in that brief conversation.

      I just thought why bother calling her again and deleted her phone number.

  11. The one says:

    I went on PF to see if it was all that people claimed it to be. Sadly, I met some women on their who were totally worthless. Out of say 40 emails I received maybe 2 to 5 responses. Sad thing is that for me, the responses came in the form of insults. I am black and I received emails from women calling me everything from *igger to stuff even worse. I looked for women all over the usa. The racism I experienced was awful. As for the ‘black’ women. I t was literally all about the money. Most I talked to, which lasted maybe one or two emails. Didn’t even believe that I was real. One foreign woman was quite rude too. One lady pretended that she wanted to meet me. She would rarely communicate and claimed that she was coming to my city. She called once and when the time came for me to meet her, she never responded. Total liar! Its amazing how women complain about how horrible men are. But American/Canadian women are truly the scum of humanity. One woman ‘competed’ with me by bragging about her brother who is in with a big name place in Nyc. He is in the same field as I, though for me, I catch hell for the kind of work that I do. And she knew that but felt it swell to degrade me by comparing me to her brother.
    I became so enraged, I deleted myself from that site and have not spoken to a woman since anywhere. I have in all effect, given up for good. Some men just were not meant to meet anyone.

    One thing that I know is that I will never use Plenty of Fish ever again. Or any dating site for that matter. They use men, its just another place of male exploitation. Though in the end, all of this is going to come out.

    Personally right now, I am trying to leave America for good. There is nothing here for me. And it is not a place for men where men can feel good about being male. It is a place of hate.

    • Seb says:

      Re: The comment made by the one dated 29 Dec 2008.

      Firstly, I am saddened and appalled to learn of the racist abuse you encoutenred on POF. If there were women who were not interested in you, then all they had to say was “no thank you, but thanks for asking anyway”, there was no need for insults, in particular racist abuse.

      Your best bet, would be to venture overseas to a non-feminised country where women actually respect men. Modern American/Western women are for the most part – human trash that needs to be thrown out.

      Anyway “the one”, I hope your luck improves and you find a good woman.


  12. Brian says:

    The person above me called “The One” made a very interesting comment that I totally agree with. Since puberty I’ve never had any success with woman in the United States. I’ve always been treated like trash by woman here, made fun of by them, and had to work my ass off and put in exorbitant amount of effort just to get a date here in the states. I also never had many friends in the US that were woman. When I was 18 I had the chance to study abroad and I went to England and a few other countries in Europe. I was there for three years and was amazed at how successful I was with European woman. Maybe European woman are just more open minded and friendly but I made scores of female friends there, had many girlfriends and hookups. It was such a tough and rough adjustment when I came back to America a few months ago and am now just adjusting to my celibate lifestyle which has become the norm during my time here in America. It just confuses me how I can be very successful with woman in Europe..then come back here to American and be piss poor pathetic with them here in the states.

    I can remember just a month ago spending tons of $$$ and time reading David De Angelo, Mystery, and other so called “pick up artists'” books trying to learn how to be more successful with woman. I would try their techniques with little or no success. At the end of the day I realized that being good with woman (here in the states anyway) is something you’re either born with or not. I suck with woman in the states and I know that’s a bad attitude to have but it is the truth. A few of my friends can go up to any woman say the most ridiculous line ever and have them in bed before midnight and the reason being is because they are just naturally good at attracting woman. In my case I can have a witty and intelligent conversation with a woman and if I am lucky I might get a phone number but If I text I’ll never get a response.

    Sorry for that rant but at the end of the day online dating makes guys like me and “the one” feel even more helpless and discouraged because even very desirable men have problems getting dates and conversations on POF let alone guys like us who are just horrific with woman in general. Woman on online dating sites and attractive woman in general are like seagulls. They find something shiny and are intrigued but 10 minutes later they see something shinier and go after it and leaving their old lesser shiny object behind without any guilt or remorse. Stay away from online dating. It’ll just hurt yourself esteem and pride even more.

  13. chad says:

    just got back from tijuana mexico tonight..spent the weekend there,,had the best sex with the 2 supermodels of my choice…..even hit it off with a 20 year old mexican girl who works in the 5 star hotel where i stayed….forget the american women..waist of time..put everything that could be wrong with a woman togeather in a pile and that spells american women…

    • trevzilla says:

      isn’t any better here in Canada man. Stuck up feminazis. I’m a really nice guy and I’ve just been used up by women including my cheating ex wife. Once I couldn’t give that princess what she wanted she moved on to other richer men and never expressed any remorse about what she did to me. I’m going to start travelling to Latin America and Eastern Europe to meet some real women. My buddy is 47 and has a relationship with this knockout 32 year old in Chile. She’s messages him every day and tells him how much she loves him. I never have gotten that from any women I’ve been with in Canada.

  14. Abuse Victim says:

    I have to say I’m in the same catagory as Marco. I’ve always felt it dificult to get replies, but I guess I do far better than most in that respect. After getting to know many, I’ve heard from the women how distasteful many men are with their emails and if I were one of the 1 in 10 or 1 in a 100 women that were sincere, I would be completely turned off and would definitly grow to have a very negative attitude. American men are just as shallow as the women in general especially when it comes to posting old photos and having lame and boring conversations or flat out rude sexual emails. I think free sites like POF do draw in the abuse victims moreso than other dating sites, there is simply no accountability when it’s free.

    I met a young woman that was hot as hell first time on POF 13 years younger than me, an abuse victim her whole life I found out. It actually lasted 9 months as the polishin’ a trailer hitch phrase comes into play here and she seemed genuine at first. I don’t think she said one thing about her life to me that was the truth, other than the abuse scenarios…

    I had become a POF member again, thinking they can’t all be this crazy and actually talked with many attractive women without flat lame nowhere conversations and the one I did meet and fell for was a forum junkie. I have to agree that damaged goods was more than true again. Maybe it is just American women and not just POF’s, this is the million dollar question 8^)

    She is a woman who was in abusive relationships, treated like crap by her parents and very intelligent and witty as hell too. Now I was what I considered a regular drinker and she sappossedly didn’t indulge much if ever and she gave me a little crap about it initially… but when we finally met and she became my girlfriend, within two weeks the drinking on her end became ridiculous and I virtually stopped drinking alltogether. Yes I know I’m lame, I got her a one way ticket from Idaho to Colorado, figured she’d go home in a few days, I mean tickets were only a $104 the day before if flight weren’t booked up.

    She managed to clear out my liquor cabinet in a couple of weeks and she only weighed 95lbs. Drinking half a 5th every day became commonplace. Some of this liquor I had for many years and was only there for when friends came over… not now!

    I moved the alcohol out of the house twice during the 3 months we were together and she made me feel guilty and that I was treating her like a child so I brought it back, she starting drinking again. I figured, I’ll help clear it out this time so it’s gone… Didn’t matter obviously, she’d go buy more… and tequila for some reason, bless her heart… which made here completely insane.

    I ended up in jail because she was hammered one day when I got home, freakin’ out over nothing saying she was leaving (like she said every other day) and finally after the emotional torture for hours, I was trapped in my own home unable to leave. Zanax is sapposed to help ya, not when you add a 5th of tequila and don’t read the label!!!

    AT 9PM and 10PM I tried to escape and she ran infront of me to keep me from leaving and attached to the doors like a spider monkey on steroids. I wouldn’t dare touch her since she was a Jekyl and Hyde … and who knew what she would do. I damn near felt like jumping out a window just to get the hell out of there. I finally made another attempt at 1:30AM, finally pushing her aside and she tried to tackle me while trying to run down the stairs on the front porch!!! What the hell is this, I said!!! I’ve never seen anything like this, it’s like it’s from a psychpath movie or something, she looks up at me and says “this is what real love is”!!! Holy!!! Really???at 4:30 in the morning, apparently she called the cops, drunk out of her mind saying she was going to kill herself.

    When I finally woke up and saw the lights out front, I couldn’t believe it, everyday I wondered if this woman was going to be hammered, crying or dead when I came home. With half a dozen paramedics in my home, the cop looks at me like I’m the most evil bastard on earth, like I just beat this 95lb woman. I explained the story, he treats me like a woman beater and hauls me off to jail saying that’s a likely story she’s beat to crap. She blew a 2.1 at the hospital and the zanax she sapposedly took to OD on weren’t even in her system yet. They determined at about 7AM that she maybe took 6 to 8,… with her prescription, that wasn’t even close to a suicide attempt, just something to get my attention maybe???

    I see later when doctor Jekyl (yes the rational one) is back in the office that she had a little knee scrape, an elbow scrape and some marks on her spine from when she went down the stairs attached to my leg. No face marks or other bruises, there were never marks on my hands etc…long story short…

    I had the best 2 plus days of relaxation I had had in a month while in jail!!!

    The funny thing is when I broke up with her, she called me a leaver and that I couldn’t maintain a relationship and that if I couldn’t work through this little mishap and couldn’t allow her to work on herself so she was more of a companion, then I was a P.O.S. and would never be able to maintain a relationship. HA! Man that’s freakin’ hilarious. I Just looked at some her forum posts on POF and her view of the situation is the funniest thing, she turns it all around posing as a victim to some extent and offers advise to the other messed up people on the forum. Simply the funniest thing I’ve evr witness in my life but a great lesson on many levels for me.

    What really sucks, is I’ve clicked with another human being like a clicked with her. She seemed to think that made it all worth it…funny 8^)

    Needless to say, battered women are prevelent on POF, avoid them and if you are going to use this haven for the abused to find someone, make sure she had a good family life, has long term friends and that trailer hitch thing… maybe the best thing to look for, or better yet, meet a woman from Europe or from down under.

    Marcus, you suck!!!

    • Down Under?? says:

      Abuse Victim,

      Don’t think Australia is any better. From what I have read in the posts above I can totally agree when comparing my experiences here in Oz.
      I really don’t know what woman want. I have a good job, am fit, own my own home, are in my mid 30’s, no kids and consider myself to be attractive. Not a model but not fugly either.
      I have really not had any luck at all on these sites. Its the new big thing for woman now to be on these sites. Even a story on a recent current affairs site pushed the fact for woman to try it.
      My job allows me to travel to Asia and i have a lot of female colleagues from Malaysia and China.
      I find these woman more attractive and respect men. I used to always see Western men with Asian woman and thought they where just gold diggers. Then you see the 2 kids and the how happy they all are. So whom is the stupid one?
      I have recently deleted my online profiles and are going to start looking for girls the old fashioned way. Meeting through friends or even nice bars.

      • TheHawk says:

        OK, I’m a Chinese guy. Let me tell you something, bro. Be warned that Chinese girls nowadays are getting more superficial and materialistic. And the percentage of gold-digger and identity-digger(they want to become US/Australian/European citizens) is also skyrocketing these days as China is influenced a lot by western cultures. I have some really decent female Chinese friends who are pretty, honest, sincere and humble, but none of them go to the online dating site! I do believe that there will be decent girls on dating website like POF, but the chance for a normal guy (I’m not talking about super-handsome dude with tons of money) may find one is close to zero.

        So my conclusion is that women on this planet are all the same no matter where she is from. If you want to find decent girls, try in real life, not online dating site.

  15. chad baldwin says:

    got that right…american women are horrible!

  16. truthseeker says:

    just want to add…i have heard women say ( oh all the men are just looking for sex! )….yes for the most part that is true!..and i think if asked that question most men would be honest enough and say ( yes i am looking for a sexualy attrative women to have sex with )..but!!!..i dont think the women if asked the question??)..are you looking for a man to pay your bills and is that your main attraction?)..i think most would lie and say no!…

  17. Alfie says:

    Regarding the ‘Princess Syndrome’ on PlentyOfFish —

    I’ve got a prime example of someone that’s got princess syndome for anyone that wants a laugh. Yes this girl is fairly attractive, but she’s got greasy hair in natural shots, but most importantly a absolutely terrible personality. Which you can clearly see from the profile itself — she brags about herself all the way through it.

    She even puts “Good luck” on her profile, which takes the biscuit! To remind the guys that getting a date with her is like winning the lottery!!

    Sheesh!! If anyone messages her and quotes me here it’d be a bit of a laugh :o) — her alias is cl4re*25.

  18. Secret Agent says:

    Plenty of Fish is the most eleborate dating scam that uses fake dating profiles of men and women along with a “software programmed AI” system that automatically does the following: (1) generates fake “profile views” to your profile so when you “log in” it will show you some “women” or “men” that “viewed your profile recently”. #2 When you email one of the fake profiles, ie, to some “woman” you’ll notice your email is “unread”, “read” or “deleted” or “read/deleted” within a few minutes of your sending it even if it is 3:00 am in the morning (the software automatically generates the “read/deleted” etc randomly to seem like a real person) is reading the message but it is not. It is just setting flags in a database – this explains why you email dozens of people yet get no “response” when you should be a perfect match for the women/man. #3 They used an automated method to “generate” fake profiles by “scraping” data from other dating sites, e.g. a computer program runs and hits specific dating sites, reads the profiles and adds the “member” to the POF database. #4 You’ll notice that most women that email you are the ugly ones (the real members) #5 The big question for Markus Frind is (if his site is not fake) … “Markus, please tell us how you went from 1 member to 10 Million members in a span of a few years with no investor money?”

  19. Secret Agent says:

    I’ve already seen people “subscribing” to this “paid” service on the “100% FREE” Plenty of Fish site. It’s so funny. Hmmm… It looks like Markus Frind is going to have to change all of his marketing strategy now since he’s operating a “opt in” PAID dating site (like the ones he LOVEs to bash)… How laughable… As it is no one is serious on the site, now he’s finally “acknowleged” that by adding a “pay service” to “prove” people are “serious” about dating on POF…That’s such a good belly laugh… hahahaha…

    First a few months ago, he tried to launch a rediculous “feature” where the POF suckers would pay $10-$30 to send a “virtual gift” to the women that are already “ignoring” the men, then when that failed miserably to a huge backlash, now he launches a monthly paid dating feature just so you can have a “gold icon” next to your picture (and STILL get ignored) ROFL… POF is going to implode eventually. They already are running algorithms to operate the millions of fake profiles on the site, remember right on POF’s home page Frind states:

    “3. Our success rate, matching algorithms and technology is unmatched, we are the only dating site capable of generating matches in real time. At 26 my algorithms and their results were cited in the Nobel Prize of Mathematics (Fields Medal) paper.”

    Hmmm… algorithms… just like the AI ones he made that operate the fake profiles that don’t respond to emails…

    Also, another point that proves he’s full of shit and fake profiles is this statement on your “Sent Emails”:

    “Hey if you see unread deleted don’t be disappointed, some users (.01%) get 100 new emails a day if they have a great picture up. People like that don’t have time to read your message even if they wanted to.”

    Right, so all of the dozens of average-looking, non supermodel women (the majority of POF women) that you emailed on POF are all the “(.01%) get 100 new emails” and getting 100 emails a day? What a joke.

  20. LondonOntGuy says:

    Even more proof that PoF has fake profiles.

    You have girls on there that just want a ‘hang out’ with the “Serious Member” option. Here’s one right here:

    There was another one I saw last night who said she has a boyfriend and pointed out that she is “NOT LOOKING” yet she had the paid option as well.

    If neither one of them are looking for a relationship, why are they paying to be on PoF? The first one maybe, but the second one is an obvious fake.

  21. gman says:

    hey i just put in my profile headline the word SERIOUS MEMBER!..see if that works??…lol..

  22. Tony says:

    All of the posts I have read are pretty accurate. I have send messages to 121 people in one year. The only ones that responded were the overweight/never married/no kids/mystery profession, the 20 something with 1-4 kids and my favorite-my kids are my life, own my business with the photo of them skydiving (yes guys, you know the one) Everytime when I asked those who claim to live within a 5-10 minute drive to meet just to check out each other over a coffee….nothing-no callback, profile disappears, etc. I would imagine a few of them want to see if they can either still attract someone or they are married and want a backup plan.

  23. jason says:

    have you ever noticed that almost all the women on pof and other dating sites in the USA are white ( caucasian )..not that there are not plenty of asian,black,latina women here in the USA…that being said” one would think that asian,black,latina women have more going on in their lives in this country than to play around and scam some man on a dating site like all the trash lame white american girls.. and this is comming from a white guy!..

  24. tim says:

    It sounds like American women are just as hard to nail as Australian women.
    Man I actually got lucky and scored a double date (with my best friend) with a glamorous blonde model (and her (and her bestie) over oasisactive, but god the online to real life transition was awkward. I had nothing to say, I had revealed everything in emails…but to cap it off, she also invited a few other guys off the site to pick and choose. I told her she was pretty rude and got the hell out of there. Just dont bother with internet girls, if they’re on a dating site they are tapped in the head in some way.

  25. srschirm says:

    Hey guys, you might not believe this, but about 2 years or so ago, I was perusing POF and saw a profile with a bunch of pictures of my ex on it! And it wasn’t her…this other “girl” lived about an hour and fifteen minutes away from me…while my ex lives about four. I’m totally convinced POF has a LOT of fakes as well as unsavory real women.

  26. ted says:

    to sum it all get an american girl today you pretty much have to be a screwball with no self respect!

  27. AC says:

    Once you turn 30-ish, youre better off trying to nail former classmates that have been divorced or never married from facebook.

  28. rob says:

    spot on , I deleted my account , I will remain single and keep some dignity

  29. john says:

    hey guys..this is fun..i put a profile of a model man in the pics and then wrote and pasted the forum from above saying how women are gold diggers attention whores and so on..there are women emailing me wanting to talk and adding me as a favorate!..I REPLY BY SAYING you air head!..did you really think that was me in the pic and that a model man like that would have to hang on a site like this!!..i cant amagine the looks on thier faces??..ha this is a great time waister on a boring afternoon

    • Mark says:

      I did the same thing on POF. Put up fake profile with a “hunk”pic. Wrote an essay totally trashing women. Had some add me as favorite. One emailed being even friendly and email me pics of her naked and an up close pic of her vagina, UNBELIEVABLE!. She even admitted to have fake breasts and a tummy tuck, PATHETIC!

      This what I wrote:About Me
      DON’T HATE THE PLAYER—–HATE THE GAME. This is like one of those take-home exams: it sounds easy at first, but d*mn its hard. Anyway, I’ll do my best to avoid turning out the same b.s. I did back in my college days. I’m basically a very down-to-earth, laid-back kind of guy, NOT A “couch potato”). Much more of a t-shirt and jeans guy than a suit and tie type, but can be wrestled into one when duty calls. Love my work. Not “married” to it. Enjoy living well and comfortably, but have never aspired to amass ridiculous amounts of “stuff” just for the sake of it. I’m infinitely curious about life in general and what makes others “tick”. Dinner parties with friends is much more appealing to me than the bar scene. Absoutely love the ocean, beach and mountains. I thrive on outdoor activities, fixing things and intelligent humor (stupid humor is great too). My ideal match would be a woman with an good sense of humor, because there is nothing better than making each other laugh. A woman who is strong , thoughtful, and kind. A woman who is independent and comfortable speaking her mind even if we disagree. The physical attraction/ chemistry part goes without saying.

      Women, be realistic. More than half the women here are fat, the other half have serious issues (psycho), or BOTH! Bummer, so that’s the rotten choices us guys have and you women are looking for Mr. Right??!!, What a bunch of bulls**t…….. And another thing, women, in your pictures, if you don’t want to be treated like sluts n whores, don’t try to be all sexy and S**T in your picks and don’t act like whores, get a clue. I mean come on, use some common sense……..some of you pose like common prostitutes, than you get all offended when you get a proposition for a one night stand or something like that…..WAKE UP!!

      Also, don’t keep guys chatting/talking for ever and ever just so you can keep us busy wasting our time so that we might not hook up with a woman thats actually worthy. So you get off on getting attention, having us take you out for a “romantic dinner” (it’s called being an attention whore, dinner whore) or whatever your fragile little female egos need to pump up your false sense of self esteem. Wtf, OK, like while you’re waiting for “Mr. Right, prince charming, tall, dark and handsome”, whatever you’re whacked out little girl fantasy for your unrealistic dream life is, Jesus, frickin pathetic. You are all pathetic lonely old women with your stupid little dogs and cats. Oh and if some guy or relationship seems to good to be true, it is. And you will be cheated on, dumped or just thrashed up and thrown out.

      Above all, just be honest. Most women talk to damn much. You women are better liars and lie more often. Certain women should not even be allowed to “date” or be able to proclaim availability on the internet or anywhere else for that matter. I mean seriously, your saying your available, and you got major issues with ex’s, kids, health, drinkers, whatever, why? You want to make us guys as miserable as you are…..get us involved in your DRAMA!!?? NO THANKS! Your ass is kicked to the curb, DTB boys, Dump That B***ch! Pump them and dump them, that is the only thing these beyotches are good for.

  30. jimmy says:

    I googled ‘POF Sucks’ 4 days after joining.

    It is certainly an endless parade of insincere and disingenuous women.

    I dont care who a guy is or what he looks like, you will certainly always do better hitting on strangers in person than you will on POF.

    Many profiles are obviously fakes, many are obviously attention seeking (perhaps trying to guess their ‘worth’ so they can get a confidence boost), and many are obviously scorned women who reject guys for sport.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Marcus the Doofus post fakes to boost his sites hits so as to promote his sites advertising appeal. I’m sure he makes a small fortune off selling ad space.

  31. Colin Hogg says:

    This is my second post here as this is my second (bad) experience of POF. The first time i was on PoF I was ignored by the vast majority of women i sent emails to. Out of every 16-20 emails i sent i was lucky if i recieved one reponse, and it was usually a negative. The people on the forums seemed to be just narcissistic megalomaniacs. I was being ganged up on but met all hostility head on with retorts of my own …to be told that i wasn’t allowed to do that as it was “flaming”. But the fact is that i was being flamed and was just responding in kind. There seemed to be a sort of gang mentality among the forum posters and i didn’t like it one bit.

    When i mentioned in one of my posts that i had not read the forum rules and considered rules on forums to be petty and arbitrary i was banned from the forums until 2020. I was in a state of shock when this happened. There is NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH on the PoF forums.

    Eventually i closed my profile and left. About a month later i tried to open another profile and when i did it disappeared shortly after. Then i created another one and the same thing happened. This happened about 8 times before i just gave up and decided that was enough.

    After about a year i trid once more and to my astonishment i was allowed to create a profile and it wasn’t deleted. The only explanation i can give for this is that PoF is slowly transforming into a pay site and with “serious memberships” and with every new free member there exists th potential for another future paying (serious) member. But heres the disturbing part. Once i created anothe new profile the usual thing happened; I began contacting women with polite emails and was completely ignored (again) Read-delete, read (no reply) …same as the first time …nothing had changed.

    I decided to try the forums again and this is the TRULY DISTURBING PART. I made a few posts here and there and found that people were quoting and replying to my posts in a very critical and negative manner. I thought “Whats up with these people?”. I created my first thread entitled “POWER, DOMINANCE AND CONTROL” which was about the nature of power dynamics betwen people on internet forums and in life in general. I recieved some criticism for this by other posters and a few attacks were made on my character ..which i could’t understand. They seemed to be aggrieved at the nature of my forum topic.

    As a Psychology graduate and someone who had experienced of the controlling behaviour of people on internet forums this was a topic i had a genuine interest in. I then created another thread dealing with a similar issue entitled “THE HUMAN EGO; the insecure fascist within”. I wanted to discuss the phenomenon of how very insecure people with fragile egos tended to develop authoritarian personalities to deal with their insecurity. Now this is where it really kicked off. I was attacked by one person after another and not all female mind, there were a few males who were sticking the boot in as well. No-one wanted to discuss the forum topic, no-one made a single intelligent contribution to the thread and instead i was accused of being someone trying to stir up trouble, had a chip on my shoulder about something or other, had “probably” had an argument with another poster and wanted some payback (no argument, i had only been on the site for one day). My opening post was dismissed as psychobabble and “bollox” by one very inarticulate poster and all sorts of negativity and abuse just kept being directed towards me. I was really taken aback by this. I re-read my OP to see if i had written anything controversial or offensive but there was NOTHING there that could annoy anyone …except maybe those individuals who were insecure, had an obsession with power and control, and behaved like fascists on the forums. Bingo! That is what was happening. I had struck a raw nerve and was being attacked by the megalomaniacs of PoF who percieved me as having a personal dig at them and were now presenting themselves with their personal attacks on me and not what i had said in my OP. This was unbelievable ..but it got worse…

    In another forum i made a criticism of a womans very unfair and very harsh condemnation of another posters comments. Within about 30 minutes i noticed that my post had gone and in its place was this; “Off Topic Posting removed. Address the topic and not other posters”. But the fact was that i had addressed the topic via responding to another poster. The buttons on the forums allow you to do this and i had stayed on topic. The only thing i had done wrong (in their eyes) was to make some criticisms of another (female) posters criticism of another poster. I let this one lie.

    To get off the seriousness of the general atmosphere of the forums i decided to create a comedy thread about ginger people. I worded it in a way that was inoffensive and funny to make it blatantly obvious that it was a comedy thread. Immediately i was pounced upon; one woman said “why don’t you create a thread making fun of Jews or Gypsies or disabled people …you are clearly a bigot …and such other choice words to that effect. I was dumbfounded. Are these people so serious-minded and lacking a sense of humour that they feel the need to make such ridiculous comparisons with what Hitler did with the Jews? Shortly afterwards the thread disappeared and i recieved an email referring me to their extremely long list of petty and arbitrary “forum rules”. I could find NOTHING that excluded comedy threads from the boards and can omly guess that one or two ginger ladies may have taken exception to the nature of my COMEDY thread.

    I created another thread simply asking what peoples thoughts were on tattoos. Did they like them on a member of the opposite sex or not? Within 20 minutes the thread had disappeared. Again, i recieved an email referring me to their long list of forum rules. Again, i was at a loss as to what the f*ck was going on. I hadn’t said anything to offend anyone and asked a very simple question. It gets worse…

    I then created a tongue in cheek thread about what would you do if you discovered someone lying on the ground at night and they were not moving. Along with sensible options such as take their pulse and call an ambulance one of the humourous options was to sit on their chest and sing them a little song. I thought this was quite funny. But evidently some people on the forums or the moderators themselves did not and the thread was deleted. We had now reached the point of ludicrousy. I wasn’t being allowed to say anything on the forums; humorous or otherwise.

    At this stage i began to realise that thre was something VERY wrong with the people on these forums and also the moderators. Things were not right in a BIG way. The forumites were offensive, nasty and completely lacked anything remotely resembling a sense of humour. Where was all this negativity comming from?

    I decided to try and gauge some feedback on the experience i was having by creating yet another thread entitled; “Do people on internet forums tend to be a bit serious-minded?” This is where they all ganged up and stuck the collective boot in in a big way. I was attacked, insulted, belittled, condemned and cajoled by a gang of internet bullies who were making it perfectly clear that they did NOT like the nature of my forum topics or me. One lady (?) lied and said that i had reported her to the mods the previous day. I did NOT do this nor do i remember exchanging a single word with her about anything. Another woman just copy pasted everyhing i said and criticised ruthlessly; making subjective evaluations and even casting aspersions on the nature of my character and profession. I was totally flabberghasted at the amount of vitriol i was recieving for creating a few inoffensive topics for discussion and attemting to gauge forum opinion on “serious-minded people” on internet forums.

    The lady who was doing most of the put-downs and personal attacks was called “Paulinemab”. Look out for this one if you’re still on the UK forums or intend to go there. This woman can only be described as an evil megalomaniac. She just came out of nowhere and began attacking and hurling insults. There seemed to be a gang of bullies on the UK Pof forums and this woman seemed to be their gangleader or was at least well up in the gang status hierarchy. The questions on my lips at this point were; What is the problem with these people? Why do they feel so threatened? Why are they so hostile? And why have my innocent, innocuous threads been deleted yet these people are just abusing me for no reason and the moderators are not taking any form of action against them?

    I decided to respond to all of this by tracking down “Paulinemabs” recent forum posts and responding to her posts with criticisms of my own in the same way she had been doing with my posts over the past 2 days solid. Reading her posts i discovered that this woman was very unhappy in her place of work and suffered from depression, low self-esteem and lacked self-confidence. This would explain a lot of her hostile attitiude towards me as i am a happy, confident person …and just as intelligent as she claimed to be. In her profile she very casually claimed to “have a couple of degrees”. Now, i have a Degree in Psychology and if i want people to know about my educational achievements i wouldn’t just say
    “i have a degree”. It seemed to me that there was something a bit suspect about this person. Thats even if it was a real profile or if she was telling the truth. She expressed doubt about my Profession and seemed to have a very negative, disbelieving and critical attitude for some reason.

    To cut a very long story short; In the end my most recent thread on “serious minded people on internet forums” was “closed for review” by one of the moderators. This is the thread where i experienced the most bullying and personal attacks from the gang of bullies who seem to run the show on the UK PoF forums. I stayed calm, stood my ground and conducted myself with self restraint and decorum on this forum. I did not lose my head and remained composed and lucid throughout this onslaught of abuse. When i tried to post to another forum topic i recieved a message saying “you are only allowed to make 10 forum posts per day”. What? Why? Today is a new day and i’ve tried but i am still getting this message when i try to post. I am not expecting to see a return of my thread or to recieve any apology for the abuse i have experienced on that forum by any of the posters or the forum moderators. In fact i won’t be surprised if i am again banned from the forums or/and have my profile deleted.

    I’ll leave you with this; Never in my life have i ever experienced anything as ridiculous as this. If you are in good mental and emotional health and are a happy person within yourself DO NOT set foot in the UK forums of PoF if you want to sustain your psychological health and happiness. The people (esp. the women) on those forums are evil megalomaniacs on a huge power trip. A site which is supposed to be about finding love is nothing but a cauldron of hate and malice generated by a gang of bullies (both female and male) who seem to dislike newcommers to their shores. Especially if those newcommers begin to talk about the nature of power and control and the human ego. You shall not be treated well there. You shall not be treated with couertesy or respect no matter how courteous or respesctful you are to other forum users in the face of all their adversity. You have NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH on the PoF forum. You are subjected to what effectively is tantamount to a Nazi regime of gratuitous, petty and arbitrary rules and regulations which prevent you from freely expressing your thoughts and opinions on any topic on those forums. You shall experience people attempting to drive you out of the forums for no other reason than you are new there and that you exist.

    The question must be asked; What do these people get out of all of this? Do the forum moderators not understand that behaving in the dictatorial manner in which they do they are actually driving away good, decent people who are pontential paying members? By allowing a bullying gang to rule the roost on the forums do they not realise that people shall leave their site in disgust come onto sites like this one and express their displeasure at the negative experience they have had. Do they not realise that all of this is just negative publicity for the site, the site owner, the site moderators and members?

    The PoF forums are nothing more than a schoolyard where shallow, immature, pretentious and undoubtedly damaged women (and men) gang up on other forum posters that they percieve as strong and independent minded and thus a threat to their very fragile egos and precarious sense of territory and security.

    There is a disease on the forums of PoF. Its called MEGALOMANIA. And both the forum posters and moderators alike would seem to be equally infected. These are sick people who need professional help. If you don’t want to experience their illness, don’t go there. My second experience was similar to my first but the second time round was the worst. PoF is a diseased entity. The only way to cure it is to kill it.

  32. Jakob says:

    Colin, I read your thread on pof “The Human Ego”. I thought it was informative and well-written. And just like you said, the comments were a disaster. They can be used as fodder in a course on critical thinking, showcasing flaws in arguments. There was lots in the way of posturing, deflection, strawman arguments etc.

    My guess is that you pressed a few “sensitive” buttons when you used the words “internet forum” and “insecure” in the same post. The responses were basically knee-jerk reactions to perceived attacks which weren’t really there.

    Intelligent discussion rarely gets air time on pof. So many quality threads quickly degenerate into useless, petty attacks and opinions which contribute nothing of value. They are merely “vents” for the bottom feeders who lurk there.

    You’re right, it’s a fascist online community, which censors opinion if it does not fall within certain ideological lines. For example, you can’t criticize the mods, or the structure of the site as they see fit, and you can’t criticize women’s actions – you have to keep it vanilla – reason is, women are the cash cow for plentyoffish because they are the bait that lures men, therefore the site has to cater to them. It’s intentional discrimination to drive up profits.

    And because the site is so messed up, the best people are usually going to end up leaving, which leaves you with a disproportionally high number of retards, attention/gossip whores, and insecure dummies (mods) who run the place like a Gestapo. You leave the place emptier than when you went in. POF is best avoided. It’s best to leave the monsters in their cave.

  33. FlorisV says:

    I’ve never heard of POF and will not go into the wild west nature of forums. But this article has finally brought me the insight I needed on dating sites. The light switched on:


    In fact, should you date a women check if she has ever been on a dating site. This way you can know if she might have the Princess Syndrome. It would turn even good girls bad so beware.

    Really I just Googled for Dating Sites Suck For Men but this article is nails on. To all the men, I share pretty much all of your frustrations. It’s about time somebody is critical of women’s cruel behaviour as it seems so widely accepted.

    I often have thought that dating sites are the solution for me since I don’t like to go out to pubs or disco’s. But it turned out that these sites are just as afwul. It seems to me that following your interests, doing courses, sports, conventions, whatever catches your fancy, should help much more in meeting women that are actually interesting rather than those that have gotten an inflated sense of self worth out of these dating sites.

    I’ve tried enough dating sites and the simple truth is, if you ever find someone interested in meeting you, you belong to the happy few. Out of what must have been more than 100 well written messages I got one date so far…with someone not half as pretty as her photo. I also found my (ex) girlfriend this way (luck) but it she was very immature.

    Also I can add that speed dating sucks just as much, for pretty much the same reasons. You just meet a certain type of woman that is either not serious or way too demanding.

    So if you really love princesses, sociopaths and retards I recommend dating sites and speed dating.

  34. Colin Hogg says:

    I just had to post here again. The word “sociopath” has been used to describe a lot of the women on PoF and I’ve just had an experience which confirms this description of the sad, pathetic, power-hungry bitches on PoF.

    I sent an email to “cubangirl”, look out for this one; shes been on the site for about 4 years and claims not to be looking for dating and just there to chat. So we got off to a friendly start chatting then within 4 emails she gave me her mobile (cellphone) number. I thought that was a bit odd – too soon, but she wanted me to text her, so i did. In the body of the text i let her know i was not good at texting and preferred if she would just email instead. So she did, and things seemed to be fine. Then all of a sudden she became reticent and uncommunicative; i was getting the bad vibe and wondered what i’d said wrong? I’d said nothing wrong. Without giving to you here verbatim; she just turned nasty, pretended she didn’t understand waht i was talking about in my emails, when i emailed her saying “OK, i get the hin, you’re not interested, but why show interest and be all friendly one minute then turn cold and hostile the next? I then asked her if she “had issues”? as it was comming strongly across that she had. She replied with this:

    “i just dont understand what u type… end of story.

    with ur looks personality and that profile… no wonder no one here wants to talk to u. lmao.”

    This came out of nowhere. She has no clue how many women i am chatting to. I have a good personality, a sense of humour and i am most certainly not ugly.

    This sick bitch then blocked me to prevent a retort. But i had her cellphone number so i sent her a text asking her why she was such a sad, pathetic bitch and what was it about playing men along for a few emails and then turning nasty on them for no reason was so attractive to her? Was it just a simple power buzz that she got out of it?

    She then replied by saying “You are ugly and weird” lol. “Is that your child in the photo? She is ugly too”.

    I don’t have any photos with a child in them on my profile, so I don’t have a clue what she is talking about. She then rambled off some further abuse. It was like a childish sort of rant that a 15 yr old male would issue to one of his pals.

    I’m thinking “Is this profile real?” Because she used language that just did not fit the photos, the sort of language a guy would use.


    If its some guy using a fake profile to troll people; do the same, avoid it at all costs.

    There is evil in the world, and most of it can be found in female form on PoF. What a fucking cauldron of malevolence and corruption that place is. Check out my other posts on this site for illustrations of exactly what I’m talking about.

    You really do have to experience it to believe it.

  35. doc says:

    i forgot to add.. i’m originally from europe and would never date an american woman. pof has absolutely no women of european descent on there (at least in the US). i’ve dated american women in the past to know not to do the same mistake ever again. i’ve dated middle eastern women, black women, european, and latin american. trust me fellas, they’re all better than the average all-american factory made girl. just a piece of advice.

  36. john says:

    Bottom line: Online dating is a bad deal for men. Guys, your money and time is better invested elsewhere.

    VISA refused payment 8 times to purchase 20 more e-mail credits to continue writing to a Ukrainian lady. This after 80 letters each and 18 months of writing.

    They would not give a reason – just lied to me. Since they have said that if they investigate a site for fraud they will not publish their findings (as it will open them to claims) That means that a fraudulent site can still carry on displaying the VISA logo doesn´t it for how can they make a site remove it if that site is in another part of the world?

  37. Market Researcher says:

    I have been using various dating sites including POF for a year and a half. I have only met 3 girls in person, have occasionally posted in the dating forums, viewed hundreds if not thousands of profiles, and have sent an untold number of messages to people who I felt I might click with.

    The first girl, I have gone on one date with. She was so nervous during the date, that I was fairly certain that asking for a second date would be a mistake, so I didn’t and fell out of contact with her. A few months later, she contacted me and wanted to know why I didn’t contact her. Maybe I had made a mistake? I did like her, so I tried to set up a second date over the course of 2 months (she was constantly busy and was clearly trying to put it off) to set up a second date; after a few attempts, she finally just stopped responding to my IMs, voicemails, and emails. A disappointment.

    The second girl, I managed to meet at her house for a first date, which involved talking over coffee and tea for a few hours. I left thinking it had gone well. Afterward, she fell out of contact and like a month later told me she had moved across the country to Seattle. Go figure.

    The third girl, only wanted to meet for sex. We had sex, and a few days afterward turned into a bratty snot who apparently took offense to everything that I said. After much abuse, I responded in kind and she blocked me. I deleted her from my phone and IM. F*ck her.

    I have on more than one occasion, out of curiosity and INTENSE frustration, conducted what I call “market research” on these dating sites by creating a female version of my own profile, so I could see what I’d get. These female versions of my profiles omit characteristics and other things from my normal profiles that may identify me as a male. While I have virtually no success on these sites as a man, I am quite POPULAR as a woman! Most recently I have done this on POF. The women on these sites and forums are constantly complaining about the “low” quality men that contact them, I must say, from my own experience as a “female,” I don’t know what they are talking about. My female profiles generally receive tons of messages from mild-mannered, normal sounding men, who if I were actually a woman, wouldn’t be opposed to meeting. For a picture, I have used pictures that I have found on dating sites of other women, so I must apologize if you are a woman and I have used YOUR picture. After removing the pictures from my “female” profile, I still get contacted by relatively nice men, not as much, but still with almost no effort on my part except signing into the site.

    My conclusion is that if you’re a guy, don’t use dating sites. If you’re a woman, stop being so judgmental of the guys on these sites, they don’t seem that bad TO ME.

  38. Jimmy says:

    All the women on there need to see a picture before they know anything else. I thought men were the ones that are shallow I guess I was wrong. Another thing is if you go on and see who’s on line the same people are on there all day. It is just a fantasy for most of these girls so you will never meet them in the real world. It is supposed to be a dating site and most of the women don’t want to meet they just want to chat online. To me it is a chat program not a dating site. I had a profile with no picture and I’m a really good looking guy. I sent a picture to a few and for some reason they never responded. To me it is the biggest waste of time and you’ll have better results by just going to a mall and randomly asking women if they would like to go out. I know some really good girls that are on POF and they have had no success in over 2 years. I can’t believe I wasted my time on this stupid site. My point is why go on a dating site to have no dates. I would go out with as many as I could until I found a good match but that is impossible on POF you’ll be retired by the time that happens. Needless to say I will be offline and all men should be as well.

  39. Jeff says:

    Yes online dating sites such as POF is a nothing but a completely frustrating BS waste of time. I’ve been lucky enough to meet a few attractive looking girls (7-8’s) on a 1-10 scale. Every single one of them either had a “my ex hit me and cheated on me” story, or they came from a broken background. But that was after sending out about 100 emails. I’ve had some initially email me, but ignore me when I replied. I decided to follow up with one girl after she initially sent me an email telling me she was interested in getting to know me. I never heard from her, so I sent a follow up email thinking maybe it got lost in the other floods of emails from guys. She snapped back at me and told me that i had “anger management” issues for sending a follow up email and she was busy and didn’t have time to get back to me. But yet I saw her online the previous 2 nights anyhow. So basically, the women on there get floods of emails, so they decide they can be as picky as they want because even more emails will come in tomorrow. It’s a complete frustrating waste of time. Think of it this way……what would you do as a guy if you received 10-15 emails per day from women where at least 3 or 5 of them were above average looking? You’d end up playing lots of games, meeting lots of women and then never calling them back, snapping back at women online and telling them they have anger management problems for emailing you, ignoring lots emails, and meeting several women out per week to have your dinner paid for and then never talking to them again because you have 20 more emails coming in tomorrow. Welcome to a girl’s world of online dating. If you’re very lucky, you might, just might run into a level headed girl with average looks/body that would be willing to date ya seriously….and that’s after sending out about 100000 emails. Lots of hard work.

  40. DJ says:

    What can I say about plentyoffish? It’s girls with princess syndrome galore. And also girls with psycho bitch syndrome. All dating sites are pretty much the same. THEY SUCK ASS!! What you have said about the different types of women that frequent online dating sites is absolutely true. Most women are on dating sites because they are extremely picky, shy, and have personality problems. The more attractive girls get emailed by 20 guys a day and have virtually unlimited options. This makes them impossible to get. Most of them even reject guys for fun just cause they know it doesn’t matter. There is always going to be another guy. They also use dating sites as a way to boost their ego and get attention and compliments from men.
    I did online dating for about a year and a half before I even went out on one date. I emailed hundreds and hundreds of single girls and out of the hundreds I literally only got replies from about 25.
    One out of the 25 actually liked me enough to go out on one date. Wow, isn’t that amazing LoL Of course she was much fatter and more unattractive than her picture suggested, so I never called her again.
    I would consider my looks average. Maybe slightly attractive and those are my pathetic statistics Lol
    After hundreds and hundreds of emails I got one date with a fat, unattractive girl. I used all the tips and tricks you can read about online for how to get women to respond to you and it was still almost impossible to get just one date.
    You know why that is? Cause women who do online dating, even ugly women have so many options that in order to get and keep their attention you would have to be the perfect guy. Perfect looks, rich, perfect sense of humor, perfect life. You would have to be unrealistically perfect to get her attention. She is getting emails from hundreds of guys. She has heard every line over and over again thousands of times from thousands of guys. With hundreds of other guys competing for one girl what are the odds that you’re going to get her? Probably about 400 to 1.
    The only guys that might do well with online dating are the ones that look like stereotypical models and are extremely good looking and also have a near perfect personality to match it. If you are going to do online dating and get a girlfriend being average won’t cut it unless you want a girlfriend that is below average.
    I originally decided on trying online dating because of insecurities about approaching women, and being rejected, and because I thought the whole process of meeting women would be much more simple and easy online. I was so naive. The dating game online is extremely competitive. Even the most attractive women in the world don’t get hit on 20 or 40 times a day like they do online. At least in the real world you’re dealing with women who aren’t constantly being hit on by guy after guy after guy 40 times a day. If women in the real world are stuck up, jaded, egotistical, hard to get, and shallow then girls online are probably 10 times worse.
    I recently tried plentyoffish for about six months I sent about one hundred emails and talked to about 10 different girls. It never really went anywhere and all the girls lost interest after a couple of chats. Moral of the story is if you have to email 100 women to get 10 responses, not dates, just interested responses, you know you’re never ever going to get a girlfriend if you continue doing online dating.
    One other thing that I’ve noticed about girls online is that they seem to keep using the same site for years. A lot of girls on okcupid have been on for about 3 years. You know a girl must be fucked up in the head if she has been on an online dating site for 3 years and is still single, especially if she is an attractive girl who is probably getting emailed 20 times a day. You know she is just using online dating for an ego boost, and to get attention from men. Online dating is full of nothing but sick power hungry bitches from hell.

  41. John says:

    I personally love the line 99 percent of single mothers put in the profile.

    “I have a child, and THEY ARE MY WORLD!”

    It’s like stfu, idiot. If they are your world then you shouldnt need to date anyone.. Not to mention these cows don’t even have the time of day to meet someone on a date.. lol

  42. Daniel says:

    Could not agree more. I first tried pof because I have low self esteem and don’t have the courage to just go up to a girl and start talking to her. My experience is just like all others. Never get any messages, send out messages that are ignored/deleted. I noticed that over 90% of the girls on the site view themselves as Maxim models, even if they’re overweight, unattractive, etc.

    One in particular I remember said:

    “First, I’m a beautiful woman. I get told that a lot. A LOT! Men are intimidated by my looks.

    I’m a BBW but I prefer slim, educated, professional men. You must have your own place as I share an apartment with someone and I don’t like hosting.

    Only white men please. I’m editing this to add that I love the finer things in live. Be prepared to treat me like the Queen I am.”

    So she’s fat but she wants the guys she dates to be slim.

    And she expects you to have your own place even though she doesn’t.

    Seriously you want prime rib when you’re offering hamburger.

    It’s funny how guys who turn down women for being overweight/unattractive are called shallow, but when a women does it it’s called being selective.

    It seems like nearly every woman on there expects a guy to be 6 foot tall with a bodybuilders physique, own a home, have a 6 digit income and bank account, and look like a CQ model, even if the woman is average at best.

    I actually called a female out on it once. Her profile consisted of several demands she had for any “lucky man” that should try to contact her. Her demands where nothing short of a Calvin Klein model with an award winning personality. Although she herself was average at best and I noticed that all her photos were taken from afar with what are known as myspace angles.

    I figured it was worth a shot and messaged her with an incredibly well thought out message. Surprisingly enough she replied back saying that she needed to see more pics of me.

    I was going to take some after I had breakfast, but apparently I didn’t reply fast enough for her because she deleted my message.

    I was pissed, I decided to call her out on her bs, I sent her a final message calling her out on her impossible standards and told her farewell. I guess this was the first time that this had ever happened for her because she didn’t delete it until later that night.

    I agree with all the theories about the women. I say they are just there for an ego boost and the few that are legit will never settle for anything less than Brad Pitt.

    I wish we could gather every male on the site and make them not reply to any female profiles. Maybe if they went a week or two without their hundreds of ego boosting comments they would get a taste of reality.

  43. Marco says:

    Well. I’ve been a member of plentyoffish for about 3 weeks now and I, like many of you guys, regret having wasted my time with this BS. First of all, I consider myself an above-average looking guy, my only shortcoming being that I am short 5’6”. My “sub-par” height (kind of Michael J. Fox), however, hasn’t prevented me from getting women that most people would agree are “out of my league”. Most of that success has been possible mainly because I have a good personality and I consider myself a pretty good dancer.

    Recently, I took up a new job in which my responsibilities doubled. That, added to the fact that I recently was diagnosed with Lyme Disease seriously cut into the time I’d previously had allocated to going out and meeting women. That’s when I decided to join POF. I can’t say anything positive came out from this decision other than it has completely ruined my confidence.

    Well I said, here I am let’s start hunting for some hotties. Before I knew it, my hunting for hotties had suddenly turned into “whale-hunting” as nothing but overweight/divorced w/3 kids women replied to my e-mails. A few weeks later, I said hell I already sunk so much time into this there’s no point in turning back. So I finally had this girl agree to go out on a date with me. She was a little overweight (nothing a few hours on a treadmill couldn’t fix), but she had a really cute face, and nice curves for a “A few extra pounds” type of girl. She agreed to see me a week later, because she had to take her son (she had ONLY 1 son, so I was actually lucky as far as POF’s standards. I said “Man, I’m a stud”). I spoke to her a few times on the phone and she sounded like a nice girl, so we decided we will go out to chili’s on friday night. So, I drove down to chili’s that friday, to my surprise she never shows up. I come back home wondering what had happened and I checked my POF account and I see she had e-mailed 1-hour before our date to tell me “she was sorry she forgot he had to go out this this other guy. That she had told him first”.

    I’m done with POF. My advise is that if you want to meet women you put on a nice outfit and just go to a mall, nightclub.

  44. JXS says:

    I just recently got this computer(never had one before) so i figured i would try eharmony since i got so sick of the “women” that were around me. After 4 months now on that site, 600 matches/ sent 50 communications/ 2 responses that then just vanished/ 100 closes on me before i even looked at their profiles/ 5 open communications where they either just vanished or just wanted to keep e-mailing but not actually meet. No dates for me on this site yet, i have 2 months to go. I would not recommend eharmony. I was seriously thinking of trying plenty of fish, isn’t it free? Looking at all the complaints about this and other sites maybe i will give up online dating altogether.

    I am a very good looking guy in good shape, i make good money, i never considered myself a loser. So don’t think “attractive men” have it any easier. That is definitely not true!!! The problem is i think most have too high of expectations of men. They want men to be “confident” but don’t need to be themselves. They think men should have to make the first move all the time and be the ones to risk hurt feelings and rejection,(but they love their equal rights!) They like men who are jerks then complain all men are jerks! They frequently have kids with guys who abandon them then will seek men online saying they are looking for a “caring guy” who would accept their kids as their own BUT what do they do instead? YOU GUESSED IT ALREADY I BET, turn the true decent men down(even if they are good looking) and go back the same types of men that abandoned them to begin with.

    If more men stopped catering to women, stopped chasing them and gave them a taste of their own medicine they would change their attitudes quickly. I’ve noticed i had more women flock to me when i was ignorant, cocky and didn’t pay attention to them but i don’t like being someone i’m not and told them where to go. I guess most girls are brought up to be selfish, spoiled princesses. To look out for themselves. They aren’t brought up with the same sense of honor, loyalty, respect and work ethic that men are. I’m convinced there are a few decent women out there yet but i know my odds are very low of finding them. Its pretty obvious it won’t be on ANY ONLINE DATING SITE!

  45. Ron says:

    Here is my story. Truth is I have very little trouble attracting girls in real life. I am a decent looking guy with a very fit body. I was dating a very attractive and intelligent girl. Not bragging, I am not a player. To be honest I am not even in it for the sex. I want companionship, someone who is actually fun.

    A couple of months after we broke up I gave POF a shot. Put my best pics and filled my profile very well. My “viewed me” list was gigantic, yet only one message. The girl who messaged me was 19, said she is looking for a muscle guy. I replied with a message trying to start a conversation. replied saying “ok” and gave me her msn.

    Contacted about 20 users with long messages commenting about their profiles. Messages were read…no response. Fat girls messaging me, I ignore. One OK looking girl adds me to her fav…I message her. SHE IGNORES ME. wtf.

    anyway I went on msn to try and “chat” with the 19 year old girl. Whenever I log in, she goes busy ?? i message her she asks me to wait and of course never actually chats. Anyway, I try chatting with her one day and out of nowhere she calls me weird creep and starts insulting me for no reason whatsoever. LOL. I didnt even insult her back I was too shocked. Then she is like who are you ? GO ON WEBCAM AND TAKE UR SHIRT OFF……

    I just deleted her from my contact and deleted my useless pof account. Never seen such stuck up bitches. especially when that girl was nothing more than a short average looking brat with one blurry ass pic where she was wearing a ton of makeup and had her boobs almost out.

  46. Ed says:

    Online dating sucks for guys. Period. Thankfully, I don’t have low self esteem, but If I did I’d probably eat the gun by now.

    From my experience I only got on one date. The girl was very nice, cute, but it was a total friend vibe from the start. It wasn’t all that bad, she became a friend.

    Otherwise, its a bitch just to get a response. I know something is wrong when my goal is to get a response. I said to myself: “I’m not here to get responses, but frickin dates!” You try to be honest, funny, and sincere, and you get left with shit on a plate.

    Women have the site by the balls. Thing is, they can get away with everything! Why? Because an online dating site doesn’t want to lose women. With the ratio being so bad, they can give 2 shits if a guy cancels!

    I don’t think that any dating website really wants to do anything about its obvious flaws. When I’m on a site, I don’t want to feel like a number, I want quality service! If I had a dating website, I would try to fix the ratio, attention whoring, frauds,and even the negative stalker vibe it tends to get.

    Thing is when your a guy, it seems difficult to find your niche. I’m over the bar/club phase in my life and it seems that whole dating business seems to not give a shit about the normal single guy.

  47. john says:

    I have had nothing but bad experiences. The women act like their body is lined with gold and, they all act like they have MADD disease – male attention deficit disorder … ..


  48. Nathan says:

    This is ridiculously true. Just when you thought there were too many stuck up women in real life, these women practically make up all online women daters. I guess this is what happens when too many women take feminism too far. Men used to put down women and now that they have a chance to be equal, what do they do? Women take the low road and put men down. It’s women like these that give women in general a bad rap. They definitely need a very large reality check slap to the back of the head.

  49. Jonathan says:

    What is wrong with those girls ??? Do they only reply to messages when they hit their period and the bf won’t bother handling their bloody vagina ?? I mean what would cause these attention hungry whores to start toying with men like this ? A couple of centuries ago they would have been hanged after a good beat up in front of the townfolks. Granted most guys on the website are desperate but the real issue I have is how most of these wusses sit there and take the abuse. Absolutely disgusting. How can a guy sit there waiting a response for a well written message when the girl in question responds with an “ok” if at all ?? WHY TAKE THAT SHIT ??

    • Richy says:

      Well besides just deleting your account as so to never email another one of these shallow idiotic women again, My question to your question is what the fuck else are you supposed to do? You cant jump through your computer screen and make these attention seeking whores respond..

      I used POF for about a year, had a very funny sarcastic profile, about 8 good pics up, and met about 7-8 females.. Almost all were me dating down just to get some ass.. I was still read/deleted a lot.. My prediction is that site will fizzle out soon as more and more guys are just saying “fuck this shit” and deleting their accounts, and women generally delete their profiles after a short time anyways..

      • AceBoontang says:

        Exactly! Most women on there are conceited twerps who found themselves lonely because they were always way too picky in their lives. 21 years old or 40 years old all these girls still respond well to teasing and banter, just like they do in a bar. It doesn’t matter if you’re intelligent or have good morals. Aslong as you treat them like the dirty girls they are, they will be eating out the palm of your hands. the site should be treated like an online bar and not a place where you can meet the “one”.

        I have one picture on there with a hat on. I’m a decent looking 29 year old guy, funny, intelligent and with good attributes aswell as the badboy attributes. That come across in my profile ridiculously funny profile sexually charged profile and I get women 21 to 36 emailing me and i get responses to 85% of the emails i send out. With that in mind only one women stands out as a women I could actually see my self dating and having something serious with. the majority of the others say they want a witty sarcastic intelligent guy but they themselves don’t know how to dish it back. How boring!

        Only go for the model looking women for practice and to test your own online gaming skills. Aim below your own league if you’re actually looking for a relationship or ass because the women who are actually in your league or vice versa are just aiming higher and higher due to the their inbox full of every guy from a Gallagher look alikes to greasy muscled, fauzx hawk, tatted d-bags.

  50. Ryan says:

    Yeah online dating was the most frustrating thing I have ever been through in quite some time. I gave it a try for 3 months back in February. It was the day before Valentine’s Day that I just got fed up with having trouble dating and thought to myself, maybe there is someone out there who can appreciate me for who I am and can have lost of common interests with me. Of course I live in Northeast Ohio so you have one of the worst selection of women in terms of being raised with good morals, if they are smart enough to make good life decisions, how fat they are, how non-hagged out they are, and how their taste in men are. So what was I thinking right?

    Well anyway, I paid the $60 for the 3 months and really put some thought into a profile and put 5 or 6 decent enough pics, which I thought made me look decent. And so I wouldn’t get messages from shallow women asking to see more pics of me without talking to me and getting to know me first. Whoever on here said “I love it how when men turn down fat/unattractive women, they are called shallow, but when women turn down men for the same reason, they are called selective.” They couldn’t be more right and I have tried to figure that one out for a long time. Hey you know one thing I learned is, there is a reason why women on POF post pics of themselves from the top of the boobs up or from weird angles. They want to hide they are fat. But then they demand more pics from men before they talk to them as if 2 isn’t good enough. And they’re are the ones who say personality matters more than looks. I’m living in a world I don’t understand sometimes.

    So during the 3 months, I must have message about 35-40 women who were decent looking, in my age range, didn’t have children (or 3 different children with 3 different fathers), didn’t smoke, didn’t look or dress like a slut in their pics, didn’t seem conceited and thought they could get any guy they wanted, and ones I could see myself with.

    Well out those 35-40, about 3 responded to my e-mails with a message that was actually going to help me get somewhere. Well with almost all of them who e-mailed me back, we e-mailed back and forth 4 or 5 different times at least with myself making a move to try to meet them. Take a wild guess what ended up happening next with each of them………….Take your time…………Ok, they ended up forming the “I all the sudden got way too busy for you/I don’t care anymore/you are a creeper” syndrome. So like yeah decent conversations going back and forth, realizing I may have common interests with them, I know them well enough to meet them, I’m convinced they don’t think of me as a sexual predator or rapist like most women do for some reason believing their stupid friends too much, but no. No results whatsoever, all the sudden they are too busy to e-mail me back, they start to not care anymore, none of them showed interest in meeting me anymore.

    But yet in real life, women still complain about various things. Like everyday I hear the “He’s a jerk” or “Why is this guy such a jerk to me?” or “Where are all the decent guys out there?” complaints. Well there are plenty of them out there, you stupid bitches just refuse to look around or look in the right places when they are right in your faces. And women complain about guys making commitments or being stupid when it comes to women. But we all know, women can’t accept something that could be really good for them when it’s right in front of their faces. My favorite thing that cracks me up about POF or other online dating sites is the catchy or witty phrase these women put on their pages.

    They think they know what they want and try to act all powerful, but when decent guys try to talk to them, they won’t take a chance or all the sudden they act like they don’t know what they want know. Well that’s because no one knows what they want until they get it. Stupid women on these sites don’t realize that though. It really is just a confidence or ego boost for them. I love how when asked by men why they are on the sites, they say “Oh I am on here just to see what happens.” or “I am on here just to meet and talk to people.” Now, do you think a guy who pays for the membership and is on here for the normal reason of trying to find someone to be compatible with or possibly find a future wife wants to hear that reason? Hell no.

    So being 24, well-educated, carrying 2 jobs, a non-smoker, having good morals, doesn’t act like a douchebag, doesn’t cheat, etc. you would think I would have not much problem meeting women on these sites such as POF. Sorry, you lose. It won’t work with the women on here with ridiculous standards, talking to you for a while, leading you on, then deciding they are too afraid to meet in person or all the sudden you aren’t good enough. Well I am sorry I don’t have $50,000 in my bank account. My dad has been an accountant for 25 years and he still doesn’t have that much in his account. Sorry I don’t have Adrian Brody or Brad Pitt good looks. Sorry I don’t give in to gold-diggers or stupid women think they know what they want, but don’t. Sorry I don’t look good in Abercrombie & Fitch clothes (too tight and don’t have the money for them). Sorry I didn’t do a good job convincing you I’m not a rapist or a murderer. Sorry I couldn’t put up with your stupid tattoos such as a tramp stamp. Sorry I couldn’t put up with your materialistic taste in men. Sorry my 1999 Chevy Monte Carlo wasn’t good enough for your rich standards. Sorry I didn’t look hot enough in my pics for you, but at least I know how to respond in a decent time frame to e-mails. Sorry I wasn’t white trash enough for you or ass hole enough for you.

    I am done with online dating and POF. It did nothing but ruin my confidence, make me think I wasn’t good enough, made me not want to date for a while. I am not so sure trying to meet women to date in real life is a whole lot better anymore. Women today are mean and nasty than they ever used to be and make things more complicated than they really are.

    • Shane says:

      Wow that was great. Preach it Brother! I felt every sentence as a medicated salve in the innermost core of my injured soul!

  51. Andy says:

    OK guys, glad you all found this site so you can rant about the miserableness of online dating. But the last entry is a tough one to follow because he covered all the basics, the usuals, and the obviousness of it all.

    Here is an advantage that women have from online dating and the profiles they can make for themselves online. They have the opportunity to be fake even though they won’t tell you that. In other words, they can say one thing and mean another and can get away with it. They can find excuses for the things they do or say and can say anything to you and get you to believe them because they know that us men seeking women will take the extra step to find one. Otherwise we wouldn’t have gone through with the online dating bullshit. Some women take the approach of putting down everything they look for in a man and actually mean what they say just so they can find the perfect guy. Others will leave out the information that you want to know so they can increase the emails from guys who will want to find out the juicy stuff. This helps them gain confidence. It’s an ego boost either way they work it.

    I found out the hard way from 6 months of wasted time and money from Plenty of Fish and Don’t be surprised to see women on here “just to meet someone to talk to” or ” to have some guy to hang around with until their marriage/divorce mellows out”. The trend has shifted, there are way more women than men in the dating world who are in it for the wrong reasons. Women like to keep things complicated for the thrill of a challenge. Men are simple creatures and will say “Hey, I either like you, or I don’t like you.” But getting back to putting the right things in a profile. Women crack me up with this one.

    My personal favorite is when a woman, lets say in her mid to late 20’s says a few things such as, “I am so done and over with the bar scene.” or “I am not in this to play games.” or “I am looking to settle down soon.” or “I am so sick and tired of having bad dates.” (Most of the women for all we know on these sites, probably hadn’t had a decent date in 5 years) Let me just begin by saying no woman is over or passed the bar scene until they are like 40. At least the single women who think they know what they want. Guess what if you go to a bar to meet men, you are going to get a guy who likes to go out drinking, flirt with the sluts there and pretend he didn’t remember anything the next morning.

    Believe it or not, there is not much to do or rather a big social gathering opportunity for single and looking women to meet men so most of the time, it’s what they do. How else are you going to meet a guy, you have to put yourself out there, and they keep thinking going to bars or clubs will do that. Then you just increase the volume of men who will think you are a partier or a slut. Guess what ladies, most men interpret someone who wants to settle down, not a woman who goes out to bars every other weekend. It’s just funny how they say that, then you look at their photos in their profile or MySpace page and see all these ones where they are drinking at a bar with their “girlies”. So you aren’t pass the bar scene. Don’t expect us guys who know what they want to believe you when you say that, because no man who thinks he is worthy of a good woman is that desperate for a bar whore.

    Then you say you aren’t in this to play games. Maybe if you defined playing games, us men who aren’t mind readers and not so great with your sophomoric signals wouldn’t be so ignorant. I just think that single women like to complain about things for no reason just to get attention. It rubs off from their other friends of course who have the “inner bar whore” in them. Maybe it’s just where I live. Me personally, when I see women state “I’m not in this to play games.”, I think she is thinking “OK you are most likely going to be one and done if you don’t please me every second I am with you.” Who said anything about playing games? We are adults here. If anything, women are the masters of disaster with playing with guys’ minds. Once again, we aren’t mind readers and knock it off with the empty threats. I can’t tell you how many women I have seen on Plenty of Fish and who have put down what they AREN’T looking for rather than what they ARE looking for. You aren’t going to get the sympathy vote. Stay positive, stay real, stay decent, and stay thin, and most men will like you.

    • Daniel says:

      So true on the mind games part. I remember two months ago when I messaged a female on pof and she gave me her myspace link and added me to her friends list. The next day I message her and she doesn’t reply back. I message her again asking if she’s ignoring me she tells me that she’s back together with her ex.

      I asked her why she didn’t tell me that sooner she said “it’s not like I left you hanging for days”

      Wow that was so considerate of her. If I ever have to pick my mom up I should make her wait four hours and then pick her up. And when my mom asks why I didn’t come sooner I’ll tell her, “hey it’s not like I made you wait here for days”

  52. Dickie Normous says:

    I had great success when I posted a dick shot on pof-of course, I am ENORMOUS! Got lot’s a views, one chick drove 30 miles to give me head, and I only bought her a cup of coffee!! Then, that Marcus fag took my profile down-asshole! I re-registered as Mike Hunt, and put a picture of a labia as my screen shot-lot’s of lesbo’s responding. Expect this profile to be taken down too……

  53. cpp71 says:

    american women lost their femininity!” an American expat once told me when explaining his choice to move south to Mexico. “American women these days dress like men, talk like men and call you a chauvinist if you ask them to make you a cup of coffee.”

    I thought of the aggressive, sexless look of the supermodels and the passing of the days when men tipped their hats to women in the street. Then the expat’s Mexican wife came in, brought us each another beer, wiped the table and went off to calm the crying children and prepare lunch.

    Talk to American men who have married foreign women and 90 percent of them will have been attracted to the old-fashioned values of another culture. Dinner on the table, clean clothes in the cupboard and strong maternal instincts.

    “Western women have been campaigning for equality for so long that happiness went out of the picture long ago.” another friend married to a Thai wife told me.

    I initially thought this was a bit over the top until I learned that even complimenting a female co-worker can be considered grounds for sexual harassment. Have feminism and political correctness taken all the fun out of American love?

  54. saddbtrue says:

    SADD BUT TRUE!…your better off going to a prison pen pal site where you will get (through letters ) a decent response and conversation from a better looking woman!..if that says anything more about how bad POF is….

  55. Jeff says:

    POF is a disheartening experience for a guy. All a female has to do is look good and they’ll get floods of email. As a guy, I am above average in looks, have a decent job and no baggage. All I’ve managed to get were emails from fat girls and single moms. If I email a woman anywhere between the ages of 24 and 35 that is halfway attractive, I rarely get a response. And when I do get a response, it’s always a short sarcastic one-liner back and then no return emails thereafter from the same girl. So I did the “change your income” experiment very briefly to see what would happen. I put I was a lawyer and owned a firm. What happened? Not only was I getting emails from women that I’ve never gotten emails from before, but I pretty much had my pick!! Every single attractive female I messaged, responded back with enthusiasm! It was sickening! It’s all about money and status. The conclusion I came to is that if I had become a doctor or was a trust fund baby, I’d have my pick of women. On a side note, I did get to meet one girl that looked pretty hot in her profile. Although they were only upper body pics. So as expected, when I go to meet her a girl with a tight upper body, but yet a huge fat enormous lower body shows up. She was short and looked like she was dragging her butt on the ground. From the waist up she was hot though. Very disheartening. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d have to date way down if I don’t want to be single. But on the other hand, even if I did have money, I wouldn’t want to be with someone that is only with me because of my status and money. Online dating is just a reflection of how the real world is, but worse.

  56. JXS says:

    I will write one more article about this then i’m done. I feel compelled to write this because i’ve been viscously attacked on other websites whenever i wrote about this (mostly from women and some of the guys that described themselves as “alpha males”), i’ve been threatened even (that usually means you are making a good point).

    Many of the guys on here may disagree with me (especially the ones that want relationships with traditional gender roles), but the real reasons why it has become very hard for a decent, average, loyal and hardworking man to get dates these days in the real world or online isn’t because of “feminism” but because of the dead opposite reason, traditional gender bullshit that a large segement of this society is still desperatley trying to hold on to. There are a few intelligent women that realize this and are trying to speak out about this but because there are too many men threatened by these types of women and too many selfish, overgirly, immature women that want the best of both worlds by wanting to retain thier power they have over men by being able to reject or accept guys that come crawling to them (while these same types of women will complain and even make fun of these guys but yet at the same time will complain when no guys will hit on them). Its the spoiled, overgirlytized, daddy’s little princess types of women that have made it so rough for decent men today. Some of my best experiences with women (not many unfortunatly) have been with very intelligent, strong women. My worst experiences have been with the spoiled, overgirly “where did all the cowboys go” type of women. You also have all of these dating advice “experts” and “coaches” such as evan marc katz and the rules that have brainwashed women to continue to be selfish, overfeminine, and actually encourage women to play games with men and not make it easy. Well all you guys already know who wins with this type of advice, the guys that are either players, jerks or sociopaths.

    I would suggest reading an article online by Alison Hill titled “the princess syndrome” and i would suggest reading articles by Yangki Christine Akiteng. I would also suggest not to buy any garbage written by Evan Marc Katz, and most other dating advice garbage, including “the rules”. If any of yous already did throw them in the fireplace.

  57. rubeN says:

    As mentioned before, these bitches aren’t looking for a guy to date. They just want to see if they still have it, and see how many guys message them.

  58. Daniel says:

    Exactly, I guarantee half of these women already have boyfriends. They just like the attention they get. Or those that are just looking for a gay friend to text a 100 times a day. So while her boyfriend is getting to go on dates and have sex you get to listen to her complain.

  59. lolinternets says:

    I setup a profile on PoF because a male and female friend found someone on the site, although it hasn’t been the same for me. In some weird stroke of fate, a girl I met on another dating site messaged me on PoF after her boyfriend broke up with her. She didn’t beat around the bush and said it’s all for an ego trip.

    So there you have it. Back to the old fashioned methods.

  60. marvelous says:

    Hey guys glad i found this place it may hav saved me from jumping off a bridge!

    Anyway i dindnt join that POF crap as im a asian guy from the UK and joined a matrimonial site you know singlemuslim etc etc

    And guess what the same type of skanks u mentioned here all infest that place!! i dont want to cover the shit and experiences iv been through and FIVE of my averge joe mates that also joined!! as its all been covered by you guys! THANK YOU!

    Just to let you know i did get lucky but she was the exception not the rule!! so regardless of american woman, british woman, asian woman, religious or not religious woman, good woman or bad woman!! once they join a internet dating site doesnt matter if it or!! within a few weeks of joining 99% become the aforementioned skanks you guys hav been talking about!! some of the religious once who covered up were the biggest hypocrites on there!!! if u can believe lol

    Any way just letting u know its the same shit differnt dating site when it coms 2 online dating for the average joe – 50% of MANKIND!! Be warned and take it all with a pinch of salt no matter how degrding it all gets!!lol

  61. qzqz72 says:

    almost all the pf,s on plenty of fish are white caucasian women?…does that mean that all the other ethnic race ladies ( and there are penty of in my state and city ) are more busy getting it on in the real world?..what air headed useless trash the cauc-amer-women has become today! racism intended!!!i myself am white

  62. tc567 says:

    YES to the post above!…mexican latina women dont suffer from night & shinning armor and princess syndrome in the same way so in general they are happier with just having a man…asian women in general are more higher educated than cauc-amer-women so most have better paying jobs and dont need to hang on the net looking for a free meal!..( there is always the few exept to the rule )..

  63. rubeN says:

    Well I’m Hispanic and even these fucken Hispanic bitches that are on POF don’t reply or send messages after I message them.

  64. Steven says:

    I’m another guy who deleted himself after wasting two weeks there. The final straw came when I found myself appealing to women that I wasn’t really all that attracted to, because that was what was available. Transgressing my own standards, I found that I was sending invitations to women who smoked cigarettes, who were obese, who were baby-mamas, sometimes all three in one. I don’t do that in real life, so why do it online?

    The main drawback of Plentyoffish is that the m:f ratio must be 10:1, so that even women who get zero play in real life get attention there. I went on one real-life date with a woman; not surprisingly she chose to post pictures of herself that did not reveal her triple chin, nor the two rolls of fat around her belly when she sat down, nor the constellation of zits on her cheek. But on that date she told me that her profile collects about seven how-about-me appeals every day. Out in the real world she was kind of a mouse, but on Plentyoffish she becomes a tempting vixen, so it would seem.

    Even the hounds are surrounded by supplicating men, and selecting one (if they do pick one out of the bunch) is mostly a matter of throwing back the unwanted fish; so, ironically, the best way to get in might be to not say too much.

    The whole thing just feels like a losing proposition for us men. It’s best to stay in the real world and do it that way; I just don’t think Internet dating is going to be very useful.

    Here are some translations for online profiles, for those who are still trying.

    Country girl at heart = hillbilly
    A few extra pounds = obese
    BBW = morbidly obese woman who can barely walk

    My kids come first = She yells at her children to not disrupt her during her E/R Dr McDreamy time.

    “easy going person, not much to write, if you wanna
    know about me just ask” = passive, boring, annoying, a flat tyre.

    “tired of the bar scene” = never been on the bar scene.

    any profile without a photo = either horribly shy, too dumb to figure out how to upload, or too poor to own a camera.

    any profile that is in point form, badly punctuated, awkwardly typed, only a few words long = TOTALLY ILLITERATE.

  65. Danny says:

    I am glad to see another sie with continuing hatred and bad luck towards this site, to the same calibre as I. The problem has alreday been stated that there is already an overabundance of guys (whether tehy’re sweet or perverted in their messaging), so the creator needs to create fake I.Ds to make up for the shortcomings.

    Here are some things that I’ve noticed:

    1. If you happen to be up late browsing the site at 2 in the morning and you send an email to a fairly atractive girl, it gets almost instantly “Read” or “Read/Deleted”.. Seriously, why would an attractive gil be online this late desperately reading emails? A girl like her doesn’t need a dating site to find dates. I’m not saying i’m unattractive cuz i’m a fairly great-looking guy, but before i get a chance to sign out for the night, I notice it’s “Read”. Come on…

    2. If a goodlooking girl (or averagely goodlooking girl) has just ONE picture up of JUST her, it’s fake. 100% fake. These are the ones that are definitely made up.

    3. What’s with every single girl listing the same interests? i find it hard to believe taht every single girl in the world would like “hiking, camping, white water rafting, parachuting/bungee jumping”. Give me a fucking break. Either these girls are real and are lying through their teeth, or they are “algorithms”, as brought up earlier. Seriously, most people say they loooove concerts/shows but i don’t think I have EVER seen a girl with pictures taken at a concert… EVER. Bt on facebook, they’re all over profiles. Something is fishy about all of this…

    Fuck this site; I am a great-looking guy and the only messages I have gotten were from morbidly obese ugly girls who are at least on there for the right reasons.

  66. Dave says:

    I agree with EVERYTHING that has been said above! 100%

    Guys, I think we are witnessing the decline of Western civilization right now and that online dating is a symptom of this. I know some will say that this is extreme but its what I truly believe. Check out where the strong families are, the population growth is and then see the incredibly superficial Western societies with declining pop. growth (In the US only immigration and large families from minorities keeps us from joining this list) In those countries women value men for their honesty, loyalty, work ethic, father-material not whether “OMG does he have a six pack LOLZZZ?!!?”

    I cannot believe the immaturity and EXTREME superficiality from some of these women in their late 20s and early 30s that sound like spoiled 16 year olds awaiting for Prince Charming to show up.

    Let me just say that I am a fairly good looking man (I’ve been called very handsome by women on a number of occasions) I am educated, cultured, been to 6 foreign countries, well mannered and very loyal. You would think someone like me would have no trouble finding dates, I certainly got plenty of views but after sending 60+ emails the only attention I got was from fat chicks.

    No I am not expecting a supermodel and I am flexible on looks but I work out 2-3 times a week and spend lots of time and money to keep myself in shape I expect a woman to at least be in OK shape.

    As far as the kind of women on the sites, this has been explained with brilliant accuracy so many times on this thread it’s not worth repeating. You guys have it spot on! They are so full of BS it’s not even funny. They say they don’t want “games” they are (virtually) all playing some kind of game: The Princess who wants Brad Pitt-look alike making 200K and loves the opera, the obese chick who wants a GQ model, the girl who’d thought it’d be cute to show her ex-BF or GFs how many guys she could get, the single mom looking for a sugar daddy etc etc etc

    I also have the done the ol’ post a picture of an attractive woman to see what happens trick and like many of you, I was floored by the number of responses I got from decent looking, educated, “normal sounding” guys. What also needs to be said however was my disappointment and shock at some of the responses. It was revolting and reeked of sissy men who had lost all self respect:

    “I know I’m not worthy of you but..”
    “Probably a waste of time talking to you but…”
    “WOW! You’re sooo out of my league but here it goes..”
    “If you could talk to me just a little bit I’d be so happy I’d do anything!”

    WTF? Now I’m not claiming to be Mr. Macho Man here but MEN what are you doing? I feel like giving some of them the riot act on manhood! You’re “unworthy” for what? talking to a woman?!? Is this what a generation of single moms has produced??

    So guys when you’re wondering why the pretty girl isn’t writing back THIS is why! Because she knows that there are plenty of pathetic, groveling “men” who are desperate with no feelings of self worth or self respect that are “unworthy” for simply talking to them!

    This combination of selfish, self centered, superficial women and pathetic, sissy men with no self respect is why I think it may take an act of God to save the Western family.

  67. Bent says:

    I think the posters here have nailed it. You have women on pof who have vastly overrated their net worth simply because the bid/offer ratio is out of whack. You have women who you wouldn’t give a second glance at in the mall, grocery store, bar, etc being deluged with emails from guys that are dating down just to have a shot at getting a reply from one of them. I’m talking about girls that are 5’3″ and weigh 160 lbs, couldn’t utter an original thought if it was typed and handed to them, and sound like the rest of the masses that are always looking for “real, kind-hearted, honest man.” I mean, give me a fucking break on the ‘likes to hike, work out 6 times a week, blah blah blah’…well internet queen, guess what? That perfect guy you think you’re hooking up with? Well, he basically is looking to get laid, so he’ll do you once and be gone (at least if he’s smart.)

    I’ve basically given up on trying to date the woman on pof with their outdated photos and even more outdated philosophy that they can get what they deserve. You know the ones “taking applications”…well, here is my application, and it says I wouldn’t seriously date you because you’re a stupid wench who thinks you’re better than what you are.

    Oh, and this from a guy that can pick up woman from a bar every time I put any effort into it, and even then, sometimes when I don’t! C ya, bitches!

  68. Danny says:

    The difference between guys and girls on this site is that guys date down and girls date up.

    For instance, me personally, when I use this site.. I immediately search and focus on the average girl who is fairly pretty and looks like she’d be a nice girl. Even THESE girls don’t message me back. So all I’m left with in my area are morbidly obese girls who wouldn’t reply back to me either if I tesed them with an initial contact.
    For girls, the reason why they “are sick of the players and need a good guy for once” is because those shallow girls FIRST look for the guys with supermodel looks and THEN narrow down on their personalities. They don’t broaden their perception on potential suitors’ physical characteristics (even if they’re not supermodel-like) to see that this is a genuinely nice, kind, hard-working man with good intentions.

    Admittedly, I have messaged a few people I wasn’t interested in, just because I was so upset and stressed at the fact of getting “read/deleted” from even the most average of the average girls. The girls I can’t understand are the ones who instill “unread/deleted” and then they don’t even look at your profile. You don’t even have the fucking decency to LOOK at a message a guy sends you? This I do NOT unerstand. You look at my fucking thumbnail photo and deduct that I am not a potential boyfriend from that? You shallow bitches.

    I joined this site from the simple fact that I don’t meet a lot of women in the real-world, but I’d have better luck drunkenly hitting on a girl at a concert than I would ever hope for on here.

    Tired of the fat chicks who like “camping and hiking” Get real. The only thing you “like” is eating.
    And anybody who says “I love life” in their profiles equates to “I love drinkiing every second night and acting like a total fool”. Face it.. nobody LOVES life.. life is stressful.

    “I want to help out the world because I think it’s a wonderful place, full of beauty.. and i see so much wonderful that we take for granted”
    And then you message these same broads and you get the “read/deleted” (if you’re lucky to even have it read)

    Any girl who already has a boyfriend (either from the site or elsewhere) and is still active on the site, means they are not happy with their relationship deep down inside. If I found my girlfriend on a dating site, I’d leave her (even if she claimed to only be looking for friends)

    Dudes…There are so many unfaithful and dishonest people in this world, and women are horrible. Do you really want a relationship so badly that you’ll be with these women?
    It’s really not worth it… and like the poster above me said..
    Oh so true!

  69. JJW says:

    Everything previously written here is sooooo true. I do think all the problems and complaints aren’t reserved for Plenty of Fish. All on-line dating sites are very similar and they all suck. Maybe POF does suck a little harder than the others though. I guess to be accurate, it isn’t so much the sites that suck, it’s the people on them who suck. The concept of meeting people through your computer is brilliant. The problems come from the idiotic, stupid, childish people who shouldn’t even be allowed to use a computer.

    My biggest pet peeve is the hypocrisy of most women’s requirements. Girls will go on and on about how they want a guy who is honest, loyal, considerate, fun to be with, intelligent, etc. Then in the next breath they say they’d never under any circumstances date a guy shorter than 6’-5”. Honey, you’re 5’-2” WTF?! Women also rag on men because a lot of guys want skinny girls and won’t date women with “a few extra pounds”. So we’re supposed to overlook the excess 20 pounds of fat on you but you call a guy who is 5’-10” “too short” because he is under 6’ tall? Wow, really?

    The following is from another site forum, I thought it was pretty funny;

    Statistics show on-line dating can work and it has a higher success rate than meeting people at parties, bars, etc. It is rapidly becoming the world’s most popular method of singles connecting with other singles. If you’re considering on-line dating or you already have a profile up on your favorite site, try not to make these common mistakes and you will improve your results. Here are the top 10 most annoying things about on-line dating profiles according to a 2009 survey of the top 3 major dating sites:

    1. People not posting accurate or recent pics of themselves. (If you were Miss Budweiser 1984, great but let’s see what you look like now please.)

    2. People with their ex wives/husbands in their pics with them. (This is a no-brainer. Don’t post pics of you with all of your opposite-sex friends either. Not a good idea to start off a new relationship by creating jealousy.)

    3. People who post pics of their tattoos. (Any drunk person with $100 in their pocket can get a tattoo. Some people are proud of their university degrees, you’re proud of your tattoos. That’s class.)

    4. People who stick their tongue out in their pics. (Unless you’re 3 years old or you have Down’s syndrome, please keep it in your mouth.)

    5. People who throw down gang signs in their pics. (If you’re not in a gang and you’re not from the ghetto, you just look like a super lame poser. Twisted & contorted fingers, sideways peace signs, it all just makes you look like you have arthritis.)

    6. People who post pics of themselves taken in the bathroom mirror with their phone. (Your pics are the most important part of your profile. A phone pic taken in the bathroom mirror tells people you spent about 30 seconds on this. Try to show that you care (or pretend to care) and post pics taken with a real camera by someone other than yourself.)

    7. People who post pics that are too small to view or taken too far away. (A postage stamp size pic taken 100 yards away doesn’t really show people what you look like.)

    8. People who post pics of their kids and/or pets. (If you’re a parent or pet owner, that’s great. However, the unwritten rule here is to post pics of you with your kids & pets, not just close ups of kids & pets alone.)

    9. People who lie about their height, weight, age, job & single status. (This is just tacky and a waste of everyone’s time.)

    10. People who go on a rant rather than write a description of themselves. (If you have extreme political views or you hate the world or you just like to talk about how much you hate your job, save all that for later. Your profile is there for you to describe yourself and make yourself sound appealing to others. Rants & raves about other subjects will only chase away all the normal people and attract the kooks and psychos.)

  70. The Jumpoff sez.... says:

    I have to agree with the previous poster. I took a glance at POF and that was my conclusion. The thing is, it’s not these 20-something women, it’s goes well into the 30s. I read ads where the women claim that they have a bachleor’s degree or graduate degree yet, the women can’t write a paragraph that is full of grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. Photos–nothing screams out “cheap” like a cellphone shot of you, your friends at some dance bar. To quote ESPN NFL football crew..C’Mon man. I think I am better off being single and I will meet women just for sex.

  71. Lat says:

    I made the very unfortunate mistake of having a POF account for a while, but thankfully I came to my senses.

    POF is such a fucking joke I don’t even know where to begin. It’s very true that men have a very unfair disadvantage stacked against them on every dating site.

    POF is no exception, as from my experience all the girls around my age (I’m 22) were all the typical attention whores who just want to see how many guys add em to their faves, then there’s the stupid 19 year old mothers, and the rest is just old divorced women, and then there’s the very bottom rung “desperate single mothers” that no guy wants to screw, which is why their single.

    If any of the girls on there actually were normal and didn’t have their heads shoved so far up their own asses, than they wouldn’t need to depend on the net to find a guy.

    POF should be called Plenty of Fail, as it really is a pathetic joke.

    I really should look into meeting a foreign girl someday.

  72. Derek says:

    Yes not to be repitive, but i have to agree pof is one big suck feast, The whole online dating scene is basically just a meat market. Prime steaks to the fore. Last time i was there i think they are introducing charges for show off items send x type of flower or gift which the lady in question will be advised of how much you spent on said fresh air, are men actually falling for that. I think the whole online dating scene is dying a death, match and co recent foray in to tv addvertising suggests the online market must be drying up.
    I live in Ireland where nearly 30% of the population are on facebook, id love to know the Irish pof user figures, i dont use facebook myself, but it would seem that interacting more on a social level e.g the various groups interacting and supporting each other etc is more appealing than the meat market.

  73. Hank says:

    Yippy skippy, I luckily ran across this and looks like WE guys are the SUCKERS on ALL these dating sites.

    I 110% agree and have experienced the all fakes, princess, flakes, and the “sucks for men”.

    I bet quite a few of the profiles are fakes placed by the dating site itself.

    I hate the one sentece replies or when the women gives an initial “Hi” reply and you reply back and NO responses afterwards.

    Oh, here’s some awesome tips for my fellow “dude perfect” guys:

    Many large and small website owners can be interested in fake profiles. That’s why it makes sense to keep in mind some simple rules to avoid dealing with bogus people. In some cases a fake profile is easy to spot. In other cases, you can spend several days to find out that your partner is just a spammer.

    • The photo is obviously the first thing to analyze. You should be suspicious of profiles featuring photos of professional models.
    • If the email and photo are too good to be true, then they are likely to be a fake.
    • If you ask for the phone number of your partner, and he/she does not reply to your calls, it’s not a good sign.
    • Be careful if your partner speaks more about yourself than asking questions about you, or doesn’t answer your questions. It happens because scammers write e-mails to many people simultaneously.
    • Due to the same reason, scammers can forget about specific personal things. For example, they can ask about your hobby several times.
    • If the emails you receive are very impersonal and neutral, it can indicate that you are possibly one of many people scammers are talking to. The e-mails are used for both men and women.
    • If your partner writes that he/she likes your attractive photo and interesting description, but you don’t have any photo or self description online, it’s very suspicious.
    • Scammers don’t ask you about your life, work, friends, or family. They prefer to communicate in general words: How are you today? How was your weekend?
    • If a member profile is long and detailed, then you can be pretty sure that it is a real person. Scammers don’t have time to create long interesting profiles.

    If you receive a link or an email address (outside the dating sites message system) in the response, don’t sign up for any sites or click suspicious links. You can fricking lose money or install malicious software!

    Yeah, if a women is fairly attractive both mentally and physically. Do you think they need an on-line site to get a date. Men will be asking them out at work, the gym, the stores, restaurants they go to.

    Look at all the women Tiger Woods PUMPED on… one night stand loser porn stars, strippers, etc. LOL!

  74. ronniegarfield says:

    right on dude.. the truth and nothing but.

  75. Randomveteran says:

    The site is purely an excuse for Markus to make money through Adsense. What better theme to use than dating..a shrine for women to get attention..

    And we all know the “Serious Member” scam…a lot of women were “given” this “upgrade”….some of them didn’t actually know what it was when they had it..

    There is a specific group of women on the forum that are labelled “raptors”..these raptors are vindictive femmnists who troll the forums in search of any opportunity to exhibit their hate for men..Watch for CythiaDw and WomanInProgress…to name a few

  76. Ed says:

    Now, I know why guys tend to lie to get laid. Period.

    You try to be sincere, to try to do the right thing, you try to stand out, but in the end you are left with shit on your plate.

    I’m not on these websites to get responses. I’m on there to get dates. It seems like the women are unwilling to date, or even for three goddamn seconds: meet!! Once you mention the word, they disappear. I really wish dating websites would atleast pretend to try to do something about women, who have the site by the balls.

  77. lkych says:

    OK, after reading some comments here and on other sites I came to a realization. Don’t you guys think that they “plant” staff to act as women to keep men on that POF site so that they can collect a bigger revenue from advertisers?

    I did some search and came up with this link. It’s on another forum and if links aren’t allowed, the subject is very simple, “Plenty of fish owner makes 30.00 everythime you log on”. So, you know what, just Google it yourself.

    So now I’m wondering if that is why we get those monosyllabic responses???

  78. Jason says:

    Plenty of bitches

    I’m another UK (England) user and find that site to be full of bitches that have a axe to grind with men, just nip over to the forum and watch men getting roasted again and again like a circus act. Then offer such disgraceful advice that always ends up insulting the guy and always ends with the same conclusion “Kick the guy to the kerb”.

    Then you have good old English women, which just like the American ones they come with really weird princess attitudes and want only the best, I’m not talking here about amazing looking ladies here but fat disgusting English slags (usually with multiple mixed raced children to different men) that have their heads so far in the clouds believing a wealthy guy with stunning looks is going to come knocking on their door.

    I blame men on the site for a lot of it though, as if you guys stopped creeping and jumping through hoops for those slags. They would not have such big heads and disgraceful attitudes.

  79. Christian S says:

    The women who occupy that site are the worst I’ve ever come across, got rejected a few times because I live with my ill relative. Which how dare you bitches think being there for an ill relative or any other family member is such a bad thing.

    American women are pathetic without any honor or integrity.

  80. Danny says:

    I can’t believe out of all the girls I see on here, there isn’t a single ONE that intrigues me. There are millions of interesting people in this world, and i find it sad that the lowest of the low are the ones choosing to sign up for online dating.

    One thing that REALLY gets under my skin are the girls who actuall have the gall to read your profile when they see you’ve sent them a message, but have NOT opened the message. “hmmmm, is he hot though? That’s all I care about.”
    No wonder these girls are single!

    And so now my message remains “unread” in their inbox along with, most inevitably, dozens of other messages from prospective suitors until the system automatically deletes them after a certain time period.

    The funny thing about it all is that I REALLY did NOT want to message these girls in the first place because I knew they were not my type – the blond, princess looking girls who are always at the center of a penis moshpit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But that’s the closest to ANYTHING I’d be interested in on that site, since most of what it has to offer is largely overvalued self-worth and an inflated ego to boot.

    Don’t listen to ANY profile “advice” the site has to offer (or anyone else for that matter). It’s time to give the MAN a break for once and say “it’s not your fault”. There is way too much negativiy going around about how the “guy doesn’t try hard enough” or “isn’t thoughtful in his initial contact messages”, and all that other assorted racket.
    Let me tell you something.. a guy can spend an hour trying to come up with something witty and charming (which is sometimes impossible due to the dreadfully boring profiles that have next to nothing in them, but won’t accept anything less than a Shakesperan novel in their inital messages) and he STILL won’t receive a reply back. It’s a daunting task. A frustrating one, too.

    And besides, at the end of the day when all is said and done, I’ve found that when I DO think too much about inital messages, I’m trying too hard to NOT be myself. I have more self-respect than to be an asshole on purpose just to get somewhere with a girl.

    I’m on there to meet a cool girl.. where are they all?!

  81. DNY says:

    I’m a guy and I agree that POF sucks. I spend a decent amount of time in real life chatting up women and I know the approximate range of women I can attract.

    On POF I have sent messages to at least a hundred women in that range and received one or two lame replies (forget about any dates).

    I made one small mistake, which was to click on a profile where the girl had posted a picture of a man . . . well it turns out it was actually a female. I received a message from that person right quick.

  82. Denny says:

    You must be the only person who reads that stuff when you log off 🙂

    IMO, the POF site is nothing more than a commercial endeavor made to use men’s need for dating/love/sex. It is not new. Most sites charge money for this kinda thing, this one came up with a new strategy. By being free they attract more members that they use to subject to different forms of advertisement. That’s that plain and simple….

    I ditched that site long ago. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME ON IT! You’ll feel like a piece of crap when they’re done with you…

  83. Ed says:

    You are right dude. It’s not our fault. The women that go to these sites don’t know what they want or want smoke blown up their asses. It’s not our fault that we are actually here for dating in a dating website.

  84. Ron says:

    Plenty of Fish is a joke. I tried it for a few days, and there is nothing but skanky, crazy women on there. Any of the women on there that would be somewhat attractive are fake profiles.

    I am an athletic, thin, 6ft attractive male. I am not ugly by any means, but I am not saying im some male model either. I get my fair share of dates in the real world, I thought I would give POF a shot for something new to try…boy was that a mistake…I figured this out real quick. For starters:

    1. 99% of the women on that site are fat whales with 2 or 3 kids. The ones who look semi decent won’t post a picture that shows anything below their chest line because they are huge…thats the oldest trick in the book…please give me a break.

    2. These same women with kids think they are just all of that deserve some Brad Pitt who makes 200k a year so they can sit on their lazy bums and stuff their faces full of cakes and pies all day.

    3. The site is full of absolutely crazy insane women with unrealistic expectations and serious flaws of entitlement. In fact, in a room full of women, most of them wouldn’t even get looked at let alone a conversation strike up with them in the real world.

    Overall, the site is a joke and a scam…stay away from the women on there…Its also funny how they disrespect their kid by posting pictures of their kids on there profile…

    I had no problem getting women to talk to me, the problem is they are all insane…they are looking for a man to take care of there kids. I never got a single message worth replying to or would even want to reply to…

    if you want an already made up family for yourself with a overweight woman with 2-3 kids with two different dads…then by all means use plenty of fish….

    Any guy who uses POF is short changing himself

    the women on that site are “used material” why not just do the dating thing in real life and upgrade to a new model.

    women on POF = Trailer Park Trash…is very simple…take my advice..stay away from that cesspool….the ladies on there are insane…I found this out in less then one day…total nutjobs who are fat, lazy, looking for a man to pay their bills and take care of their kids…I found this out in less then two hours and canceled my account…stay away from this site…..

  85. Alan says:

    Been on plenty of fish since Christmas and what a waste of time English women really are, they are the worst ignorant bunch of cunts I’ve ever come across on-line and the worst part is….the more genuine their profiles are the more their ignorance and arrogance really is.

    As read deleted and a couple of unread deleted are normal when you message these English women as they want a man with loads of money and look like he is a action hero, whilst the majority of women on that site are very very fat (head only photos are a dead give away) and many have children who are obviously looking for a rich, handsome doormat to take care of her and her mistakes.

    So in conclusion, if you’re a guy like me in the UK are using that site. Just either don’t bother or play those bitches.

    I`ll just name and shame a few unread/read deleted bitches from England, so you can avoid them.

    Not Barbie…….

  86. Peter says:

    Interesting… I’ve just glanced at the comments above mine and I gotta say, my experience as a guy was similar in many ways and different in other ways.

    Like many others have written, I’m a normal guy. I have a good job, university educated, clean cut, not a model but not ugly either, healthy/work out, etc. Dating and meeting women is a part of my normal life.

    I decided to try out POF on a lark. I was surprised because I was contacted by quite a few women/girls. Most of these were extremely overweight (although in their profile they describe themselves as ‘athletic’ or ‘average’!), had no common interests, wrote using horrible English (lik diz yo), or were just plain psychotic.

    I did write to a few women but my emails were read/deleted or simply left unread.

    I must admit that I was brought up to be polite and kind so when even the worst candidates mentioned would contact me, I would always take the time to write a short note thanking them and saying I was flattered by their interest but that I didn’t think we were compatible.

    Not one woman had the same decency. And while my experience is limited since I only wrote to about 10-15 women, I can see from others’ experience that this is true.

    My advice to my fellow men is plain: if you are living in the US, Canada, UK, Australia… GET THE F*CK OUT!

    I know you won’t believe this but trust me just a little and go check it out yourself.

    If you only travel a little, you’ll discover that the world is full of amazing women. They are not only beautiful, they are educated, SANE!!, family oriented (read: wants a family and comes from a good family), works and are independent, and they appreciate men.

    The only reason a whole industry has been built up by douchebags like Mystery, DeAngelo and the like is that the women in developed countries are atrocious.

    You have two options: take these stupid ‘seminars’ to learn how to beat them at their own game (and lose, let’s face it, all of these douchegurus are still single!!)

    or you can go online, book a flight and fly to a beautiful sunny clime with gorgeous women who will actually look you in the eye.

    Your move!

    (on second thought, don’t! just stay in your own cold, damp countries and engage in the battle and leave these hunnies for us!)

  87. chad says:

    PERFECT AND WELL SAID RON!..i do have the experience of women over seas like in thailand and asia but i always have to come back to hell on earth USA to save money for months to be able to afford to go back for a short time!..hopefully at some point in my life that will change!…AMERICAN WOMEN ARE BEYOND WORDS OF HORROR!…and i think most men on pof and here dont have the time any money at all..sad!!!

  88. Josh says:

    well guys i hate to break it to you but if you’re a very good looking guy on POF in the UK women (at least) will reply. I set up a fake profile with pics i got of the net of a text book good looking guy in his late 20s. I did an experiment where initially i claimed he was a doctor and then removed that and listed occupation as not important. The response rate changed very little. I would say that generally the response rate from women was about 80-90% with this profile. I could keep conversations going with women even though i was replying with dumb, almost insult stuff but yet they still kept replying.
    On the other hand i am a fairly good looking guy and my real profile when i had it up had a 20-30% response rate.

  89. Eric from Manchester says:

    I’m from Manchester, England and let me tell you people. The women here are the most ignorant bunch of cunts you’ll ever find on that site in England, even most of those bitches have photos that makes them look like slags and slappers who still require perfection and those cunts even have children……If you notice the more slutty the photos are the more children the woman has got (look and see, its comical). So anything less from a man than perfection will guarantee you a read/delete (some times unread).

    At first it used to piss me off when I was ignored but now its a good sign as they are just not genuine and sincere, which someone said it on here. That if they have a genuine profile then it means they are the complete opposite.

    Manchester UK is full of female time wasters and I would say the odds are easily 80% or over are time wasters or even 90% or over as even the hunch back of Notre Dame would get somewhere if those women where genuine.

    Anyway avoid pof as its full of shit.


  90. DrnkNinjaMastr says:

    Do yourself a favor and read “No More Mr. Nice Guy!” by Robert A. Glover. You can even find it on scribd for free. Read it, pass it on to a friend and live it.

  91. Bill says:

    Who cares if you look like a spud or Brad Pitt. You will rarely meet a match on the internet. I personally have had pretty good success meeting women on dating sites. For every 5 emails I get a date. This may sound boastful but its not. I live in San Francisco, Ca where women far outnumber men. At first I was cool with it, I was getting laid lots. Online dating sets unreal expectations. I started when I was about 34 and serious about meeting someone. That was 10 YEARS ago. I am still lonely. I cry when I think about the many occasions I was played. Some women just want sex, a good time or have a serious agenda to F-over men. It’s time to be bare chested men again. Today I have ditched online dating. If I am anywhere and a woman appeals to me, does not have a ring on her finger I make an approach. I get shot down LOTS and they get an ego boost. At least I am seeing what I am getting.

  92. Ed says:

    Face it, Women just don’t take dating websites that seriously, especially free ones. They don’t use it as a means to get dates, they use it as a means to get attention. That’s the truth. They just don’t give a shit.

  93. FockPOF says:

    I concur with the theme here. The idiot that runs the pof site is acquiescent to women. This moron deleted my profile more than a couple of times because I had supposedly sent out too many emails. WTF? I can’t stand women these days. I’m just going to pay for sex and fetish play and be happy.

  94. den says:

    Gee, man, what are you talking about? That guy who runs POF doesn’t care about women, or you or me. He runs it as a business to make money. And he is sure not an idiot. It’s been for years that dating sites could generate millions of dollars if set up and promoted properly. So stop wasting your time and energy and don’t go to them. They operate on a simple principle — guys are visual and they can get horny from a simple picture or two. Somehow it clouds our judgement and we don’t realize that the person who might be on the other end is not that attractive (or even a woman). That’s why we have cases when gullible men send thousands of dollars to supposed women in Eastern Europe. Dating sites work on the same principle, except that they don’t extort your money so blatantly. POF though came up with a new concept. By being free it attracts a ton of men and that’s what they want. Having a big “fan base” and a high Google hit count they get a lot of money for advertising. And believe me they don’t care about you or me. They hire some low paid moderators to “police” the site and remove anything that might jeopardize they business model. So keep in mind that every time you log on to that site you make more money for that guy who runs it (which, by the way also stands true for Facebook and the like).

    So I agree with a poster before (Ed, I think) if you want to get dates get them in a real life. What we, men, are often unaware of is that many hot women could be as insecure as we are, if not worse. It’s their look that automatically throws us off by default. My friend taught me a very good strategy, which worked a bunch of times for me. He tries to start a conversation with almost every good looking woman he comes across (in a bank, in a supermarket, at a dental office, everywhere) and if she brushes him off he doesn’t despair, he knows that one out of ten, or twenty, or whatever the count, might actually like him. You wouldn’t believe, fellas, how well that strategy works… (and note that neither my friend nor I are that good looking)… It all depends on how often you do this. It’s the game in numbers…

    So good luck to you all!

  95. Leon Jones says:

    This is my forth post, he is something else that women do. When you initiate contact then, leave your phone number, they say I have to get to know you before I give you my number. My beliefe is, you can’t get to know anyone until you hear a voice or you get some who will leave you their number and talk to you two to three times or text you. The answer, these aren’t interested in communicating or they don’t know how to communicated or they are just cowards. I always hear from them that they are brutally honest, strong, and independent but, they do so much hiding. As a guy, I am tired of the single moms saying my children are my world, my children come first, my children are my life, we are a package deal, I am family oriented. These are code words for, I will never be number one, I am living at home with my folks or my grown children and their children are living with me, I haven’t cut the apron strings, and I am looking for a dad. Take a look at the pictures posted, you see them in bars, pictures with their chidren, group pictures of friends and coworkers, cropped out pictures of their exs, and pictures with their kids, pictures that are blurry. These are examples that women don’t take this site seriously and they wonder why they don’t get any good men that’s because they have nothing to offer. They want to make all of the unrealistic demands and when they find someone they are still surfing the site.

  96. Jeff says:

    I have been getting emails from women…but of course they are women that I would never date. Most have kids and are on the average 8-10 years older than I am making them basically infertile by that stage in their life. I’m out of their league.

    Women only email guys that they normally could never attract in real life. So if I email a girl that is a 6,7, or an 8 that I feel is my equal match, I never get replies because guys like me ARE their equal matches. That just simply is not good enough for them.

    Then again, beyond that, to most of these girls…POF IS a relationship. Most of the women on there, especially the more attractive ones, get much more enjoyment out of meeting 3 guys per week indefinitely rather than having a boyfriend. So they aren’t ever going to stop meeting guys and they stay on dating sites for years. Each time they email a guy and meet up with him and then ignore him thereafter makes up a tiny relationships. All those tiny relationships make one big endless relationship for them. They get to have their cake and eat it too. They get to tease guys, reject guys, and meet different guys every week ALL at the SAME TIME. Then they can take a break from it any time they decide so they can go travel for a week or two, and then jump right back on POF and resume their tiny relationships the very second they login and unhide their profiles. Gee what fun would having a boyfriend be then?

    Unless “Mr. Doctor millionaire business owner bad boy funny guy life of the party and loves to travel” comes along, they stay single.

  97. Steven Steele says:

    Hello there

    I’ve had all the above nonsense and more, despite being a male model and a successful businessman. I’ve just succumbed too often to pangs and periods of loneliness and boredom, and like some of you other guys, have found myself messaging totally unsuitable women on these pathetic sites just because they are there.

    My favorite hypocrite was the girl who stated that she didn’t want a man who played games but who then spent half our third date sucking my face off in a restaurant before cancelling our next date due to a mysterious family member having become ill. In the cold light of day, that is hilarious and makes an otherwise nice girl look exactly that- a silly childish brat who didn’t deserve me. At least she didn’t go scuba diving or white water rafting! Anyway, I’ve now finally realised my own self-worth and will never go on these rancid sites again. There is one comment in this thread though that I found interesting. I too set up a fake profile and it was quite obviously a spoof. I posed as a woman with no photo, bald, below 5 foot, heavy smoker and drinker, 3 kids and no profile narrative. I got 28 messages in a week. I completely agree that us men should stop chasing women who are plainly not good enough for us, just because they are there, and we’ve all just spent another night alone. More to the point, what on earth would life be like with the women that we are messaging?

  98. Tim says:

    Boils down to women’s rights movement and lesbians. Over the last 20 years the dating scene has slowing gone down the tube. When I was 24 some 23 years ago I had no problem finding a date nowadays these women thing their crap don’t stink. So many head games, bar scene worst place, these Internet dating sites are a scam to get MONEY especially from men. I am guessing that 90 percent of the women are either crazy or not real or looking for Superman with lots of dough. The sites play games by sending potential suckers fake messages etc. So don’t waste your money.

  99. 80sman says:

    POF is a reminder of how you need to have money to go over seas today!..GOOD TIMES IN THE USA ARE OVER!..GONE!..are the days going back to the 80s and before of white guys with decent jobs and money and muscle cars and slender american women who wanted to be GF’s to men and have sex..gone are the days of fast times at ridgemont high!..if you are old enough to know what i mean? the USA

    • lincoln says:

      I would say that period would be the decade where that all ended. And I’ve said it before,that it is so hard to believe there was a time of free love in this country. The late sixties and seventies were very good times, and fun was had by both sexes. I am wondering if the male birth control pill will give some power back to men when it comes out. This is going to be interesting when it does. Just you wait and see. But it’s taking too long.

  100. ronniegarfield says:

    80s man, iam too 80sman, i couldnt agree anymore. things were easier in the 80’s although, they started to go bad by 1986.. but 80-84 was the time… Everyone was kinda in the same boat back then, i could go on for hrs about this. In 1980-82, people didnt make alot of money like they do in 1997, Everyone kinda lived at home, drove the same used cars, Entertainment and stuff wasnt alot of money like it is these days. The 80’s you didnt have cell phones. twitter, the internet. (christ VCRS was a remaining technology for the whole decade). I know the 80’s wasnt perfect. But people in general were alot diffrent than they are today. Specially girls..Hey, no 200 tattoos and piercings. But i’d love to be back in the 80’s anyday over this crap… Just think, in 1982 you would never hear the word TEXTING. ha ha or see girls in bars hop right on their cell phones. Or get interrupted by someone calling them before your about to crack or score…

  101. The Master says:

    You are all dead-on accurate about online dating. But what many have failed to say is the reason they are like this is because they CAN be like this. I have been on POF on and off for years. The best I ever got from there is a little short-term action… Oddly enough, it wasn’t always this bad. 10-15 years ago, there were free dating sites that you could get plenty of responses from. The thing is now, EVERYONE is online. Back then, it was a fraction of the amount. So, it is not our fault, really… If you want, create a female profile and throw some random chick’s picture in there. Sit back and watch the barrage of emails roll in. They literally have hundreds of emails, per day. So, of course women will get swollen egos and think they are great. They have hundreds of emails to prove it, in their heads. Anyhow, if you are online dating, act superior to them, somehow. This will, at least, get you laid… Forget love..

  102. saltbird says:

    I couldn’t agree more with every one of these posts. Online dating is the worst. Below is the list that I made about all the women I’ve ever met online that got me deleted from plenty of fish a few years ago.
    1)Fat/Ugly losers
    2)Fat/Ugly losers who think they are hot s**t
    3)Fat/Ugly losers who think they are too good for me….which is actually the opposite(I am way too good for all of the women I have ever met online)
    4)Fairly attractive women with between 1-4 children, who think they are still worth a damn to anyone.
    5)Fairly attractive women who think they are hot s**t, but obviously can’t see the clock ticking…who also think they are too good for anyone.

    I also added the following to the list…….“I know I am not going to meet any more women from this site, nor do I ever again want to date any woman I meet online, but I love getting hate messages, so I want to hear from any woman who thinks she is different from the above list. If you think you do not fit into one of the above categories, you are probably totally delusional and stupid. In fact you can add the words “totally delusional and stupid” to any of the items in my list above.”

  103. John Connor says:

    I couldn’t agree more with everything that has been said in this forum… I started doing online dating because a female friend recommended me try it out, based on her success.
    This is friend of mine, I love her very much as a friend, is someone that in real life wouldn’t be hit on on clubs and bars, she is not ugly but not spectacular and she always hang around with two other friends that are very good looking. The thing is that she did and I kid you not, she was getting around 50 emails a week… me and another guy friend of mine joined a few weeks later and our results were dismal. Also being objective I can be considered fairly succesful person, I have two master degrees, make 6 figures, have been into fitness for years, true that I am not 6 feet 4” inches tall like a lot of women seem set as a minimum height (I am 5.10) for online dating but let’s just say that in “real life” never had many problems meeting people… especially, outside the United States.
    My experience online was terrible, every woman act like is a Disney princess, it doesn’t matter that they are 30 pounds overweight, that got two kids with two different men, that are unemployed, had no education or that are average good looking at best, they all have so much supply of desperate dicks every day on their email that will treat you like utter garbage. Most emails you sent won’t be read, and if they are opened, no more than 10-20% will be answered. Most dates will be they milking you for free drinks or dinner and out of several of them you will maybe get laid… finding a suitable partner, forget about it, they are all looking for “the next best thing” on the email every day. Someone said that online dating is a place where women date up and men date down, and that’s absolutely true… after so many rejections, you may start seeing yourself for less than you really are and will start lowering the standards you have… guys, don’t do that, being there, done that.
    You can find a nice woman in small towns in America, or go on vacation for 3 months to Brazil, Colombia or Venezuela… you will be surprised of how much more options you will have there and unlike in the major American cities or online dating, you will be treated as someone really especial. Try your gym, your church, your costco … anywhere but online dating please.

  104. asianvisit says:

    just returned to the USA from a month in thailand, spent the month visiting a thia lady my age 37 GREAT BODY and attitude gives me sex 3 times a day if i want!..cant believe i have her in my life!..NOW ABOUT POF AND THE USA?…joke joke joke!..pof is horrible especially for meeting women here in the USA..forget usa women!..and pof for that matter!

  105. saltbird says:

    I agree completely, I have pretty much been off all the dating sites for about a year now, and though I wouldn’t say I am thrilled or happy with my current social/dating life, at least my self esteem is not in the garbage and I can see things much clearer in regards to what is happening in the world as far as with women in general. I think we are in or are heading for a serious dark age of sorts. I hope I am wrong, but I for one have tried really hard over the last year or so to just forget about ever meeting anyone at all. I hope that every normal/cool guy online eventually wakes up and just deletes their profiles so that only the tatted up garbage of men remain. That is all these women want anyways, so let them have it. Maybe some of these women will eventually wakeup, but like someone else kind of stated in an earlier post, what good will it do me to meet these women when we are in our 50’s-60’s when it finally occurs to them that they have wasted their years looking for some mythological super male-god, while banging every low life piece of garbage that sort of gets her briefly excited at the moment? My answer to that is nothing. Personally I would rather die alone than let any of these “little princesses” get to experience being with a real man. I think the thing that pisses me off the most about women these days, is that it is not just the ignorant fat uneducated tatted up trashy girls that really upset me, it is some of the really educated women I have met that really blow my mind. I’ve met girls with masters degrees, MBA’s, grade school teachers etc, who are just as retarded as the trashy girls. It is just incredible to me and has taken me quite some time to really wrap my mind around, but I think it really is just a reflection of our society as a whole. Most women are just so fragmented in being for example highly educated, but at the same time having absolutely no common sense or capacity to see the world as it really is. Anyhow, I would like to thank everyone who has posted on this board; I have really gained a lot of insight and understanding by reading these posts as of late, so keep up the good work!!

  106. originalmikej says:

    saltbird I agree wth everything you and every decent man on this forum has to say,but the loss of cool normal guys will mean nothing to these walnut sized brain pof morons…because that’s not what they want anyways…they want either the wealthiest of the wealthy(which they will never get) or the lowest of the low,no car two pack a day smoking,no job,pot smokers,no DL from multiple dui charges or failure to pay child support..covered in tats..ect…..these men are the now the most sought after by modern females of breeding age. It is the opposite of what nature intended.

  107. sebastien says:

    this is awesome.after 2 years and people are still writing. About these chicks that say that they don t want relationships with users that contacted women for sex. What a joke. I m pretty there`s traps man. Last week there was a profile of this cute 20 yearold punk chick saying that she liked sex everywhere anytime of the day,protected,unprotected(!). I decide to write her back. How stupid.I realized that that was probably a trap by some chick I was talking to and she wanted to see if I would message a chick for sex. Who would write something like that.unprotected sex!? even a nympho wouldnt write that! women are evil sometimes!!

  108. Chris says:

    If you’re a guy don’t bother… unless you’re a model

    I am a pretty decent looking guy, in shape, and hell I am really well educated. The girls on the site (most of them fugly) are just looking to try and get setup with a doctor who’s also a model and has a mansion in hawaii.. Seriously, why would a model want you? If you want girls to just play games with you… then join this site…

  109. Rick says:

    Plentyoffish is the worst dating site I’ve ever been on! I’ve never met such fucked up cunts in my life. I am a good looking guy in decent shape, emotionally stable, yet the women on there were rude, cruel, beyond neurotic, beyond batshit crazy, picky and superficial. I actually got into a serious relationship with a woman from there. But it didn’t last long, and she was probably the most dysfunctional nutcase I’ve ever met. This woman ended up putting me through hell and should probably be kept away from society. Like a dumb ass I went back on that site after a while and guess what? I end up meeting another basketcase, who was probably much worse than the first one I met. Luckily, I learned my lesson and did not end up meeting her. This woman was so fucked up, she was not allowed to leave her home for more than 30 minutes, and asked me to have sex with her in a public bathroom RIGHT ON THE FIRST DAY WE TALKED ON THE PHONE!!

    The other women I’ve met on the site were beyond rude, cruel towards me, almost to the point of being abusive/sociopathic. But that doesn’t surprise me now that I think about it, most of the women on that site are probably sociopaths, liars, and just plain old fucked up.

    Okcupid is just as bad. The women on both sites all seem like they’re the same person. These free sites should be flushed down the toilet. POF should be shut down, go on this site if you want to risk damage to your self-esteem, mental health and possibly your physical health too. Chances are, you’ll meet someone much worse than the women I’ve met, and you’ll end up with an STD or Hepatitis being that the women I’ve met off there love to cheat with random people and have sex in public bathrooms with people that they have just met.

    Do not waste your time on plentyoffish. If you have a profile, delete it and never go back on that vile abomination of modern technology. Hardly anyone will respond to you, and if they do, they’ll either be- A: Just looking for attention
    B: Not serious about ever meeting anyone.
    D: A promiscuous serial dater
    E: A sociopath.

    The people you will meet on plentyoffish are so toxic that you’ll want to don a Hazmat Suit on your first date.

    Plentyoffish SUCKS!!

  110. cybury says:

    whether its Plenty Offish, OKStupid, E-Cow or any of the other datings sites you will still find only one thing
    “fats with Tats” badboy chasing baby mommas with little princess syndrom plus a whole line of other mentally dysfunctional issues.
    they say they can’t find good men but I really think the problem (at least in the western world) is that there are no good women left. I know… ask any female who weighs over 400 lbs and they will tell you there are lots of good women…. lol

    • crash says:

      LOL Cybury I love your quote bud! I give up on dating! I think i’ll invest my money in REAL DOLL lol Joking!! But your point so well made! Women are fucked in the head and it’s not going to change! Westernized USA is falling into the cracks of the superior degenerate mind! Women “american” are the lowest grade of female species in the world!! Self destructive and No self respect or reflection of mind or mentality. American women are born to be worshiped ( at least in they’re mind they think )…I am on my own and I’m making this statement!! Guys stop being sad! It’s not you!! It’s these women!! I will be on here off and on cause you guys really inspired me? How Because I dont feel alone about how women treat me,cause theres so many guys out there who are the same! I never knew this until I came across this blog a few weeks ago. So guys we will find love,but stay off the dating sites!! It’s a waste of fucking time and effort!!

  111. Crash says:

    Guys let me tell ya,I deleted my POF account last week and what really gets me is I been on and off there creating new accounts trying different methods just to see how it will reflect on me,Im 100% positive all you guys on here aren’t just over quoting abpout online dating!! You are absolutely right!!! After 3 years myself as an online single guy…I have had nothing but attention skanks and gold diggin women in my search,I’m practically preaching to the choir with you guys because I know how you all feel! I gave online dating my best shot!! But I’m here to tell you now fellaz! That’s it!!! My search for a womans touch and affection online has reached it’s final destination! Women use these sites to create a self ego,women now days reminds me of the air pump at your local gas station….you know?? The one with the hose you air up your tires with?? lol. Guys seriously let’s give up on online dating!! Let’s crush the women’s ego supply! I found more results by being out and about and honestly guys,what’s there to lose???? Rejection?? It’s how we as men build self confidence!! Rejection leads to stronger reflexes!!! WE ARE MEN!!! We shall reap the benefits because we live in a country or world full of little girls who still think they are daddys lil princess!!! The real women are out there!!! And im sure more then 90% of them you will not find on dating sites! FUCK POF!!!

  112. Me says:

    I’m back on Plenty Of Fish with some help too. My friend joined Plenty of Fish (who is attractive) and she is bombarded with messages and stuff. Great site for women, not for men.

    Most of the girls on that site are picky, becuase they have guys messaging them stuff and the not soo good looking guys come last. Why is that? Why can’t people just give someone a chance instead of being quick to judge, choosing the best you can get and taking it for granted?

  113. plentyofweirdos says:

    Hey guys i deleted my profile on POF a few weeks back for the third time lol and so i decided to try OKCUPID at first i thought this is not bad it seems more responsive and in the first week i actually recieved messages.
    Out of the messages i had one girl who was morbidly obese two that wanted BDSM thats ok if thats your thing but thats not what i’m looking for so anyways i move on i view other profiles and stumble upon more women that are looking to be tied up and a bit of fun etc… has anyone else noticed that about OKCUPID why theres so many women looking for that lifestyle on a dating site? i never came across that on plenty of mince or any other dating site in the past on POF’s case it was just mental cases, gold diggers and beach whales with legs and arms lol, i actually had to recheck and make sure i didn’t stumble on an alternative lifestyle site by mistake but no i did join a dating site?
    Also theres plenty of fatties widely available on this site just like plenty of mince.
    Online dating has become farcical it never used to be like this.

  114. NEEKSTER says:

    I havent tried Plenty of fish.But OBC is the same way.I thought it was me..Thanks fellas. im not the best looking guy in the world.But i aint the ugliest.I could understand models bein stuck up and ignorin u or playin hardto get.But it’s everyday average females. Most wont respond back at all.say very lil. I always keep it respectful.Im not on I wanna fuck u tip or show me your titiies and ass.Im thinkin it but respectful enuff not to say it. U cant be niice guy anymore.Times have changed.What kills me.Is these ladies wit these sexy provacative pics,showing their body.And say they not lookin for sex or want more than sex. Why would u say that after posting pics of your ass and titties hanging out??

  115. John says:

    I have to chime on here. The problem with the response rate is that the ratio of ten (or more) man per woman causes the princess syndrome. This is not entirely POF fault just to be fair. If women are not signing up there is not much that can be done. So YES, it totally sucks for men. All online dating site do (paid or not) pretty much just the same.

    The fact is there are way more males online to begin with ADD to that more single men even out in the “real world” and the nagging stigma it still carries that keep some women away. This is the real cause of the problem.

    So what happens is the few half way decent looking girls on the site get 100’s of emails a day they WILL in fact pick the best looking guys. Would you not do the same if it was the other way around?

    It’s all about the numbers. They are totally stacked against the guys. At lease when you go to Las Vegas you think it’s not stacked against you. Here you know it for a fact.

    So, if you are an average looking guy like myself you can bet that you response rate will be horrific to say the least. My personal response rate is about one in twenty. (I am in Los Angeles, so there are thousands of users in the immediate area). Lowering my standards perhaps I can get 3 in twenty.

    Sometimes, just out of frustration I will send a nasty email if I don’t like what I see or read in their profile. The response to those are about 90%. So yes, being an asshole will get you a response but certainly not a date.

    I did test just for kicks and to see it for myself. Posted a pic of a male model to see what would happen. Emailed the same women, and guess what? The response rate shot up to a bit over 50%. I made it a point to write VERY lame emails. Like “Oh nice pics” or “you are cute” which proves that it has NOTHING to do with what you write these stuck up beatches but just how you look. I also made the profile very short and simple. So, the stupid stuff on the forums with all the loser guys asking for help with their profile is so f in stupid.

    Does real life dating suck too? It sure does, however maybe not quite as bad. These stuck up beatches will always be looking for the next best thing. Even the fat baggage laden ones.

    It’s just life, not fair but just how it is…

    PS by the way, even if you get a date off of a dating site you will end up being thrown under the bus.

  116. someguy says:

    I created my pof profile about 4 months ago. I am a good looking guy, not a model but more then good looking enough. Because i already know it is a numbers game i clicked on the meet me’s for 5 min straight and sent out a bunch of emails. The only response i got was one somewhat unattractive women who wanted a *friendship* without the possibility of sex* Over the course of a few days we chatted, including the fact that i am a guy and at some point sex is important to me. We exchanged a few more emails and then she never responded back. I barely even logged in over the rest of the summer until the last few days. Did the same thing again, only got a couple of responses that lend to 1 chat and i got her number. Of course i call her and she doesn’t pick up and of course she is a 4/10 in the looks department but hey i thought i would comprimise just to see what happens. Funny thing is that on another dating site i already have a date(who is more like a 5/10 in looks lol) i bet she will fucking flake out on me too!

    Online dating sucks, and pof sucks ass like there is no tommorrow. I agree with ALL of the above. Its still a numbers game but after sending out hundreds of messages you would think like i could get ONE date, not a hookup or marriage but a fucking coffee date from a fat chick!

    Even THAT isn’t happening….lmao

  117. Spencer says:

    Yeah we men have to learn how to be men again in America. I get so tired of this catering to women shit. This online dating is for women, most of the shit on TV today is for women. What ever happen to just being a man? I mean this is pure crap these dating sites. I want to travel to another country and live for a while and see where it takes me, because I am tired of these Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez wanna be women her in America. I am done with it. I am almost finished with my degree after that I am gone. It’s time for men in America to wise up and see what punk asses we have become. I am not taking this shit anymore I rather jack off then sleep with a 240 pound women who thinks that she God’s gift to men.

    • lincoln says:

      Yep, all true. A lot of political correction B.S. has crept into Europe and Canada. Actually Canada is very politically correct. I’m wondering if the male birth control pill will have any influence on female behavior when it comes out. And it should have come out by now. What the fuck is holding it up? This would give males a little more power. Regarding current female high and mighty behavior in Western Civ., the question arises, what the hell are males supposed to learn from all of this crap? I guess this life has less to do with pleasure and happiness than learning from it.

  118. chris says:

    Hey John I have to hand it to you bud,and a very well done on that comment!!! I think you speak for us all when it comes to online dating and the facts and results.I been on and off POF for the past 3 years seeing the same results on and on. Women on these sites are very self appealing looking for the perfect male with the perfect features. It truly shows the mind frame of the common woman,not intelligent in any form of relationship status. I take nothing to heart when a woman emails me on pof because I know it’s a matter of time before they throw me under the bus. I am a fairly good looking guy,I have a few extra pounds but i’m still a good catch to a woman that is the suitable figure and attitude. I think alot of guys give women too much attention and as a experiment I tested this for myself,I noticed the more attention I give women the less responses I get back? Not overly extra attention but enough to show I’m interested and wanting to dig a little deeper. Online dating is a great option for women because they have more option to choose from and seeing that I don’t place blame on the sites. Guys I have to agree I dated women in europe,but heres the key! If online is the best we men can do LOL…we are doomed!! Women will use and discriminate us as long as we show them we are sucked into then in interest. I wish I could relay this to all the guys out there feeling the pressure of online dating errors.

  119. chester says:

    Ya know, I had a girl last week tell me to come out and meet her downtown on a friday night. I assumed she would be with her friends. We texted, and I told her I would. I ended up not even bothering to meet her.

    I’ve gotten turned off enough by females that I didn’t even bother to go meet the girl. She was 32 and rather average looking, but I got to thinking about it and just had that bad feeling inside that it would be the same shit again. She would be below my league, but yet act like she was too good for me. Or…if she was in a group, one of her friends would be standing in the background with no smile on her face and then pull her away from me because I’m one of those “creepy guys” by her definition. I’m so sick of females that I can predict exactly how they will act. Females aren’t unpredictable…they’re almost 100% predictable. You can assume that 99.9% of the time they will either flip some sort of attitude towards you or act like they are too good for ya.

    Pretty much the only way you can get a girl that is within your league is to meet one in real life. Once a girl decides that she’s willing to meet guys over a computer, she never will date a guy that is her equal match because of the high constant volume of emails. And even if you do somehow win the lottery and date a decent looking girl……then as the saying goes…live by the internet, then die by the internet. There’s always an email waiting for her so that she can stop dating you the very first second she gets bored with ya or you happen to disagree with her about something.

  120. john says:

    Another thing i see that has happened is!…there is small percentage of men like me who can scrape up enough money and time during the year to go visit the women in southeast asia!..and pof used to be good for contacting women there who were willing to meet up with you there to visit…NOW because of all the screwball desperate western men emailing them and talking sex crap and trying to lure them into a nude talk show on messenger)…the decent level headed asian girls are no longer on the site!..its now the bangkok lady boys and princess sydrome asian girls..such a shame!

  121. Jim says:

    As in previous posts, I will have to agree completely. ANY woman that has an internet addiction. Regardless if it’s to online dating websites, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Plaxu, etc, etc.
    Once they open the broader market of online man shopping. They ALL become BBD’ers (bigger, better, dealers) And regardless of the venue that they are using. Wehter they say it’s Facebook or myspace, etc, to “re-connect” or “just find friends?” They WILL become addicted to the attention. And they WILL use these avenues to look for “greener pastures.”
    I call it the Blackberry or Smart phone culture. If you go on a meet and greet date with a woman. Chances are high she will be ducking in to the bathroom constantly. To check her latest text or e-mail. Just to see if she has a “better deal” in the wings.
    Just look at what 80-85% of womens profiles say. They are ALL focused on “chemistry.” Or say how we ALL have only “one life to live” OR how “life is short.” So it’s the shallow and fleeting, physical attraction they seek. And the instant gratification of a child. That keeps them in an endless cycle, of short term hook-ups, that they call “relationships.”
    Please my brothers, use your bigger heads to keep it in perspective. Keep yourselves in shape, debt free, educated and focused on making yourselves happy and desired. And use these online skanks, the way they use us. Make yourself, the player THEY complain about online.

  122. Milan says:

    Wow, what a God send this site has been for me fellas! At last some sanity and perspective on the shit that keeps happening on and on and on!! I can only regurgitate what you everyone has been saying hear. Firstly I recently re-joined (UK version) a couple of months ago and…… yeah you guessed, I must have sent around say 30 emails to 7/10 looks, 20 emails to 6/10 looks, about 10 emails to 5/10 looks. As you have to pay on top of your already extortionate amount of £60 for 3 months subscription in order to view if they have even ‘read’ and of course ‘deleted’ that wasn’t going to happen. And yes, you guessed it I got a whole single response. She was prob a 7/10 but still took over a week to reply to email in which I asked to know more about her. She asked ‘what would you like to know?’ and ‘What an lovely name I had’. Gents I can only imagine that she had a 30 second window in the constant trawl of hundreds of other guys, as to why she even sent me the message in the first place. As you know how it goes, I sent her a nice polite inquisitive reply and of course that was the last from her. So as far as my standards needing to slip in order to even get 1 freekin reply I thought I’d go for some 3/10…… Stone the crows got a reply instantly as she was on line. That’s as far as I took it as I just thought as lonely and desperate as I am I still have an ounce of pride and dignity as I wasn’t going to stoop to the lower depths of potentially getting my ribs broken on this 300 pounder! Bollocks to that!

    Same old shit fellas. At best average birds thinking they’re WAY out of your league, lining up their hundreds of offers and treating us with their silent contempt! Of course I am not just commenting on match/Pof and all the rest of them but also your night scene too. Princess syndrome, feminism, girl power and all that shit, take your pick. I mean the guy’s post above mine chester is the God’s honest state of mind that I have now. Even on my last invitation out to hook up with one lass as I thought, I got a last minute text saying her female friend would be joining us and I just thought “fuck this shit”!! If you’re not even going to have the decency to not invite the whole world out then why would you bother even inviting me out you damn stupid whore. I’ll tell you why attention seeking syndrome shit. I mean she was a frigging 4/10 munter who if spotted near the shores of Japan would surely have been in danger of getting a harpoon up her arse! The funny thing is fella’s I kind of snubbed her in the first place weeks earlier but got to the stage I feeling so low on confidence I figured I needed to contact her and just go for it. Cut a long story short I just showed too much interest in her and she had to do the whole “this guy is kind of creepy!” shit. Yep, that’s right it has to be there right NOT OURS to kick these things into touch. I wouldn’t mind but she genuinely thought she was seriously out of my league! So as chester said you just get tired of it all, and are able from the very beginning to know it is the tired old crap…. so in the end you just don’t bother! Fuck ’em!

    I am 33 years old now and have been horse dicked around all of my life by these princesses and simply believe that, yes there are decent girls out there, but where?? Ok, not in the UK or the states. Maybe eastern Europe? I’m afraid not as most of these countries only aspire to be like these western super powers with their so called new independence for woman. Trust me, I originate from there so I know! So in short we cannot compromise anymore and just hope for a big slice of luck that we might meet a decent woman.

    Trust me my sanity has been restored as even if we are in the same boat it is still a comfort for me to know that I am not completely retarded and that we are all made to fell this way by these bitches. This shit really did drag me down for a while, but not anymore.

    Conclusion, do what we can for ourselves and be our strong selves and show that we have our own values and pride and refocus on other things that give us our little pleasures.

  123. blah blah says:

    You don’t go to those sites to find relationships or marriage material. The women there are serial daters; they want guys to take them out and spend money on them. There’s a reason they online date. Because they’ve already burned out their suitors in real life. I dated 2 women seriously from online. One relationship lasted 3 months, and I was $500 in debt at the end, b/c she just wanted to go out to eat sushi every night, see movies on the weekend. I was going broke, we both were getting fatter, and I was unhappy. The second girl ended up being still married (although she claimed to be single in her ad), and she was fatter than the pics she posted. She was in debt, didn’t have her act together, and, again, only like me when I was spending money on her. I dumped her after a month. You’d think I’d learn by now. Just post for a casual encounter and get on with it. Some women are just looking to get laid, but they won’t post an ad for it, they’d rather peruse guys asking for it. So, just ask for sex. You may get some bites. Otherwise, online dating is only for guys that are interested in dating women that will drain them…financially & emotionally.

  124. blah blah says:

    You also have to be aware of the STD girls on online dating sites. They’re good-looking, are humble, like having your attention…everything seems to be going perfect. Great. What’s the catch? The catch is, if you press them for info, you find out they have a bad STD. This happened to me twice. One girl had HIV, the other had HSV-2. Both girls came across as very down-to-earth, humble women I would have loved to date. They loved chatting with me, they were good looking … I knew there must have been some reason they weren’t already snatched up. After chatting with them for quite a bit, I eventually pulled it out of them that they had STD’s. I don’t have STD’s, so it was a no-go. And by then, you’re already invested in each other, so there’s this heartbreak that goes along with telling them you can’t be with them. Some finally wise up and just tell folks up-front, but it really is jading some of the stuff I’ve had to drag out of women by chatting with them… they’re still married, they have std’s, they’re $50k in debt, they have no job and car, etc, etc… But, no, I’M the leper online, b/c I’m a guy that has his act together and expect to find a girl that has her act together, too. That’s why none of the girls hit on me…they don’t have their act together. There’s a reason they online date. Nobody in real life wants to be with them.

  125. Jim says:

    Agreed, agreed!!! I have met 3 girls with Herpes online. All of them said it was only contagious during a breakout. Tried to get me to fuck them on the first date/meet. Told them I would NOT be dating them OR having sex with them, with OR without a condom.
    Seemed like nice girls, as you stated. And all three were very attractive as well. But yes, seems to me that their free spirited ways, after their divorces. Eventually caught up with them and now they are Lepers.

  126. abra cadabra says:

    I’m a pretty attractive man with a lot to offer. I’m in shape, funny, and tend to know my way to a girl’s heart. I’m not too shabby in the bedroom, either. What I find hilarious is that, at best, I see a few barely cute women out of hundreds out these websites. Never any ‘hot’ or ‘beautiful’ women. And yet, the few of them that I attempted to message didn’t even bother responding to me. In terms of the type of women I can and always have dated looks wise, these few that I’ve messaged haven’t even come close to deserving me in that department. But they are still too picky to message me back? What a joke.

    Online dating is laughable. I only gave it a shot because I’ve reached a funny age (late 20’s) where everyone I know is either married, has kids, or wants kids right away (I don’t want to get married any time soon and I don’t want kids any time soon). I’m unable to find single attractive women anymore (at least, none that aren’t alcoholics). I also moved from a wonderful place to a not so wonderful place, so the quality of women in my area is much lower than what it used to be.

    I guess in short my impression of online dating is that it’s a place for a few mildly attractive women to feel like queens. As a side note: My friends and I affectionately refer to POF as ‘’.

    • John Connor says:

      Amen brother, amen. I can relate to every single statement, I was new in town, didn’t know anybody in the city and I am not too much into the club/bar scene that’s why I tried it…. it just terrible what POF can do the self stim of men. It is just a question of supply and demand, these out of shape unemployed single man would have to chance whatsover to date a “good catch” in real life, but if the male-female ratio is 10-1 even these bitches start thinking of themselves as princesses… no wonder why most guy approach these dates from online dates as the “navy seals” fuck them if you can and then get out, fast strike in and out, military style.

  127. g says:

    lol! Been there 8-9months totally experienced the same as everyone else:

    Currently got one girl who messaged me first, gets upset when she sees me on there, frustrated we’ve never met despite exchanged numbers about 5 months ago… and when I say yes to a date and arrange a time she doesn’t reply to my texts as it comes to meet time (at-least she hasn’t stood me up!).

    I met another girl I had been talking to for awhile who turned out to be a totally different build to the full body pics she posted.

    I had one nice girl message me first, but didn’t reply to my reply.

    Had one women add me to wants to meet and then unread-delete my first message to her (which I put a lot of time into)… so I just kept messaging her until she blocked me (I didn’t want her to appear on my wantstomeet me list if she wasn’t interested lol.

    Also, noticed people can surf my profile even if not a member… so have hidden my profile. Now, am going to do one last blast (will message 40 different females I have bookmarked in my browser… and if something good doesn’t come back then I’m going to delete my profile and never do pof again!). This would be a joke if it was funny!

    I don’t know why it sucks so much… I could theorise that there are too many men to women or that the special environment of online makes people flaky, because they think a better deal is just around the corner (women not men, who cling to each possibility and try to make it work… for the most part). It might also depend on where you live too.. who knows? The fact that is important is it just doesn’t work… full stop!

    Maybe it does work if you are really good looking (as in a model, very attractive guy). In the real world I’ve had some attention from nice girls, so cant be that bad… although I know I’m not in the top leagues.

  128. Sasha 22 says:

    I used this Norwegian dating site called
    And it’s terrible. I have no idea how mnay emails I sent out, 200-300
    and i started getting responses, but after the third email, I would never get a reply!!!! wtf!!! One girl wrote ” I love meeting new people” I wrote than you’ll love me……guess what 0 response…..weird right!? considering she likes to
    “meet new people”
    I find myself hating women, I’m 22 and I’m not even close to getting a girlfriend. I can’t believe I wasted my money on this shit site!
    And I’m a good looking guy… come I’m always starting the conversation and not once has a chick done that!……..I swear if you would open a chick’s head you’d see a clown raping a monkey upside down……just chaos in there.

  129. ozzy says:

    online dating does suck.. Ive encountered all those issues, not to mention the ridiculous amount of single mums on dating sites..It just goes to show the majority of girls without kids don’t need dating sites to meet men. The big thing that bites is women on dating sites dont care and dont want to know the perspective of the guys on there, and how hard it is..Alot of the time even though your approved by them to talk, they will delete you not long after or stop talking to you.. The competition is a big factor in this..

  130. Fed up with pof says:

    Cannot believe my own eyes but this evening on TV I saw an advert for, seriously, someone should complain to advertising standards because that site is atrociously bad, I’m a fit, slim, normal looking, 40 year old guy, I email women who live nearby in the 35-40 year old age range where I fit all their requirements, I send individually tailored messages, I’m not rude, I’m not out for a one night stand, I’ve sent hundreds and hundreds of emails and I’ve not had a single date for an entire YEAR from that site, I mean by sheer volume of emails I should have had SOME dates but the women just don’t want to know at all, that site should be closed down, I’m actually really angry about seeing that advert and how it’s going to mislead hundreds of thousands of people, it’s totally disgraceful. I just don’t believe how anybody less than a supermodel actor rockstar can get a single date off that site, the women just sit on their asses never replying to anything, you could be fucking shakespeare writing the most beautiful poetry the world has ever seen and it would be read deleted by the stuck up fuckwits.

  131. charlie says:

    i hate to hear that. if your sending that many emails, are you sure they sound sincere? If tone is angry or sarcastic, you will appear weak. that’s biggest turn-off.

    not sure what it takes to get a date. have talked to lots of women, but always get cut-off on second email. it feels like same person behind all profiles. maybe it’s just a few bad apples that’s spoiling it for everybody?

    i finally deleted my profile. There is a practical limit to time I will spend on this. I’m 52.

    i think competition is one reason. they may be putting you on hold to test if your serious. however, I mostly believe women are there for the attention they otherwise would not have if it weren’t for POF. After all, most profiles use distorted or fractional pictures and most don’t even show their bottom-half. To me, that is a message saying you will be disappointed if you saw me in person.

    i will eventually go back on because it’s fun, but will not take anyone seriously. will be a jerk like them. one year on POF has cooled me off.

    incidentally, in very beginning (about 1 year ago) I got on some dates. my profile said “nothing serious”. i changed it to “long term” because I got some heat and dates went away. maybe just a coincidence, but when I go back it will be “nothing serious”.

    don’t get down! POF is a hoax. It’s not God’s plan. LOL.

    Day before yesterday, I went right-up to lady in grocery store. was not gonna be a match, but felt dynamite. i had her trapped right there on potato chip isle. she couldn’t ignore or get away until I dismissed her.

  132. Joseph says:

    There are some real pieces of work on POF – here are two of the worst I’ve come across:

    Christine from Round Lake, IL. Brunette, 5’7′, 41 – goes under the username “prettygirllooking” Christine initiated communication with me and we arranged to meet, which seemed to go pretty well, was around 3 hours long, with good conversation…then near the end of the evening, she asks “how I felt about how things went?”, so I told her I had a good time and would like to go out with her again. She then proceeds to tell me she is not interested. What kind of piece of crap does that? Also, she’s not bad looking, but nowhere near as hot as her pics indicate.

    Lisa from Park Ridge, IL. Brunette, 5’4″, 44 – goes under the username “psychdoslisa”. Lisa initiated communication with me, added me to her favorites and agreed to meet me, before suddenly deleting my messages and removing me from her favorites with no explanation whatsoever.

    I would avoid these two women like the plague.


    • lincoln says:

      That first chick you talked about has some psychological problems. She has no manners. You’re better off without her. I have had the same experience that you mentioned regarding the second girl in your note. Last year I met a girl, we emailed for about a month, and we made a time to meet. She bails out at the end, so I thought I’d forget about her.I moved on. A year later, she emails me back and tries to make nice. I deleted her messages. What a nut case. I actually think that when you have these experiences, you have to read between the lines and find another way to meet women, probably from
      the Phillipines or Europe. There are good women in the U.S., but they are sort of hard to find.

  133. Chris says:

    Screw POF, it’s full of fat screaming whore’s and dirty hairy minges.!!!

    • lonefellow says:

      After trying POF one last time,I’m talking about 9 months after I deleted the last profile too! I come back and see the same crusty bitches still playing they’re game plays and still looking for the perfect #10 guy with the new prius. I live in south Georgia and trust me the trashy trailer side of gold diggers is more then high stink. Just some hoes looking for a free meal ticket or some temp fool to hang out with till they’re prince shit smelling fly infested boyfriend comes walking back into they’re arms.

  134. Anonymous says:

    There are so many epics on here that I don’t feel the need to add another one, but I just wanted to say, why hasn’t a single woman responded to this post? I tried POF three times, I’m a pretty attractive young educated woman, and I just deleted it yet again. I won’t defend women in general as the evidence here is overwhelming, but I just had to throw it in that I didn’t have any luck either. Guys do a lot of the stuff you’re all complaining women do too. I’m not looking for a pen pal, and guys either wanted to send a million emails back and forth and dithered about ever meeting in person, or they only wanted to hook up. That or they sent me emails and then never replied to mine. All this effort I put in and for nothing. Believe me, I was not there for attention, I wanted to meet people. The whole experience left me feeling shitty, not validated.

  135. John says:

    I’m from Northern Europe. I’ve been on dating sites since 1995. I can tell you guys – I’ve messaged women in a variety of countries: USA, Mexico, Japan, Morocco, Switzerland. All junk comes online. The best chance I stood to meet women were in Switzerland and in Japan. In Mexico, similar experience as in USA – all women I wrote to stopped writing after 1-2-3 emails, no matter how good I am with writing and how good looking I am. Conclusion: modern woman is an indirect killer of mankind (no family = no kids = fast decline of human kind).

  136. mrbill says:

    All woman on POF are playing the field and having a great time! Serial daters looking for MR.Perfect. Dont be fooled when you get “so & so wants to meet you now” She also wants to meet one hundred other men at the same time. And you will be expected to pay for the date only to find out she is dating 7 other men next week. Save your money look elsewhere for a nice woman.

  137. peter says:

    all guys here not one woman respone shows you whats going on.
    As for the China thing, your screwed, the one child thing has made your country mostly guys, you reep what you sow comrad.

  138. Bro says:

    Speaking the truth brother. I consider myself a nice guy but some of these women on the dating sites drive me nuts. Most are average at best yet think there shit don’t stink.

  139. chris says:

    Ive been on POF quite a few times,made several accounts thinking I was’nt giving it enough time or maybe i needed some changing to do,I am now getting into shape,I lost 12 lbs within a few weeks and my goal is another 25 tops and really im not even fat,i have a few lbs over but truly seeing the behavior of women can cause a complex in self image,even whenever I go into town no matter where I am,or where I go,seeing the attractive women with the jocks and pretty boys with the perfect tan,I look at them and wonder,if i look like them I will have the same chances with women,but sir I must agree with you on every small detail that some may or may not have read. Westernized women have no common sense,they are in stupid mode till they are used up like a wore out shoe,then they look for mr Right,responsible,respective and knowledge order…the barbie who in her prime only looked for beneficial trends instead of the man within,the trends are what weakens our countries…Especially with white women! I’m a white male who is now in his 30’s and the dating is more and more scars and lesser chances of success,I’ve dated several women I talked to on POF just to find out they sleep with all they’re guy friends,do drugs,open relationships..the site encourages that a man is suppose to gain self confidence in order to have more success with women?? If so why does almost 3 years on and off that site have the most degrading degenerate results,the screening for Mr Brad Pitt will never end lol..Ive talked with several oriental girls and have reached 2nd base with them,white american women,forget it! So I will make chines babies lol lots and lots of half chinese babies!! reproduction is the key 😉 besides half oriental kids are cute!!!

  140. Leon Jones says:


    Here is something else to be aware of when writing a profile. It’s funny when woment say they want an honest man but, when you put what you’re looking for and they respond, they want to tell you how to think. If they don’t agree with what you write, they say you’re negative, have mommy issues and you hate women. When you go back to respond, they block you. These types of women can’t handle the truth and their on plentyoffish because it’s free. On paysites, these women wouldn’t get a date because they won’t pay for a membership. I have learned this, if you know what you’re looking for in a person put it out there. Western women have been spoiled to much, it’s time for us to turn the tables on them. These are the women who say they are strong and independent; they don’t want anyone to change them but, they are looking to change/rehabilitate use to confine to them. These aren’t women, they are little girls who have been benefitting from the one sided dating. If a woman says dating or friends, she is not serious. Guys raise your standards to fit you.

  141. mark says:

    POF is just cheap entertainment. I go on there to get a laugh at the pics and check out the obsurd comments, remarks, essays and unrealistic requirements that these women have.

  142. Franco says:

    Absolutely spot on.

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