My own Plenty Of Fish experience

A little more than four months ago, I joined (POF) in hopes of meeting someone new. My marriage had just ended and no prospect of reconciliation was on the horizon.

So I figured what the hell, why not. It’s free. So I put up a profile. Being separated, I specified that I was only looking to date and make new friendships.

I checked out the profiles of many interesting women. And e-mailed them. Ended up getting one date with someone who turned out to be incompatible. So I went back to the drawing board and e-mailed more women.

All that I have had to show for my efforts despite dozens of e-mails is a whole lot of… nothing. I upgraded the photos and edited my profile in hopes of getting more dates. Sent out more e-mails to women whose profiles looked interesting. Only to be ignored, have my e-mails read and deleted without so much as even a ‘thanks’ for showing some interest. Or worse, to be put down for even having the temerity to show any interest at all.

As if that weren’t enough, I found many women wouldn’t even look at my profile unless I had looked at theirs first or e-mailed them. As usual they would just check out my profile and move on without comment.

Plenty of Fish is interesting in that it offers users facilities other online dating sites (paid or otherwise) don’t. Things like comment forums, the ability to rate user photos, identify and comment about favourite users you’ve encountered on the site as well as maintain and publish a personal list of favourites.

All that capability seems inviting. The downside, of course is that ratings and favourites lists can quickly deteriorate into the juvenile, high-school kind of popularity contesting and exclusionism that underpins reality-TV shows like Survivor and infects North American culture generally these days. Sadly, even POF seems to have succumbed to this.

However, prospective users beware. There is an even darker side.

Earlier today started a thread in the dating experiences forum about how I was unhappy with my lack of success on the site. I noted that it seemed that a lot of women on the site were attention junkies – basically people who put up profiles for the sake of seeing how much attention they can get from men and nothing else. I also noted that this is why I was taking down my profile and ceasing use of Plenty of Fish. While women who are teases have been around forever and are nothing new, they seem to be shockingly common on POF.

My original post was filled with intemperate comments. But I felt that the ‘attention junkies’ portion of my comment was reasonable. So when I checked back later to see if anyone had responded, I discovered the thread had been deleted. No explanation, no warning, nothing.

Then I discovered that Plenty Of Fish uses volunteer moderators to patrol comment forums and basically delete any posts they don’t like. For any reason, or no reason at all. Users they don’t like or who they feel aren’t following the rules can be banned – for either a short period of time or an eternity.

So I went back in and created a similar post, this time using much milder language. That got deleted too, and a nasty message from someone whose profile name was “MsTaken”. Again, no real explanation was given for the removal of the thread. Then I was accused of being the one who was the ‘attention junkie.’

Attempts to locate MsTaken’s profile came to naught. I posted a reply to her reply to the thread. Seconds later the entire thread was deleted. Then I got an e-mail at the POF site telling me the thread was deleted ‘by the POF community’. Funny how so few people could vote to remove the thread and have it removed in so little time. Some ‘community’.

I drew the conclusion that MsTaken is likely one of the site moderators. More like ‘feminazi’, if you ask me. Among other things, one of the downsides of Plenty of Fish is that you can’t contact the moderators directly. But they can contact you. The excuse that they give you for not being accessible is that “(POF) has millions of users and we just don’t have the time to answer each and every e-mail.” But they seem to have no difficulty tracking down posts or users they feel are politically incorrect!

A cursory search on the web using “plentyoffish sucks” as a search term yielded many hits. Most of the sites I found offer comment forums where POF users can talk about the negative experiences they’ve had there. The few that I checked out were almost overwhelmingly populated by cheesed-off men. Virtually all of them complained of arbitrary and heavy-handed moderators. Some even intimated that POF moderators actually read the supposedly private e-mails that users send other users.

Many also noted how some POF users seemed to be able to post anything they liked, with no consequences. One poster even talked about how online dating is ‘good for women but bad for men’. Was his post censored? Nope. Clearly, the concepts of ‘fair comment’ and freedom of speech are alien to the owners of POF.

In short order I came to the conclusion that POF moderators tread lightly on the women who frequent the site. They are basically allowed to misbehave while men are censured heavily for having the temerity to speak up about it. Or for saying anything that could be construed as criticizing the female sex.

The reason POF panders to women this way is simple. Women as a rule do not join online dating sites unless they are free. The few who join paid sites typically expect a lot for their money and often have unrealistic demands of the men they wish to meet. Strangely enough, it’s no different on POF, which is free. The women there are just as excessively picky, perfectionistic and demanding.

Without women, there won’t be any men on the site and ergo no advertising revenues. Advertising revenues depend heavily on site traffic. That is what POF is really in the business of selling – eyeballs to advertisers.

To sum up, POF is worth about what you paid for it. And it’s sometimes said that there are some things that not even a Scotsman should take for free.


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  1. Joe Bee says:

    You hit the nail right on the head my man, I couldnt have said it any better.

    • IHATEPOF says:



    • freedomlost says:

      i agree , seems to be one side language and view control going on there . I was ban for sending out a war vid to about 30 womean but one comaplin and i ban ban> she replied to me :this is not the place for this issue” so i replied ” so when is a good time to bring up war crimes or any crimes , when is good time to bring up raping and killing of the innocent .
      maybe we should ask the victim about her statement

      nazi didnt not lose ,they just change location and
      style of control

      .seems this world of ours is becoming less human

    • JM says:

      Part of the problem you describe with Plenty Of Fish is not an issue you can blame on Plenty Of Fish. Many of the women on internet dating sites are physically attractive which makes you wonder why they would resort to online dating in the first place. For starters, they are hoping to meet someone with movie star looks and a bank account the size of a movie star. In reality, these women are unreasonable fools who will remain single eternally.

      • julz says:

        Its true, ive sent about 100 messages and only got two replies, the two replies i got, if you can excuse my being rude, were morbidly obese. I know im not ugly, its not like i have two heads. Futhermore, these girls have almost comically picky demands on their profiles, thats understandable if you look like Jessica Alba, but these girls look like they have just gone twelve rounds with Iron Mike Tyson in the heavy weight division……what a joke, these girls are are living on another planet there is absolutely no way my dad would even shag them and he is sixty years old.

      • gwho says:

        Let’s not forget….many women live in small communities and don’t want to date men within that said community for various reasons. 1. Their ex lives there and they don’t want to run in the same social circles as their ex. 2. Places to meet singles can and are often times limited to the grocery store, a bar or church which can limit saturation of singles majorly. 3. The negitive stima of online dating is FINALLY being lifted in that banking, job seeking,grocery shopping, clothes shopping, all kinds of shopping, any and all social interactions are all (and have been for a decade or longer) now being conducted online.
        The MAIN PROBLEM that again has been occuring online for a decade or longer with the dating and social communities is: Screen names /aka humans tend to be disposable and less real. BOTH genders can pretend to be whoever they want to be and get away with it as long as they’re good at lieing and or an acutal meeting never occures.
        2nd biggest problem with online dating is: Scammers that target specific catagories or types of individuals.

    • JON says:

      Anyone else besides me notice that once you have been blocked by certain number of females your profile and acount are automatically deleted by the system?… a lot of times when you message someone if the women doesnt like what she sees boom you get blocked.. i dont have a problem with someone blocking me because im not what they are looking for but is it fair for the system to automatically delete you once you have a certain number of blocks?? would be interesting to see what the number is… i dont have proof but ive talked to quite a few people who swear its true… and ive had my account deleted for no reason… also pictures removed and been warned that they dont show my face… these pictures are closeups of my face too.

    • Bryan says:

      POF is like a used car lot garunteed to find many lemons

      • cybury says:

        yup mostly oversized wrecks with high miliage and long past their best before date. heck they dont even have that new car smell anymore but rather the kids vomit from 2 summers ago

  2. Faustus says:

    “In short order I came to the conclusion that POF moderators tread lightly on the women who frequent the site. They are basically allowed to misbehave while men are censured heavily for having the temerity to speak up about it. Or for saying anything that could be construed as criticizing the female sex.”

    These are feminazi tactics. To silence the male voice from speaking against feminism. Believe me, you don’t want to bother with that feminazi haven. It’s a veritable feminazi witches coven masquerading as a dating site. There is interminable male-bashing in every single thread, on all the relationship forums. Manginas are always willing to side with the females against their own gender just to get on the good side. The site needs to be eradicated. It’s the enemy camp of any REAL man!

  3. Gmoney says:

    This website sucks bad! All the chicks on there are heavy, out of shape tanks!

  4. Rikoperto Fazuul says:

    No surprises there. Let’s face it; POF is a crapshoot like most dating sites, be they free or looking to sucker in paid subscribers. I’ve had a few profiles on POF in the last few years – but thankfully I came to my senses and stopped with the whole nonsense. The ratio of men to women on dating sites is something like 8:1, but may be closer to 10:1 on the free sites like POF. So, what you have is a situation where the selection of women is already severely limited (since most decent women can find a man without aid from the internet in most cases anyway and don’t bother with dating sites). Many of the women who choose to internet date seem to be attention whores at worst, or time wasters at best. I’ve also noticed that several of them are in relationships but present themselves as ‘single’ on internet datings sites – just to see if better options are available – which explains their erratic/strange habits when it comes to reading/replying to messages, if they bother to reply at all. In short, men should run like hell from internet datings sites: unless dishonesty, mind-games, and time-wasting are your kinds of things.

    The Rikoperto has spoken.

  5. Viagra100mg says:

    Oh, yes, I’ve encountered some hags on POS, er, POF, but my bigger beef is the Nazi tactics of at least one moderator. In fairness, he seems more Gomer than Gestapo, but he still has the power to boot users.

    I totally agree that men are treated more harshly by the moderators. They know that there is such a large surplus of men on the site that they can afford to be heavy-handed with them.

    Just stop clicking on the advertisers’ links on POF, folks! Hit ’em in the pocketbook! And while you’re at it, write to some of the advertisers, telling them why you’re not on POF any more. That’s what I’m going to be doing!

  6. David says:

    Pof moderators are power hungry , insecure pieces of crap. I get knocked off for nothing. This one moderator is a real ahole named Late. These moderators have no life and the success in their life is bullying others OFF the forums.Its really a shame and what you have is a vanilla based forum. May I suggest my space for good forums with my poetic license to blog. Thank you for reading this. DAVID

  7. Jerry says:

    I’m amazed at the shopping lists women have on that site for the type of man they are looking for. It’s no surprised they are single.

  8. Mike says:

    Plentyoffish? More like plentyoffreaks LOL
    The forums has basically no set rule, no bashing yet people bash and swear. Some women really mean to men mostly yet they don’t get banned. But if a guy gets mean he will get voted to be banned by a group. Poorly run site full of bugs, hardly any organization. I never got banned but I wasn’t allowed to post a reply claiming I had to wait for another reply since I had too many posts in that topic yet the other guy who I was debating with already posted his.
    Anyways I don’t really care I left the site because the people in there are so negative, bully people and they gang on your like a swarm of flies to manure.
    Typical pretty much for any forum though expect for techical forums. Moderators are so quick to delete or ban. I laugh at Markus stating that he shouldn’t have to babysit the forums yet he claims 400 000 people use the forums daily meaning that’s what is making his site popular and generating huge amounts of revenue.

  9. David says:

    I have another picless id for forums but I hardly go on because any provocative thought, and I mean that as intelligent , but can be construed by some as daring or for lack of a better word politically incorrect , will be deleted. I mentioned earlier that myspace has lots of room to speak even, politically incorrect so I choose to use the forums on myspace , which can be silly the other way but its worth it to know there are more interesting postings to view as well as speak ones mind .

  10. Mike says:

    POF deleted my profiles three times in a row, and I never got to even do more than post a reply to someone’s message showing interest in me, and the reply was something along the lines of, “Ok,sounds nice, drop me an email!” They delete entire accounts for using words like, “account” or “Ghana.” which is just plain stupid, considering the reasons WHY they ban those words. The owners of the site and the moderators and forum feminisits are really a bunch of trailer trash losers and pathetic excuses for people who try and compensate for their lack of high school education and GED’s by running a dating site like nazis.

  11. Kevin says:

    Plentyoffish (POF) is a horrific site. I live in a small town about 30 minutes from a big city and since my town is quite small and doesn’t offer that many chances to meet new woman, I thought what the heck? I put up a profile and some pictures and instantly I noticed that..there where LOADS of beautiful woman in my area. I would send a message introducing myself trying to generate some form of conversation but NO girl responded. They would look at your profile but NEVER respond. The woman on POF are obviously “attention whores” as you put it. I am an avid weightlifter, use to model, and woman have always commented on the fact that I’m good looking (not trying to brag or sound like a prick) but I just couldn’t believe it. These woman are obviously just trying to get attention and bragging rights to co-workers and friends about how many people messaged them. I remember one time, this beautiful woman had viewed my profile about 10 times in two days but yet she refused to message me. I just couldn’t believe it. Also you have to think about what kind of woman actually use these sites?? Woman with problems or a complete bitch. A really attractive and well rounded woman DOES not need a dating site to find men. They’ve got about 50 men in their life they could go to at any given time. You also figure the ration of men to woman on that site is about 15:1. So your chances of meeting a woman on their are slim to none. Never do online dating If you’re a guy.

  12. Spike says:

    I agree with Kevin on this. I aint exactly chopped liver either. I’ve been dealing with this for a while and find that POF is filled to the rafters with women who bounce from guy to guy.

    I have more success meeting women while walking my dog.

    PROTIP: Don’t get on the forums!

    • elfarto says:

      Interesting comments. My experience has been similar to some. Many women list so much criteria, they are like children writing Santa Claus. hey are so unrealistic it is pathetic. Many women emphasize that they are not one night stands, well there are a lot of good male players out there that I am sure are connecting because they have all the desired criteria plus they are very articulate at strumming the right cords. The good players jump through hoops to get laid and after one episode, it is no wonder thay take off, after all they waited so long for this premadona to deliver, they probably figure it was not worth itd. Then the woman goes back to the drawing board and puts up more criteria and the cycle goes on. I agree with some posters, this type of woman will always be alone, constantly searching for companionship.

      • Rick says:

        “there are a lot of good male players out there that I am sure are connecting because they CLAIM to have all the desired criteria plus they are very articulate at strumming the right cords.” ….loud applause!! EXACTLY!! When a women asks for honesty, loyalty, or someone to “grow old with” , how do they know any of it is true by just reading a profile. At the end of the day, looks are all that matter, and I’m ok with that, cause we have to be somewhat physically attractive, but I’ll be damned if all these girls want are Brad Pitts and Ashton Kutchers! Latinos are doomed on the website. All I ever get is you have to be white, italian, or black. Womeon look at the pictures and they decide if the guy will look good on their arm or if they are someon they can show off to their friends. Ridiculous. Like I said, men do the same thing, but no where even close to the same degree.

  13. Games says:

    The women are mostly a joke, they never answer that IM or email, are they fake people? If not then they are retards.

  14. anitaknow says:


  15. some dude says:

    PoF = PoS

  16. Scott says:

    This is the first time I’ve read these comments on Plenty of Fish, but God how they seem to really tell the truth! And I would also agree they could be said for any of the on-line dating sites. They’re all really phony and pretty much a waste of time for men unless you’re rich or look like Richard Gere. I’m a decent guy you has dabbled in these sites and have found no matter how nice you are to some of the women on the sites (which I’m suppose went on these to find a nice guy in the first place!) I’m pretty much ignored! As the earlier gentleman commented I agree and have wondered why such attractive and beautiful women would feel the need to be on these sites if it wasn’t for alterior motives or if there wasn’t a problem there somewhere! There has to be a better way to meet woman!

  17. seven star says:

    POF does suck, just look at what is going on with the forums, they’ve taken 2 of the most popular forums away. When people question this, they get smart ass remarks from the moderators, who btw, seem to be narcissistic tards. The place is run by a geek who should better respect the people who helped him become rich. But no, he wants to be a douche and hires idiots to run the forums, all the while becoming even more rich.

  18. Seth says:

    Please everyone that has commented, help me put POF down! it is an exuse site and a waste of web space, and erect a new site that actually works. I already have full support ready. Any site that still uses HTML needs to be put out of its misery, not to mention its forum moderators, of whom which 2 are registered sex offenders! Decent men don’t get nothing and this site is the problem, it actively incourages pretty rich boys and is a waste of time. I formally apologise for this message as it has been written with great haste, but I am just so mad, especially as POF banned me from talking to my current GF on the forums. BTW this site uses an easy-access database of clients, of which many are ‘bots’ or computer generated. for example it uses the same database as free-dating and others… So although you are a POF member the people you talk to may never even have heard of the site, or more commonally messages are never sent to them because they are actually not even members. This is a scam that has been around for a while, all the sites are the same, have the same members and make money of the advertising.

  19. John J says:

    Yeah, I know, POF sucks. Just as I was getting along nicely chatting to one woman they deleted my account – even though I had done nothjing wrong. I tried to set up others, but ehy kept delteting them as well.

    All very well saying that POF is worth what you pay for it.

    But is there any alternative that you pay for that is any better??????

  20. Michael says:

    Same here – my profile has been deleted for reasons unbeknownst to me. Twice now! It appears that if someone has an axe to grind with you, or is a bitter ex, or whatever, they can “report” you, and poof – your profile, and all your contacts are deleted.

    It seems as thoough the site is run by very uneducated people given a little bit of power, and they are drunk on this power. I regret bringing my friends over to this site from Lava Life. I really think this is the beginning of the end for POF – and I hope this site swells with complaints. I actually seen an advertisement from them, and the modo was “POF – we delete people who are unfit for dating.” This is their campaign??? That pretty much says it all.

    Anyone know how they are blocking the accounts? Is it by IP address? You can’t even create another account on another computer. I dabbled in programming, and this doesn’t make sense to me. How could they know it’s you with a different IP address?

    Regardless, the site has gone downhill fast.

  21. Chris says:

    The site is a joke. I have tried to create a profile over a dozen time and each time they are deleted almost instantly.

  22. Oliver says:

    Reading all these makes me think I am not the only one who feels POF really sucks. This site is just terrible. You get next to NO messages from woman. It doesn’t matter what you say in your messages to woman its always read..then deleted. No response or interest whatsoever. If you do get a message from a woman, it is a woman who has loads of baggage, is morbidly obese or she is just damn ugly! Call me shallow but I do not want to date a woman who weighs 100 pounds more than me, has three kids, and looks like she fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. I use to get excited when I got a message alert in my e-mail telling me I got a new message on POF but I know instinctively it’s going to be an ugly, obese woman with angle shots trying to hide her huge beer gut.

    Lastly, I couldn’t agree more with Kevin’s commnet. Why would an attractive woman who is honestly trying to find a partner be on POF? They don’t need to! They probably have so many guys hitting on them that they could get a date at the grocery store.

    POF = garbage

    • Lincoln says:

      Yep, I agree with your comment about POF. If I get a message,I usually get mail from very mediocre looking females. I am attractive and I have a decent job. That should be good enough, but no. I receive messages from this site stating that someone wants to meet me, and when I mail them, I get no response back. I don’t know where you live, but dating in L.A. sucks. Los Angeles. There are millions of narcissists here, male and female. People seem to be too busy or over occupied with something. People are too busy or complacent
      toto make any sort of plans or commitments.

  23. Dave says:

    I see my own perceptions confirmed in all the bad reviews above. The women in their 40’s almost all looked like actresses or models, even the heavier ones like I like. The profiles all show them so happy and secure and independent. They almost all want to travel and go nice places to eat and go horseback riding and on and on. Most guys have kids of their own to support and do for. None of the females appear to want love or companionship as much as they want a LTR with the emphasis on commitment. Find out what that exactly means later. If any one of these females find a guy with the FIGURE she can live with. It looks more like a good bar you cannot get a drink in than a fish pond.

  24. pofvitim says:

    you guys are exactly right.. with little success and more money the owner does not care any more about the users. their stupid logic deletes profiles left and right.. and you can create them back.. big waste of time.
    he has automated scripts to create profile which attract lot of users and them auto reply to the e-mail to increase the hits and adv money..
    it free but useless.. good for him he is making lot of money making every one fool

  25. Stevie Wonder says:

    I agree with many of the comments posted above me. Many of the women are obese single mothers. Many of them have no job at all. Some of the women on there, even though I am sympathetic, have medical problems.
    This is the reason they cannot get a decent man.

  26. Brandon says:

    I haven’t had the deleted profile problem yet, but for the most part, you can expect no responses if you’re a man on POF. I’ve come to the conclusion that like most other dating sites (paid or otherwise) most of the women feed off the attention a man shows them, and everything else is all for show. They’re not really looking for a man, but just the attention to show that they “still got it”. And that’s most dating sites. Online dating has turned into a game for females to flaunt their attention. Notice that even if you don’t send a message, 90% of the “good looking” females never initiate contact. As much as I hate to say it, most of the time, the only initiated e-mails I get are from overweight women. I’m starting to wonder if it’s more than a coincidence. Not to toot my own horn, but I’ve been told I’m a nice-looking guy, so it’s kinda ironic that I never get e-mails from those in the “attractive” category. Hmmmmm…..

    Every so often, I’ll get a response that actually turns into a few conversations. Then, the female magically disappears. I can’t explain it, I’ll pretty much lost faith in dating altogether so it is what it is.

    • J says:

      That’s the most bizarre part of it. The first time I went on four bad dates with POF and gave up. I went back on a second time and started having a real good conversation with a female who I found attractive and interesting. After about 6 back and forth conversations all of a sudden she stopped responding. I even asked my female friend what the hell happened and she had no idea. Biggest waste of time.

    • Lincoln says:

      Hey, I have the same experiences. We volley a few comments back and forth, and then the girl bails out. I think that when a girl does this, she is communicating with several guys at once and then picks the one she likes best. She might not pick any of them, just to play with their heads. For a while I thought I was doing something wrong, but people are just attention whores. Men too. Look at how many “friends” people have on Facebook. Narcissists. I get mail from women who have one dark photo up in their profiles. Then they get annoyed or ignore me if I ask to see another. I like to know who I am dating.
      The lesson is to work on yourself creatively and finacially and look outside the U.S. or out of state for chicks.

  27. no time for fat chicks says:

    Well for the last year on POF I met ONE woman whom was about 80 pounds heavier than in her picture. We went on ONE date and I didn’t call her after then she calls me two weeks later and has the nerve to tell me she doesn’t want to see ME anymore!
    YEAH OK maybe I didn’t call HER because I ain’t into saving the WHALES!
    Plus I’d have to have a wide load sign on my truck(flashing lights too!) when she rides with me.
    F**K even the fat cows on POF are stuck up bitches!

    Hooker anyone? At least you know you’re gonna get laid and NO bulls**t

    • Brian says:

      POF gives the female vagrants and leeches a glimmering hope of power.

    • Brent says:

      F**K even the fat cows on POF are stuck up bitches!

      Thats true. Been on two dates. Woman on POF are arrogent, stuck up think they are Gods gift to men. I’m a kind man I have a lot to offer but not enough for them it seems

  28. Sam says:

    As I see desperate men looking online to find a date, corrupted sites such as plenty of fish grow out of no where looking for these desperate men. These men do not know that the ladies on these type of sites are nothing but sharks, often, they try to upgrade their low self steem in the expense of these men. These men can find very attractive mates in another country, such as China, India, Philipines, Russia to name a few. If these online ladies are so attractive, they will not be online looking for men and if they are attractive and are online looking, they allready have a husband or few boyfriends, they just try to see if they are still in demand, its an ego issue we are dealing with.

  29. Stevie Wonder says:

    Plenty of Fish is no longer completely free. There is a new feature. You can send a virtual flower to another member for the price of 30 dollars. I am not kidding you……a pic of a flower to somebody else for 30 dollars. It gets displayed on their profile when they receive one.
    A handful of members are protesting this new feature. One member wants to be able to block them……… if the owner of the site is going to agree to lose out on 30 dollars a pop. These handful of members with big mouths think they represent all the members. Many of them hang out in the forums. They are not there to date. The owner is not a fool. He knows he will make money with it.
    I think the wheels are falling off. I noticed there are changes being made to make more money. One day I wonder if he is going to start charging to have a profile on the site.

    • Brent says:

      I agree. The main case of the problem is there are just too God damned many men out there and not enough woman.

  30. Ellis says:

    Hey nice article and agree fully, I have just deleted my account after 8 months, site should be named to “plenty of S*it”, full of rude arrogant attention seekers, you would think people would actually go there to find a date when in relaity its nothing more then a popularity contest of who has the most favorites. The women to men ratio is huge, the women are average yet seem to think there to good for any man, searching for a man that doesnt exist, I changed my pics dozens of times, re-wrote my profile the lot and nothing changes. Think about it if these women where so special with 100’s of favs then why are they still there 2 years later?. I didnt even get a thankyou for profile compliments where has politness gone?.

    The forums are to moderated in favour of women, any anti women posts and your deleted, yet men get riddiculed daily.

  31. james says:

    go to tijuana go to pattaya thailand, there you will get something in return for your time and money..leave the american tramps alone..they dont hold a candle to what i have had in the first 2 places i have named here,,

  32. Mat says:

    Yes my friends you’re all totally correct .POF is an absolute joke. Been on here for over a year, sent over 40 mails and made no real signs of progress. Through time, I’ve come to the conclusion that an overwhelming proportion of Women that seem to frequent these sites are all the same in my book. Let’s say…Selfish, Shallow, Status Seeking and totally in love with themselves….. it’s so amazing how many guys misguidedly fall for them though, either circumstantially or just thorough plain stupidity. O.K then, So what actually happens? Well at first you’ll get quite a flattering response just to tow you along. You’ll think ‘Great! someone’s really noticed me on here’ but in reality they’ll all be abiding their time. That means you’ll be playing ball and dancing to their tune until they decide you’re no longer needed and then they will spit you out gleefully like an old Pork Rhind! Subsequently from what they perseave, A better looking/Well to do Guy will then serve temporarily as a replacement until they become bored yet again and so on. Believe me in my opinion with most women, there’s always so much more than just a pretty face. Personally I’d rather give my time to a plain girl with a great personality anyday as opposed to the Plastic,Materialistic,attention seeking wannabes that you seem to find on here applenty. I rest my case. Do me a favour and take my advice. Avoid the site like the Plague!…. In theory, You’d probably get a better response riding on the Bus!!

  33. Michael says:

    To say the women on POF are attention seekers and shallow is giving them to much credit. The woman on this site are soulless, heartless, and for a lack of a better term just plain bitches. How do I know this? Because a group of woman at my work actively use this site and brag about their manipulation of men, the hilarious emails and amount of messages they get from so called “desperate” men.

    While listening one of my co-workers claimed that she had stood up four guys over the weekend making them drive outlandish distances all to have her not show up. This was met by huge laughter and jokes about the pathetic loser who would drive that far for a date. Another remarked that she had received around 15 messages from guys. She also remarked that some were attractive and some seemed interesting but she wasn’t going to respond because all guys are desperate and creepy if they go on POF and it was to “risky” to to meet in person.

    Conclusion? This site is a huge WASTE of time. The woman on this site view men as pieces of crap to be stepped on and manipulated at every single possible moment. They also use it to boost their self esteem and for bragging rights.

    To call men who use POF “desperate” is just flat out cruel and mean. We all have various reasons for using POF. Maybe some of us are shy, busy, or just looking to expand our options in finding a potential date but it’s ludicrous to call us desperate.

    This site like most dating sites is just a waste of time. Your better off going to your local adult video shop, renting a dvd, and doing the man duty than the constant frustration and nonsense you have to deal with on POF.

    • Joseph says:

      I fully agree to this very well written review of POF. I also found it to be a bit shocking, but not surprising. I am convinced that this is a worthless dating site, among all of the others as well.

  34. Todd says:

    Just to add to the negative POF experiences: I am a single 40-year old guy. I’m not Brad Pitt; but I’m not bad-looking either, and I’m in great shape for my age.

    I joined POF in Ohio and emailed over 30 women who in my age/looks range. (In other words, I wasn’t a middle-aged guy emailing 21-year-old supermodels. I was emailing women who should have been age/appearance compatible.) I got absolutely *zero* responses.

    I find that I have a lot better luck meeting women at the bookstore or at the gym. POF is just a waste of time.

  35. Todd says:

    To state explicity what “No time for Fat Chicks” only hints at:

    Once you get past age 32 or so, escorts really are a better (if imperfect) alternative. I mean, after all, gentlemen, what exactly is the “end game” on POS? A coffee date on the other side of town with an overweight middle-aged woman who has three kids?

    I have to admit that enjoy younger (22-28) escorts more than I enjoy middle-aged civilian women. I have also been experimenting with so-called “sugar daddy dating”.

    Remarkably, both of these alternatives have turned out to be marginally cheaper than the conventional dating game…and MUCH cheaper if you factor in your time.

  36. james says:

    TODD I AM HAPPY SOMEBODY HAS WOKE UP!….I have enjoyed escorts mostly in other countries where everything is legal but i did do my stint at the mustang ranch in nevada through the you said..why in the hell take a classles american woman out for a free dinner or coffee when you can have a young model and a happy ending every time…minus the drama and other fake BS…and of course dont forget the money you save not going through a divorce case

  37. Doug A says:

    I’ve started rating the images of great looking but snotty women with a nice low 1-5 rating. Maybe a few kicks in the ego will get them to change their attitude but I doubt it. I sent one women an e-mail with my statement right in the subject line so she had no choice but to read it. She was saying she doesn’t like men who are unemployed. Well that’s like me saying I don’t like women who can’t cook. How the hell do I know whether I would like the person or not just because of that. I’ve got news for the lady, with the economy in a major fuck up as it is she might just end up in the unemployment line herself and then see how she likes it! Anyway my real point is that there are better ways of saying something without coming off like you belong to the Bilderbergs or somethig!

  38. Brian says:

    I take it for like it is. I’m not someone who has trouble finding dates in the real world. However, I’m a cynic, and pretty much can’t stand anyone else, so I figured I’d just throw myself on there and see if I ever get any mail back, figuring that maybe, just maybe someone with a similar mind is thinking the same thing.

    However, I don’t really expect anything, so I usually just troll people on the forums. Agreed about most of them being blind, humorless idiots and militant feminists, though.

  39. Doug A says:

    I’d love to change my headline on POF to “Looking for sluts, tramps and thieves and was told this is the place to come”

  40. Doug A says:

    My latest one, I came across a profile that had the same birth date as me and gave a synopisys of the type of person born on that day is. I sent her a message saying that I was born on the same day and this sounded very accurate, I thanked her for posting it and wished her a Happy New Year. The result? You got it, read/deleted, not even a fuckin happy new year back or anything. And to top it off she ain’t that hot!

  41. Ellis says:

    Doug, just delete your profile it’s just not worth it, but if you want to go out with a bang go create a profile with some shirtless, ex con who drinks treats women like trash with a load of expsensive cars and huge house,. Amaze at the hundreds of emails and give them something back to ruin there day.

  42. stayne says:

    Same ol’ story here. My profile was viewed countless times, sometimes 2 or 3 times by the same women and never a message. I sent out a ton of well thought out greetings and still…never a message. I am quite sure there is something “fishy” going on alright. I’m almost inclined to say a lot of these women are being paid to do this.

  43. Doug A says:

    Now wouldn’t a profile that starts off like this just make you die to contact her? Or just die?
    Hello Guys!
    I am not on this site to look for some-one to get lucky with so if that is your intent …don’t bother to contact me…. If you don’t have a picture….don’t contact
    me….don’t put me on your favorite list if u have not ask my permission or have emailed me….i will delete it…… wow are their any decent gentlemen out here….starting to lose my faith……I have more pictures and will share them on my choice….
    If you don’t know where u are at in life don’t contact me….u must be fit, non smoker, and u must have a job.

  44. NoShiteSherlock says:

    Yes gentle gentlemen of the planet earth……Plenty of Fucktards is just that: Retarded.

    Mind you, I don’t mean us guys (though there is a nice bottom layer like custard that floats constantly on top, ruining the rest of us, while tapping that ass-licious booty nobody else wants). I specifically mean the damaged up women, high mileage, low usefulness types.

    Single here, never married, no kids. Evidently, that doesn’t equal “catchability”, then again, I always point out I want to hump them, not pay for their 3 kids by different fathers. Methinks that is TOO “realistic” in the economy sense for them.

    It is just another junk site, the site itself, like any system, is fine, it is only as bad as the retards that fill it up. Actually, not so much retards as escapees from Arkum Asylum, but without the Batman to put them back in there.

    Most are looking for Real Life soap opera’s, that is what “teh internets” is for now, to washed up, overmileaged gals packing way too much baggage to be considered anything but “catch & release” fishing. The REAL challenge isn’t catching, but releasing them back into the retarded wild, as I have found out………

    My suggestions (other than the excellent and true one above about Escorts who are (A)MUCH better versed at sex (B)Understand their job description, therefore rarely have more than one child and (C)Are in no way MORE damaged and retarded than PoF so-called “average” women (D)MUCH cheaper short AND long term than so-called “free” and “average” women and (E)ABSOLUTELY want me to get mine, because I am paying to not give a fuck about theirs):

    Adultfriendfinder (which is a joke. It used to work, flooded with fakes created by AFF itself, and scams/Escorts, like most “adult dating” sites)

    Craigslist Casual (which is a joke. It used to work, flooded with fakes created by mostly gay, but VERY desperate gay men, who flag out real women anymore, but is strictly dependant upon your area, and the amount of scammers total to your local population) (don’t even. totally lame)

    If there are any others, I don’t know, but AFF and CL Casual used to be a dream come true, and then it went fish-belly up, tore down by retards.

    Good luck. PoF is like any other site, if it is free, what kind of woman do you EXPECT to get? If it is paid, expect to get fake women, as sites have bills to pay as well, just like most of the women looking to be your “significant other” on most of these sites that are real. And finally, if you are fucked up enough to KEEP any of those women, so be it buddy, you deserve the alimony, and child support coming your way.

  45. Kevin says:

    Doug don’t be offended or take it personally. When I had my profile up on POF I had so many woman looking at my profile that it drove you insane. Why would so many woman be looking at my profile but yet not attempt to contact me? As you experienced I had some woman looking at my profile 3-4 times daily but naturally they would never initiate contact. As I mentioned before this bombshell in my area and age range must have looked at my profile 10 times daily over the course of a week. One day my entire “Viewed Me” page was her which was kind of creepy. I sent her a message saying “are you going to stop stalking me or actually talk to me?” and what do you think the response was..say it with me now…READ and..DELETED. That should be POF’s new slogan. READ and DELETE! “Send a message to a woman..and it will be Read and Deleted! Guaranteed!”

  46. robert says:

    i spent last weekend in tijuana mexico as i do 3 weekends a year…i had the best sex with the 2 supermodel looking women of my choice..i even hit it off with a 20 year old who works at the 5 star hotel where i stay….my advice!..stop emailing those american white trash tramps online ( sadly today all american women fit the slogan )..and get yours in another will get more for the money and less afterwards…

  47. Sam says:

    I am renaming the Plentyof fish to plentyofshit. This site is the most corrupted site you can imagine. This site selects few con artist women to drop a bait for honest men.
    We do not have to look for these internet rats. Internet rats who are suffering from the lack of selfsteem and place a photo to see how many desparate men will repond, then, it will be good for her ego.

  48. Mark says:

    First, if the hag has more than 10 favorites, she’s been on there too long..Second, if there are mote than three sentences describing her requirements, she’s a POF queen…I was on that stupid site for awhile and actually scored a few dated with the “professional Dating” types…It was a blast to start talking to myself across from her, and twitching..Then tell her I have Tourette’s syndrome, and start yelling “fuck, shit, damn and douche bag to myself…But what really puts the lid on the date is when lean over and scratch the crack of my ass while eating, crying “AHHHH”!!!, then smell my fingers!!!! Then stir my drink with the same hand…..

  49. Mark says:

    First, if the hag has more than 10 favorites, she’s been on there too long..Second, if there are more than three sentences describing her requirements, she’s a POF queen…I was on that stupid site for awhile and actually scored a few dates with the “Professional Dating” types…It was a blast to start talking to myself across from her, and twitching..Then tell her I have Tourette’s syndrome, and start yelling “fuck, shit, damn and douche bag to myself…But what really puts the lid on the date is when I lean over and scratch the crack of my ass while eating, crying “AHHHH”!!!, then smell my fingers, then stir my drink with the same hand…..

  50. Bill Clinton says:

    Arg, so many poor comments and I have to agree fully.
    I have been there sporadically over a 3 yr. span and see some faces which are the same, just a few more crows feet and a little thicker behind the arms.
    Yes, the list of demands are high, and quite shallow and unrealistic. A jaded group I would ad.
    And what’s with some of these ladies with 200 up to 900 favorites? Well, I think we know.
    So today is Valentine day and thought to have a look for fun.
    I saw the same faces, the count and the amount, the votes, just like back in high school.
    I hardly believe that if someone has a bus load of prospects that they would be on the site on this Feb 14th evening.
    Trolls are what they are, searching for new hosts to pump up the ego.
    And honestly, it is pretty sad for unwitting males to experience, and may also create a stigma which never before was.
    I’ve given up completely and now surf porn instead of pof. It’s a much greater experience and I don’t have to walk on egg shells or compete. I know she’s going to like me the very first time we lock eyes and it’s true love. I get the variety I’m looking for and she’s never disappointed in my potty mouth or sense of style (or lack there of).
    Admittedly, I do select a fully dressed image of my date and e-mail it back home so mom doesn’t get worried ,)

    All in all, if your a nice guy, romantic, intelligent and looking to meet someone great who will respect you from within the POF community, then good luck chump, as that venue is the most depressing and anti-inspirational armpit on the net…just like the others. They don’t want men, they want attention, that’s all. And if it isn’t the attention, it’s someone to help pay bills. Get a fresh start on life and begin supporting your community strip clubs and porn industry .)

  51. Stevie Wonder says:

    Did you hear the latest news ? The owner of Plenty of Fish is thinking of giving members the option of paying to be on his site. He is asking for opinions in the forum. He claims it will be ready in a few days. So he has been planning this for a while. When it doesn’t fly, he will give free members less and less. You think some guys will get pissed off that they are ignored on a free site ? Wait till they pay and get ignored. Are the forum mods still going to act like dickheads to paid members ?

  52. GGrant says:

    There’s is a post by username Michael, talking about women just using POF to play games on men etc.

    I do consulting work, different clients. Anyway this new gig has secretary pool of sorts working in that office. There were 5 women there doing the same thing. There profile pictures were without a notch or two above you they really were. AND there profiles listed themselves as PHD’s in a science field. They have no intentions of meeting anyone form the site, 2 in fact are married. Mostly what they do is use POF for entertainment th jerk some poor SOBs chain. I don’t know if they actually get people to agree to meet and not show up or not. Mostly they just string along guys that really don’t have a chance with them, to see how many hoops he will jump through. For guys that email, that are clearly decent guys who do stand a chance and more … that simply read and delete the email. No point playing with that guy, he’ll bail to quick.

    They seem to be using the site as a way to live out some form of romance novel fantasy. Some of these guys are really putting in the honey dripper effort.

    I don’t have an opinion on what these women are doing, a lot of social networks have a lot of women looking for entertainment and the ego boost. I just saying, if your a guy and are using the site seriously to meet women … you have to learn to play a better game. This will separate the real women from the tire kickers quickly.

  53. Mike says:

    Hey, where are my comments? I got banned from POF for making a fake profile to see for myself how completely shallow these retards are. Confirmed 100%. The fake profile got messaged by fat cows, and someone who looked almost exactly like ugly betty – as well as a woman who resembled a shriveled up rat. Then I would message them from my real profile just to be ignored and deleted.

    So the results have been confirmed – don’t waste anymore time there – I know I won’t.

  54. SmellARat says:

    Wow. With all of this calling women hags and fat cows and such, it’s a wonder why they didn’t want to talk to any of you!

  55. MikeK says:

    POF is no longer a free site if you don’t believe go there yourself. Now they charge you for a fee if you want have a gold star saying you’re serious member.

  56. Mike says:

    What’s worse is that they are giving “serious membership” away to the ladies. I talked to three women on there with gold memberships and they all said that the membership was just given to them. One didn’t even know she had it! Talk about a fucking marketing gimmick lol.

  57. chad says:

    i knew something was up when i saw WOMEN with that serious member star???…women are not going to pay for that!!..that fuckin idiot markus at pof gives them that serious member star to get the dumb men to stay on the site and email those women thinking they have a chance!!! unbelievable!..what a scam!..

  58. *Cowboy* says:

    I’ve been on POF for about a year and thought I’d add my two cents.

    First, as to the forums, they are basically a place where unsuspecting new people go to vent and/or seek attention and where those who’ve been on POF for a looong time hang out. I’d say more than half of the threads started are either deleted by community vote or removed by the mods.

    The forums are filled with women who are 40+ who appear to hang out and patrol for what’s known as “forum violations.” You’ll see them post things like “do a thread search” or “done to death.” Then they will run to the “help/suggestions” section and report threads and/or single posts for being in violation of some silly little rule. Do people seriously have nothing better to do than patrol forums looking for reasons to delete threads/posts? Total Nazis!

    Now, as to the moderators, they look one way – towards women. They give women the benefit of the doubt all the time. And the forum Nazis are friends with them. I got a five day time out from a mod because a single tongue-in-cheek post was not on topic. That’s when there are off topic jokey posts all over the forums, including by the Nazis. Mod “Ticketoride” doesn’t even appear to know English very well. It’s funny reading his inscrutable posts where he’s trying to show off and capitalizes words in mid-sentence. And the man looks like a troll. Mod “Trappedonbyst” is basically the same thing. A troll who wants to appear intelligent with his postings and has an interest of “getting off of POF” and constantly posts about the forums being a cess pool. Okay, well leave already then and stop crying about it.

    Now, as to the dating side, it’s not that bad. It’s better than Match or any of the pay sites. Women do respond – sometimes. I’ve met 20 women in the year I’ve been on there. Granted, most have turned out to not be matches, but it’s possible to meet women on this site. Do they have issues? Of course, lots of them do. Will you get read/deleted? Of course. I doubt it leads to very many serious relationships, but you can have fun and get action. Check out the success stories section – scary!

    Lastly, I’ll admit I put up a fake female profile to see how much attention women get. I used one photo of a pretty good looking woman in a tasteful pose. Within an hour, the profile had over 100 looks. In three days’ time, the profile got over 1500 looks, 65 emails, 60 instant messages and 50 favorites. That’s how it goes. My profile gets a look or two every other day and 1 or 2 unsolicited emails every 10 days. There’s just way too many guys on the site. It’s anywhere from 5 to 10-1. But it’s possible to work through that because most guys can’t write and have bad pictures.

  59. spock says:

    I’ve tried several dating sites(paid and free).
    They are all the same and it is indicative of western culture where women are “entitled princeses.”
    Even the obese ones are referred to as “BBW” Big Beautifull Woman. It’s disgusting. Western women have devolved into revolting human beings somewhere between a man and a woman but with none of the positive qualities of either.
    Go foreign!!!! To hell with western “women.”

  60. John says:

    You are all correct.

    The reason why Plenty of Fat is so full of fat women is that OUR COUNTRY IS FAT.

    Most men have to work for a living, while the women sit around and spend the money, driving everywhere, eating badly, and never exercising. Then when their fit (at least compared to their wives) husbands get fed up sleeping next to a hippo leg and dump the woman, she blames men, becomes bitter, gets EVEN FATTER, and then writes a dull cliche POF profile about liking Sports, Music, Walking on the Beach, Travel, and being Tired of the Games, Not looking to Hook Up, blah blah blah ad infinitum.

    The only way to get American dating sites to be full of decent women is to FORCE American women to lose weight and take responsibility for their actions.

    We are partly to blame for letting women have it so easy in the US. Men, when you act desperate or needy, you feed this horrible vicious cycle. KEEP YOUR STANDARDS and don’t budge. If she’s fat, tell her to get in the gym, and don’t make babies until you KNOW your mate is committed to health and fitness. Tell her to pay her own way in life, and stop popping out kids with temporary dads.

    Oh, and Spock is right: Overseas is the way to go. Scandinavian and German women are slim, much better lovers, and pay their own bills. The average Norwegian mom is in better shape at 40 than the average US childless teen !! I have been there and I know. Go Dutch and go dutch, and starve these fat horrible slobs in the US for affection, attention and money until they start working out and respecting us.

  61. jamal says:

    why are you people wasting your time. email 5 or 10 women if you get no response then just move on. i agree that Russian women are 100 percent better then American women they have personality, character, and most of all they are looking for a man no bull no games. and trust me most of those women are off the chart gorgeous. so word of advice date foreign women.

  62. Cory says:

    I joined the site and at first, I had some decent results. I avoided the ones that looked or sounded like gold diggers and wallet sniffers. I has several ladies add me as a friend that I never even exchanged messages with or contacted. I got a few that would request instant message chats and when I denied them, they would send me nasty pm’s.

    I met one attractive lady that seemed together. She sent some sexy photos to my phone a few times per week to tease me before our date….we are all adults, right? I meet her and she goes on about all the nuts and kooks that “stalk” her from POF. She acted like a teenage girl that just found out guys look at her. She then went on to brag how easy her and her friend get guys banned if they dont like them or if the date sucks or he is cheap etc.

    I thought a large site like that wouldnt allow that, but I was wrong. I had one lady that had the typical profile with about 10 head/cleavage shots…nothing else. that is usually a warning that they are large. I have no issue with that but don’t post that you are average when you are 5’5″ and close to 200 pounds. She would dodge my questions when I asked for a pic of her head to toe. No naughty stuff, I just said a pic from a wedding or whatever so i could get an idea

    She sent me one that was clearly old but I figured what the hell. I met her and she was pretty but much larger than I prefer. I was a gentleman and we had a few drinks and she order more food than me and 2 buddies would watching a game on the tv. She also said men on POF are losers for the most part. She even said she has guys banned when they “do something that bothers her” So, I left feeling like that was a few hours of my life I couldnt get back. She texts me on the way home asking why I didnt try and kiss her or sit closer. Well her arm was in the way from loading her mouth with food and I had no interest in touching her. She sent me a few strange texts that I ignored. She sent me one that evening at like 2 am saying she was going to get me banned since i was one of “those assholes just out to get laid”

    WTF??????? I texted her back and said I doubt they would ban me because you are mad. I said consider the $90 bill I covered as a gift and we will part ways. WELL….GUESS WHAT? THATS RIGHT, SHE GOT ME BANNED. About mid day after her text I tried to log on and no go. I sent them an email and all I got was a cookie cutter paste with 5 rules for banning. Those rules are vague but no due process or anything. Just some angry female says you are a bad man so POOF…YOU ARE GONE

  63. MikeK says:

    Now POF has shut down IM on their site. Many members are angry. I suspect the serious member replaced the revenue from IM income from ads. Which is really sad. Slowly POF is converting to paid membership. I guess email will be next? No email unless you are a paying member.

  64. blkharvard says:

    I think its a combination of plenty of fish being free. so it brings in women errrr girls i should say that are not serious and the warped female mind that wants to throw a pity party for it self and say “poor me, why cant i find someone”. get a 1000 mails then don’t reply to any of them feeling satisfied for the attention they get. It’s just myspace or any other attention whore social networking site.

  65. Derek Beanpole says:

    Remember the msn messenger local chat room days? That system worked quite well, lots of dates, no hassle get togethers for casual fun. This was long before internet dating became popular.
    Leap forward a few yrs. and we get dating websites where an exorbitant amount of time/effort must be given to even get a response, let alone set up a date. A quick cost/benefit analysis will show you it’s not worth your time. I believe for the simple reason that these websites have become over saturated with men. Your odds of getting a date [that you actually care about] is vastly reduced due to competition and attention seeking, unattractive women. I found it a laborious process to sift through the garbage to even find someone that I would consider mildly attractive.
    Due to this competition and unattractive clientele, I’m going to rely on the old fashioned way of meeting women: through friends, co-workers or heck, at a grocery store. At least then, you’ll find someone attractive, sane and last but not least, available.

  66. Franco says:

    Just today I wrote a post on the plentyoffish forum where I speak out against the unoriginality of many women’s profiles. The post basically addressed one of the main communication difficulties men have when trying to figure out what to write when reading a woman’s profile. I said that many women write nothing of substance in their profile, which is why men usually have nothing good to say in response. Well, the post got deleted. It didn’t surprise me too much. But I took it one step further, I deleted myself from the site. I talk about this on my blog if anyone wants to read it.

  67. Houston says:

    The site isn’t totally useless. I look at it regularly to see what the women look like who are on it. I’ve recognized several around town – in stores, at a baseball game, at restaurants – and I know not to approach them because they’re POF attention whores. I saw one with some guy at a restaurant and she was wearing the exact same thing she was in her POF profile picture.

    I agree, very few of the women on the site would actually meet someone for a real date. They’re either attention whores who just use POF as an ego boost or a game, dinner whores who just date for free food and drinks, or they’re desparate fatties with 4 kids who are looking for someone to pay for their childrens’ college educations.

    My profile is very specific – do not have kids, do not want kids. There are about 10 women in my area and my age group that match that. After I had been on there about a month I got messages from several of them. Not real messages – just one word “Hi” messages. In other words, saying, “Hey, I meet your criteria and you haven’t contacted me, what’s wrong with you?” When I wrote them back – no reply. They just couldn’t stand that they weren’t getting the attention. Once I showed any interest I was automatically not interesting any more and was ignored.

    A while back there was an issue with the profiles. If you put it on hidden and then took it off hidden, your profile never showed back up. It stayed hidden. Several of us (all men) posted in a thread on the POF help forum. All we got was some sycophant mod who wouldn’t even look into the problem. He just posted links to the help pages and insisted that all of POF was perfect and there were no issues even after we said, “Hey, put in these search criteria and search, you won’t find my profile.” Finally some woman started another thread reporting the same problem and it was acknowledged and fixed within a day.

  68. Houston says:

    Found this confirmation that they gave the “gold VIP” memberships to women for free…woman has this in her profile: “I DID NOT PAY FOR NOR DID I WANT THE YELLOW/GOLD DOT ON MY PROFILE.”

    Search for user named: newfishbait

  69. Albufeira says:

    I’ve got to say that you guys are absolutely right about plenty of fish. This website is a gigantic waste of time. We send out hundreds of emails and we might if we are luck get one woman email us back. When we confront the women about not returning our messages we get banned from the website. I don’t think that site is fair to the men that go on there. I think they are wasting mens time. Its easier to pickup someone at the supermarket then on that website. Don’t waste your time with plenty of fish. Its not worth it.

  70. sightseer says:

    To all of the dating site brethren out there: I was depressed about god damned POF, the heartless women that never respond,….. and was dwelling on it. I got up ( it’s 3:00AM ) and switched on the computer and did a Yahoo search for dating site reviews. I spotted this site and began reading,…..hey, I mean, with a handle like “Plenty of Fish Sucks”, I was immediately drawn in. I went from being really down, to being happy, within minutes. All of you guy’s accounts of the rotten treatment while being a member there, although not pleasant, was a tremendous relief. And a lot of depth was there in analyzing the appalling and cruel behavior of our American females. Excellent stuff. I’m not a woman hater either,… like most of you out there, but what the hell has happened to us? Is the answer to actually look outside the U.S. for a nice gal? Jeesh. The humor from some of you is top notch and I had tears in my eyes I was laughing so hard when one of you said that some of these fat chicks are divorced because “their man just got plain tired of sleeping next to a hippo leg and looked for something else”. Another was the suggested new name for POF,…. to be “Plenty of Cows”. And even the COWS on that site are too stuck up to reply ( yup, I actually did that as an experiment,….incredible). I’ve always liked the old Beach Boys song California Girls, but my Lord,….the song title may have to be changed to California Hogs. I loved the other entry that said that gross obesity has now become glorified as “BBW” for the gals,…..the guy said it was “disgusting”. I’m busting a gut laughing right now and am trying to hit the keys on this keyboard correctly. This blog is a heaven send. Thank you so much to the creator of it. My own input about this: the number of faked profiles has risen steeply on POF over the last several months. You’ve all noticed it. There’s sort of a template style by the fakers that uses cliches, in both the headline and in the essay that you can spot,…and the over use of exclamation points is another red flag. “Jump in Feet First!” “Seeking one honest man!” They’re over doing it. (Real geniuses at work there). And then there’s the classic “one-photo” profile. Digital cameras are dirt cheap now,…..there’s no reason whatsoever for having one photo ( unless it’s not them in the photo of course ). Thanks to all of you who wrote those priceless entries above. I feel better already. There’s a healing process that begins when you’ve deleted your dating site profile,…..have you noticed that? I felt like a little bit of me was dying each time I sent those thoughtful e-mails out, ….only to have read/deleted be the response. I’m reminded of a feminist bumper sticker that I once saw here in the SF Bay Area,……it said,……”GUYS HAVE FEELINGS TOO,…but who cares!” ,…..Perfect,…isn’t it.

  71. Mr. Jones says:

    Well, I dated this lady who seemed normal at first, then she slowly turned into the bitch she has probably always been.
    She had been married more than once, so that was a flag I sort of missed cluing in on as I had hopes.
    I thought I once caught her looking at other guys asses, but she was actually sizing up the wallets in their pants.
    So now she posts some fake information and is looking for sex only.
    Tell you, it hurt when I saw it. It hurt because I had time invested and was genuine. And during that time, she had me believing I wasn’t good enough.
    So the WHORE (ya, your new name if you happen to stumble across this) has a renewable resource of 4 dozen+ men to use at her disposal. I guess she’ll never be the same having now found an outlet for her selfishness. It’s pretty easy for woman to get away with whatever they like there and bad behavior. But nothing last forever, and I’m gone for good.

    I think that POF is full of woman who just can’t be satisfied. Proof? They have adopted it as their new homes. Same faces, same profiles, year after year hang out to inflate their egos, not much more. How many guys do they actually go through? They just keep throwing them back in because most guys are suckerfish and give it away to easily. So guys, we’ll never get the upper hand, and they will never find satisfaction until we start playing a little hard ball. (no pun intended)
    So if you have ended up here to post a comment like so many of the other gents, you are probably already aware that POF is just a bad movie.
    I for one am an awesome person, not too shabby and have standards that I’m going to stick by.
    I’ll be more cautious in the future as I know now and very well from that website and my personal experience.
    And ladies, if reading this, it is your actions that cause the bad behaviors. You turned a dating site into a display of what woman are truly like on the inside. You have turned it into a playground and a pageant. So if you never find someone who YOU think is good enough, look in the fabled mirror. You might be attractive on the outside, but the ugliness and self centered core is too much for most and you will just never see yourselves that way, just as long as guys keep throwing themselves at your feet.
    Quality is job one!

  72. Bill says:

    I will agree about the feminatzi moderators on the forums. Not a place to be. But the main problem is not the site it self. The problem is with the women on there. North American Women (US/Canada) are crap. There is nothing the site owner can do to change that. Another thing that happens is a site like POF attracts the very lowest quality females, lets face it, these girl cannot get dates/attention any other way. You get a disproportionally high number of fatties and psychos on there. So if she is on POF she is likely to fit into the psycho and or fatty category. POF will work great for you if are looking for a psycho fattie who will treat you like crap.
    I am just going to be blunt, online dating in America does not work, you are wasting your time.
    Sorry Guys

  73. Beenthere2 says:

    Online Dating is Crap!…Don’t Let em Fool You!
    I would have better luck in the Grocery store than on POF!
    They Hardly ever answer your E-Mails and it’s usually a snide comment.
    The pictures are probably not recent anyway and they could be anyone answering your E-Mails ..I suspect the moderators.

  74. Burt says:

    I’m fed up with Plenty of Fish. It’s a very pathetic site. The mods are very biased, and lean in the favor of female users. This is true.

    The experience that I have had is such that, if I were to be an active user on the site from any duration of time ranging from a week to 4 or 5 months, I would meet no quality women. None. Every girl I have ever met on that site has been a juvenile-minded liar. Not everybody in this world is looking for sexual encounters, but all of these crappy bitches are. Some of them self-admittedly have slept with 60+ people, of male as well as female gender. If I talked to 100 girls, they would all turn out exactly the same: They tell me, “I’m different from the rest,” but they are not. They say they are not looking for booty calls but that’s a lie — discreet sex with complete strangers and no strings attached is exactly what these losers are after. Sure, some of them will talk to you for maybe a month or so, and pretend to like you, and then — WHAM — it happens: The night when you had expected them to be on yahoo messenger and they unexpectedly failed to be there, and the trend continued the next night, and the night, without any cause or provocation. It makes no sense, really. Wait, yet it does, when you put it all into perspect and realize that there are primarily 4 distinct kinds of girls who join plenty of fish to begin with, each with their own distinct reason for joining. Some are on there because they are island-sized, and nobody will have them. Others are simply there to play headgames and reinforce their own self-confidence by flirting with other people and then discarding them. Others still are serious about trying to find something. However, “relationship” does not accurately become what they are looking for. Those girls are out for sex, drugs, drug money, alcohol, or any twixt n tween combination.

    Long n short: I’ve had nothing but BAD LUCK with Plenty of Fish. It sucks. Avoid, stay away from it, and DO NOT pay money to become a serious loser.

  75. Aaron J. Herstol says:

    Holy shit, what a BEAUTIFUL exemplification of what what POF truly is. In fact, I couldn’t have said it any better, and I’m serious. I actually just deleted my POF profile, leaving the site with all of the feelings/impressions you described. I don’t know what the hell it is, but it saddens and angers me that women could be so pretentious and shallow. Literally, the ratio of ignores to replies is about 30 to 1, and that’s pathetic considering my emails are merely friendly questions and are in no way provocative or lewd. Whatever…

    Again, great illustration.

  76. manchild says:

    The site is garbage. The girls have their head up their ass. They seem to think they’re fly and most of them are def. not. So if you’re so desperate that your willing to settle for someone a lot less attractive than what you’re used to dating then this site is for you.

  77. POFhater says:

    I have to agree with the comments on here. I put an ad up on POF a few weeks ago and wrote about 20 users and got read deleted almost every time. I am not a model but in the real world I get flirted with all the time. My problem is lack of time to go out and meet people but I guess I’ll have to make time to troll the supermarkets and walmart. I would have better luck there. The women on there all say the same thing they want a nice, honest man blah blah so usually I just write a 2 sentence reply and speak specifically to something they wrote in their profile and nothing. I know one guy that put up a pic he got from another site and started talking lewd to the same women and what a difference. That’s the problem they are all FULL OF SHIT. That’s why you see a lot of never married, No children woman in their late 30s and early 40s because they are so fucking picky you have to ask why. The one’s that aren’t like others have said are looking for someone with money to take care of them and their kids, they are ugly and fat, or psychotic.

  78. SO true says:

    WOW. Its unanimous. POF sucks. At first I thought i was crazy. Then i see all these comments and now i know im not! POF has done nothing but lower my self esteem. It was fine until i actually made my profile. Then after 40 emails and ONE reply i started to feel that i was some ugly humback frodo. I would look in the mirror and start thinking that maybe i was really ugly. But the truth is Im 27, slim build and not bad looking. But even if i was a model this site would make you feel like crap. Thanks for this site guys. ALso thanks for the comments. I feel the same way. What a bunch of hoe bags just wanting attention. Im not brad pitt, but im sure im not bettlejuice. Ive had gfs before but damn this site for screwin with our minds. Are all dating sites like this? The reason i wanted to start using them is because my biz is about working at home so i dont really meet anyone nowadays.

  79. FUCK PlentyOfFish! says:

    Hell yeah! I hate plentyoffish. I was banned from the forums, then my account was deleted! And they let girls post pics of themselves half naked in thongs, and guys can’t post a pic of ourselves with a shirt off! I keep in shape in the gym, and I am looking to attract ladies that are into a man with a nice physique. Those ladies that don’t care to see my chest, then they don’t need to message me or view my profile! I don’t want them just like they don’t want me. Hell, I’m offendend when I see a 300lbs ugly woman that has kids, but is looking for a “sexy man”. WTF?! Come on now. PlentyofFish discriminates, and they ban your account without any notice. FUCK PlentyOfFish!

  80. ScrewInternetDating says:

    I agree, this whole notion of Internet dating is seriously over rated. I’ve tried a few sites (POF included) and have only received one or two responses and no initial messages ever, of which they seem to mysteriously “disappear” after your next reply. I finally gave up with it and quit. And I consider myself to be a decent looking person.

    I also don’t want to fail to mention the shady practices that a lot of these dating sites engage in, like sending you bait profiles that are either expired memberships, members who have not been active for months, or are downright fake profiles. In this regard, Internet dating is a scam that should be more widely exposed.

    Internet dating, IMO is a waste of time that doesn’t work nearly as well as it is claimed. Those glowy, happy couples you see in the commercials are probably paid actors.
    If you want to meet someone, you would have better luck at the super market, or speed dating.

    • JM says:

      Ironically, a lot of these women complain that they’re sick of the bar scene, but after my experiences with internet dating, the bar scene seems like a much better alternative.

  81. i will agree with this discrition of plenty of fish or on-line dating itself, alot of these are realy stuck up and don’t know the first thing about what a man realy wants.Even if they did know they simply don’t know how to respond to a man who is actually nice to them.these women are so confused if a good man did show up they get this attitude. and no man wants that stuck up attitude.thank you for this forum.keep up the good work. gary w russell

  82. Justin says:

    Girls dont respond to my messages on there and I am just getting fed up with site. Looks like I will be returning to bars or meeting girls through friends. This site is off my list.

  83. marks fiend says:

    ya this site is so lame. i was on it for years and only met fakes, liars, selfish stuck up jerks. and the odd decent person who never remained on the site fo any length of time.

    it is a sexist site. not only that i got banned because i believe in monogamy. yet nasty swingers and people married who want to cheat are celebrated there!!!!!

    i got banned because i rejected a girl who was stalling and making excuses and toying with me so i told her to forget the whole thing, next day i am banned! forever!!!!

    thanks a lot markus you pos

  84. James Cannon says:

    Plenty of Fish sucks simply because I’ve uploaded a profile 4 times and each one got deleted within a matter of days for no reason. I wasn’t spamming people or breaking any of the rules but still my account carried on getting deleted. It is simply the worst website I have ever had the displeasure to use.

  85. Covis says:

    Plenty of Whales!!!

  86. POF = Plenty of FAIL says:

    Plenty of Fish is more like Plenty of Fail. I had an account on there for several months, and never went on any dates. It started off alright at first, sent a few messages to some girls and actually got responses, but it never went anywhere. I started sending out more emails to people, but of course they never responded back.

    Like a lot of other people on here, I too had a lot of different girls viewing my profile but they never bothered to message me. For some weird reason, most the women who viewed me were twice my age, they were in their 40s and 50s…and of course practically all the girls my own age were just stupid attention whores.

    Unsurprisingly, a lot of the girls I looked at had a shopping list of “requirements” for their ideal man, so I wasn’t surprised they were single. A few of them were total stupid douchebags as well, because I messaged them, got a response back telling me they were interested and wanted to hear back from me, but after I mailed them back, I never heard back from them….WTF?

    So after all this stupid bullshit, I decided to leave Plenty Of Fail behind me, and take whatever chances come my way in the real world.

  87. Jerry says:

    Getting banned or deleted from POF isn’t done by some sophisticated software bot that can detect IP addresses…they simply change your password without your knowledge.

  88. Plenty of Fatties says:

    Plenty of Fakes, Plenty of Fatties, Plenty of Fantasies…take your pick. The site is a sham like every other dating site on the web. All of the women are social rejects which is why they have to resort to an online website. I find it funny one of the questions on the survey they offer asks if you spend a majority of your time on the net, which if you answer yes you aren’t a “serious member”, but all you see is women online now, just lurking and deleting messages trying to make themselves feel better since 96% of them are either, both or all: obese, overweight, suffer from psychological problems, paraplegics, quadriplegics, single slutty mothers, discriminators based upon race, only seeking attention, drug addicts, flakers, time wasters, cheaters, married and cheating, poor hygiene, mentally deficient, lie about their education, only care about money (which pretty much incorporates all women after the 60’s feminazi movement), can’t cook, can’t clean, lazy and fat, psychopaths, multi-abortion women, raging lesbians, mean spirited sociopaths, etc.

    The sad thing is that most western women are like this, and sadly these social rejects we call women keep spreading their legs popping out more social deviants and rejects. Your best bet is to date internationally because as I always say, if she’s from here (America), you better fear.

  89. QuickNote says:

    I only tried POF for a few weeks. Spoke to a few women from there … met one, but more on a friend basis.

    My impression is, seems like most women on there, simply stick up a profile hoping top notch guys in a number of areas will find them AND then line up in their email cue. I doubt that’s a worth while strategy. Most likely they will just spend most of their time meeting/dating married / attached guys or guys selling a story.

    POf seems fine, if you’re just dating around, that’s likely what most guys on the site will be doing. Doubtful guys interested in anything long term, would use POF.

  90. Chris Smith says:

    Plenty of Fat Chicks Yes ……My first date was with this obese woman who looked better in her photo . The second date I went on the woman looked better in her photo LOL . Women on this website are attention seeking wh**es that have no interest in dating anyone at all . They are a waste of time and so is the Plenty of Fish website . Viva Lost wages and train wrecks galore in Vegas POF.

  91. somebody says:

    I’ve tried POF in two different states (I had moved), thinking maybe a different region might yield different results…WRONG. The women that use POF are pathetic and insecure, I had at least 20 view my profile and I responded to most of them, I heard back from ONE and only ONE. I don’t claim to be the best looking guy in the world, but the women I responded to were 40 somethings, divorced, and have no room whatsoever being overly picky. If they are waiting for a rich, handsome guy, they are waaaaaay at the end of a very long line with many hot 20 somethings ahead of them. Yep, you get what you pay for, a waste of time.

  92. CuteFella says:

    The women on there are nothing but pathetic low class,shallow complete waste of time. They are attention seeking hoes who have multiple profiles lie about there career,education,weight so on. Never again I’ll return to that crap site!

  93. My Opinion says:

    After being on POF a while, it’s clear to me most women have priced themselves out of their own market. Their expectations are such that, the only option they are left with is dating, regardless what they say they want. POF isn’t the only place that women exist, you still have to complete with women everywhere. Bottom line is: the valuation is significantly off.

    The only conclusion is women on POF are generally searching for a playmate at best. They left no other options open.

    If that’s not true, thing the only other thing they could be doing is playing the man lottery. Putting up a profile just to see what they can catch and if the guy is a well above average catch for them .. they will respond. Essentially they are just wasting a lot of guys time.

    I met/dated 20+ women from the site, while I was active there. All of them matched their pictures closely, but the self description, self perception was significantly off. If you want to spend money dating women you have little wish to be in a relationship with, POF is the place for you.

    It’s NOT ALL bad. I did meet some interesting women. But I do that all the time without paying for the privilege.

  94. QuickNote says:

    From above –> “Without women, there won’t be any men on the site and ergo no advertising revenues. Advertising revenues depend heavily on site traffic. That is what POF is really in the business of selling – eyeballs to advertisers.”

    Actually it works a little differently. The top 60-70% of women will only chase the top 20-30% of men … ever. If you’re not in the top 20-30% of men you will not fo very well on these sites. It doesn’t matter whether those guys are married/girlfriend or simply lying to make the top 20-30%, women will chase them anyway. Check out the complaints from women using the site about married guys and guys telling lies … obviously those are the guys their chasing otherwise they wouldn’t have complaints.

    Anyways, it’s these top 20-30% that attract the women. This attracts all the other guys on the site for ad revenue generation.

    It’s quite comical, in that, women simply spend all their time chasing a small group of men of which half is certainly not in the top 20-30% and the other half have no intention whatsoever of letting their steady stream of women go for just one women.

    What’s really comical is, at least half of the guys in the next 20-30$ down, should indeed be in the top 20-30%, but they just didn’t put that info in their profile. Because they are not interested in women chasing them for that reason.

    Dating sites predominantly attract “status chasing” women. If you don’t play the status game you won’t get the women. Of course you should actually want those women before play the game.

    Even though it only words in a profile, it still has an effect. If you want you can alter your profile in increments of status and change the type and number of women that respond.

    In any case, women using POF or any dating site for that matter are typically only farming out their resume to determine current bidding price. These are great sites for guys peaking in status to find playmates … as these women will jump from guy to guy as their status changes.

    All woman are concerned about status of course and they should be, but o dating sites women tend to be hyper-concerned about status. Unfortunately guys with real status will never state it, so women will miss those.

    It’s a little silly for women on POF to be concerned about status as the income ranges in the top end are only 100-300k. That’s doing OK I guess, but it is hardly in STATUS range.

  95. bob says:

    you guys are missing the whole point. Make up a profile of some rich, handsome guy and watch how many of those attractive shallow hoes will be emailing you.

    Here’s the best part. When they email you, read it and DELETE it!! Then watch them send you another message wondering why.

    fucking BITCHES all of them!

  96. sam says:

    This stupid POF website kept deleting my proifle again and again. They would give no satisfactory answer.

    I am a decent guy and was starting to make friends on this website.

    I will never visit that website again.

    The fish can die.

  97. Morpheus says:

    I’m compelled to agree with what most people are saying about POF. It is a truly abysmal site. I’m fit, educated, and I have a good job. For the most part I was ignored by women who were usually average or moderately attractive. I suspect, as others have commented, that many of the female profiles are bogus.

    I met eight women on the site, and without exception they were either single moms, had MAJOR baggage/issues or both. ALL of them were sketchy to say the least. I ended up getting into a relationship with one of them. Despite being quite attractive, this woman put me through hell and back. The stories I have from this relationship are truly mind boggling and should forever go down as benchmarks in the annals of bad relationships. They could easily constitute a short book.

    The bottom line: a decent woman doesn’t need to go on the Internet to find a guy, and a decent guy doesn’t need to go on the Internet to find a woman either. So gents, don’t waste your time on a den of reprobates like POF, or worse still, go on a pay site for the same kind of BS.

  98. Captain Claudius says:

    I tried POF and made it two weeks before I threw in the towel.

    I got no responses to any of my emails and when I posted in the forums, I got torn to pieces over a simple question of what kind of books do today’s women read.

    I was turned by people who are far below me both economically and educationally speaking and one woman even told me in the forums that my biggest problem was that I was too smart and had spent too much time in school, women don’t want a smart guy, that’s too much of a threat.

    I don’t have above average looks or drive a BMW, but to be turned down by women with two kids and a dead beat boyfriend because I’m too smart?

    Thanks but not thanks, POF was a waste of time, degrading and certainly catering to the damaged goods of the internet.

  99. Anthony says:

    I have been with the site since February and it is a total waste of time.The women on this site and others make themselves out as something they are not.These women are pathetic lying pieces of crap and are total teasers and it’s the truth.These internet dating sites favor women more than men and it’s a shame.
    Whoever heard of a well educated man getting rejected time after time after time.These women on these dating websites are beneath the average guy financially and educationally and a majority of them have so much baggage that its not funny.I guess I’ll be hitting social scenes from here on out and this profile will be deleted very soon.

  100. Shawn says:

    All of you are right! Don’t think for a second that it’s YOU that was the cause of no success on that site.

    POF is a complete joke. The girls have approval applications for profiles and lists of requirements the size of a congressional health-care reformation packages. Which is laughable, because they are fairly worthless women with queen like standards.

    Most of the girls on that site are losers, mothers, old divorced women, or psychos and that’s just if you get to meet them. When it comes to online they are all attention whores, teases, man hating, mentally abusive, sorry excuses of hypocritical sub human feminazis.

    Stay away from that site like the plaque. Unless you enjoy some sorry ass loser woman dumping all her negative energy on you for disposal.

  101. Haulin says:

    Wow I’am glad I found this. I was feeling a little depressed now I feel good again.

    I have been a member for 2 weeks now in Canada and its no better. It is either some stuck up b*tch or single mother or as said some attention grabing whore is on that site. Their wants in a man holy crap yep can see why they are single.

    I’am deleting my profile maybe I might see if I can get banned first LOL

    Myself I’am a average guy no response on POF. I go out to a bar or a restaurant I get a smile and a good look from woman.

    After a week and half I’am tired of the skanks on POF.

  102. POF= Pleny OF JuNk says:

    If your looking to date obese fatty’s, single mothers with multiple kids with different daddy’s, old divorced women with some serious mental issues, Ego stuck up skanks who waste men’s time for sport, can’t forget gold diggers with a list of requirements that aren’t even realistic. My advice is stay away unless your looking for the lowest of the low than this site may be for you.

  103. billybob says:

    Where do these average, at best, looking women get the impression that an educated, successful, good looking guy wants anything to do with them. Guys who fit this profile, I’m sure, are looking for someone who is smokin’ hot, not some fat, frumpy, uneducated, trailer trash with 5 kids with 5 different last names.

    I’ve maintained a profile there for a couple of years now, but I keep it hidden so I can keep tabs on some of the psycho-bitches that I’ve met or tried to contact. Funny thing is, most of them are still there, and have been for years now, hoping that George Clooney will sweep them off their feet (probably throw out his back

    Most sane women, after a few years of trying, would probably come to the conclusion that she is just not that hot and lower her standards to reflect reality. But not the borderline psychotic women on that site. These delusional bags of cellulite feel a false sense of entitlement, in that “it’s just a matter of time before prince charming comes knocking on my door, even though I really don’t have anything to offer but my fat, smelly, welfare ass” mentality. These women will NEVER find what they are looking for.

    • Barry says:

      “I really don’t have anything to offer but my fat, smelly, welfare ass” mentality. These women will NEVER find what they are looking for.”

      True but they will get banged by every greasy tattooed unemployeed beefcake for miles around and probably squeeze out a few more illegitmate bastards along the way.

  104. Morpheus says:

    Billy Bob:

    Your description of the women on POF is mostly correct. The really dangerous ones on there are like the one I ended up getting involved with: very attractive but with MASSIVE problems. This one had 4 kids, two of which she lived with, by two different drug dealers. Like many of the women there, she was extremely adept at putting up a facade of normalcy and decency. To make a long story short, this one has dozens of male “friends” that she’s found on line, has a drinking problem (and I suspect other substance issues as well), and is in all probability involved in illegal activities.

    Bottom line: not only are the women of POF usually sub-par, many of them are downright DANGEROUS.

  105. Rob says:

    Thanks for the blog. I’ve overlooked the fact that something was up for awhile now with so many women just out right deleting my emails. I think I may have been on 5 dates max (if even that) in the 2 year time I’ve been on that site. It’s time for men to rise up and start their own dating service where there is equal advantage and none of this nonsense.

    • Barry says:

      “It’s time for men to rise up and start their own dating service where there is equal advantage and none of this nonsense.”

      doesnt matter, you would still get the same trashy skanks. face it, any decent worthwile female would never need to use a dating site so if you do see them online there has to be something wrong with them such as too fat, too stupid, too stuck up, too mentally unbalanced, baby mommas, badboy chasers and women who can’t keep there legs closed when there are greasy tattoed unemployed beefcakes to choose from.

      otherwise damaged goods

      my rule is simple… if you can’t produce a baby and a paycheque what F’n good are you

  106. Sean says:

    the dating game is shitty nowadays. Women have the upper hand. Dating web site suck ass. Women on sites are attention seeking whores. Some girl added me on face book, but never replied(but had the time to go on about some lady ga ga music video). I guess she just wanted to show her friends that she has dudes(some muscular like me) posting comments all over her page. Especially in big cities, girls are stuck up in general. “Low class high maintenance” as I heard some dude yelling out at some nose high up to the sky and skirt short way above the thigh girls. I guess that’s why guys are staying single and adult entertainment industry is booming. you pay a stripper 40-60 bucks, she’ll grind your brains out. Pay some escort 120 bucks, you f**k her brains out. buying a girl drinks all night, you’ll get a few dance and she may end up disappearing at the end of the night and leaving you 100 bucks short anyhow. Foreign wife is the way to go, just gotta be careful of the scammers.

    • bob says:

      well said sir. FUCK American women

    • pof says:

      haha thats funny. But true.

      I like that 100% of pof say their not materialistic.. But when i changed my profession to “practically retired at 29″… i got 20 times more messages.

      Also.. materialistic is also buying and wearing make up, pushup bras, hair volumizer clips, collagen, fake boobs, fake nails, 5 inch hike in shoes. How is it guys accept a girl with all this, knowing its really not what she looks like. And women can call most guys ugly?????? anyhow.. i was pof for 3 years and talked to over 4000 women.. all the same male hater blamin for their lives. I could have met them all dated had sex but??? baggage feared the sh*t out me. I met 14 total, 5 were keepers out of 4000+. Never offered anyone a date. just met up drank a coffee and booked it, when the ex hatin stories started up.

  107. TheGreatAndyChow says:

    I’ve been on the site for a week, and just deleted my profile. I’ve sent several messages, only to get two replies, one of which was “nice!!!”. What kind of reply is that? I thought this site would be an easy way to sieve through the thrash and find the type of women I’m attracted to. What a waste of time.

    The irony is that it’s really a man’s world out there. Approach any woman in a coffee shop, in a grocery store or waiting for the bus and half the time she’s practically eating out of your hand. But on the Internet they are all high and mighty, won’t give you the time of day. It’s too bad, as POF had the potential to be an efficient place to hook-up, instead it’s just a place for women to pump up their egos, as they are to stuck up to take it seriously. Most women on POF would die to get some attention in real life, but when they get it online it’s just a game.

  108. mark says:

    All the girls on this website care about is how much cash you have in your wallet. I agree with all of you, it’s so annoying when people look at your page and don’t say anything. It’s like they are just spying on you or perhaps, as mentioned, sitting at work on the PC laughing with their co-workers “hey! look at this loser who messaged me! he’s getting mad cause I won’t reply! hahahaha” etc. etc. Another site that I tried was OKcupid and the same thing happened. Lots of girls looking at my page yet no messages. I only got one message and it was from some girl with no picture (wonder why?) and she was already in a relationship with another guy (what are you doing on here then?). Then you have the single moms. I’ve noticed they are usually between the ages of 18-20, living with parents, have a kid, it makes you wonder what the hell did they get involved with? I have nothing against young single moms but seriously…..I and I’m sure alot of others would prefer regulars. From my short experience first hand I can say it appears they are all looky-loos and the attention whore types who have 1,000 guy friends and yet they are still looking for a relationship? makes no sense.

    Avoid POF and all similar sites like the plague dudes!

  109. mark says:

    and yea you are right, the single moms expect you to be a father for their kid, and after a while they blame all their problems on you. They won’t say it on the website but they’ll admit it. They blame you for them being a slut and having a kid at such a young age.

  110. Stephen says:

    I’m been something of a POF junkie for going on two and a half years. In that time I have had my forum posting privileges banned numerous times, and have had my actual account deleted numerous times. If you aren’t politically correct and devoid of anything remotely resembling an actual personality, you will not be welcome at

    I’m an extremely knowledgeable POF user so I know what I’m talking about when I tell you that the women on there are a complete waste of time. I know that sounds cliche’ but it’s true.

    The handful of women that I have actually met through that site, were all such complete and utter nutjobs that I wasn’t ever able to find any actual relationship worth keeping. And of course, the vast majority of girls on there are only there just for generic male attention which they continuously crave. REGARDLESS of how sincere some of the girls’ profiles seem, 99.9% of them are absolutely fake through and through.

    Something’s not right about that place, it almost just defies explanation. For a site that’s supposed to help you find love, believe me… BELIEVE ME… you can find anything but love there. You can find all the rejection you want, you can find all the players and liars and fakes you want, but you can’t find love there.

  111. Blain says:

    The site is a joke. I’m on there in a t-shirt. I’m not bad looking, have a 4500sqft home a expensive vehicle, run my own business. What is funny is they have careers but are always online. You compliment them and they do not even have the common courteousy to say thank you. The truth is you can do better out in public places than you can this site. I have met a dozen or so and have bedded them all except one. I would love to meet a foreign woman because I believe they are more down to Earth and more appreciative. Reading these replies now give me an even better take on what is exactly going on with POF. Alot of them are golddiggers and trying to hit the lottery. These women are ego maniacs most of them and are glammed up and just want to see how much attention they can garner up. What they are to stupid too realize is they still wind up alone, bitter,in front of the computer. You have women there ages in their 50’s,60’s. Ask yourself if shes so attractive why are you here? Men for the most part are trying to get laid so the site has worked for me. Game recognizes game if you stick with that you will be fine in the end. I know the digs and the lifestyle I exhibit sucks them in lol. If you not into games then leave and get out more or call a professional sex worker for NSA

  112. Brian says:

    I’ve been on the site now for a month and I’m shutting my profile down after I get home from work. I set up a fake profile a few weeks ago to see what the women had to go through. 80+ emails from guys saying “hi, lets chat some time.” and attaching a picture of his shirtless body can get annoying and cheesey. But then I noticed a lot of the girls from I started are still there to enduring that same barrage.

    Personally I’ve had few successes. I had great chemistry with two women but it was more due to my natural bad boy charm. Funny these girls say they don’t want players or bad boys anymore but they gravitated to that part of me instantly. One of the two I eventually discarded as a possible relationship because I noticed her profile looked similar to the fake one I made with the intent on making her look dumb. Saying something along the lines of “being sick of the bar scene” but then listing “going to the bar” as an interest. The other girl I feel more sorry for. She really was a sweet, intellgent and funny woman who I had a blast talking to for 6 hours straight. But I was extremely skeptical at how she threw herself at me when I acted like a bad boy, admitted to having plenty of male friends, and even admitting to being somewhat of an attention whore. When I told her I wasn’t going to ask for her phone number and wanted to get to know her more through emails or IMs she flaked out and hasn’t logged onto her account in weeks.

    During that time I just took a look at the top 500 rated people and she happened to be on the list. A picture I joked with her about, of her posing like a model with her cleavage showing. It’s a shame that a woman that’s 33, smart, funny and intelligent would project herself as some boycrazy teenager seeking validation on myspace. No wonder why she has plenty of guys friends but the guys she dates end up playing her.

  113. The Guru says:

    Yea, their admin policies suck.

    I made a profile for a recently single, computer illiterate friend. I made it on my own PC, showed him how to use it, he bought a laptop, began using the site, and met a lot of women.

    All was going swimmingly – until his ex girlfriend showed up under 4 different profiles harassing him, sending him abusive messages, pretending to be other girls etc.

    She managed to make enough fuss that not only did his profile get deleted, but his IP and mine are both banned. And guess what? Her profile(s) are still there.

    But hey, the dude is making $100k/week in adsense – I’m quite sure he doesn’t give a fuck.

  114. Dan says:

    I don’t have any opinions on the threads because I don’t bother with them. But I will give an honest report of my findings on POF. I have been on the site for almost 5 years. Please nobody attempt to E-Slap me, I’ve done it enough to myself! This whole time I’ve been frequenting this online bordello, I have emailed over 1,000 women within the last year or so. Of that 1,000, I would say that less than 10% responded, and even less than that took the time to actually read my email before deleting it. Of the 10% that responded, only 4 dates came of them, one was a one night stand, (not my choice) one had a boyfriend and used me for transportation, and two were basket cases that were off their medication. The bottom line, all 4 had lied on their profiles. Total accomplishments from this site between 2005-2008 yielded to me 4 failed relationships ranging from 2 weeks at the shortest to a year at the longest. The bottom line, POF is not a reliable source for a long term relationship. At least when you get hooked up 3rd party from trusted people, you can bet that your date is trustworthy also, to a much better extent than what they tell you on POF. I have spoken my peace.

  115. Andy says:

    Yeah so my experiences with online dating and POF in 3 words. Waste of time. I tried this for 2 6 month periods thinking that I should give it another chance and keep pursuing from the first time. I must have e-mailed or briefly messaged 25 different women within 30 miles of where I live. Only 4 responded to where I actually had a two way conversation going. I met one whom did not turn out to be what I thought from the pics and what I found out about her online. She only had pics from the chest up and when I met her in person I found out why. She was chunky but border line fat. Online, she seemed decent enough to where I thought we had common interests, but after meeting in person, she ended up being a potential gold digger with no ambition in life any time soon.

    Another one I was e-mailing back and forth getting to know her for about 3 weeks. Then as a normal upper 20’s adult, I thought it would be at least necessary to meet in person after about 4 or 5 e-mails. She only worked part-time so I thought she would have some time for me right? Well as soon as I offered to meet her and was trying to set up a date, she all the sudden took longer to respond to e-mails, she avoided answering my questions in a weird way, and she just disappeared out of nowhere. So the way it goes is, as soon as you cling on just a little, they back away. But I love the witty sayings claiming they know what they want when really they don’t.

    I seriously think most of the women on this site just want that one hot alpha male guy with lots of money to spend on them and to give them that fairy-tale life, regardless of age. I have had other friends who have tried POF claiming they get the impression that women on here are desperate, use this as an ego boost, or just want a guy’s wallet. I agree with them.

    The other thing that cracks me up is the photos they take. I mean do you really think you are classy if you take pics from above your head and/or show cleavage ? Do you really think that will attract the “decent and nice” guy you claim you want? And why are so many women on this site full of themselves? No one wants a woman who talks about themselves all the time. They like to show off their cleavage and tattoos in their photos and that gets annoying. Sorry, I don’t do the white trash thing. I also don’t do the “I am a mother of 2 children who mean everything to me, not educated, don’t have a job, have no money” thing. Chances are those women have a different father for each child and the guy ended up leaving them, got abusive, or they cheated on those men and paid for their pleasure. And they are probably figuring out “How do I leave the situation I’m in right now?” Most intelligent men won’t take on some woman who is under 25, stupid, and has children out of wedlock. Maybe men in Ohio are turned on by that, but not me.

  116. Shawn says:

    Fortunately since I only used POF for two months I didn’t give the site enough time to cause me utter despair. I agree with everyone’s comments about the site as I have experienced firsthand how the women are on POF. I admit that I’m no Tom Cruise, but I am a decent-looking guy and out of the 50 or so women I tried to talk to only one of them responded and the response was more of a rejection. I emailed her back asking her if maybe she was being a little too picky. Guess what her response was. READ and DELETED. I would say that girl was probably an attention junkie. I did have one woman who was really cute email me, but after a few exchanges she quit responding. I had another girl look at my profile FIVE TIMES, but when I wrote her she didn’t respond. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems the women on there aren’t serious about meeting anyone. All they want to do is play head games. Marcus could shut that site down tomorrow and I wouldn’t miss it at all.

  117. Angel says:

    To all the Gentlemen above,

    Google “Dont Marry,” and read the essay from worldpress. There are links to MGTOW and the Nice Guy Forum. What you are witnessing on POF is part of a larger cultural phenomenon in Westernized countries.

    By the way, my antivirus program raised a warning when I logged on to POF and advised be never to use the site.

  118. Andy says:

    The thing that separates the good women from the bad women is this:

    The bad women chase after the guys who are jerks or assholes, heartbreakers and liars, or losers. Yet they still complain about not finding the right guy or the perfect guy. They are gold-diggers. They are too dumb that they can’t even take a step back and realize that those are the guys they are chasing. That’s why they aren’t successful, they only have themselves to blame.

    The good women are raised properly, have morals, are educated, were given attention, think tramp stamps are stupid, don’t have the excess baggage out the ass, are wholesome for the most part, and know how to take care of themselves and by themselves. They realize that safety and security come before love, belonging, and satisfaction in life. Therefore, they are perfect enough to settle down with. You will find a very small percentage of these women on Plenty of Fakes.

    End of story.

    Crack-up #1: When the women say “I am so over the bar scene.” Give me a freaking break. Women aren’t over the bar scene until they are 40, at least as long as they are single.

    Crack-up #2: When the women say “So, do you think you can be my Mr. Right?” Nothing bothers a decent single guy more that when he is presented a challenge that already sets him up to make him sound desperate. Plus, it’s an empty threat.

    Crack-up #3: When women put up pictures with them and their children. Sorry I am doing the online dating thing to meet other single women. Not your child.

    Crack-up #4: How this site has no regulations to anyone. It has like 1,000,000 profiles on there with 70% women I’m sure. Yeah good luck standing out from everyone.

    Crack-up #5: When the women say “I am just on here because my friends made me do it.” I can’t stop laughing from this one. If I wanted to meet women just to “find people to talk to”, I would go to Starbucks for 5 minutes instead of paying $30 a month to do so.

  119. James says:

    What I find amusing about PoF is the amount of women that moan “men send me short messages”, yet they don’t seem to realise that the odds of getting “Read Deleted” are so high, even on a long message, it’s a stupid waste of time to write every… single… woman… a long message. That’s why they are short!

    You occasionally get the odd idiot putting “I reply to everyone” to coax you into messaging them. Same odds of getting ‘Read Deleted’ of course, they’re just telling you “nobody is stupid enough to e-mail me, so e-mail me to make me feel better about myself”.

    Also the number of women that moan “are there any nice guys left” or “I’m fed up of jerks”, when they are realistically trying to find a man with model looks with a golden personality (i.e. rare to impossible)!

    Oh, and to the women who say they’re not shallow or “I only want nice guys”, why do you insist on a profile picture in your criteria (I have some, but that’s not the point)? That’s right, personality doesn’t matter just so long as I’m hot.

    • Andy says:

      Oh I know man, you pretty much see what I see but put it differently. About the picture thing, I’ll give you an example. I would strike up a conversation with someone on one of these sites such as POF. OK, we would be talking about stuff we saw in each other’s profiles that we liked. And I would be trying to tell her a story or something about me and my life, and mid-conversation, the woman would not respond to anything and just randomly say “Hey do you have any pics?” or “Hey upload some pics, you’ve seen some of mine?” And I would be like wait I’m trying to finish the story and she wouldn’t care.

      But she would probably be one of those women who would complain about guys not calling or not talking, you know what I’m saying? So then like 5 minutes later, I would get silence from her and start saying something else and then she would cut me off again asking if I’m going to upload pics. Which would be annoying and you know that she’s really thinking to herself, “OK, I like some things about him, now I want to make sure I won’t be embarrassed to be seen in public with him.” “If he’s not the Ben Affleck or Ashton Kutcher type, I don’t want to bother.” And that’s pretty much what you get from PoF.

      Sorry ladies, but I want to be myself and live life the way I want to. Not to be your Prince Charming and give you your Cinderella fairy-tale ending in life. Marriage isn’t even a fairy-tale ending anyway. Even Oprah Winfrey admitted that women are more of the cause for divorce than men. I can’t tell you how many more women out there want to get married a 2nd time after 1 divorce than men. They shouldn’t accuse us of being desperate so much as if we need a woman to complete our lives. I will just let all the guarded heartbroken women out there do the talking.

  120. Beverley says:

    I agree with you gentlemen! Being a female with no intention on anything more than to meet new people, I found the site full of people that had been on there for YEARS…

    Besides the obvious, the decent folk on these sites are not received well. I determined that these lifers were internet predators, seeking out the newbies. The experience was a waste of effort. POF SUCKS

  121. Benq says:

    Markus runs this charity site and even he can’t get a date from the misfits that sign up there.

  122. Hotdog says:

    If your interested in banging a lot of single moms or fatty’s this site works!! But nothing more these delusional low class trash have absolutely nothing to offer if your looking for anything long term good luck you won’t find it on PLENTY OF SHIT!

  123. Denny says:

    I think since this a free site, it attracts people that don’t take meeting someone very seriously. Lots of attention and validation seekers on here, men and women. Like someone said, lots of single moms and and unattractive women on here as well.I’d stay away from this site, especially if you’re in a city where the male to female ratio is not in your favor.

    Go out into the world and meet people that way

  124. drphil says:

    You’ve perfectly summed up POF I had the same thoughts swirling around in my head but this is word perfect good job! 🙂

    I had a funny experience with a keyboard ninja girl who laid into me for having the nerve to show an interest (how dare I, on a dating site gasp!) I run into this girl at a bar 3 months down the line and got talking to her she was timid and shy, not at all like the brash character online.

    I told her after about 5 minutes of talking to her about the pof thing and she hit a beamer and walked away lol.

    I’ll bet the majority of idiot woman on pof are like this in real life 🙂

  125. billybob says:

    I got on that will make you guys laugh.

    I was perusing POF the other night (in hidden mode…I wouldn’t date women from POF if you paid me) ,and I spotted a woman that I tried to contact about a year ago but was rejected. Well, she’s back for the fourth time to have another go at it, and she has a very interesting story to tell.

    As most women on POF are, she is looking for the greasy, bad boy type, and she’s had a run of bad luck, it would seem. Apparently, her radar is out of tune because the last 3 guys that she met on POF turned out to be ex-con’s. Oh, and check this out; one of them even sleeps with tranny’s. OMG. I about died laughing when I read this in her updated profile. This woman is getting exactly what she and the others who shit on us good guys deserve. Occasionally there is some justice in this world.

  126. MAX says:

    POF..should be called P O Sh*t;
    I agree. I was a member for 6 years. And I had a woman email me. So I went to have a quick lunch with her. And it wasn’t a match. So she kept e mailing me. And so I spoke up about her actions and the way she bad mouth’d be on POF. I told she was a angry woman, and she was a man hater. Well..then BANG. I was banised from the site! I e mailed them and demanded to get a reason why. They said exactly what you would expect. A Administrator blocked me!.
    Big surprise. It was a WOMAN who blocked me!! closing. It really does such! I wish a GUY would start a web site. And then moderate it like a woman does. Fair is Fair!!

    P O FISH! It sucks!!

  127. Phil McCrackin says:

    POF is just a place where man hating radical feminist women to exact revenge on innocent, unsuspecting men, especially in the “Forum” section.

    I’ve seen it happen numerous times. A guy posts a legitimate question only to be eviscerated by the mean, nasty, man hating women (and some men too) on that site. These people know that the moderators have their backs, so they operate with impunity, knowing if push comes to shove, the guy gets his account deleted and not them. And it’s always the same group of people who attack the OP. It’s like they have nothing better to do than sit around all day and wait for the next “newbie” to come along so they can chew him up and spit him out.

    And the quality of women is rather suspect. Most of them use old pics and lie about their weight, (I’m sorry…40 lbs of extra fat is not “Athletic”.) age, level of education, relationship status (“oh, I’ve got a boyfriend already”), etc. Also, I find most of the women unattractive, but they don’t see it that way. Due to the lopsided bro to ho ratio, these women get a swelled head and think they are a supermodel or something. For instance, I’ve emailed several average looking women who I probably wouldn’t give a second look to on the street, only to get rejected by them. (I guess having a few beers “beer goggles” is not really a good idea when usin’ that

    POF is just a 21st century version of a circus freakshow.

  128. Ryan says:

    Plenty of Fish and, I tried both of them and they both carry the same type of women and get this, I even found at least 4 or 5 different women whose profiles were on both sites. But women will criticize men for being desperate and trying too hard. It amazes me how women can get away with saying something derogatory on those sites but when men do it, they get an e-mail notice of warning from an administrator or an official of the site which is most likely a woman because they are man haters. If the purpose of online dating is for people to find someone, why can’t the officials raise their standards? I got an e-mail from asking me to renew a 3 month membership since I didn’t find anyone.

    I called the customer service line and of course a woman answered it so you knew biasness was coming. She said “Well sir many men give up on these sites because they don’t try as hard or don’t give it enough time.” I almost threw my phone out the window when she said that to me. I was like “OK lady, it doesn’t take more than 3 months to search for what I want and the criteria I want in a woman and have conversations with some to find out if there are any worth dating.” American women at their finest, saying one thing but meaning another, happens to the best of us.

    With my experience with POF, there is this one that stood out to me for a while. We e-mailed each other a few times and kept trying to schedule a date for lunch or coffee and we must have scheduled 3 times with her canceling on me on the day of for something totally stupid or small. Like “I’m sorry we have to reschedule, I have to pick up my sister and bring her home.” or “Can we move it to next week, I have to go to the store and get this one thing for my mom.” It drives me crazy when I clear my schedule and plan a date with someone and they cancel the day of the date for something that is non-sickness related.

    So we kept talking and were running out of things to say to where we wouldn’t have much to say on the date. Then we became friends on Facebook. 2 weeks pass by. Then one night she texts me, not call, but texts me and says “Hey, I think my ex and I are going to give it another try.” Well 2 weeks later, I search for her profile and still find it on there. And it says she is single and looking and still has her picks up there that tell people she is single if you know what I mean. And then I go to Facebook and search for her profile and it says we aren’t friends anymore and she wasn’t on my friends list. So there are some lies in there somewhere and they aren’t from me. So the next time a woman on POF has the witty saying “Are there are nice guys left?” or “I don’t like liars”, I’m not falling for it again. I hope her mother finds out what she is doing to guys on this site.

    • Hotdog says:

      Hey Ryan, exactly the same thing happened to me on pof with this lien sl*t glad you realized this now. Another thing when women say “Are there are nice guys left?” or “I don’t like liars”, or “Message me I promise to message you Back” alll LIES! All they want is too get a ego boost nothing more. Guys don’t FALL FOR IT trust me you will NOT find a long term partner off that site. Nothing but gold diggers,hookers so on, go out to the real world go to lounges wherever you will meet someone 100 times better in the real world than off that site.

  129. JXS says:

    I have come to 1 conclusion, online dating should be completly avoided by men. I have tried Match, Chemistry and Eharmony and they are all the same old bullshit if your a guy. They are even worst then POF because you have to pay for them.

    Way too many shallow profiles, like “i love life”, “i am a real catch”, “i am a real real sweetheart”, “i have tons of great and caring friends”, blah, blah, blah. Then you have to look at ridiculous photos’ with pictures of thier cellphones in thier hands, pictures taken with several other people, in bars, with whited out ex’s. There is no individualality in most of these women’s profiles, very little about what type of person they are, what THEY have to offer a guy. Sadly, if you look at 1 girl’s profile you might as well say you’ve read them all, only on occasion will you get a decent profile, i don’t know how it is from the guy’s side with profiles.

    You will also hear women complain about about the “creeps” that keep emailing them but yet most of these women won’t even look at other guy’s profiles (only the ones that contacted them first), they also will never initiate contact themselves but they will complain, complain and complain about how there are no quality matches. They make no effort to find a decent guy. You would be surprised by the amount of women’s profiles i read that lashes out on guys while not saying anything about themselves.

    Guys, your odds are better with an offline dating service, activity, event, museum or charity event.

  130. George says:

    POF, for the most part is a dead end. Try not to get discouraged though. Use different angles, find a pattern and use that. C/V intro letters, Then, respond with a few individual letters and ask for her #. Wait one or two days and call (best times to call are Sun thru Wed, 7 to 9:30pm). Meet for coffee, ask a few questions, listen more than talk, hang out for no more than 40-50 minutes and get a second date. Good luck.

  131. beN says:

    Before reading this blog, I thought it was just me that wasn’t having any luck getting responses from the girls on POF.

    I’ve send many messages and never got a reply. I agree with other guys in here that these girls are only there for ego boosters.

  132. Rick says:

    Plenty of Fish sucks bad! Markus, the owner of Plenty of Fish, is just plain rude. Prompts like, “This user is not looking for someone of your age age or gender – RETURN TO YOUR INBOX!” are the rudest I have seen anywhere. The instructions encourage rudeness, including an advisory on the email page that advises you that many users will not respond, which, of course, encourages them not to respond. What may seem like harmless guidelines specifying age and distance are actually hard blocks that prevent people completely from communicating. A few days ago, I saw a woman on the site whom I haven’t seen in 20 years. I just wanted to say hi and maybe renew an old acquaintance. Because she’s in another town and had checked the “live within 75 miles” box, I can’t email her. I don’t think people realize this when they check the box, but try telling them. The site is policed by the same kind of Nazis as owner Markus, so there’s no way of advising the site on the flaws in its systems. Markus has even boasted to reporters that he doesn’t believe in user input. The hope is that someone else, hopefully someone civilized, will start a free advertiser-driven site and leave POF to Markus and the losers who love him. Who knows, along the way Markus may even find a cure for his terminal arrogance before it kills POF.

  133. Rick says:

    Ok, now, somebody on POF has it in for me and apparently that’s all it takes. No reason, no appeal, you get kicked off and good luck getting in touch with anybody, there’s nobody to get in touch with.

  134. beN says:

    mehhh. these fucken girls ain’t looking or not interested for men to date in POF. They just want their who boosted to see how many guys MSG them and are interested.

    I have messages many woman on there and have yet to get a respond, yet alone a date.

    • jethro says:

      POF is a complete waste of time for us guys. Most of the women on that site are complete nutjobs too, especially the ones who have been there for years. I’ve gotten to know a few of them to know this for certain. Plus many of the profiles are completely fake, so you are probably getting rejected by someone pretending to be who they are not. For instance, I traced the ip address to this woman who said she lived in my town (portland oregon) only to find out that the origin of email she sent me came from Budapest Hungary. Another one said she lived in Savannah Georgia…traced her back to southern California. That place is rife with scammers looking to take advantage of us guys by posing as attractive women. And trust me, if the pics are of an attractive woman, chances are the profile is a fake. Hell Markus probably knowingly promotes these fake profiles to increase his revenue stream. Higher hit count equals more money in his pocket, while us guys are left scratching our heads as to why these so called women never return our messages, leaving us to think of ourselves as totally repulsive. Fucking jerk.

  135. Rick says:

    Every time I criticize POF, either in my profile or in the comments, I receive a Trojan program that destroys my computer! Someone please report this INSANE MEGALOMANIAC CRIMINAL to the Feds! I am not kidding. This computer is on its way down. I already lost one and my laptop seems to have it too!

  136. QuickNote says:

    POF is quite interesting.

    Most women are definitely looking for guys that are a better than average catch for them.

    Then women complain that all the guys that are meeting are just looking for sex or lied about themselves just so they make the grade.

    POF seems to be little more than a free manwhore service for women.

    I don’t understand why women would use that site with any expectations of relationships. The best they could hope for; is sex with guys that would normally not be interested.

    I think the way POF is set up is a major driver for that POF dynamic … it doesn’t really have to be that bad. But still, regardless of the site, when women are only interested in guys at least slightly out of their league,the is only one outcome for that.

    Ultimately, there are very few guys that would consider women in that environment as suitable for relationships. There are few guys that are that desperate.

    However, if you’re interested in sleeping with a bunch of different women, just chase women for whom you make “manwhore status” … and you’ll do fine.

  137. rubeN says:

    It is just ridiculous, I mean even the ugly bitches that I message don’t reply. Just a read and then delete.

    These whores don’t even have the good manners to say at least sorry, not interested.

  138. STIGMATA says:

    It gets better! Not only that then you have to consider demographics. A new dynamic to consider where interacial thrives on POF like in the windsor/detroit area you’ll find white women only interested in targeting and seeking black men with hopes of landing the next mandingo just like on the web with photoshop enhancements included.
    In some cases they actually post it in plain writing. Its as if the white women are racist against there own kind. There are too many stigmas attached to the single white male. For the women its easy. Remember it don’t work the other way around. Aesthetic equity. Ego list of requirements.
    Just to verify this truth my friend came back from east asia where hes much older than me and has been through several women in the time I met none. He says there its the complete opposite the women and their family see you as a commodity and don’t have the spoiled north american neurons. They are in touch with the man/woman connection where in N America its about the vagueness, cockblockage and weird games. Maybe if your a white alpha male you stand a chance at least you have the charisma and power in social situations to coax the majority of females to be interested in you just by the bare nature of more GETS MORE.
    Just like when someone told you that once you are seen with one beautiful woman then all the rest suddenly are curious and inquire you. They want what everybody else wants they are NOT FREE THINKERS. This reinforces my theory of why the white womem are seeking black men they look around and want to fit in with whats becoming trendy. Sorry if it offends anyone but after so many years you just get to know this is not what you think anymore but ACTUALITY.

  139. justthat says:

    TO add to the post above about american white women?..judging only by from what i have experienced!..N.AMER white women %99 of the time only see black men because they have low self esteem and want to stand out from the crowd to make them selfs feel like somebody. they have or feel like they have no identity. sometime probably early in life they bacause of looks or social status were made to feel un-attractive to white males ( and most of them i see with black men are)..but the ones who are attractive with black men its a money or business thing..american women today are just rediculous and as fake as a $3 dollar bill

    • cybury says:

      i think a lot has to do with the myth that the black man has a big shlong. that and the desire for forbidden fruit, and since there are only so many 12 yo boys available, the darker skin becomes more desirable. Unfortunatly people don’t realize that discriminating against white males is as racist as discriminating against any other race, religion, gender, colour or creed. too many years of feminist anti white male attitudes makes it acceptable to hate white males. its no wonder we are angry lol

  140. Ryan says:

    North American women can be so hypocritical. They change their minds too much or just can’t make up their mind in general. They say one thing and mean another and intelligent white males know damn well it’s true. When they say “I want to wait till marriage to do the dirty.”, they really mean “I’m just not that ready so stop bugging me to get some.” (even when we don’t even beg) Asian or European women will most likely tell the truth though and omit all the unnecessary complications. They know that a woman is supposed to do her part and be loyal and let the man be himself. So yeah it’s frustrating and unfortunate sometimes to be the white American male.

    Feminists get on our nerves because not only do they expect you to read their minds, but they will think you are annoying more times than none when they are annoying themselves. It’s an exact science. If you choose to date a feminist woman or an ultra religious woman, you better do as you are told or please the crap out of them. Otherwise you won’t get very far.

    Women on these online dating sites won’t even try hard because they have the pre-conditioned “he’s just like all the other ones” mindset. They just filter all the e-mails they get no matter how sincere you are and just delete them anyway. Then they complain about not finding any nice guys anymore. Women shouldn’t want or at least pretend to want a relationship but then accuse a guy of stalking them just because they are trying to e-mail them to get a response. It’s freakin annoying, these dumb women. Of course a guy will e-mail you 3 times if it takes that many times before you finally respond. Don’t accuse him of stalking you, it’s not like he wants to know your address social number or pin number. Men are born with common sense and street smarts, this is true.

  141. cletus says:

    Quoting uber-feminist Gloria Steinem: “A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.” How in the hell did Gloria know that there would be a website dedicated to this philosophy when she made that statement long before the internet was even invented? (thanks Al Gore)

    Well, my curiosity got the better of me lately, so I set up a fake profile with what a woman would consider a really attractive guy who was also rich (trust fund) and well educated, well traveled, etc, etc. Holy crap! The emails came flooding in, almost to the point I couldn’t return them fast enough. It was comical. These women were also giving me their phone numbers, asking when we could meet and so on. The only problem was that these were the same fat’s w/tatt’s trailer trash ho’s that I was getting contacted from with my real profile. The only thing that changed, really, with using the fake profile was the number and not quality of women contacting me. The conclusion that I came to was that these women are completely delusional, if not insane. I mean, it was like Rosie O’Donnell hitting on Brad Pitt or something, over and over again. Then I starting doing a little math (which I’m not very good at) and came to the conclusion that approximately 1% of the women on POF, in the Pacific Northwest, are even reasonably attractive, and it wasn’t that way a year or so. Back then attractive women made up a much larger percentage. It would seem that POF is going down hill and for good reason.

  142. Rob says:

    I guess that explains why good threads with perfectly relevant subject matter I post in the forums seems to disappear for no reason with no explanation. Further, as a separated (divorce pending) single dad I find there is no possibility for me there. I actually do better meeting women in real life. I’ve recently concluded I just need to get out more. Out of 100+ emails nothing. Not even rejection. These women don’t even want to correspond.

    • rubeN says:

      Its useless getting a date there man. I have messages a lot of girls on there and they don’t reply back, they read the message but don’t have the common courtesy to send you anything back.

  143. tjjord says:

    POF!..fat over weight women who have to go online to find a date!..good looking women with mental problems..mostly white trash!..what more can you say?

  144. truthhurts says:

    After what can best be described as a hopeful obsession of that lasted over two straight years, countless reworks of my profile, and a string of disappointments that took me on an emotional roller coaster such as I can’t describe, I inevitably did eventually give up on the place.

    There are a lot of reasons to dislike the site and it’s owner and the “volunteer moderators” that help run it. But in the big picture of things, I’m convinced it isn’t the website that’s the problem, or the specific women on that website, the problem is women in general. The only difference between all those dead ends and incompetents that you encounter on pof, and the women you encounter in real life, is that the women you encounter in real life aren’t on pof… That’s the only difference.

    The insanity of it all is truly beyond words. Sure there are some crappy guys out here but *some* men *can* be trusted… *Some* men *are* truly serious about love and a relationship. But to the very best of my knowledge and experience after decades of trying to find just one good girl that will honestly love me and want the way I do her… It’s hopeless. There are no good women out here.

    The best advice I can give to any man with a heart that longs, believes and doesn’t want to give up… Give up. Enjoy the little things in life and stop looking for love, you won’t find it and the reason why is because no woman has the capability for it. The very best any man can hope for is to find a woman that is willing to allow herself to be loved… You will never find a woman with the ability to truly show and give love herself.

  145. truthbetold says:

    Fellas, ever stop to think that “all those women” on that crap site aren’t really women? There are just a bunch of profiles setup by site admins trying to keep the pot stirred in order to keep the ad revenue coming in.

    What makes it believable is that most of the pictures are of fat cows. I mean, even if they were real, why on earth would any man be interested in them? For the ones that are real, they need to find a treadmill, not a man, and then learn to take in fewer calories than they cram down their chunky throats.

    Guys, stop fretting over women, and the lack of a good woman – there’s no such thing. We are the asset, they are nothing but a liability. Chics are only good for one thing – sport ***king. Keep being the manly men that you are, go out and create something spectacular. The **ores will follow. They always do.

  146. George says:

    Quite articulate old chap.

  147. Daniel says:

    I agree with everything William G. said, these women want prime rib when they are offering hamburger.

    There are plenty of good decent men on the site but none are good enough for the pof “goddesses” unless of course you’re a doctor or a lawyer then suddenly you’re incredibly popular.

    It’s one thing to have a laundry requirements for a guy but it’s another thing to have a list of requirements when the women is some obese hag usually with three kids (with three different fathers) and still expects to be dating a GQ model.

    It’s definitely true about a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Women especially on dating sites will pass up a good decent man because they think that there is something better out there. Yet in the end they are still sitting at home alone.

  148. Paul (London) says:

    Fellas take time to read this post!

    Firstly I would like to thank the guy that started this post, I would like to congratulate him. I have just been removed from POF after I messaged a girl calling her the POF stalker. But that isn’t the point of me posting this reply.

    I have been internet dating for about 5 years now and have tried virtually every site available.

    I have chatted and met up with many many women. I have learnt how to play the game so well.

    POF has to be the worst site and attracts the scum of the earth in respect to women. Most girls on there will post pictures revealing their cleavages and then point out that ‘perverts’ should stay away! For christs sakes what do they expect?

    Generally I have found they are all freeloaders looking for a free meal and drink whenever I take them out, the fat ones seem to love themselves. All of the women on the site have issues or hate men. The site is a feel good factor for the ugly women that would never get a second look from most men in the street.

    Most of the women are single parents living off benefit that have invited me round for a coffee and a shag after a few messages, I have made my excuses and left. Believe me I am no Brad Pitt but I do not have a problem meeting girls.

    POF is the last chance saloon for the bottom of the barrel women!


  149. abroadman says:

    After reading all these posts i must say i feel lucky to one of the few percentage of men who has the means to spend months out of the year with women in other countries!..i have also noticed that men in america who get involved with women from outside the USA never go back to those fat but oh so horrific american women!

  150. musicman212 says:

    What great posts from all of you guys.

    I wanted to say this: the last time I did a membership, I had it on “Hide” from the very beginning, so as to rewrite some things,….it was never “online”, ever, and yet in the “Who Has Viewed You” section, there were suddenly 8 women who had viewed my profile? Ahem. Weird. Nice try Markus.

    Anyway, I put this little bit of fun on the Forums just the other night and was banned until the year 2012! I’m so proud. LOL. I hope that I can get some of you guys to laugh at this one,….it’s the only way to survive that site.

    My thread was:

    Online gold diggers in the afterlife

    This week on Ghost Adventures.

    Zack and the crew travel to a night club that is reported to be haunted by dating site gold diggers. Several of the male patrons there had been scratched and many had their wallets taken. Let’s join the show already in progress:

    Just then, Aaron’s camera audio picked up this chilling EVP, which began with a cackling laugh,….. we have enhanced it for better clarity:
    “You’re not Brad Pitt,………you’re not Brad Pitt”.

    Oh my God,…..Zack, something just tried to take my wallet,….. I’m not kidding dude,…..

  151. mind0vamatter says:

    I met a fat pig off Plenty of Fatties recently. She lived in a junkie messed up house, stains all over the place and her habits could only be described as a facade for the real filth she actually was.

    I gotta agree with another comment made before, fat women love wearing black to hide their fatasses but we still see their lard hanging out everywhere and its truly grotesque, but anyway I put all this in my profile that I didnt want a woman to play games with me and wrote a rather lengthy profile stating this. She was the one that initiated the first message, saying she wanted to hang out. Met this girl after I thought she was actually average or slim, which is what she put in her profile, but she ended up being a whale, a lardish fat ass the like of which you have never seen. But my mistake was still giving her a chance. As the day progressed it was her idea to get drunk and she invited her friends over and we all ended up drinking, her friends: 1 fatass fatter than her, 2 bisexual guys, another girl with a child out of wedlock and no father around. They were all the strangest rag tag bunch of losers you had ever seen. And then as the night progressed she ended up calling her loserly boyfriend I had no idea about, apparently he’s on the ten year college plan for a degree haha

    So This is the result of the feminist movement. Women now have the freedom to treat themselves like men had previously done. No morals and now responsibilities. This girl had twenty different tatoos, twenty different piercings, probably held multiple orgies at her house with her friends and was all around another fat whale which is typical of the common American woman. Looking back the only reason she messaged me was to look for an upgrade from her bottom wrung boyfriend, I put it in my profile that I was attending law school as I will be soon, I already have my Bachelors, and that I hope to be making in excess of $100,000 soon and I guess thats what got this golddigging slut excited.

    But I have finally figured out what ails the sane American male. American females. These women have too much freedom in the US and in western countries in general. The quality of women as a result has just decreased to historic lows. So many are single mothers, prostitutes/escorts, club/party women, alcoholics, been abused as children or teens and messed up in the head now, or just plain messed up cause some American man has put it in their head they are worth something more than they actually are.

    I’m learning that if your smart you will use American women for sex and look for a true and total package type deal overseas in foreign women, but as another comment stated, your best bet is to focus on yourself, career, whatever and leave women in general alone. I have found out a great majority of females in the world are liars, cheaters, stealers, overweight, obese, compulsive, unintelligent, users, gold diggers, emotionally and psychologically unstable, unattractive for the most part after they remove their tons of makeups, they let themselves go, vindictive, promiscuous to the point they are Petri dishes for STD’s, and they are only after upgrading their relative position and status by dating the next best guy they can find.

    It’s sad what American and western countries has turned into, all the divorce, the court decisions which favor females over males in terms of alimony and child support payments, and men paying all their hard earned money for a woman who hasnt done anything (living expenses – see LA Dodgers owner and his recent divorce from a oppurtunist feminazi).

    In closing just stay away from the fat whorish American and western women. Travel and see the world and acquire riches and the whores will be around like they always are. American women are the lowest form of scum in the galaxy or even universe.

    “You’ll lose a lot of money chasing women, but you’ll never lose women chasing money.”

    • MarineI Infantry says:

      You are so right man.The ethics and morals are gone.I seriously have thought of all of this aswell and see it everywhere it seems.I am sickened by our society so much I am thinking of moving out of the USA and going over seas.I need to find me a sweet,loyal,faithful farm girl that hasnt been corrupted by Hollowood,American fucking idol or dancing with the shems.The loyalty and faithfullness seems obsolete.Your right man,money,power,knowledge is all we should be aiming for.Maybe if there is an after life we will have that dream girl that will have those old school ethics and morals.I will keep searching tho when i get overseas.

  152. musicman212 says:

    Yes, our American women are way too big.

    On one of my previous memberships with that site, I did a gag testimonial by a female , which got me banned again until the next century:

    “I’m 5’5″, am listed as Athletic and I weigh in at a dainty 225 pounds. That’s right, I’m the one who won the Twinkie eating contest at the County Fair last year. I was able to get that 36th Twinkie down, and right at the buzzer”.

    The ban was done by moderator “Cowboy”,….you know, the guy who looks like an extra from the movie Deliverance.

  153. Jimmy says:

    POF does=plenty of fat fucks.I got tricked by this girl who was very attractive and when we met she was like 350 fucking pounds.I ran from the car and she chased me yelling get back here waving around her wig out her window.She was bald,angry and possibly very hungry.I still have nightmares from this night.Online dating is fucking bullshit.To many little girls and damaged goods.To many stuck up girls and fat mama jama lardies looking for the man of there dreams but yet its ok for them to be morbidly obese and a bitch?Fuck that this world needs to get nuked.

  154. abroadman says:

    Let me add to all the posts about women from over seas! general women from over seas are looking for a free ride to the USA..especially the ones on dating sites talking to western men..YES! they are slimmer than american women and more level headed and not as trashy BUT!..the money factor still remains!..finding a woman over seas that likes you for you!.would be a chore! way is to spend time in the country and meet a woman who is not on a dating site and is just working a job with her family and get to know her slowly!..but that takes a certain amount of financial means and time…notice!..the women you will meet over seas will most likely be the poor third world ones who will not admit to not being that attracted to you as a person because they think you have the money to get them somewhere so they just play the nice respectfull woman part!

  155. Sam says:

    Some Funny comments guys!!

    Im from the UK and it seems pof British women are the same as over in n.america

    Dasically full of fat, ugly single mothers who are jobless sponging on the state waiting for their rich romeo to come and pay the bills

    few attractive stuck up whores who get about 100 messages a day

  156. Ryan says:

    You know I try to stay away from this site but I can’t help myself. I just keep finding out things that bother me about women and the online dating crap. Why can’t women tell the truth? Like why do they say everything is okay when it’s not? Then later they text the hell out of their friends or talk with their friends about how much guys suck and how we don’t get it and blah blah blah? Yeah, last time I checked, potential relationships are about give and take. If you don’t want to give anything or have anything to give then you don’t have the right to take anything. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

    I met some chick from POF who you could easily tell had a rough past with guys. She was dying to flatter herself every chance she could. During the date, she didn’t talk hardly at all so I would be talking 80% of the time and that’s not psychologically fitting on a date. it was almost like she wanted me to read her mind. I was nothing more than a gentleman to her and did the courteous things. So after like 30 minutes, she said “Oh sorry I don’t have much to say.” Well as soon as I said that I would offer to pay for the bill, all the sudden she just flourished and became more talkative.

    Then after she was bothering me for a while by talking about her ex boyfriend who moved to Hawaii, I said “Well how bout we just pay separate tonight since you’re unsure if this is a real date?” Then she got kinda disinterested from there and was asking me if she did anything wrong and tried to be more flirty after that. Go figure. So she goes from being real quiet and acting bored to talkative and flirty, all in 1 hour. Then after that whenever I would e-mail her or IM her she would not respond and just sign off after a while. Gotta love the women in America today. They sit back, analyze every little detail, expect you to read them, and then when you say what they want to hear or give them what they want, they turn into a different person.

    Every week, I keep finding more reasons why lots of decent guys out there don’t want to get married. I don’t blame them for being smart.

  157. Stan says:

    I find it funny that there are some women on there who have been there for like 4 or 5 years (I tried the site back in 2005 and I still recognize some of them). It seems to be even worse now though, its almost impossible to get any responses at all!

    I think the vast majority (99%+) of the women on this site are really just looking for a guy with a load of cash to bail them out. Very low.

    • Daniel says:

      Like I said “it’s the bird in the hand” They don’t want to settle for one of the hundreds of guys that have messaged them, they apparently think that if they wait long enough some 22 year old, 6 foot, latino model that drives a ferrari will message them.

      And it’s definitely true about the gold digging part. If you put down that your job was cashier at McDonalds you’d be ignored, but if you posted that you were doctor that made 2 million a year you’d suddenly have an inbox full of messages.

  158. joe says:

    POF really does suck. They deleted my account, I have no idea why.

    They don’t give any warning or anything, I created a new account but that was deleted too.

    I suggest using a different free dating website.

  159. leetsoup says:

    I’ma delete my account right now! a plethora of fatties is all it is really, I’ve gotten quite a few responses but damn all these girls want to talk about are themselves or their kids, they reply but will not further a conversation on their part. i have yet to be contacted first and thus i’m sayin screw this shit, and i was only lookin for friends anyways. markus ur a fuckin dork

  160. pof sucks says:

    For lack of a better way to put it, pof is the final resting place for jaded hearts that have given up on love… at least as far as women are concerned. You can’t believe the sweet intentions they express in their profiles, women on that site are severely incompetent emotionally. There just aren’t words to explain adequately how very psychologically screwed up that the women there truly are. It isn’t just one or two, it’s all of them.

    There are mysteries in this life that you just can’t explain and one of those mysteries is… because that site somehow attracts the absolute unequivocal scum of the female gender. You very literally could find a higher quality person in a bar than you could on that site. It truly is a sewer.

  161. AbsolutePureEvil says:

    I really gave POF a shot you know, I worked really really hard on a great and interesting profile! i had awesome pics of myself and a great storyline for a beautifully funny profile with just a touch of being endearing.. I a flippin’ being HONEST on there, all I’d mostly get was ‘read deleted’ or just a forever in my sent messages ‘read’ it would be nce a month I’d get an email telling me how much they loved my profile then just suddenly stop responding because they found someone with a prettier picture

    I am a very lighthearted person and POF has totally killed my will for even trying to cheer my ass up…

    It has actually depressed me… online dating is a stupid and unsuccessful concept, it should be porn and escorts online only

  162. pof-pew pew says:

    UK PoF member here, joined a few days ago and found this site by googling read/delete PoF. Have to agree with everyone here, in the little time i’ve been on there. Same old read/delete, damn, i even replied to some minger out of politeness and got read/delete and couldn’t have been any more -normal- in what i wrote to her. Am now adjusting my profile to get my thoughts across on what bullshit/bitches are on there, wondering how long till i get kicked..we will see!

  163. i hate plenty of fish says:

    your all right about the women on that site they are nothing but a bunch of stuck up fruits. they say they are looking for a nice guy and dah dah dah dah and when you message them respectfully your message gets read and deleted or just unread and deleted? what the fk is up with that because clearly its not just a nice guy they are looking for? and has anyone noticed that you cant block a member from messaging you unless they reply back? so basically you have to bend over and get screwed right up the ass and deal with getting there ignorant response in accordance to you expressing how you feel about what they did which gives them the chance to block you first. lol that site is waaaay fkin backwards man im tellin ya.

  164. TheCoder says:

    I did an experiment and made 5 fake accounts with with pics taken from They were rated 2/10, 4/10, 6/10, 8/10 and 9/10 with the same basic information for each profile.

    Then I wrote a Python script to send out 40 messages from each account, here are the results:

    The account rated 2/10 got 0 messages and 0 replies from 40 messages
    The account rated 4/10 got 0 messages and 0 replies from 40 messages
    The account rated 6/10 got 0 messages and 2 replies from 40 messages
    The account rated 8/10 got 4 messages and 10 replies from 40 messages
    The account rated 9/10 got 25 messages and 36 replies from 40 messages

    So there you have it! Unless you are at least a 8/10 in looks this site is really a waste of time because the women are so shallow. Something else I found interesting was the fact that women complain so much about sending lame messages when they are the ones sending the lamest messages of all! Most of the messages I got were from older morbidly obese women with kids and usually consisted of a few words and sometimes even just 1! Half of them could hardly type a coherent sentence.

  165. Fernando says:

    I agree with all the above. I’m pretty good looking, in excellent shape, and have a good job. Realistically you’d think I’d have my pick of women on the site and yet I can barely get a woman to acknowledge me.

    I messaged over 50 women, got 3 responses. Of those 3, one gave me her number, we had texted for awhile, every time I mentioned meeting up in person, she had an excuse. Finally I called her out on making excuses she gets mad I never hear from her again.

    I decided to test out my theory. I made three fake profiles. One from an average looking guy with an average paying job.

    One using a friend who was an undiscovered model.

    And one using a thirty-three year old guy who was a doctor.

    It was just like I thought. The average guy got no messages and got ignored. The model got 87 messages. The doctor got 58 messages.

    A majority of the women who messaged the model were overweight, single mothers in their 30s

    I replied to all the women who messaged the doctor, asking them if they only messaged me because I was a doctor. They all said no, then I said, good because I’m not really a doctor. They all mysteriously disappear.

    Never again will I waste time on a site like pof. A majority of the women are 4/10 or less and they still act like they are too good for guys like me. From now on I will stick to meeting women in person, I advise all other guys to do the same.

  166. john says:

    the only way to fix the pof site is to charge $50 to $100 dollars a month for both men and women to be on the site. then that would keep the %98 street trash,fakes,loosers,flaky men and women who ruin it for the rest off the site!.

  167. Michael says:

    I couldn’t agree more with all these postings – this site absolutely sucks for guys! I can’t come up with one conceivable way in which the average male can so much as get a response. Sure, if you lie that you’re a millionaire or put up a pic of a male bodybuilder, you may get a few emails. But are these really the type of women you want? If I was going to lie about myself to get women, it would be for very attractive women – not the trash on POF!! Funny story – I signed up for this site a few months ago in a fit of boredom one night and sent out about 10 introductory emails. Believe it or not, I actually got a response from one woman. I didn’t know at the time that this was the equivalent of putting a man on the moon! We exchanged flirty emails over a couple of weeks and she even gave me her cell number and asked me to call her. Sounds good, right? Not exactly. After trying her a few times and always getting her voicemail, I left a very light and flirty message. Never heard back. Called a few days later with another light mesaage and left my number. Never heard back. After logging in the next day, I see she removed me from her favorites list and deleted all my old emails. I guess I deserved it – after all I called her after she asked me to call her! This situation exemplifies the typical games that women like to play. What the hell is wrong with these women?!! I’m throwing in the towel on POF and will only focus on meeting women in the real world. Of course that means I’ll have to be intentionally vague and pretend to be 110% financially independent. Yes, POF definitely sucks, but it is a microcosm of society in general. Lots of crazy, unstable, STD-carrying gold-diggers and liars. Good luck meeting that proverbial nice girl – may I suggest Fantasy Land?!! Just don’t be fooled by the media and those absurd Hollywood comedies where the pretty girl is always seeking a “nice normal guy”. One problem – nice normal girls DO NOT EXIST any more and even if they did, they certainly wouldn’t be looking for nice guys! I have to learn how to become a prick…wish me luck!!

    • outoffreshfish says:

      yes i agree with the above comments about plenty of crap. I live in Scotland and i tell you the women on there are small minded, all there profiles are the same dross saying i’m into all types of music but they like dance, with the same pics as every other chick on that shite, nothing unique about them at all?
      Now i can’t argue about Markus the site owner its his business and hes laughing all the way to the bank.
      But the women where i live in the small narrow minded country called scotland is full of fatties with kids, so called women with degrees that can’t spell, or they all like the same music and all list the same interests as all the other women on that site, its stale, its BORING and the majority of the women are delusional with there high expectations that they won’t get, theres no diversity on that site.
      Yes i am a rocker sadly for me theres nothing on that site for me.
      Scotland is shite on this site mind you Scotland is shite full stop.

      • cybury says:

        don’t think Scotland has a monopoly on all that. we have the same trashy women here in canada too. as a mater of fact the fat chick with 7 kids from 8 different fathers syndrome seems to be a western culture thing now.

    • Danny says:

      Judging by her actions, I take it she wanted you to call her, let the voicemail pick up your call, and then listened to your messages just so she could hear your voice and somehow piece together the voice with your pictures and create the next Brad Pitt in her mind…… only it didn’t “click” that way for her, so she rejected the idea of dating you.

      Women are seriously picky bitches, and they are going to be alone for a loooong time

  168. lol @ pof girls says:

    I had to share this here. Even though this is from a girl’s profile on Craig’s List it reminds me **SO** much of the girls I’ve seen on POF.

    I’m going to quote the entire thing, you have to read all of this to appreciate it.

    “Bella seeks Edward

    Okay, so you can tell by the title I love Twilight…if you don’t that’s fine just don’t make fun of me for it.

    I am looking for someone to love me like that, wholly and completely. I want to be the most important thing to you and you to me.

    I am a 29 year old professional white woman. I am 5’6 with long black/brown hair and pale skin. Also, I am cute and curvy/bbw so if you want a skinny mini save your time and stop reading now.

    I am trying to get myself into a regular exercise routine but really need some motivation, and would love someone to walk with or take hikes with etc.

    I am a photographer by trade and am out of town a few times a month often told only the day before, so you would need to understand that. And, I shoot weddings on the weekends so you might not see me often on Saturdays in June.

    I am a funny, witty, vibrant woman. I love to love and know how to make you feel special and wanted and am seeking the same in return. I love life and am overall a happy geek who is comfortable in her own skin. I am silly, very kind, and know how to cook as well.

    My Criteria is as follows, ( I’m not bitchy…just a little picky and don’t want to waste anyone’s time)

    Please be:
    White or Asian ( Not racist just my preferences…Indian is Indian btw…Asian is Japanese etc)

    I prefer slim and/or athletic builds ( sorry dude only one of us can be fat lol)

    Above 5’10” ( if you’re a cute Asian Dude this can be amended..think Asian Conan!)

    Shower Daily 🙂

    Have a full time job and be college educated.

    A BIG PLUS if you’re artsy or nerdy…mmmmm

    Have your own car, house, and be stable…I am.

    Be kind and understanding, and very affectionate.

    Be faithful (NO cheats)

    Be a patient person, no violent tempers.

    I would prefer someone “Spiritual but not religious”

    No bible thumpers or right wing nut jobs ( This means if you watch “Fox News” stop reading)

    No rednecks or Nascar fans, I don’t like 4 wheelers or hunting or any of that nonsense

    If you have children I am perfectly fine with that.

    You must like animals, I have cats and like dogs, ferrets etc.

    Please be between 30-43.

    I hope to hear from you soon, your pic gets mine but you don’t have to send one at first if you’re shy…just eventually. I would like to start with emails, IM’s and move to the phone over the course of a few weeks.



    Especially you should take notice of it where she said she’s a BBW but only one of you can be fat (her) because you have to thin and athletic. And you have to have a full time job, be college educated, and have your own house… All of this from a fat chunky chick that thinks she is Bella looking for her Edward.

    Women are, what’s the word, BATSHIT INSANE!!!

  169. ronniegarfield says:

    Its really a joke.. Relationships are all a ton of luck, and the older you get , the harder it gets. i’am 35 and its tough. I have adecent job and stuff. but you gotta have those good looks. Even if the girls fat, they still want those looks. Also, fat girls these days get more good looking dudes that jennifer aniston and pamela lee.. I see more heavy set girls are stuck up now more than ever cause they get guys.. I can go on and on…. Its not our faults guys. its just that its tough society today. No morals and even living in a frigging recession, they still want guys who make 1000$ a yr stuff.

    • cybury says:

      no matter how fat and ugly a chick is there is always some looser guy willing to play hide the salami with her. Unfortunatly though these tend to be one night stands while the female thinks its love for life. Nothing more than the monthly oil change

  170. ronniegarfield says:

    ever hear of trying the grocery store thing? no way. girls are there to shop for food not guys. trust me. unless your good looking. 99% of all girls at markets are frigging married anyway..

  171. Russelssays says:

    Plenty of fish sucks I was on 1 before with no luck took some time off then got back on big mistake had my profile and picture still no luck changed it a fews time still nothing it gose to show the female picks the male I had emailed a bunch of times nothin the either never read them or they did and deleted it I dont understand if the women like doing all these kind of outdoor things why are the on the computer looking for dates they are way to picky for my tastes if they had to pay for this they would not be so picky I have seen profile that they said the guy needs to have a six pack or even worse make at least 150 thousand a year give e a break

  172. Ron says:


    I’m about ready to give up POF myself, although I do not participate in the forums; I mainly use it for dating purposes. And let me tell ya… if you’re a fan of rejection, Plenty of fish is the place to be!

    I’ve sent out maybe a few hundred e-mails and it would never fail….. “Read” “Read Deleted” or “Unread Deleted” all without a response; and not one single date was ever grasped from there.

    Most of the tramps on POF are not looking for true love, and if they are it has to be “Mr. Right” (Mr Yeah Right!) The overpaid jerk that has 3 degrees, a hummer, yacht, and a big house.

    Now I have come to the conclusion that most of the broads are there for an ego boost, and I’ll tell you why… The reason why, is because in the online world rejecting a man is so much easier, fun, more convenient and low risk than it is in the real world.

    You’re better off meeting women in public, you have a much greater chance of scoring a phone number or even a date than you do than some of that trash on Plentyoffish.

    • Danny says:

      And most of that trash isn’t even worth rummaging through. Seriously, I have seen quite ENOUGH profiles with headlines of “No Expectations” or “Just Looking”. These broads aren’t serious whatsoever, and most of them are ugly to boot.

      I totally agree about public meetings. It is sooo much better to randomly hit on a girl in public. Just this past weekend, I was at the movie theatre, and within a theatre of about, I’d say, 30 people, about 15-20 were girls. Very GOODLOOKING girls, for the most part, I might add.
      My point with that, is that…. you would NEVER, EVER find these same girls on a dating site. The ones you do find are the ones you’ll never see in real-life. Just something to ponder.

      I finally got an initial contact message last night, at 3 oclock in the morning. I had just gotten in an hour before from a late shift, and was actually startled and dumbfounded to see a message in my inbox from PlentyofFish!

      So I clicked on the message, and before even reading the contents, all I saw was this enormously fat cow that looked liek she needed an oxygen tank just to breathe, holding up a (what looked like) tiny camera in that giant hand like it was about to be crushed.
      The message wasn’t even anything to sneeze at. Girls whine about how guys don’t write Shakespearean novels to them on initail contacts, yet it’s perfectly fine for this morbidly obese person to write a one liner with a smiley face and expect miracles to happen.

      Now, I’m a goodlooking guy and I have my standards, i’m not trying to be mean. She can have the greatest personality, but I’m not into her if I have to kiss a beached whale.

      So I politely thanked her for taking interest and rejected her in a calm fashion and wished her luck. What does she do? Read/Delete… not that I blame her, or expect much else to occur after that point, but by her not giving back a quick “Ok thanks” reply, and just instigating “read/delete”, she seems like the same shallow bitch that wouldn’t message a guy taht’s a bit chunkier himself…. she only wants the top dog, the whoel enchilada, the creme de la creme. Soooo, she’s shallow just like a lot of gorgeous women… but this one was just hideous, that’s all.

      Why are these the only kinds of girls I attract?

  173. Sim Sood says:

    As a guy , i’ve been a lonely guy and gave pof a shot . I thought how its popular around Canada i might get lucky. I put the best looking pics of myself , be honest and let women know who i really am . So many women have viewed but don’t bothered to contact me. I message them but either they read it no reply , read-delete or unread – delete. Women are so harsh on guys. It’s bull crap. And recently a girl messaged me and i thought she would be interested in me ; she’s beautiful , smart and very ambitious. I thought my prayers have been answered. I messaged her back and try to get to know her but all the she sudden stop messaging me. I was so pissed and little bit depressed. I’m not gay or anything but Women are so evil towards guys and Women have high standards . And also most of them are s-holes weather she looks nice . Guys if you have one , put urself out there but don’t check it too often , your going to set yourself for disappointment. And finally things like Intimate encounters don’t work lol. It’s hard to find love due to women being shallow and gold diggers.

    • DAN says:

      I’m agreeing with Sim’s assessment of the POF situation.
      There are a lot of women signed up with POF who are looking for someone to fight with. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel for the women. There are lots of nice guys who are ready and willing to honestly explain themselves; a lot of women hunting for millionaires. Many have read a book about hunting for ’em. One of their catch phrases is about loving anything on the water – trying to snag yacht owners and fat cats on permanent vacation. POF has revealed, unintentionally, just how cruel it and the ‘ladies’ can be. Yes, POF sucks, like a giant vacuum cleaner.

  174. ronniegarfield says:

    theres proof.. fat chicks are mean and cruel and look down on people and have higher standards and more confidence than jenna jameson or pamela lee..

  175. Danny says:

    Just another update, guys.. and it’s just a mere observation.

    I’ve noticed the little annoyances about POF that truly do make the site so incredibly pointless.

    I entered in a varied search criteria on the absolute borderline of what I’m looking for in a person (age range, distance radius, etc) and selected “Last Viewed” as the ordering option for the profiles. After getting ALL the way down ONE page (about 16 profiles per page), and examing each and every profile along the way, I deducted that I’d MAYBE consider messaging 2 of these women at the most. (and even then, it’s a gamble… it’s almost like I MAKE myself feel that way just so i can convince myself that the site is useful and WILL work for me)

    But here’s where I really started to put things into perspective.
    If I was out at a social gathering, and I was in a room ful of 20 females, and 18 were extremely attractive and had personalities, and the other 2 were these same women on POF, I would NEVER resort to giving them a second glance, let alone ask them out.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve given off a desperate vibe. I may delete my account very soon, because it just does NOT work for anyone that is serious about dating.

  176. Paul from UK says:

    Hi everyone,

    Before I joined the site a year ago, I was reading about how bad the site was for men and really did think it was stupid guys being bitter and angry. Let me tell you my eyes was opened big time and really amazed at how superficial women on that site could be. Which I’m not talking about stunning looking women but very obese women or women with children who think they are somewhat entitled to a rich 6 foot + athletic men to fall at their feet and most profiles are fill with such shopping lists.

    Every single negative thing people say about that site is so true and just pop over to the forums, I’ve never come across a forum on a dating site before where it is filled with over the top judgemental women that act all high and mighty and will insult men all the time.

    As far as I am concerned, that is one dreadful site filled with female cancer that society has no use for.


  177. Julie Robertson says:

    Noticed most people comments are by men and I’ve got to agree you guys completely about the majority of women on pof are bad news. Two male friends at work joined that site and both was telling me about unread/read deleted messages and being rejected over ludicrous things like being three centimetres under mandatory height requirements that most women have and other petty things that do not even come on the radar in real life.

    I changed the settings so I was looking for a women as a man just to see what women’s profiles was like in the area, well the sheer amount of women’s profiles that have unrealistic requirements is alarming as if they are so special that men should bow down and kiss their backsides.

    Guys there is some of us women who want to find happiness but plenty of fish is not for that.

  178. Supremo Lagarto says:

    It is true that a large ratio of the female profiles are fake, many are duplicated throughout the site (sometimes even in the same state). It is also true that if you report one of those profiles for any type of violation your own profile will be pulled. However, there are real women using the site. One cannot emphasize enough the safety issues involved with meeting strangers on a site like POF.

    The site is not just a waste of time for men, but it can be dangerous. I had nice looking woman contact me on the site a few months ago. She said she had just gotten through a difficult relationship and was looking to turn her life around. We talked for a few days and she asked to meet me at a motel. I used her email address to look up her my-space page, which revealed her true name and the fact that she was married (and she was throwing gang signs in her photos). Then I used her real name to do an offender search. She had just been released from prison for trafficking in stolen property and drug smuggling. My guess is that if I had met her at the motel she would not have been there and I would not have returned home. I reported this, her profile was never deleted. Fortunately, she is now a fugitive from justice and has absconded to a different state.

    And this is just one of several similar experiences I’ve had dealing with this site in the last few years. The only pleasant experiences I’ve had were with women who really did show interest in me and wanted a relationship. However, those women always turned out to be married or engaged to someone else!

  179. freedomlost says:

    I read so many of these statement and its so surpising that so many men have same opion, even couple of women agree . My?s is are women not right in the head ,are they lost in a world of thier own where men will never go . I think they been watching to much tv and movies and beleive what they were watching as if it was all true.> women ,not all mind you, seem to be stuck in a dream state . they need to get back to reality ,no wonder theres so many single women , what man in thier right mind have any kind of relatioship with these kind on women !!!!

  180. DAN says:

    Hi. My name is Dan. I was an active member on and off with POF. I don’t think I ever met a lady through POF.
    After several years with POF, I decided to try to expedite things; shake the tree a bit by contacting many of the ladies POF put in my ‘Matches’ list. I was trying to thin down the possibilities. Many of those POF had put in my ‘Matches’ list were not remotely a ‘match’. Though I had made it clear that I didn’t want to meet ladies that had no photos, I still got these un-imaged people. I wrote to them too, telling them I thought it was a poor decision to put an ad in POF without at least one photo.
    I don’t know exactly what happened the, but obviously some POF rep stepped in and disconnected my membership, without warning or notice of what had happened or why. That was not cool, fair or right. I’m agreeing with those who feel that the Plenty Of Fish site sucks. The originator is no saint, he’s pulling in a tidy sum monthly from the site. I’m rather hoping bad things come his and his group’s way. They’ve operated on a double or triple standard for a long time. The concept of true fairness has escaped them and their policies.
    If I’m slapped, I should be able to slap back without any consequences at all. Yes, POF sucks.

  181. Richard says:

    Plenty of Trash is more accurate. I’m waiting for Dr. Phil to do a show on some of these emotionally unstable women who use POF as a way to vent their aggressions after they get off their meds.

    If you never met anyone through POF then consider it a blessing these females are horrible people inside and out. Help yourself and find someone normal and local.

  182. Finally free says:

    Closed my account tonight

    Conclusion–many of the women on POF, it seems crave attention, boring and in one case, one woman was on it for 2 years. Men, please do not use this site (unless you crave fat women, with many kids or the over 40 kids are grown, husband left for the hot secretary types). Oh yeah, avoid dating coaches and speed dating. I tried speed dating, same result, fat women or women who just want attention because they don’t get any at work or from thier husbands. I am decent looking, have a stable income etc. I will try the real world!

  183. Troy says:

    My God, what a waste of time. I did get quite a bit of action over the winter months, but from what? Psychotic, unstable single mothers and one night-stands.

    Now it’s the summer and that site is making me feel like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I am considered a good-looking man by many in real life.

    Alot of the female profiles on there are just angry rants about being screwed over by “Bad Boys”. So what are they looking for is a “Nice Guy” to clean up the mess.

    Unfortunately I live in a farm town where many of the umm “women” are…”Yard Apes” so I must look to the bigger centers that are relatively close.

    And picky, like many of you said before, it’s Ms. Hamburger looking for Mr. Sirloin

    I’ve got to get to Europe or S.E Asia and find a quality woman that I deserve.

    • Ron says:

      lol. I think that’s funny when they rant about the “bad boy”…. but what do they do after getting screwed by the bad boy? They date more bad boys!

      I also think it’s funny when those morons will say “if you want to know anything else, just ask!” Yeah, you end up asking and it never fucking fails, YOU GET IGNORED!

      You can send the most interesting, funny, original and thoughtful messages and they still end up getting thrown into the abyss with the rest of the messages they ignore; It’s never good enough, I mean what do these shallow assholes really expect? Brad Fucking Pitt? God Damn, it’s so Frustrating.

      • D-FENS says:

        I agree, it so hard to please people these days. I don’t really try to please people on my profile, I just put the truth about me so they know what to expect, I don’t know what good it’ll do.

    • cybury says:

      more like leftovers looking for prime rib

  184. Fernando says:

    The quality of the messages mean nothing. When I used my real profile I sent out well thought out, funny messages that asked questions directly from their profiles all that were either read or read/deleted.

    And yet the fake model and doctor profiles I sent out poorly written one liners with blatant spelling errors and yet all but two women replied back.

    Just goes to show you, the women really don’t care about personility, only what he looks like and how big his bank account is.

  185. ronniegarfield says:

    i gave up on dating sites and trying to get a girl. its not worth it anymore. too much work. I look at it this way. if you over 30 and dont have a girl. chances are you wont ever i mean ever get one. or the right one… or the one you want. Alot of guys are so needy and desperate of being alone, they settle for anything they can get… Iam not going out like that. I started alone and i can end up alone.

  186. Mark Taylor says:

    Plenty of fish = obese women, single mothers or just ignorant and arrogant women that think they are “IT” when they are not, which does make me laugh when they keep going for same piece of shit bad boy again and again then whine in their profiles about “where is all the good men”.

    If your a decent guy looking for a decent woman to compliment your life, plenty of fish or any dating websites are not for you as women don’t want you (unless you have money or will treat them like dirt).

    I’ve met a couple of women from plenty of fish and their attitudes are dreadful and you can understand why they only ever end up with scum.

  187. GE says:

    There was a time when I thought I was alone in my way of thinking about POF, apparently that is not the case. After reading the comments on here I can only say Amen! The site is horrendous, but fellas, it’s not your fault, we truly face an uphill battle on that site. And the older they get, the more baggage that comes with them. From what I can tell you have several types of women on that site, the least of which are actually relationship material. There’s the gold diggers, the hopeless romantics, the overweight divas, the divorced divas, the single mothers, the insane and the girl we would all like to meet which is the rarest of all on the site. Like everyone else, I have my share of horror stories from there and I’ve realized that you can’t trust what you read guys. Most of these females do not have what it takes to build a sound relationship. Do yourself a favor and do it the old fashioned way in a lounge, the beach, anywhere that you can talk to a woman face to face, avoid online dating like the plague. Live your life guys, earn money, travel, laugh with the boys, stay in shape and keep yourself going, the one you’re looking will eventually show up.

  188. D-FENS says:

    I’ve joined and no luck at all. Most the people on there are mean. I asked one person why she didn’t have a photo, and all she said was “please don’t”.

    I got blocked from a few people because I sent lame messages like how are you. I’m completely lost. One person I who lives in my area, I sent her a message but no luck there, she stopped communicating with me after a couple messages and she probably blocked me, if so, I’ll never know. I only joined to meet people and to hang out with someone, basically to make a friend because I have none. I hate mean people and I hate having autism/Asperger’s. It’s much worse when you don’t have social skills. Life sucks!

  189. freefromtheabyss says:

    Well its been three weeks now since i deleted my account from the polluted waters of plenty of pish.
    Since my time away from online dating on a whole i finally have my sanity back and my confidence in people in general.

    I will not use internet to find the one for me no way i had a lovely chat with a lady at a local supermarket talking about music festivals now it was only just chat nothing to get carried away my point is i couldn’t even talk to a woman on plenty of pish like how i had that chat with that nice woman in the supermarket.

    I have also been chatted up in a bar recently ok she wasn’t my type but it has proved to me that i can be approachable and theres no chance of READ/DELETE MAIL now haha so i’m taking my chances in the real world not this cyber malarky called the internet and especially internet dating every site is the same the only difference was that plenty of pish was free and just as well.

    I was mortified at what these women were looking for in their long list of requirements and how many of you’s noticed that the majority of the womens profiles had the same lists of what they like doing ie bungee jumping, white water rafting, skiing with james bond, music preference kings of leon oh i have a big batch elors degree and stuck up beam me up snotty bitches?
    Even the fatties are stuck up WTF?


    Rant over.

    I’m free i’m free run away run away.

  190. EA says:

    I’m glad there’s a place to voice my opinion. It mirrors so many of the posts above. The women are often single moms and misrepresent themselves. Last weekend I met for lunch one woman who seemed cool. I should have known with her pics being all head shots, no full body shots. Talked on the phone & via text, seemed way cool. Described as “a few extra pounds” which can mean plus-size or a little chubby (like Trisha Yearwood or Oprah who are slightly overweight but beautiful women). Anyway….she walks in the restaurant and she was GIGANTIC! I was a gentleman about it and we actually had a nice lunch but I knew this would be the first and only date with her. Thankfully she hasn’t been bugging me since. But really disappointed—’cause if she’d been only chubby instead of morbidly obese she’d be a good-looking gal.

    I’m at the point of deleting my profile and never going back to POF. I probably get the fewest replies because I’m blunt in my profile. I flat out say that I’m “not looking to be anyone’s sugar daddy.” At least I’m not wasting my time & money with potential gold-miners.

    The single mothers on the site are looking for someone to father their kids. Sorry, maam but I’m not interested. You may CLAIM you’re not looking for a stepfather to marry and get child support if the relationship was to tank later on—-but we all know that’s a crock.

    And the READ/DELETED thing…..very common. Especially frustrating when they view your profile multiple times a week but won’t respond. Game over. I’m done.

  191. Andy says:

    I met someone through Plenty of Fatties and I gotta tell ya, this woman was so degenerate and awkward that she couldn’t even carry on a conversation more than 30 seconds. After sitting and talking to her in public for about 15 minutes, she clearly had nothing much to say but just wanted to find a guy who would do everything for her. As if I had to be a miracle worker. Oh by the way, it took 3 months to meet her in public after first talking to her. Also, she messaged me first and wanted to meet first but then after a while she kept dodging it when I would bring it up, Go figure.

    Let me just say one thing, Women are smarter than you think they are but they are not as smart as they think they are. Because of that concept, you have to be the asshole to get her attracted to you, push her around and you would be surprised. The girl I met from the site was really fat, had no ambition, showed no emotion whatsoever, and jut looked depressing all around. But as ugly and fat as she was, she was still looking for the 6’0″ Brad Pitt who made $75,000 a year, drove a $30,000 car, and lived on his own. I just laugh at her in the fact that she actually thinks she deserves that kind of guy.

    Then there is the other brand of women on this site, the ones who like to take pics of themselves and think they are hotter than they really are. But then if you start talking to them, they will put themselves down a lot. Very very nutty if you ask me. I should hold a seminar for all women on online dating sites and explain to them that marriage is no fairy-tale ending. And then I would hold a seminar for guys and explain to them to never go after a woman who is a single mother that needs to learn to pay for her pleasure. Men aren’t on this site to inherit a child.

  192. ronniegarfield says:

    how all women want is kids??? isnt there more to life than that?? serious?

  193. cybury says:

    “she was still looking for the 6’0″ Brad Pitt who made $75,000 a year, drove a $30,000 car, and lived on his own.”

    dont fool yourself.. I’m 6’0″ who makes over 75k per year and drives both a 30k car and a 40k truck… own my own home and a boat. the only thing i dont have is brad pitts looks so there isnt a female under 400 lbs or under 35 who would give me a second look.

    but i have two rules, I don’t do fat and i will not date women over 40… if i wasn’t good enough to be the father of your children then I ain’t gonna be your pension plan. I figure the more men with my attitude will mean many women will spend the second half of their lives wondering why they are unwanted lol.

    face it, if you can’t produce a baby and a paycheque what F’n good are you

    so young ones, enjoy life now and have your fun cuz when the uglies eventually hit you (and they always do) you may find yourself very lonely

  194. Plenty of Damaged Goods says:

    Plenty of Damaged Goods, 95% of the women on there are so screwed up they should dig a hole and pull the dirt on top of themselves. Kids, medical issues, ex’s, drug habits, criminal backgrounds, you name it thats whats on there. The other 5% are just bored bimbos at work who are killing time till they get home to their emasculated hubby. Internet dating sucks, just use, women are all whores anyway, at least you get what you really want from a hooker, instead of inane babble from a POF wannabe hooker with nothing to sell but DAMAGED GOODS.

  195. POF stank says:

    Kept a profile on POFreaks for the last 2 years, contacted HUNDREDS of women, out of all that went on a total of 7 POF dates, slept with 3 out of the 6. Out of the 7 all had issues, the last one had a purse full of Prozac, Wellbutrin etc… None were keepers, the 3 I slept with were the kind once you’re done you want them out of the house and never see again. The women on there are bottom of the barrel, generally ugly and fat, and the cute ones are looking for a sugar daddy. I leave the profile up but its to the point where its not worth checking or sending emails anymore.

  196. AmericanWomenAreWhores says:

    @Plenty of Damaged Goods

    So true man, these Western women are only good for screwing. And totally agree with you on the escort thing. If I want poon I’ll pay for it, just like any other service I’ve ever needed. Myredbook[dot]c0m is the best website ever for a single male living in the bay area. Praise the heavens that American women are so easily paid for. Why commit when you can get all the benefits for a lot less money from these American whores? Take care y’all.

  197. POF sucks says:

    I subscribed to Zoosk $30 and I have the same experience. I got like 10 friends but none of them reply back. I never got that. Luckily I found out that Zoosk automatically bills you without your consent, so I know that I have to cancel my subscription. Zoosk really sucked so I tried Plenty of Fish, I”m thinking it’s free social site that might work. I found the problems that I had on Zoosk were the same on POF. I might get a few profile looks from people I messaged. But most of my messages were read/deleted or unread/deleted. Even some girls I found that were average did the same thing. I honestly think the women just want attention. I wrote in my profile I don’t want a casual relationship. I”m looking to get married and have children. I just got my dream job and I’m ready to settle down, but these women on both Zoosk and Plenty of Fish completely ignored me. I didn’t expect mountain of e-mail back, but I sent over 200 e-mails and got one response. After that response I e-mailed back and never heard from her again.

    Women keep complaining it’s hard to find a good man, so I thought I would advertise myself. I’m far from perfect, but I’m ok looking, I keep in shape and have a study job.

    I was really hoping to find my Dream girl, everyone exaggerates on these sites even if I get one date, maybe it’s not worth it. I think I’ll go to Craig’s list and find some easy company.

  198. chad says:

    GUYS!!! you should know by now there is only 2 types of guys american women are interested in today…#1 brad pitt face with a million dollar bank account or tattood dirty looser idiot druggie!..if you fall in between these 2 types you will most likely be alone in the USA

  199. Ron says:

    Well I deleted my POF profile last week, and let me tell ya… I do not regret it one bit!!!

    I found it very insulting having ALL of my messages deleted without any kind of response. Now don’t get me wrong, I never expected a 100% success rate from there but a friendly “not interested” message would of been nice. But they couldn’t even manage to do that.

    I think the Internet has taking a turn for the worst, because I remember back in the late 90’s early 00’s meeting somebody was very simple, I used AOL’s old dating service that they used to offer and always had success getting responses. It’s just not what it used to be.

  200. chad says:

    A good point in the post used to be a lot easier to meet somebody on a dating site even back around 2004-05…i was recently in the state of hawaii and saw all these beutifull island-japanese-philipino women..when i returned home here to the pacific northwest i checked pof profiles for women in hawaii and 98% of the profiles listed in hawaii were of white caucasian women???…not the island-asian women that i saw when i was in hawaii that seemed to me to make up 98% of the pop with that

    • cybury says:

      easy chad

      its the white women that have developed a sense of total self entitlement unlike any other race of women. this has left them very undesirable as marrying material since they have no sense of loyalty and have no concept of giving. its all about them and take take.
      they have no sense of self dignity as they let themselves get lazy and “fat” and justify this by calling themselves Big Beautiful women when all they are is lazy obese and disgusting. They try to make themselves look sexy by slapping cheesy tattooes all over their fat arses. so the answer is simple, there are more white women on dating sites because what sane man would chase after a fat lazy skanky peice of white trash whos only in it for herself.

      thanks for 30 years of anti male feminisim
      its done wonders lol

  201. Danny says:

    uggggh, I don’t mean to bitch and complain here yet again, but I just HAD to vent.

    I don’t get it often, but I JUST recently received the dreaded “Unread/Deleted”. Seriously, I have only gotten this once or twice in my two year run on POF.

    I felt emotionally and socially connected to her profile, so I felt it was worth it to contact her! I spent several minutes coming up with a well thought-out message that included a humourous subject line, several questions of interest about her life, covering common ground between us, and finally introducing myself. I felt so good about this one!

    The fucking cunt deleted my message without even reading it. I am so glad I figured out how shallow she was before ever getting into a relationship for her. Seriously, these girls all have fucking problems. If she’s even remotely goodlooking and on a dating site, that spells instant trouble and is a warning sign. It’s an obvious indication that she’s mentally fucked in the head.

    Girls, tell me something…. do you SERIOUSLY get so much inbox clutter that you don’t know how to handle it? Or are you just a bunch of superficial cunts who go for Brad Pitt looks? Seeing as how this bitch didn’t even view my profile, she is deleting a good potential boyfriend because of a tiny little thumbnail picture, let alone the full-size picture!


    Why is the guy to blame all the time for not “being original” or “creative” yet the girls are shallow ditzy bitches who delete you on a whim? FUCKING ANSWER ME THAT!!

    Dudes…. it’s NOT YOUR FAULT!

  202. Mr.Hell says:

    On a LOT of girls profiles and in the Plenty of Fish forums, a LOT of the women tend to complain that they HATE getting one line messages like “Hi, how are you?”. This results in the message being “READ and DELETED”.
    Okay, fair enough.
    Only problem is(and this is a HUGE problem) when most guys actually write up a beautifully written e-mail and make up an eye grabbing subject line for their e-mail….. it still ends up “READ and DELETED”.

    Only difference is that you put in a LOT of work and thought into your e-mail and got the same response a “Hi, how are you” e-mail would get. READ and DELETED.
    It’s REALLY fucks up your head if you have been on the website for a LONG ASS TIME and have been writing up the best damn e-mails ever and have the best written profile ever and all you get is “READ and DELETED” or just “READ” (with NO response what so ever) or especially the dreaded :

    “UNREAD / DELETED”. What the fuck is that ? Spending so much time writing up an e-mail only to get that is just bull shit.

    The thing is, whenever a guy in the Plenty of Fish forums complains about something like this, it’s automatically HIS fault. Now THAT”S Bullshit !

    a guy could have the BEST photos he can have, the best profile ever, write the best e-mails ever, etc. But if he gets rejected, it’s HIS fault ? The shallow bitch who decided to “UNREAD / DELETE” his message is NOT at fault ? That’s Bullshit.

    I know everyone is entitled to their own personal preference in regards to a mate, but deciding to just “unread / delete” someone is just stupid.

    As far as I’m concerned, most of the women on Plenty of Fish are at Fault.
    How many times have we read a females profile that has stated “I’m just looking for a nice guy ! No players” but when you message her with a very well written e-mail with good intentions, you get “READ / DELETED”?

    How many times have you read a profile which states “NOT looking for sex, so don’t even message me with that. I’m looking for a gentlemen”? But when you message that girl with an e-mail filled with good intentions, you get “READ / DELETED”?

    all the while, women on that site keep complaining about how they can NOT meet a nice guy and they run into nothing but horn dogs that only view them as sex objects. Yet, when a good man with good intentions messages them ,they delete them.
    And the guy is at 100% fault for getting his e-mail deleted ? That’s Bullshit.
    Guys….. IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT.

    In conclusion, Plenty of Fish is bullshit. I think it’s just best to stay away from that site and try to meet NORMAL women (NOT women on Plenty of Fish) in real life instead of P.O.F.

    • Danny says:

      I touched upon this issue a little bit in my post, but you went into finer detail about it. Thank you, Mr. Hell!

      I think we’re witnessing the grand scope of things here.. not just in the online dating community, but in the dating community in general. However way you wanna look at it, there’s no denying that this i the way it is in real life anyway. The women are in charge. That’s NEVER going to change.

      Take a look at the relationships around you. 95% of them aren’t genuine. The large, unattractive woman will accept the douche-bag loser guy because he’ll keep her for sex. It’s a coincidental set of needs and wants.

      I even asked a girl out that I knew for awhile, because I felt we could possibly hit it off given the time and effort invested into it. All she ever did was complain how no guys ever ask her out. But when I did and took her out, she felt the need to be awkwardly quiet the entire time, not speaking an inkling of interesting contribution, until OTHER guys got brought into the conversation. The minute that happened, she was all smiles and told me about how she LOVED these other guys and would LOVE to date them!
      Umm.. EXCUSE ME! I took you out, I paid for our entire date, and I drove you home… these guys don’t give a damn about you!

      But THIS is precisely where the problem lies, and it’s no exaggeration. Guys are picky about looks, and girls say they don’t care about looks, but they do! They’re not willing to give a normal guy a chance if a Brad Pitt look-alike comes long and might possibly HAVE the niceties of the nice guy. But this NEVEr happens.. the girl ends up hurt and vows to NEVER go for a “bad boy” again. BUT THEY DO!

      I’m glad you mentioned the forums. Speaking of which, women made such a big deal decades ago about equal rights.. they should work like the man, play all the sports men do, etc. But the minute women make mistakes, it’s not their responsibility… it gets pinned on the man! So women want all the achievements men get, but don’t want the hardships along the way. Funny how that works!!
      And that’s EXACTLY how those forums are run. It’s the guy’s fault that he’s not getting message responses.

      I would say that 80% of guys on there (at least) ae decent men looking for a relationship. If you’re an attractive girl and still have trouble getting “decent guys” on that site (after considering all the volume of messages you claim to get), then that shows you SERIOUSLY lack a good judge of character and I don’t wanna be with you anyway!

      Finally, “Unread/Deleted” is INEXCUSABLE! I don’t care if you’re Jessica Alba, no one has the right to do that. It should be a requirement to read the messages on POF. Even if a woman is clearly looking for the EXACT opposite of what I am (indicated in her profie), is butt-ugly, AND has just “hey” in the subject line, I would STILL read it. Why? Because it’s the decent thing to do.

      And Mr. Hell.. like you said, no matter HOW in-depth your initai message may be, it will still render the same response. So what’s the difference if I just say “hey, what’s up?”. It salvages any time wasted. But if you say that in the forums, Markus and his man-hater friends will say “oh well you had a typical unoriginal message.. no wonder you get no responses!”

      FUCK OFF!

      • cybury says:

        yup they wanted all the rights without the responsibilities lol

        i often wonder if strangers walk up to markus on the street and punch him in the mouth, I know I would lol

  203. Jason Taylor says:

    Danny and Mr.Hell have said it perfectly and I’ve no idea what country they are from but it matches what the women are like on that site here in England.

    The best way I can describe it is, they basically want Superman with money and he must treat them like dirt. Even the morbidly obese women on there are stuck up and very arrogant with their lists or should I say demands.

    The site is only worth it for bastard guys (or as you Yanks call them, players) as being a decent guy looking for a girlfriend is not going to happen or you`ll be one of the lucky ones.

    Jason (from England, UK)

  204. Danny says:

    To Jason Taylor: I am from Canada, and I can tell you with the utmost confidence that the situaton over here is no better than in the UK, if not worse. Women have this sense that they are “wanted” and “desired” by every single man. What I abolsutely don’t understand for the life of me is why 95% of women (anywhere, not just dating sites) post pictures of themselves in provocative poses and are actually SURPRISED that guys message them! And what do we get labelled as? CREEPS! After all, god forbid you should attempt to strike up a conversation with another human being who shares the same oxygen, water, and planet as you do. What’s going on with this world!?

    Anyways, another thing I have come to realize recently on POF (I know I said numerous times I was going to delete my profile but I just keep convincing myself that the right one will come!) is that the more genuine a profile seems, the more NON-genuine the person actually is. And I think another poster recently touched on this.

    I just messaged a lady who looked and sounded sweet. She was nothing special, just your average girl who seemed very nice, and it was empphasized all throughout hedr profile. I messaged her. I went through th whole tedious process of doing everything I could to NOT be my true self just to get a reply from this women, but taht’s really what 85% of men have to resort to on taht site to get anywhere with a woman.

    So what did I get it? You guessed it.. read/deleted. But I was relieved with great joy…. at least it was “Read” this time before getting deleted.

    It’s simply maddening.

  205. Big_Headache says:

    see if anyone could wrap their mind around this one….
    Towards the end of March, I actually meet this girl off of Plenty of fish towards the end of March 2010.

    Her profile was fantastic and she seemed like a great person.
    Both of us go to the same college and we decided after a few e-mails to meet up and everything seemed great ! so I had a girlfriend !!
    or so I thought….

    On her profile on Plenty of Fish, it stated that she was SINGLE.
    I’ll repeat that again….
    she was listed as SINGLE.

    Well, little did I know, she had a boyfriend who was in prison or rehab or something for doing drugs and being stupid enough to run his car right into a cop car.
    “Smart” guy, huh? LOL.

    To make a long story short, I found out a LOT of weird things about my alleged girlfriend over time. She actually had a criminal record (disorderly conduct and something in relation to heavy drinking).
    Plus, she had quite a few other issues regarding money.

    She told me TWICE about her EX (who wasn’t really her EX, as I would find out later) and how he would do tons of horrible things to her and she just hates him and couldn’t believe that she was with him. She explained that he was a lowlife jerk that she wanted nothing to do with.

    did I mention she’s also a pathological liar ?


    Well, around mid June, that’s when everything changed for the worst. Every time I called her or invited her out around mid-June, she would start to make up excuses so she couldn’t meet me.

    Finally, someone I knew (who also knew her) let it out and stated that her ex-boyfriend (who was still actually her boyfriend, as I would find out later on) had gotten out of prison or rehab around mid-June and had already contacted her.
    I didn’t take to kindly to this news. Unfortunately, it was VERY true.

    I tried calling her, tried texting her, got nothing.
    She did NOT return any of my messages.

    Well, guess what?
    I later found out she got ENGAGED to the guy TWO weeks after he was released.
    For extreme obvious reasons, I decided to pretend as if she had never existed.

    Plenty of fish sucks.
    a lot.
    is the story over?
    I might not be….
    today, I saw her walking around campus with this guy who (from photos that were shown to me) is DEFINITELY the same guy who was in prison / rehab/ wherever the hell he was locked up for several months.

    I hate Plenty of fish…..
    (don’t worry, as far as I’m concerned, she never existed).

  206. john says:

    JUST FOR THE RECORD!..there is no way in hell that me or any guy that had a lot of money would consider any of those tramps on pof for a wife or girlfriend!..dream on pof girls if you are expecting to find a gent with money on that site!

  207. AmericanWomenAreWhores says:

    I’ve given up on American women. They lost all respect for themselves once they wanted to become like men. Now I just pay to fuk em just like when I pay to get my 3,000 mile service. Truth is Western women are all wh0res and should be treated as such. Whether I feel like a spinner, curvy, fetish type, whatever type women or mood, I get whatever I want and its a lot less cheaper than a girlfriend (not too mention you can pretty much live out your fantasies with these uninhibited escorts, and they pretty much have to be cleaner than having a girlfriend who constantly cheats on you anyway, because an escorts life is nothing but $ex, and if the goods are damaged, no ones buying, amirite?) try getting your girlfriend into a 3 some with another woman, no chance, but it happens easily with a couple escorts) I have plenty to pick from on the locals escort website. Prostitution is like heaven for me. Not too mention gf’s get old and moldy like bad cheese, while escorts always stay fine and the cream of the crop. It’s a no brainer for any sane man. Stay single fuk various wh0res. Live it up y’all and wrap the jimmy.

  208. From Canada with Fish says:

    So I found this site and read through the replies here and got some great laughs. Actually previous to coming to this site, I deleted my POF profile. Canadian women are just as bad if not worse than American women when it comes to flakiness, phoniness, superficiality, BBW(Big Bad Witches), and the rest of the Femi-nazi characteristics.

    By the time women most white women get in their 30’s, they start looking really hard boiled, especially if they smoke, have kids, etc.

    There are three classes to North American POF women:

    Class A: Le Chateau Bluponitra gold digger social climber fake tan fake tits hag or future hag. She may be rich or a pseudo-rich creature.

    Class B: “I like to travel am down to earth good woman” Oh we all know this type. We think, wow she is pretty and really down to Earth, so I’ll email her. Dudes, unless you are a super model looking guy who has his own money making business, she will not even reply to you.

    Class C: Bang out, pumped out, tons of kids, welfare momma. This woman will spread her legs quicker then you can spread peanut butter on bread. She will usually be fat, stretchmarks, ugly, bitchy living in the bad apartments/townhouses in town. Some are skinny but are crack whore skinny.

    I have had better luck in every day outside of the house environments and even better through friends. I have gotten laid 3 times by online dating site(lavalife and POF) and I have had to lower my standards to women who were 30 to 40 pounds overweight and one of them was a super slut that fucked a different guy everyday. Yes I wore a rubber!

    The women rarely look at good in real life as they do in the picture. I get a laugh at looking at profiles seeing how fucked up these women really are. In the end, they will end up alone old hags who hate men.

    Very rarely, and I mean as rare as real diamonds on a 5 dollar hooker. I have come across two women who were actually pretty and nice in about 6 years of screwing around with these sites, unfortunately, I just wanted a fuck friend and they wanted more.

    The odds of meeting a quality woman is truly going outside of the country or dating someone juts of the boat so to speak.

    So thanks that this POF Sucks site is up.

  209. Ryan says:

    The women on POF are unbelievably picky. I can just pick apart every thing that I have seen or heard from them in their profile or by talking to them. They don’t know the difference between reality, fantasy, and marriage. Marriage is no fairy-tale ending, you can’t make fantasies realities, and the things that people tell you about marriage is the reality.

    So for example, what you see listed as criteria in most of the women’s profiles can sometimes make it seem like they are either selfish and need to learn a lot more when it comes to relationships or they just are in their own little world about how dating works. And any intelligent person can tell that their expectations are developed from what they see in the movies and stupid TV dramas. Or from what they hear from their girlfriend stories, which are usually embellished to begin with.

    The things you can pick apart are:

    1. “I want a man who can support my children.” Selfish statement because if you cannot even support your own children, why would an intelligent man try to do that? Men are looking for someone to date, not children to inherit.

    2. “I don’t want any douche bags, I want to find a nice guy.” Women have themselves to blame for their own happiness, if a guy sees that statement, but then finds out about all the douche bags she has dated, he’s gonna think there is something wrong with her brain.

    3. “I am still searching for Mr. Right.” How original. If you are still searching, then why aren’t you doing your part in giving the guy a chance and communicating when he tries to. You aren’t searching, you are screening, because that’s how the women do the online dating thing. If a guy keeps seeing “Unread, deleted” he’s gonna think she’s not really searching at all.

    4. “I told myself I should give up on guys, prove me wrong.” Oh puleeeeease! Prove you wrong? Is there a test guys are supposed to study for? Why should a guy have to prove himself for a girl to like him? I thought you didn’t like being treated like objects? Huh.

    5. “If you have a good career, your own place, and a nice car, you get points.” And you criticize us for being materialistic and not liking women because of their size. Standards are different that expectations, DUH! How many guys can you think of in this recession/depression with a strong stable career, has his own house (unnecessary to have before marriage in terms of money), and a brand new car? I know I can’t think of too many women with all that. I know I can think of many women who have children, aren’t married, have a cheap car, and are in debt up to their eyes.

    Good riddance to online dating. Online dating, marriage benefits, divorce outcomes, pension plans, custody, jobs that don’t require college degrees, and education jobs, all favor women. LET THE TRUTH BE KNOWN!

    • Nonameneeded says:


    • Danny says:

      Amen is right!!!

      Everyone posting on here has made some tremendous comments, but I don’t think anyone has hit the nail as flat on the head as you have. Girls need to see this rant!

      The point I find particularly alluring is number 4.. “prove me wrong”.

      Since when is a relationship about a guy “proving” himself to a girl? We are all human, nobody is perfect, and nobody should feel, or be, privileged to go out with another person.. no matter how much you may like them. Despite the fact that they may appear to be perfect, everyone has glaring flaws that hide themself from exposure until the time is right. That is precisely why marriages fail. People see only the “perfectness” in each other (especially in terms of looks) and then decide they “love” each other through that.

      To demonstrate, I see girls on facebook with pictures of them and their boyfriends with captions reading “I never thought I could love like this! xoxoxo (heart (heart)”

      What the FUCK is that all about!? You’re going to “love” the asshole druggie guy just becase he’s goodlooking and has a fast car, but you won’t go out with the guy with a hard-working lower-paying job, who doesn’t have the fastest car or his own mansion, but can make you laugh your ass off and make you feel good inside? That guy ALWAYS ends up alone! Because girls deem him “unproven” and “unfit” to be in a relationship. Well fuck off with that!

      I’m telling ya’ man.. I just don’t get how the world works. I’m starting to think that the female gender (as a whole) is the antichrist.

  210. Truth says:

    There should be a link to this website right on the home page of POF. I’m being serious.. Then maybe a guy who is new to that decrepit site would have an idea of what a sea of lunacy he is getting into with the deplorable women who use that site.. In fact, this site should be required reading before you’re able to sign up..

    Anyways, im not new to meeting females on the internet.. Over a period of the last 10 years or so ive met between 200 to 250 females in person on various parts of the internet. The majority of those were off of AOL’s chat rooms and member directory (nobody uses AOL anymore so dont waste your time), and other sites.. I’m a goodlooking guy with good pics and i “know the game” so to speak when it comes to approaching and chatting females up on the internet. Having had a pretty easy time meeting females in this regard i thought it would easy to get girls on there. I was wrong. I’ve met about 10 on there in about 3 years but only about 2 of them are females you would be seen in public with, the other 8 probably live in fear of being shot for being mistaken of being a buffalo.. Ive gotten plenty of phone numbers on there also only to have them never answer my call or text (even if they initiated first contact on POF)..

    To say the females on there are fucking pathetic would really be giving them way to much credit.. The quality of the women on there is about the same quality you would find at a BBW convention in a trailer park..

    To guys reading this, delete your profile like i did and never go back.. Only when worthless American cunts stop getting attention will they wake up and change their shitty attitudes.. I have spoken

    • cybury says:

      “The quality of the women on there is about the same quality you would find at a BBW convention in a trailer park..”


      aint that the truth. yet they still think that they are entitled little princeses

  211. Reality says:

    I am a 27 year old man who has been in the dating scene for a long time now! I have been considered a good looking guy and take care of my body through mma, boxing and doggcrapp training/hardcore bodybuilding “no ladies we do not do this hellish routine to impress you”. But regardless, I have came to the conclusion that in todays society, even the work that goes into talking to ladies to get laid is just not fuckin worth it, let a lone trying to spark a real deal loving relationship! All the texting the whores love to do now days, you trying to see whats up with that, only to be called a control freak in the end. But yet they want a real loving relationship from a guy who cares! Fuckin toons surround us men! See you guys, today we live in a society where American Idol, Dancing with the stars and bullshit like that has completely taken over reality! For instance, the New Moon bs! What guy here doesent know some fat mamma jamma or gimp of a bitch that thinks that is reality and expects you to fly through her fuckin window at night,turn her into a glorious vamp creature, and whisper about never ending buffets in her chubby fuckin ear! You see guys, morals and ethics have declined so much in the USA. The world seems to follow! I am not a holy roller, but I do come from the Roman Catholic faith! I have learned if you dont find a girl who has real morals and good ethics “meaning, a girl that really wants you to go to church with her atleast once a week” and say prayers during meals and possibly together before bed, well you will get a girl that bs about being religious if that at all! You will get a girl with no set in stone morals higher than herself and what she thinks is right! That till death do us part wont be taken seriously at all! As soon as a sequel of New Moon comes out, she will dump or divorce you because her bi polar shit kicked in! You see guys, being human and having morals and ethics are not enough! People love to change them all the time in the heat of a moment “even religious people”, but having a girl that is more religious and actually goes to church “it shows true intent” will seperate the bull shitters from the rest. Ecspecially the ones who are single and have a pad! I have learned it is all about statistics! The divorce rate is highest in the USA! A lot of guys thing going over seas is the answer and it could very well be if you went about it the right way. For instance Brazil, 3rd/5th lowest divorce rate in the world, full of Catholics and has blazing hot women with thick athletic thighs and bubble butts! Problem solved. Good luck guys!

  212. Shezad, South Wales, UK says:

    Wow, I am sooo glad someone created this forum/site, I also agree with all the guys on here, every single thing mentioned on here is 100% accurate.

    I signed up 3 times on POF, not amused at all. I did manage to exchange a couple of numbers, pictures, etc but never had a chance to go on a date, in a way it was blessing because alot of the women had issues.

    I signed up on, myspace, facebook etc etc and came to the conclusion that internet dating is complete bollocks.

    I work my ass off, keep fit always, smell good, look good…bloody hell it sounds like Im re-creating my add all over again lol but yeh I thought I may aswell knock it on the head and get a life. So now I’m saving to go on holiday some place exotic, where the women are cool and chilled out, not uptight and sexy.

    Trust me guys, the best women are not online but offline, in the REAL world. It is NOT about how you look at all…but how you carry yourself, if women dont like you for who you are then FUCK EM, do your own thing, work hard and set goals for yourself and the right woman will come

    POF can be a very disheartening dating site, the way I dealt with rejection was…I’d send a message, click on the sent box and delete it right away…WHY? because like that I would never know if it was read/deleted, deleted, un-read deleted. Even if you delete the message they can still read it, I know this because I still got replys from the messages I sent and deleted, at-least your non-the wiser as to what happened with it…lol it worked wonders for me because I felt as if they were not getting the satisfaction of making you feel like crap

    Anyways dudes keep your chins up because, thats the kind of shit you don’t need in your lives, I have had soooo much crap off women online…heres a little list for your pleasure:

    1) One woman took my number, she says ”how tall are you” I reply ”5’8” she says ”Your a little short arent you” I ask how tall are you, her reply ”5’3” and then the phone goes dead lol

    2) Me on POF: ”Hello how are you, your profile is pretty good, I was wondering if we could chat” reply ”Im fine thank you..fullstop” WTF is up with that

    3) Woman on POF to me: ”Wow you are sooo sexy, whats your name, whats your ethnic origin? my reply ”Im from South Wales and I am a born and bred brit but my ethnic orgin is pakistani” her reply: NOTHING

    I decided to turn the tables so changed my profile to height: 6ft2, occupation: self-employed rich man, looking for: A sexy tall THIN woman, for fun times, to spoil and take on monthly holidays, please if you are NOT tall, sexy and thin then jog the fuck on…thank you 🙂 btw I did this AFTER being treated like shit, I am indeed a nice caring honest bloke, but like every guy on here have had the same experiences also

    Hang in there guys, our time will come, peace

    • cybury says:

      dude, internet dating is like fishing in a swimming pool.

      all the right elements are there but you still don’t stand a chance!

  213. Nonameneeded says:

    POF and similar sites are nothing but EGO FOOD for these cunts.

    Seriously i know online dating is the “thing” now but Us guys can do better than feed these stupid cunts who only “READ AND DELETE”. You summed it up nicely with this line “The women there are just as excessively picky, perfectionistic and demanding.”

    I’ve watched women use POF and all it is to them is a game. All they do is look at picture. CLICK NEXT, look at picture CLICK NEXT. Theyre gonna be 35 desperate and living in a basement apartment anyway.

  214. Nonameneeded says:

    The absolute epitome of disgust was when i tried to meet a woman on MMTO. (MeetmeinTO (meet me in toronto) a dating site for Toronto residents.

    One girl had the nerve to put “I am not interested in meeting guys” in her profile.

    WHY THE F(*&@# would you be on a MEET ME site if you dont have intention to meet people.

    Cellphones/blackberries and this whole online thing is only tools for the pretentious cunts to feed ego on.

    Sadly theres lots of desperate guys who are on there trying now.

    • I_keep_forgetting_my_name says:

      LOL !!!
      Actually, there is a girl in my local area that has THIS as her profile info.
      Give it a read and then read the extra info I know about her. It will make all your heads explode. LOL !!
      Okay, this is what SHE wrote :

      “honestly i’ve found the man of my dreams and the love of my life and i’m not looking for anything else. you’re better off not messaging me because i don’t read them and i won’t respond. k thanks 🙂 ”

      so you might be thinking that she found a boyfriend on the website and she wrote this in her profile and she abandoned her profile….. right?

      WRONG !!

      LOL !!

      The VERY first day she showed up on Plenty of fish (SIX MONTHS AGO !! Six mother fucking months ago !!!) this was her STARTING profile information (which she still has written today). I remember the first day she joined since I use to check the search results on a daily basis and noticed any new users VERY quickly.

      she logs in almost EVERY DAMN DAY.
      For the last six months, she logs in on a regular basis !!! Keep in mind what she has written on her profile !!!

      Every time I check the “search results”, she is almost always logged in daily (it usually says “online today” in green next to her profile).

      Is there ANY logic behind this chick ??
      Perhaps pure madness….
      I really don’t know.
      and just for fun and curiosity, I did send her an e-mail once.
      she really doesn’t read them and does NOT respond (it was left as unread and eventually deleted after 30 days)
      My head hurts just thinking about this.
      Anyone got any Aspirin ?

  215. Marquis says:

    I subscribed to this thread weeks ago, and unfortunately, I am not surprised to hear any of these comments. Years ago, I learned the hard way that women cannot be trusted, nothing is ever good enough for them, and they are not worth 1/10 of what they “require” from a guy. So, here’s what I do, and it really works for me.
    Way back before the century turned, I was married, but in spite of being a really honorable and decent guy, I got cheated on. Me and my family helped put my wife through college, and almost immediately afterward, she took up with a dirtball that made about $6 an hour. Why? Because he blew sunshine up her ass and made her feel good. To this day, I see her occasionally, and she is dripping with regret. Yes, I take great delight in that.
    Following the miserable episode, I went back to college and got a degree and a professional job. That took 7 years. Now, 11 years later, I have a nice big home with a pool, nice car, nice motorcycle, and so on. As a single guy in my early 40s, I’m a “target” for them, because I earn a good living, I’m decent looking, “really sweet” (lol), so the momentum has swung my way. It has been my observation that women compete with each other for “trophy” guys, and the better living they earn, the more women will try to set the hook. So, if you want to get on the receiving end of this game, you need to be in this category. No matter what it takes, do it. You won’t regret it.
    I’ll admit that the way I do things may seem a little shallow at first. However, when you finish reading this, it will be obvious that my method has merit.
    Wouldn’t I prefer a good looking, honest, respectable chick for a “permanent” relationship? Sure, but good luck on finding that. They all play games, they all lie, and you are nothing more than a commodity to them… a resource that can be exploited. So, let the come, and let them try. It is they who will be exploited, and will not succeed in their goal. Why? Because they screw themselves out of it EVERY time.
    I have dated scores of women and been in several LTRs. I explain to them that all they have to do is be honest, treat me like you want to be treated, and so forth. Simple rules for simple people, but again and again, the little girl games get played. Sorry ladies, this ain’t my first rodeo. Many guys may not realize that the little girl games are nothing more than a psychological tactic. Once you realize this, you can immunize yourself. Rule number one, you just don’t give a crap what they do. Yeah, it takes effort, but it’s in your best interest . Never let them see that you care about anything that they do. Do not let them make you angry under any circumstances. Why? Because it disenfranchises their game. If you suspect that they are trying to pull some little girl game, do not call! That’s what they want you to do, because they enjoy watching you get mad. When these things start, I start interviewing new girls.
    Now, when I am done with a chick (or girlfriend), it is never more than a month before a new one is trying her damndest to get a minute of my time. After a few dates, I rail her eyeballs out, at which time she tries even harder. Having lost count of the women that have tried to reel me in, I’ll just summarize by saying that when I pick one, she will spend all weekend at my place, cook for me, clean my house, and at my request (one of my favorite things) dress up in some skimpy little outfit and slink around for a couple of hours before I round out Saturday by using her body for whatever makes me happy. Pretty? No, it isn’t, but they choose for it to be this way. Every time I start seeing a new girl, she does something stupid (or several things) within just a few weeks to ruin the whole thing. It usually amounts to some lie, or some little girl game, but they are never smart enough to figure out that they have already screwed themselves out of what they want. Meanwhile, you’re getting sex, your house cleaned, dinner cooked, and a companion or sorts.
    So, if you want one (or more) to be at your disposal, it can be done. First, be “what they are looking for”. By that, I mean accomplished and successful. When you get there, present yourself as a target for them. They will compete for you instead of the other way around. Never, ever let them see that they have made you mad….ever. Never marry one…ever. Never have kids…ever. (Child support is a thriving industry, and if you put a baby in a woman, it will be you that will be screwed.) Do not get into a relationship with one that is beyond a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship…nothing legally entangling. Keep a girlfriend for 6 months to 2 years. If you don’t keep them long enough, you get labeled as a playboy. If you keep one too long, it’s hard to deal with the emotional attachment. This works, I’ve literally been doing it for 10 years. Now go delete that POF account and pick a college or university that you’d like to attend. You wont regret that part either.

  216. john says:

    Here is my experience with POF!..all of the women i have met and went out with there were un-employed accept 1 and she was so poor she did not have her own computer!..all of the women made first contact with me with email!..all were in a big hurry to go out a night or 2 after we started talking!..Unless you are in to just taking a bored poor girl out for a free dinner on a night that she has nothing to do or unless you are into fat women you should avoid the site period!..NEVER take a girl out who contacts you righ away in the day or 2 fallowing her contact..ALWAYS see if she is willing to talk on messenger,email and phone for a few weeks BEFORE you meet!..thats the best way to see if she is really interested in you for you!..

  217. john says:

    that website is FULL OF BULLSHIT. seriously, i just created a fake account for the fun of it with a picture of a really hot guy and wrote what a wonderful,sweet perfect guy i am, then i started to talk to a few ladies on there and i could tell they were really into “me”. lol. and then after a while i replied to all of them saying “HEY YOU. MAKE ME A SANDWICH NOW, BITCH. OR ITS GOODBYE” hahaha do not even bother with that lame website. seriously.

  218. daftpun says:

    John, no disrespect here, but if you spell like that, then I think you will only continue to meet ‘poor’ girls or girls ‘without computers’. Guys, have you ever thought that some of those ‘beautiful’ women on POF could just be men, wanting to perv over our pictures?

    • Ryan says:

      His way of spelling doesn’t exactly show his stupidity if that’s what your referring to. At least not nearly as high on the stupidity meter as the women on that site who have 3 children with 3 different fathers, or have children out of wedlock before they are 21. Yeah because that’s real cool.

      • Danny says:


        This is the exact typical case of “a guy being privileged to go out with a girl” nonsense that I was rambling about in one of my posts.

        Soooo, a guy doesn’t SPELL magnificnetly and that automaticlly demotes him as a candidate for dating. Such racket! I know some of my friends who talk very intelligently face to face, but have terrible spelling on the computer. Bullshit theory.

        Yet, a fat lazy woman who had three bastard children from three different guys, and takes her children on the bus every day in strollers gets to actualy PICK and choose what they want? FUCK OFF!

        We’ve had to endure so much abuse from women’s lib for the past 40 years.. how about we start “men’s lib” and give the guy a fucking break for once. Women being in charge has only caused the divorce rate to get as low as it is.

  219. Dan says:

    Quickly….Match and Yahoo Personals are exactly the same. And one time…as an experiment…I grabbed some random guys pic off the net (really good looking dark and handsome guy) and placed it on a profile (that I didnt pay for on Yahoo, they let u create a free one but u cant contact anyone). I was 6″2, and I made my income something like 200 grand a year and in my profile said that the woman should be secure with herself because I travel a lot (over seas) and yada yada and that she could travel with me also sometimes. The bitches were flowing in. Literally my “real” profile had NO chicks getting ahold of me (even ones I initiated with) and this guy (with a free profile) was rolling in the ass. Everybit of 35-40 women in two days. A lot of the women were good looking too. The ones you figure are fake. Its American women at their finest.

  220. cybury says:

    i tried markuses new site evow, looks like the same fat picky prinesses as pof all with the same attitude
    lots of read/deleted but i guess its better because you can now pay to get rejected. yay

    just what we needed… another pay site for loosers

  221. Alan redhouse says:


    My sister wondered why I was not doing well on that site, so showed her the profiles by white English women and straight away she could not believe her eyes that women behave on-line like spoilt little bitches wanting a Disney castle with horse,stable, carriage with prince charming and his big bank account to come along for them.

    Then those very obese women with children really do disgust me the most when they make demands and will only go after athletic childless men, then when you reply saying you are not interested, they get offensive and send an insulting reply then block.

    Should be called plenty of shit as that is what you get on that site.

    • cybury says:

      actually it should be called “Fats with Tats”


    • Fred says:

      Man, you nailed it. And don’t forget those fat old bags – most with numerous kids – that will only date a man 10-20 years younger than they are. Right, like any of the aformentioned types of men – wealthy, athletic and childless, or young and reasonably attractive or any combination of those – would either spend any real time on Plenty of Freaks before moving on or have anything to do with the types of females that frequent that site. Oh yes, and don’t forget the teases either, especially the ones that say they are “taken” – then what are you doing on a singles site? Looking to trade up?

      No wonder so many men are forgoing marriage today and pursuing their own interests and hobbies – what does marriage really offer a man anymore, except loads of emotional baggage and multiple financial burdens he did not create? What does he really get out of the deal? With upwards of 75% of divorces initiated by the woman and most of those for no good reason, he gains at best a fragile, temporary relationship that has a better than even chance of ending prematurely through little fault of his own.

      Does he gain friendship? Love? Does he ever really know where he stands with her? Maybe until the better or more exciting deal comes along.

      Save your money and sanity. Pay an escort if you get the horns. Get a dog for friendship, or if cats are your thing, a Maine Coon about the best. They are huge, strong, playful, loyal and about as much dog as cat.

      • Ryan says:

        Plus cats and dogs pay more attention to you anyway than the women do. This is true, same goes for video games. Anyway, I have used this site and (which I wasted $60 on because of the bullshit the women gave me on there), and they were both a waste of time. Not because dating isn’t worth it in life, but because the women on there are confusing. They have their high standards for a guy but yet they can’t give themselves their own self standards. They want what they want and don’t care about what the potential guy wants if they were to talk to them. Typical feminists.

        It’s like saying “I want a guy who takes care of themselves, is financially stable, can be a good influence on children, has a good job, has a good education, is good looking, etc. but it doesn’t or shouldn’t matter if I have the same attributes or qualities.” No level headed guy out there is going to go after that kind of woman.

        The other pet peeve of mine from this site is when women complain about guys not getting back to them or calling them or lying, but yet those women do the same and think they can get away with doing anything or saying anything they want. It’s like the women will get pissed off if the guy says he’s not interested but if the woman avoids the guy completely when she’s not interested then it’s okay. And usually even when a guy is honest about his reasons, they will almost automatically think he is lying. And that’s wrong. Most women on that site need a rude awakening, especially the ones I contacted back and forth with.

  222. Bill says:

    I am glad people have already commented about English women as they really do act so high and mighty online, with the obvious gold digging, lying about their obesity by using old photo then I’ve come across a couple of women who thought keeping their disability quiet and just spring it on me at a later time is okay. No its not okay, you lying bitches.

    Then comes the English women with children, now I know women with children in the real world put off a lot of men by having children but on plenty of crap its the opposite. Like a man should be honoured and blessed than the woman has already had children with another man. Seriously its sickening especially when these fat jobless women will only accept a thin/athletic man with a car, house, well paid job to fatty and her children well looked after.

    I’ve come across a long list of stupid English women on that site, so take it from me, either play them for your own personal gain or leave the site…..You wont find happiness there unless Harry Potter has waved a magic wand and switched all English women with foreign women.

  223. Rob says:

    I too have wasted time on these site, women have too high expectations and dont want to lower there standards. I dont even get a no thanks and just get deleted

  224. broken says:

    I fell madly in love with one of those crazy women on POF ,and it cost me almost everything, including my life.

    Gents…make sure you lead with your brain instead of your heart when you decide to get involved with one of these psychologically damaged beyond repair women on these dating sites. Insofar, it’s cost me my sanity, thousands in medical treatments and a failed suicide attempt.

    I had no idea that women could be that screwed up. Many of them (like the woman I got involved with) have a pent up rage that gets hidden behind smiles and sex that make you believe that they really love you. In reality, they hate you and seek to punish you and any descent, honorable, unsuspecting bloke that comes down the pike. It’s scary to know. Google “Borderline Personality Disorder” It’s especially common among women, especially women who have been abused. You’ll have an “Ah Hah” moment that will help to explain why these women are on these sites…not to meet great guys, but to punish them for all the wrongs that have been done to them in their life. Just my 2 cents.

    • Sir_Alfred says:

      In my local area, about two days ago, I ran into a girl’s profile that actually stated that she has borderline personality syndrome. She stated in her profile that she was taking medication and it was working quite well for her.
      HOWEVER, below her profile, someone had left a comment on her page. For those of you who don’t know, if you are on a woman’s “favorites” list on Plenty of fish, you can leave a comment on her page.
      this is what a guy left on her page :
      (the following is an actual copy and paste version of what he wrote) :

      WOW!!!!!!!!.STAY AWAY GUYS!!!!!!…MAJOR NUT JOB HERE FOR SURE!!!!!!!!!!! DO YOURSELF A BIG FAVOR AND LOOK UNDER ANOTHER TREE!!!!!!!!!! trying to be nice about it, BUT also trying to keep it real and help other guys out from making the same MISTAKE i did!!!!

      Wow !!
      I’m surprised she hasn’t noticed what he wrote on her page yet (granted, it is below her LONG list of mail settings, so it’s easy to miss.
      Anyway, I could only imagine the horrors that guy had to sit through to the point where he actually left a warning message to other guys on her page.

      On a side note :
      Getting a girl on Plenty of Fish is the equilavent of buying a used car from some random, unknown person on the street instead of going to a dealership which sells new cars.

      While there are the broken down 500 pound women and also broken down single mom’s with three kids from three different dads looking for money, you WILL find some beautiful looking women who are in shape with no kids.
      HOWEVER !!!!!
      While the beautiful looking women look great, what damages lie beneath the hood?
      I’ve gone out with three great looking girls off that site, but there was so much emotional damage and anger it was insane (and rather dangerous in some cases).
      To say they were nut cases is an understatement.

      Getting a girl off of Plenty of Fish is like buying used video games off some shady looking pawn shop in the bad part of town. Yes, you’ll find a videogame system with a bunch of great games for a fantastic price. However, when you get home, you’ll notice that ALL the game discs have scratches under them that look like they were rubbed with sand paper.

      Do any of the games work? Well, you won’t be able to find out since everytime you turn on the system, the system starts blinking three red lights at you (signifying hardware failure) and won’t work.
      You then look at your receipt and find out that it says “No refund” on it and all the money you spent on the system and games is now lost forever.
      That’s what getting a girl off of Plenty of Fish is like.

      On a side note, I’ve been told that I shoudn’t complain because the website is free. Well, that website is the equilavent of someone who you once trusted dropping off a FREE giant pile of shit all over the insides and outsides of your house and car. Yes, it was FREE to recieve the giant pile of shit all over my house and car, but I think I have every damn right to complain (especially since it will now costs me TONS of money and TIME to clean up the mess).

  225. broken says:

    Thanks Sir_Alfred for the comments

    Wow! I’m surprised that woman on POF would admit to having BPD. I guess because it sounds innocuous enough, most guys would probably ignore it. But trust me. This affliction is nothing to mess around with. It can be really dangerous, especially if you are a kind, loving, decent sort of guy that would eat a bullet for someone you loved so dearly, like me. But I was like a lamb being fed to the lions for one of these types. I was so naive as to how evil some women can be.

    And you can’t blame them entirely for their behavior. From what I’ve read, sexual abuse is typically the root cause of Borderline Personality Disorder, usually incestuous. That’s why I hung around so long (six months) to try and help her…to rescue her.

    BPD’s can’t form emotional bonds…period! They will tell you and convince you that they love you, but it is all a facade. And it’s not like they don’t want to love you. It’s just they can’t. They are missing the part of their brain that allows them to feel a deep connection with someone, and it is really saddening. For instance, two weeks into the relationship, my ex-gf with BPD was telling me that she loved me. And the way she said it was so convincing. She would say it in a soft, pleading, whisper that would melt your heart. After hearing this a couple dozen times over the course of the next few weeks, I believed that she really did love me. Turns out she didn’t. Of course, by this time, I had fallen in love with her, so I was crushed because I had fallen SO madly in love with her and wanted to take the relationship to the next level. She said “I don’t love you in that way” “you’re just dating material only” “you’re just my boy toy” Huh? WTF? What was all that love talk then. But this is part of their game. They set the hook, and once they know they “have you” you’re toast. This is when they (she) will pull away from you both physically and emotionally, like she did and start that manipulation game because now they own you. And they know you will do anything for them to return to you back to the way it was, which I foolishly did.

    And she wasted no time with the manipulation thing. During dinner, on our first date, she was talking about her travels to Europe and she just blurted out, totally off topic “my mother used to beat the hell out of me…I had to emancipate at age 15 to get away from her.” I thought that was a little bit of a strange thing to say..totally irrelevant to what we were discussing, especially on a first date. She is quite attractive, so I just dismissed it as nothing to worry about. But, what I didn’t realize at the time, was she was setting me up to be manipulated. A tactic she would use over and over on me. This is one of the tricks that BPD’s use to get you to like, love or do whatever they want you to do for them. And it works. I fell for it hook, line and sinker. Later on came the rape stories, the parental neglect, the step mother holding a gun to her head at 17. By the time I fell in love with her, the thought of someone hurting her made me crazy, because of all the abuse (might have been imaginary) she had suffered, which made me want to love her and protect her even more….made me clingy even. She even almost got me to beat the crap out of some guy who owed her a huge some of money and was not paying it back as promised. I came close to doing it…good thing common sense prevailed…plus she is/was not worth going to jail for in the end.

    Shifting back in time to the first month of the relationship, it was just beyond words. We had such a great time together. We were both love and sex starved at the outset, so that’s pretty much all we did together. She would put on her sexy lingerie, take a few bong hits (made her horny as hell) dance and grind on me for hours on end then we would head to the bedroom and have sex ALL NIGHT LONG or until I couldn’t go any longer. It was fantastic for us both (it’s probably what i miss most about her…lol). And it was not just sex….we would caress each other, hold each other, kiss each other while in bed or even on the couch watching a movie. I hadn’t had a gf in a while and she had just ended a 20 year loveless marriage (turns out not all the ex’s fault…made love to her maybe twice a year) so we both needed each other for our physical needs. And it worked out great for us both. But after the first month or so, it was like a switch had been flipped.

    She no longer needed or wanted me around, and I was so incredibly good to her too…treated her like a queen…never lied, cheated or did anything to cause hurt, held the door and all that we,as good men, do for our women. I was devastated and a bit puzzled. I was so in love with her at this point too. Too in love. This is when things got ugly for me. The pain of her not being in my life far outweighed my fear of death, and I was in such incredible emotional pain, so I couldn’t take it any longer and decided to end my life (and don’t fucking try it). I did the carbon monoxide thing with the car. Fortunately, I had my cell phone with me and the gf called in the nick of time to save me. I was never planning to come back…ever. This was no fake attempt to curry sympathy. I wanted out of this pain…not necessarily wanting to die….just wanted all this emotional pain to end. (And the medical bills now total about 4 grand)
    Well, a week or so later,after the attempt, she called me and said she wanted to see me (code for “I need your dick in me asap…lol”) So, of course I complied. Our relationship was kind of on and off for the next few months or so. She would also disappear for a few days at a time with no contact with me at all (cheating on me). This got to be a regular thing that I got real tired of because I loved her so much still, so I suggested that we go our separate ways. She would then go into this “I love you” “I need you” “I could just melt into your arms” routine to get me to stay on. And it worked because I’m such a spineless pussy. But the pattern of cheating on me continued, so I suggested that I leave the relationship for good, relieving her of the responsibility and guilt of me offing myself if I so chose. She then went into this “as long as we are dating, I will see only you. I’m a one man at a time kind of woman.” ‘Okay’ the spineless pussy said once again only to have her totally desert me a week later for one of her ex’s she swore she would never see again. And not only did she desert me for this guy, but she moved him into her house and left me for dead…zero communication with me…period. I was fucking crushed and still am. The pain has been almost unbearable for me. Pretty heartless of her to do, especially after her knowing that I tried to commit suicide over losing her 2 months ago. This woman is a complete zero in terms of conscience. It’s been two weeks now and I’m still stunned by it all.

    But in the end, she did me a favor because a relationship with a Borderline Personality Disorder type of person is very emotionally draining as well as dangerous and expensive. Gents…If you ever meet a woman who exhibits ANY of these traits, run for the hills. They will ruin your life and anyone who loves you. Here are a few links on how to recognize BPD’s
    – Show quoted text –

  226. Sir_Alfred says:

    To : Broken
    Hi !
    I’m REALLY sorry to hear what has happened. I hope things get better for you. I think they will.
    On October 7th or so, I was seriously thinking about contacting the girl I talked about in my earlier post who mentioned that she has borderline personality disorder in her Plenty of Fish profile. She mentioned it in her profile, but it didn’t really hit me (even though the warning that was left on her Plenty of Fish profile from the poor guy who had dated her set off several warning bells and caused me to hit the back button).

    After reading what you wrote, something tells me that would be a serious mistake on my part contacting her (or any other guy contacting her for that manner), so I’m staying away indefinitely.

    It seriously makes you wonder how many of the girls from Plenty of fish have some type of serious mental disorder and don’t even mention anything about it in their profile. Like I previously stated, all the girls I dated off of Plenty of Fish had some serious issues with them.

    I won’t go into detail about the three girls I dated from Plenty of Fish since some of the things they did would make anyones brain twist and turn as they try to figure out just why the hell these women would do such horrible things. Trust me, It’s THAT bad. There were times I felt like my brain was leaking fire due to me trying to find logic in the horrible crap they would pull.

    All three of these girls were from Plenty of Fish.

    I think meeting any sort of woman from that site is a serious mistake. Meeting women in person can be tough, but I’ve never encountered any girls OFFline that had issues like that.

    I think I’m gonna just shut down my Plenty of Fish profile and try meeting a girl at a book store or night club or church or something.

    However, I think I’ll take some time off for a while before doing this.

    Just spend the next few months by myself (purposely single) just to enjoy life. Get away from women for a while and just have fun.

    I think the best thing for ANYONE who has been shattered by a woman is to stay away from women for a while and just focus attention on other things. Things as simple as watching a movie, playing a video game, or just keeping busy with something creative are the best things one can do.

    When I’m ready and recovered from the bull shit that drained me (that being Plenty of Fish), then I’m going to start trying to get a girl again (OFFline).

    Anyway, the articles (along with the post) on borderline personality disorder were a very informative read.
    Hopefully it saves other guys here from falling into something like that.
    It definitely helped me understand.

    It’s funny how a lot of guys complain about never receiving any messages from any girls off of Plenty of Fish.
    Honestly, I think they are the LUCKY ones in not receiving e-mail from the crazy bitches that roam that site.

    While there might be a FEW (keyword : FEW) good women on that site (1% ? Maybe 2%?) the rest are either 500 pound princesses OR gold digging single moms with tons of multiple daddies for their multiple children OR just straight up psycho bitches OR a combo of all of the above.

    They are on that website for a reason.

    Getting a girl OFFline is the better option. It’s tough because long work hours can get in the way, but meeting someone off of Plenty of Fish is NOT the way to go. I think I’m seriously seeing that now.

    Well, I’m gonna go delete my P.O.F profile and play a videogame and have a beer and just relax for a good while.
    Good luck and best of wishes to all.

    • Danny says:


      I think it’s safe to say that 99.9% of girls that use that site ave SOME SORT of mental deficiency. And on the flip side, 99.9% of guys are decent guys looking for a relationship because it’s really hard offline for somebody like me. And even after all of this, ironically, girls still blame the guys for their own failures in the dating world. I guess that’s just the statu quo of what we have to live with.

      Now, if you guys are mentioning the “single mothers”, i’m guessing you’re in a different age group than me. I’m in my early 20’s and I seldom see this on POF. Don’t get me wrong, it DOES crop up from time to time but it’s fairly rare.

      I just got through dealing with a girl who looked genuine. She described herself very vividly in her profile, and a lot seemed to relate to me personally, so I messaged her. I got a “Read/Deleted” of course… after all, how dare I expect anything different? lol.


      What makes this girl so different from the others is I actually called her out on it. I did this after accidentally crossing paths with her profile a second time due to a change in the main picture (hence, I didn’t know it was the same person until I saw the profile). This time, her profile was different with a (get this) “disclaimer” at the top of the page with a bunch of bullcrap about how guys lead her on and then stop talking to her.. and how she’s too “nice”, “decent” and “respectful” than to get involved with those types of people.

      Heh. Funny when you make the world spin around to sound like it’s YOU who’s the victim.

      My initial message to her was nothing earth-shattering, but it got the job done, in my opinion. It was EXTREMELY polite and very gentlemen-like.

      My second message (calling her out) was a bit more direct, responding to her “disclaimer” message and how she’s probably going for the wrong guys and chooses not to give a decent guy like me a chance.

      Anyways, she responded back to my claim of her ingenuinity saying stuff along the lines of:

      “woooow, you don’t even know me or what i’m all about. It’s unfair for you to judge me. i don’t give a fuck about looks, they mean shit to me. Most guys on here are pompous assholes anyway.”

      UMM.. I was NEVER “popmpous” to you in the least. Face it.. you’re just a shallow bitch who goes for looks and you’re too scared to admit it. You’re like the rest of those people on there – just an average looking girl who wants Brad Pitt to come down from the heavens on your doorstep.

      I responded back to her reply very kindly, however….asking why she deleted my message without giving me a chance, among otherthings.


      When I clicked the “send” button, I got a message saying I can’t talk to this user because she has blocked me.

      FUCK OFF!!!!

      Did I really damage your poor pathetic self esteem THAT much just because I actually had the balls to call you out!? THAT is reality… not the “brad pitt, lustful, romantic, movie-made” cliches that are spread around society. If you can’t take criticsm when you’re being a fucking cunt, there’s no WAY you’ll last in a relationship. And al the while, all i was trying to do was be nice and get a response back from her.

      MENTALLY FUCKED! These gir;s are so fucked in the head that it’s just insane. And the guy has to suffer for it.

      • cybury says:

        “i’m guessing you’re in a different age group than me. I’m in my early 20′s and I seldom see this on POF.”

        You may be too old for them… todays women like to start squeezing out the brats by age twelve but by the age 20 they have no desire for anymore kids (by as many fathers) and move on to covering their lard asses with cheesy tattoo’s

        how classy

      • Lincoln says:

        That’s too bad you have to experience this shit in your twenties. There was no internet when I was in my twenties and I think I was better of in some ways when it came to girls. Twenty years ago people were a little more social. When you sent that girl the second message, she obviously has issues. Somebody fucked with her head. Your message stirred the pot or flipped the crazy switch. You did nothing wrong and are much better off without that insane bitch. Her father probably left her mother. She may have daddy issues. She seems to have resentment towards someone for rejecting her in some way.

  227. AmericanWomenAreWhores says:

    Face it guys, American women are only good for fucking. American women are like a baseball DH who can hit the ball, but who always fouls it off. That guy is minor league material all the way. On the other hand, the international women are like lead off HR hitting DH’s. If you were a baseball manager why in the hell would you settle for a loser when you could have a winner.

    Don’t settle for American fems, or western fems in general when you can have REAL international women who are better in every concievable way. Western fems are the bottom of the barrel, they are like more exspensive whores than what they are actually worth. The courts favor them and nothing these two bit whores do can be considered wrong by the feminastically brainwashed media. Just look at the Duke whore who wrote her thesis on her sluttish exploits. She’s being commended for being another American whore.

    Get smart guys, make your money here, deal with the BS, stay away from these American fems/western fems, and focus on your careers. Soon you will be well off and can travel to better places around the globe (and don’t believe that crap about America is the greatest, that was half a century ago). Feminism and capitalism have totally destroyed traditional American values as well as society in almost every aspect. America is like that carton of milk that is supposed to be good for another two weeks, but its already started to curdle.

    So in summary: make money, travel, move possibly, get a REAL woman, not an American/western fem whore.

  228. MAJOR_anger says:

    I’m a bit angry right now.
    I’m currently sitting in my college computer lab right now and I just witnessed something that I’ve only seen written about on this website, but have NEVER actually seen in person.

    About 30 minutes, two BITCHES (actually, to call them bitches would be an insult to Bitches everywhere) where sitting a few computers away from me.

    All the sudden they started laughing as they were looking at a computer screen. They started talking about something and their conversation went something like this :

    Bitch #1 : eewww !!! Look at him ! NEXT !!

    Bitch #2 : HA HA HA !!

    Bitch #1 : Uh…. he has a nice body, but look at his face !! NEXT !!!

    Bitch #2 : Ha Ha !!! Look at THAT one…. oh, wait…
    I use to work with him !! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha !!!

    Bitch # 1 : He’s ugly…. NEXT !!!

    Bitch # 2 : Ha Ha Ha !!!

    Okay, you get the point. This went on for ten minutes. as they were talking (VERY LOUDLY, if I might add. I had my EARPHONES on and I still heard these bitches)I started to think :

    “Wow…. they sound like the type of bitches that would probably be on Plenty of Fish”. I said this to myself in a sarcastic manner and didn’t take myself seriously.


    you know what ?

    A few minutes later, their conversation turned into this :

    Bitch #1 : Oh my god !! I know this is plenty of fish, but he looks like plenty of donuts !!

    Bitch #2 : Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha !!! Delete him and go on to the next one !!

    Bitch #1: Oh, look !! This one has messaged me a few times !! I REFUSE to answer him !!

    Bitch # 2 : Oh, look at him !! Cute guys only, and he is NOT !!!

    Once again, I think you get the point.
    I passed by them as I went to throw something away at the garbage and I looked at their screen.
    Yes, they were checking mail on Plenty of Fish.

    These bitches (who were speaking LOUDER than the music that was BLASTING from my headphones) were annoying as shit.

    From their conversation, it seems like they weren’t even reading profiles. They were ONLY making comments at a bunch of guys pictures.

    That’s REALLY fucked up.
    I don’t think they even read anything that the guys wrote to them.
    They just kept commenting on the appearance of each guy….

    I was seriously about to lose it and say something.
    I’m a VERY laid back person and believe in peace and harmony and getting along with everyone, but the SHIT that was coming from their mouths was just fucking unbelievable.

    From their conversation, they were going through profiles of guys at LIGHT SPEED. They would make a quick, disgusting comment about their appearance and QUICKLY say “Next” and move on to the next guy.

    I do NOT know what any of these guys looked like, but considering they went through TONS of stupid ass comments about SEVERAL guys, I seriously find it hard to believe that all of them were THAT unattractive.

    The shit they were doing was BULLSHIT.

    Also, the two other people in the computer lab kept giving them dirty looks as well. I don’t think the others knew the specific site they were on and what they were doing, but they were DEFINITELY getting pissed at the loudmouth bullshit these bitches were saying. I think one guy (who looked like he was ready to kill someone) was getting ready to tell them to shut the fuck up as he looked directly at them, but the bitches started to leave so I guess he cooled down.

    Sorry, I just had to write this up in order to let some anger out of me.

    Once again, I’ve READ about shitty behavior like this from Plenty of Fish bitches, but this is the first time I’ve seen it in action.

    again, I’ve never seen such a level of shallowness in my life.

    • cybury says:

      funny thing is that they can behave this way when they are still cute college girls. whats funny is that later on in life after they have had loads of cute guys who have left them pennyless and multiple kids from diff fathers, at the time when their looks fade (and yes they age faster than us) when they no longer can get the hottie badboys they suddenly want a guy like me. They just dont get it, if you cant produce a baby and a pay cheque what fucking good are you? I worked too hard for what I have and I won’t hand it over for a few months of tired worn out pussy. boy do they get mad when I snub them but if I wasn’t good enough to be the father of your kids then I ain’t good enough to be your pension plan. so if they want a guy like me then better to do it whan you have something to bring to the table. let the college girls have their fun cuz Karma can be very cruel. remember when it comes to women, 25 is the new 12 lol

      • MAJOR_anger says:

        Believe it or not, in my local area on Plenty of Fish, almost every other girl has at least one kid, and these are girls in the age range of 18 – 24.
        There are the on that website in my local area which REALLY blew my fucking brain apart. One literally starts her profile off by saying :

        “Pregnant with baby number three. A few more months left”.

        She’s only 21 !!!

        Her headline says something along the lines of :
        “Me, the perfect hubby, and four kids”.

        Holy crap, I don’t want any part of that !! I’m sorry but I do NOT want someone else’s kids.
        While it sounds like she wants to have a fourth kid with whoever she finds, do I really want the other three ? No, I do not. Plus, this chick sounds like a baby pumping factory who can’t even hold a relationship. Whoever goes out with her will probably end up getting her pregnant with kid number four. My gut feeling says she’ll break up with HIM and he’ll be paying child support out the ass.

        Personally, I’m staying away from her.

        ANOTHER girl in my local area ends her profile by saying something along the lines of “I want money”. WOW, at least she’s an honest gold digger. LOL. Oh yeah…. and she is CURRENTLY 8 months pregnant. Also, she is only 19 years old.
        WOW !!

        I know the amount of single parents differs from geographic region to region, but I seem to find a shit load of them where I live (plenty in the 18 – 24 range). Actually, in my entire state. Sheesh.

        just to comment on the ENTIRE website in general….

        The purpose of a site like Plenty of fish is for people to COMMUNICATE with each other.
        For people to send e-mails to each other and then eventually meet in person and go out with each other !!


        Instead, it seems like 98% of the women on there aren’t even interested in e-mailing someone, let alone meeting them.
        Hell, about 25% of the female profiles in my area say that they already have a boyfriend and are just looking for friends (and some actually mention how if you send an e-mail asking for a date, they will ignore you). It’s a fucking dating website, WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY EVEN ON IT IF THEY ALRADY HAVE A BOYFRIEND ???

        When I first started on that website, I sent out 30 messages. EACH fucking message was a message in response to what each of the girls had in their profile. So it was NOT like I was sending a message that said “Hey, whuz up !” and that was it, I was sending messages that actually had responded to what they had to say in their profiles.
        Well, almost all of them were “Read / deleted” or just “Read” with NO response.

        I started to think it was the photos, so I started to switch the photos up and get better photos. I actually posted my photos on another website and asked people if they were okay. From total strangers, I recieved answers like “You look good”, “You look hot”, “You are in a great shape and look great”, etc. I even showed them to people I know and they found nothing wrong with the photos.

        Yet, with those new pictures (and about 20 MORE messages) I STILL got read / deleted on that website like freaking crazy. I didn’t get a response until the 60th e-mail I sent out.
        I feel like I’m playing a shitty ass lottery here.

        Trying to communicate with anyone on that website is EXTREMELY difficult. I’ve had EASIER times passing fucking high level math exams than trying to get a damn RESPONSE from anyone off that damn Plenty of Fish website.

        I feel like I’m applying for a freaking hard to get job than I am trying to get a date on that stupid website.

        I’ve done my homework on that site and every place I go to it’s the same damn thing. TONS of men sending out 40 – 100 messages and not getting anything back except maybe a response or two. NOT a date, but a response. You need god’s permission to go out on a date with someone on that website.

        What the hell ???

        Anyway, while the idea of Plenty of Fish sounded cool BEFORE I jumped on the site, it’s a total joke !! In my previous post, I stated how I saw those two bitches at my college computer lab verbally DESTROYING every guy they came across on Plenty of Fish. I’m getting the feeling the majority of the girls on that site are really like those two bitches.

        The site is horrible. Nuff said. I think I’m going to go look for a date OFFline instead.

  229. Danny says:

    If there’s anything I’ve really learned about POF, it’s this simple fact:

    The more genuine a profile seems, the more FAKE it actually is. Even though most profiles tend to be all cute, cuddly and welcoming, behind it lies evil eyes. Face it.. women who say “I am not shallow and looks mean shit to me”, actually mean “I am an extremely shallow picky bitch and have no one but myself to blame for being single”. I know this because I have emailed girls who have said this in their profile, who were just looking for “Friends”. I’d send them a message and say “ok, lert’s be friends” and I call towards something specific in their profile where there’s common ground between us.
    I STILL get the fucking Read/Deleted or Read(with no response).

    Now.. correct me I’m wrong, but if you were just looking for a friend, wouldn’t looks not make a difference? The worst part about this is that these are girls that claim to ALREADY have a boyfriend, so the only conceivable explanation as to why they’re deleting messages MUST be a “looks” factor… which is absolutely INSANE if you are already in a relationship with someone built around a fucking thing called TRUST. Does her boyfriend know she’s on a dating site? Am I the only one that sees something wrong with that? The only reason I messaged her was to see if I could build a friendship, because it would be nice to have a few friends in my life who are girls.

    Yet, if a guy remains single on that site, he is criticized without recourse for being too shallow in the looks department. FUCK OFF! I have sent SO many messages to either VERY attractive girls, averagely attractive girls, and BELOW average looking girls… and with all three cases, it’s the SAME fucking result! EVERY girl thinks they’re on a higher throne and you’re merely a pedestal much farther down.

    I even joked with one girl yesterday, who had a profile title of “Any good ones left..?” I sent her a message saying, “Yes, we’re ALL left. It’s the asshole guys that are all taken”.. followed by a smiley face. Result: You guessed it: Read/Deleted after looking at my profile. But honestly, why would I expect anything different?

    I hate the bitches who use this lame-ass excuse. They excuse their behaviour of not returning messages to the nice, polite, average looking guys by saying “ohhh I’ve had too many pompous guys messaging me.. all men are the same”
    FUCK OFF! We are NOT all the same. I can’t necessarily blame all the badboys for ruining it for us nice guys, because women would STILL probably find a way to be stupid and have a different fucking stupid excuse for their actions (or lack of).

    Tell me something..What fucking sense does it make to ignore a sole VERY nice guy after a string of obnoxious guys pleading for sex and being dirty? Is it just a simple resolution to desire TALKING to this guy who’s being nice, or am I just way out of my league with that assumption there? Is this quantum physics we’re talking about here, or just a basic common sense life decision?!


    • Timothy says:

      Danny, I’ve found on social networking/dating sites that when women say they’re ONLY looking for friends, it’s nonsense. No matter what their supposed intentions, they still judge based on what you look like. They’ll complain that men don’t thoroughly read their profiles, but they’re even more guilty of that. And yes, they’ll take their own sweet time responding to your message, if they do at all. They’ll post updates about the TONS of messages they have to look through, as an attempt at creating fake value or popularity. Be they looking for dates, relationships or friendships, whether or not they respond is predicated on whether they can envision themselves sleeping with you.

      It’s always smart to look for something on a person’s profile to initiate conversation. I never just flat-out send a woman a friend request without first sending a note, wink or something else. As you know, it’s no guarantee of an acknowledgement. Very few women acknowledge unless they see you as someone they are attracted to. Women don’t have a sense of etiquette or manners. It’s all about what THEY want. Sometimes women will say they have a boyfriend to discourage certain types of men from contacting them (women I’m friendly with on Tagged have confessed this, but also acknowledge that it doesn’t work! HA HA!)

      I’ve made a few friendships on Tagged…in fact, I’ve been very successful there. I have a few women I write regularly and chat with on MSN or Yahoo, including web cam. I’ve spoken to others on the phone. I’ve traveled abroad and stayed with women I met there. I’ve had lovers I met on the site. But that’s over the course of over two years and HUNDREDS of messages, winks, tags, etc. I get largely ignored by women ON my friends list, so periodically I have to delete them. I get more interaction with women OUTSIDE the US than women in this country, and many don’t even speak English! (I use a translator). That speaks volumes about American women and their behavior.

  230. MAJOR_anger says:

    The more I think about it, whenever a girl says that she is looking for “JUST FRIENDS” on a dating website and has a BOYFRIEND, something is up.
    I think girls like that are outright putting up a lie and the REAL reason they have that profile is because they are looking for an “UPGRADE”. What I mean by that is : they are looking for a NEW guy to replace their current boyfriend.

    After all, it makes NO SENSE for a girl to come to a DATING website looking for just friends. There are social networking sites where they can find friends on. Everyone and their grandma has an account on the biggest social networking site of the moment. If they want friends ONLY, they can just search around on that !

    Even if they are stupid enough to think Plenty of Fish is a social networking site and their eyes happen to miss the 20 or so signs that say that Plenty of Fish is an online DATING site, they will eventually figure it out when they start getting TONS of single guys e-mailing them for a date.

    Honestly, the REAL reason a girl with a boyfriend would go on Plenty of Fish is to find an “upgrade” (get a new boyfriend).
    Also, as stupid as this sounds, they put down “Friends only” and things like “I have a boyfriend, so don’t you dare message me for a date, blah, blah, blah”etc, is because they are trying to “cover” themselves and their boyfriend might be just stupid enough to think that their girl is just looking for “just friends” on a dating site.

    I’m willing to bet $100 dollars that 95% of these girl’s boyfriends don’t even know that their girlfriends are on Plenty of Fish.
    And if they ever find out, the bitch will probably point out that her profile say “FRIENDS ONLY” and that it also says “I HAVE A BOYFRIEND”. That way, she’s in the clear (assuming if the boyfriend is that dumb to believe her) and she can continue to play her REAL game that she is keeping hidden, which is finding an “upgrade model” for a boyfriend.

    It’s really fucked up when you think about it.
    on another note….

    Some girls on that site are so hypocritical, it’s insane. There was one profile I found that REALLY blew my fucking mind.

    For the first two PARAGRAPHS in her profile, she says (and these are the exact words) :

    “I don’t judge a book by it’s cover. You can be any type of appearance, etc. It doesn’t matter to me what you look like”.
    Well, that sounds like a really nice profile that girl has, right ?
    in her fourth paragraph in her profile, she says :

    Warning : If you are ghetto, I don’t want to get to know you ! Also, I don’t date guys who wear backward baseball caps, baggy pants, etc (There is a VERY long list of demands that she wrote, but I don’t think you want to see the rest and you already get the point).

    She actually says ” I don’t judge a book by it’s cver” anda few paragraphs later, she actually goes off with a list of demands regarding the appearance of a guy.
    what the fuck ??

  231. Danny says:

    You’re absolutely right about all of this.
    Like I said earlier, there must be a reason why these “taken” girls are browsing POF, and it all ties in perfectly with how you explained it.

    Women are stupid, but not THAT stupid to suggest that they don’t understand nor realize that POF is more than just a social networking site. They know DAMN WELL what they’re getting themselves into and they won’t stop to get it. This is what makes women pure evil.

    A nice, respectable guy with fairly good looks, isn’t good enough. She’s hoping that through the exorberant amount of email she gets, that somehow a Brad Pitt model guy will befall her and beg her to go out with him. It’s so silly and amusing that it’s ridiculous… the fact that someone’s mind can get so warped due to an influence from pop culture. Someone’s been watching WAY too many chick flicks, and these are also the girls that have been shielded from how society (and, in turn, reality) actually work. These girls have a lot of growing up to do.

    I’ve actually SEEN people on the site that I knew in person, and KNEW they had (or at least what I thought was) a healthy relationship. But when they continued to browse the site for what seemed like endlessly, it had me worried.

    It almost makes you wonder if it’s worth the effort to get a girlfriend because it’s so easy to go on the internet and stab in the back. Technology has advanced so much that it actually makes it EASIER to cheat. If she is online and/or liable to GO online and stay there, that means trouble. And since 98% of the North American female population does this, through all the Facebook/texting gossip shit, we’re doomed.

  232. Julian says:

    Jesus Christ I’ve sent dozens of messages, every single one eitehr “read deleted” or “unread deleted”. If im lucky I’ll get a “read” but never a reply.

    Some of the women blocked me for introducing myself ffs!

    What is it with these women? Some of them have serious attitude problems by the looks of it.

  233. Mark says:

    I made 2 profiles on POF. One real, one fake.

    The only differences on the fake profile were my education and profession. I claimed to be a pharmacist with a PhD. Everything else was the same as the real profile. My interests, pictures, personality, etc.

    Never in my life had I received so many messeges in such a short period of time. Over 40 messeges in less than 10 days.

    It was then that my suspicions had been confirmed. Of course, women would think up every excuse in the book as to why they didn’t attempt to contact my real profile.

    • trevzilla says:

      lol, my buddy is an average looking 47 year old who makes 150 grand a year as a project manager and he gets messages on a regular basis while I’m better looking and younger and get squat. I guess they really are that shallow, you either have to make a fuck ton of money or be a perfect 10 and better still be both. So typical of the women these days who think they are God’s gift to the universe and have a massive sense of entitlement. I’m so done with North American women. Time to start travelling to Eastern Europe and Latin America and get myself a real woman.

  234. Orion says:

    April 29th, 2010 will be a day or mourning and great sadness for the women of POF and throughout the Western world. They will look on in great anguish as Prince William marries and know that they will never have him.

    They will agonize further with the realization that if they want a man badly enough, they will have to settle for an ordinary, mortal man. Oh, the horror! The horror!

    Alternatively, they may react with disgust and continue searching for their billionaire, movie star, celebrity and have no friends but for the cat 40 years from now.

  235. Disc_Man says:

    One thing that pissed me off about the website was the stupid ass “lock out / block” feature that would occur if you purposely / accidently message a girl who was under the catagory of “intimate Encounters” or “Other relationship”.

    Before I start fucking cursing and raving about this, allow me to explain a few things (for those of you who might now know the following).

    Let’s just say you’ve been on the website for SIX months and you have been TRYING to find a longterm relationship. Instead, you’ve sent out about 120 fucking messages to women seeking a relationship and NONE of them ever responded to you

    Instead, the one annoying thing you’ve seen for 6 months are the words : READ DELETED, READ DELETED, UNREAD DELETED, READ DELETED, etc…..
    (sadly, with Plenty of Fish, you stand a VERY high chance of experiencing this mind fuck of a scenerio).

    So you’ve been on the website for 6 months looking for a relationship and everyone you have e-mailed is too damn stuck up to message you.

    You say to yourself “Fuck this ! I’m just gonna message anyone at this point just to get a fucking response !!”.

    So you go searching and see a nice looking girl you have never seen before and she is listed under the catagory of “Other Relationship”.
    You might not know 100% what “other relationship” is, but you just don’t give a fuck. She looks nice, her profile sounds nice, etc. So you message her !

    Well congratulations !
    You have now triggered the “Intimate encounters / Other relationship” block out feature the website has.

    According to the site (or at least the assholes on the Plenty of Fish forums), you are now a sex crazed man who is only looking to get into women’s pants.
    You are a pig who must be kept away from the majority of the women on the site.

    What the fuck is all of this suppose to mean ?

    Well, let’s just say one month later you run into a profile of another girl who is new to the site who seems really cool. She is looking for a longterm relationship and you think she has potential to be a great girlfriend (maybe even a future wife).
    When you message her, the website says “You are not allowed to message this POF user”.

    At that point you are sitting there thinking to yourself : “What the fuck ???”

    Then you look at her message restrictions on her profile and it says :
    “Must not have messaged other users looking for intimate encounters or sex”.

    You are now thinking to yourself “What the fuck ??”.

    As you learn as you investigate this manner, you find out that “Other Relationship” and “Intimate Encounter” mean the SAME thing (retarded, I know).

    Since you messaged that one chick who was under the “Other Relationship” catagory, you triggered the websites little feature of blocking out “sex crazed pigs” (as certain POF forum assholes would put it).

    So any other girl on the website who has the “Must not have messaged a user looking for intimate encounters or Sex” restriction on her profile BLOCKS any e-mails you try to send them.

    Since over 50% of the women on that website have that message restriction in their profile, you are pretty much fucked and would have to open another account and delete your old one.

    Did this happen to me ? yeah.
    Am I a dumbass for not knowing that intimate encounters and other relationships meant the same thing ? No.
    Why ?
    Because 90% of the women listed under “Other Relationship” didn’t even fucking know either.

    The MAJORITY of them had lines in their profile like “Please, don’t message me for sex or you will be ignored” and actually had the message restriction “Must not have messaged users looking for Intimate encounters or sex” in their profiles !!! Keep in mind that these are girls listed under “Other relationships”.

    Most of them in the “Other Relationship” catagory were just looking for a guy who could be more of a friend first and eventually go into a relationship with. Some even stated they did NOT want sex until the relationship was more establshed and solid.

    You had a FEW girls whose profile indicated they were looking for just sex and under the “other relationships” catagory, but those made up the minority.

    Anyway, even if a guy wants to message a girl listed under the “intimate encounters” catagory (who straight up say they are looking for sex), why the fuck should he be PUNISHED for it by being blocked from messageing other girls who have a stupid restriction on their profile?

    Has it not fucking occurred to anyone that a guy might message a girl under “intimate encounters” because all the girls who are looking for a relationship have been a bunch of bitches and have “read deleted” all the guy’s messages ??

    The guys might TRULY want a relationship, but he can’t accomplish that if everyone is “read deleting” him for SEVERAL MONTHS straight.

    The guy might decide to message a girl under “intimate encounters” while he is fucking WAITING (and waiting, and waiting) for another girl to message him who is actually interested in a long term relationship !

    However, POF considers you a sexual predator if you message a intimate encounters or Other relationship girl.

    I fucking hate this.

    You should have the FREEDOM to message whoever the fuck you want.
    Not be restricted like this.
    I think it’s fucking stupid.

    Also, if POF considers intimate encounters and other relationship to be the same fucking thing, then why the fuck would you have two seperate catagories that mean the same thing?
    POF is retarded.

  236. The Mack says:

    I must say that I am very entertained by all of your posts, so much I will give my own comments about the Plenty of Fish Dating Site and the creatures that inhabit them.

    First off, kudos to the above poster about Prince William. Yes there will be many sad women. But they won’t fret for long as there are plenty of celebrities and royals out there to get their juices flowing until they are wrinkled old hags with a bunch of cats watching Oprah.

    Secondly, I have been on Plenty of Fish aka Plenty of Sluts for the past 5 years. At first when I was recently single, I tried and I mean I tried to meet a nice woman who would like me for me. I wrote a detailed profile with pictures and I am an above attractive guy. Unfortunately, the women I was interested in weren’t interested in me and the ones that were, were much older, much fatter, more decomposed than me. Yes, they were used second hand mattresses from the black lagoon. I didn’t expect a supermodel, but an average pretty nice woman.

    I did try the fake profile thing and yes of course the model picture I got of a new york modeling site with a 6 figure income owning a winery got a whole lot of responses by the very same women who would read delete or simply unread delete my messages. I got some good laughs as my avatar as I like to call him stood up the most superficial woman of them all, so that was for all of us guys who got stood up for no good reason. Hiyaaaa! She waited for an hour and a half at a 5 star restaraunt all dressed up for this avatar which never truly existed. Weeee!

    Now I am not single now and met a good woman in the real world. But while I was on Plenty of Fish and Lavalife, the only women I actually made it past the first date and first base with were ones that were overweight and that I wasn`t attracted to in any way. For them I was a great catch, but for me I had to really lower my standards. Hey a guy needs to get laid right, right!

    All in all Plenty of Fish was a waste of time aside from the few times I got laid on there by women I would be embarrassed to be seen with in public. I don“t mean to sound like a jerk, but the truth is, any women that were the least bit attractive were unattainable. Initially I did want to meet a nice woman but after 6 months of trying an getting nowhere because I wasn`t a doctor and did not look like a young Mel Gibson, I was treated and felt like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. So I turned to the Dark Side like Darth Vader and dated Jabba the Hutt`s sisters to get laid.

    So if you are on Plenty of Sluts, make a real profile and then make a fake rich model businessman profile and email the same women from both accounts and find out for yourself the truth.

    Meet women in real life as you will have much better odds as you are not competing with every Tom, Dick and Harry nuts out there. Also the women on these sites, even if average plain Mary Janes will think they are the Queen of Sheba after their inbox is flooded with horny guys.

    If you must try POF to actually try and meet someone nice, then also contact the not so hot chubby chicks as though you may not be interested in them, they will help you work out your frustration as you unload. It may sound harsh but it will reduce your frustration if you get laid here and there.

    Use the Dark Side of the Force and you will see everything I have written in entirely true.

    • trevzilla says:

      lmfao man. Dated Jabba the Hut’s sister, classic man. It’s true, POF makes you question yourself and whether you are attractive at all and your standards start to slide, but then I go back out into the real world and a hot girl 10 years younger smiles at me and I realize it’s the women of POF who are fucked in the heads.

  237. Robert K says:

    I can echo all the above sentiments regarding POF. It is a medium for shallow, vapid females to get their ego boosts at the expense of well-intentioned men who are genuinely looking for someone special. To some degree, this is a general social issue as much as a POF issue – modern women are little more than gold digging entitlement princesses who will happily whore themselves for male attention. The “requirements” many of the brainless females on these sites have for their perfect man are often (if not always) unreasonable. Yet by the same token, most of these fat, destitute, single mother sluts expect men to accept them as they are with no complaints. Talk about hypocracy!
    Modern day women are shite. A man nowadays is better off budgeting to visit an escort on a semi-regular basis. True, the pro won’t give you kids but then most modern women make shit mothers anyway. At least with a pro, you know what you are going to get and how much it will cost. Modern women are whores you never stop paying for.

  238. Disc_Man says:

    A few other things about the website that just fucking bug the shit out of me :
    1) Why, oh WHY must half the women of the website start off their profiles with a threat?

    50% of them start off their profile by saying stuff like : YOU BETTER NOT BE LOOKING TO PLAY GAMES WITH ME !!! YOU BETTER NOT BE JUST LOOKING FOR SEX !!! IF YOU ARE JUST LOOKING FOR SEX, HIT THE BACK BUTTON NOW !!! YOU BETTER PAY ME WITH RESPECT !!! blah, blah, blah, etc.

    Why do over half of them have to start their profiles that way ?!? Do they have any idea how much of a turn off that is for a guy to start reading their profile and get bombarded with shit like that ???

    2) What is the deal with over 50% of the single mom’s on the site starting their profile off with something like :

    Like, what the hell ??
    why would you start off your profile like that ???
    It’s just stupid and will scare guys off.

    3) What is the deal with girls mentioning in their profile that they HATE guys who send them messages like “Hi, How are you ?” and start DEMANDING that the guy write something to keep them from getting bored (as they would put it).

    Bitches should be THANKFUL for getting a fucking e-mail of any type as far as I am concerned.

    and finally …..

    4) Read deleted…
    read deleted…..
    UNREAD deleted…..
    read deleted…..

    It’s fucking annoying as shit, isn’t it ???
    Okay, I’m done here.

  239. Julian says:

    Oh yeah those demands are ridiculous. Makes me so angry!! And theres an incredible amount of ageism on there. Seems like every woman on POF is ageist. “Sorry guys no one over 30”, “If you’re over 30 I’ll block you”

    So sick of it all!

    • Orion says:

      And the worst thing about it is a lot if not most of those saying “no guys over 30” are in their late 30’s or older themselves. The funny thing about it is, if they find anyone at all, they will in all likelyhood end up with some guy(s) that will simply do ’em and dump ’em. Why would a guy, especially a young one, want some woman with 2 or 3 kids and a couple divorces or so under her belt when he has no such things himself EXCEPT for a quick fling?

      Perhaps the greatest irony of it all is that the very – and only – men these POF/western women would settle for would either a) not likely frequent POF or b) have the brains to stay away from those women, seeing them as the gold-digging pigs they are.

      Their own selective processes will ensure that they will likely remain single for a long time if not for life. The honest men are weeded out, leaving only the “players” who will tell them what they want to hear and leave after they get what they want. It could be argued that it is a fate the women bring upon themselves with their own arrogance and meanness. I wouldn’t say anyone “deserves” to be used, but Karma is cold and discriminates against no one. It’s a beach to say the least.

  240. Disc_Man says:

    Julian, it is true that there is an INCREDIBLE AMOUNT OF AGEISM on that website, most of it being very fucked up.
    This leads to the next point on my list :

    5) Some of the age restrictions are just stupid. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve seen the lines “If you are over 30 I will delete your message”.
    As Orion stated, a good chunk of the women saying this are in their late 30’s and older.

    Also, even guys in their 20’s are having problems with this. A guy who might be 22 might still be considered “too old” for a 20 year old girl if her age restrictions are “19 – 21”.I’ve seen that little scenerio one time too many.

    Even girls in their LATE 20’s are blocking guys who might have just turned 30.

    When you have a 28 year old woman blocking a 30 year old guy because he is “too old”, that’s just stupid.

    what the fuck is that ?

    As for other problems I have with the website (points 6 through 8 coming up) :

    6) Girls who have a LONG ass “laundry list” on their profile. Having standards is perfectly normal, but MOST of these girls are just overdoing it to the extreme.

    I remember someone else here posting something similair to this, but I’ve seen a few girls post things like this :





    Well, you get the point.
    some of these girls have 20 something different demands on their laundry list.

    Some even list things that are WORSE than some of the examples I wrote.

    On another note ……

    7) I don’t know if anyone has noticed this, but I think someone else in an older post actually mentioned this. If you have been on Plenty of fish recently, they have the most ANNOYING advirtisements known to man.
    From OTHER companies advirtising on Plenty of fish, 90% of the recent ads say things like :


    or things like…..


    As someone else put it, it’s almost like the advirtisers KNOW the website sucks and they KNOW most of the guys aren’t getting responses, so they base their entire advirtising campaign around that.

    What the fuck ???

    and one more thing :

    8) Some of the girls on that website have been on that website for over a year !!! Seriously, if you left last year and you were to go back there and check to see what type of girls are on the site in your area, I gaurrantee you will recognize at least a few girls.

    Most of them have gotten HUNDREDS of e-mails during the last year. They can’t fucking find a guy ???? If the girl has been on there for a year and still can’t find anyone, she is a picky ass bitch, and that’s all I have to say about that.

  241. The Mack says:

    Your duty!

    Fellas trust me. Make a real profile with one email address and a fake profile with the exact same things written down but in slightly different wording. Use your real picture on your real profile and use a male model picture on the fake profile. Then message the same 20 women with the same message but in different wording. Then wait for a day or so and report your findings here!

    You will see, regardless of what English speaking country you live in, you will all find the same results.

    So let’s report your findings!!!

  242. Timothy says:

    Some of these dating sites are flat-out scams. You’ll join for “free” and send out a bunch of emails. You’ll get a bunch of responses, but of course you can’t respond unless you pay. You pay, send responses, and get NOTHING in return. All a scam to get you to pay, as those emails you got from women were actually from the site to bait you.

    On other sites, the women are legit, but not really serious about meeting anyone. Like many of you said…attention whores. The interaction on the site is what they’re after – a little fantasy world where they are desired. Others have such a high standard for what they’re looking for that no man on the site is enough. They essentially make sure they won’t meet anyone, then whine about there not being any good men. The kind of man they’re supposedly looking for doesn’t have to go online – his looks, money and trappings of wealth guarantee he’ll get PLENTY of female companionship, and he’s probably living in a big city somewhere, and not YOUR bumfuck town.

    A great many women that are online are lonely or desperate. Or attention whores. The online world grants women the ultimate power of rejection – to get men to show interest, only to then be picky and disect your profile, then ultimately reject you without so much as an acknowledgement. Almost universally, they state how they hate liars and/or players. At the same time, none of their pictures show anything below their cleavage, if that. Their profiles are devoid of anything original that gives insight into who they are. They’re either hiding or lying themselves.

  243. Danny says:

    Yes, most women are hiding who they truly are. It’s easy to tell the diffeence between a fake and genuine profile. A genuine profile is, at least to me, one where there is a clear shot of a girl’s face with a nice wide smile, followed by a couple of pictures depicting full-body shots. But what portion of POF falls into this category? Maybe 20%, if that.

    Here’s another major point about this site that I hate:
    You spend so much time trying to get into contact with girls you find attractive and it always ends up in “Read/Deleted” or some other jargon combination..


    When your rejections increase, your standards decrease. So you find yourself messaging girls that you would NEVER give a second look to on the street, and you STILL get rejected!


    When you try contacting these girls a second time to call them out on them being totally shallow, they write up a bunch of drivel as to why they don’t find you attractive and they have standards.
    Yet, they are completely oblivious to the fact that you, yourself, barely found her attractive and were just basically resorting to messaging ANYBODY to get a DAMNED response.
    This is soooooo maddening and frustrating to me. It just goes to show that it doesn’t matter how hot a woman is (or isn’t), they all think they are prizes, and yet they don’t want to be treated like one by men.

    It’s a fucked up world, i’ll tell ya’.

  244. Mr. Read Deleted says:

    I’m Mr Read Deleted. I opened up a new Plenty of Fish account looking for dating and some fun times as I hate dealing with the bar scene or relying on friend’s to set me up. Anyway, I am an average looking guy and am able to start dialogue with these women, but once I send them my picture, they don’t respond and then at the same time don’t delete my messages sent to them. Weird. Then there was this one woman who had nice hips and so we started bantering back and forth as she wanted to know what I thought her hips were nice. Now this woman was less attractive then I am as a man but she had some thick latina hips that looked very good on her. We continued to message each other. I sent her my picture and then she did read the message but never got back to me nor did she delete the message with the picture in it. When I messaged her a few days later, she read deleted all my messages and blocked me. WTF.

    I have found out that these women are simply attention whores who like all the attention but will only date a guy who is a model, movie star, rockstar, etc. Like the other guy, I messaged women who I was not even attracted to in any way, just because I pretty much had to lower my standards to the bottom of the barrel. Even these worn out hags with 5 kids, played games and in the end still seemed to like the attention and at the same time still had their standards set way too high.

    So I am Mr. Read Deleted and have closed my account. I am tempted to open up a new fake account calling myself Mr. Read Deleted to see the results. But then that would be pointless in the end because internet dating just doesn’t work for us non-famous people.

    So now it is time to go out to the old whore house bar(there is one or two in every town) and pick up some over the hill tramp or overweight cum gobbler cause at least I can get laid and have some kind of crappy female companionship, even if it is only for a night, unlike POF which is the cause of many five knuckle shuffle loser nights.

    POF is a waste of time and yields as much fruit as an apple tree growing on the North Pole. Darn, even Santa Claus gets laid more than me!


    • Timothy says:

      You hit it on the head brother…all of these tricks think they’re prizes. They never think about what they’re bringing to the table, but about what THEY think they deserve. Even the sloppy ones with 5 kids think some prince is going to come along and lavish them with attention. POF isn’t the only site like this. MOST dating/social networking sites are the same. The women are playing games, or they honestly THINK they want to meet someone, but get cold feet. I’ve found the more attractive the woman, the less interaction you get. They act like God’s gift. The ones that actually initiate are women that I don’t find attractive at all. I’ve had good success on Tagged, but I put in tons of work, contacting hundreds of women for very few responses. But the connections I’ve made are solid ones, mostly non-American women.

      • Andy says:

        Well that’s pretty much a given that solid connections you made were non-American women. Because at least we know those women aren’t nearly as picky and they know that not every American man is the same. What kills me more than anything is when I finally do get a response out of a woman I tried to initiate with, she says something like “My ex and I are going to give it another try.” or “I began to date someone else this past week.”

        Well that’s fine, but when I go on POF and do the same search as before and find that same woman’s profile on there 6 months later or even 1 year later and she is still looking for the same thing, I just get annoyed. It tells me she is one picky bitch. And I hate that. If you weren’t interested, it wouldn’t kill you to act like an adult instead disrespecting me like I’m a loser. That kind of woman who is like that basically never knows what she wants and most good guys aren’t stupid to not figure that out. If you are on that site for 1 year and still haven’t found anyone decent even after getting like 1 or 2 messages a day, then you are either a picky bitch or you are still trying to find someone that deserves more than you are worth.

        I’ll tell you write now, if these women keep pushing all these genuine decent men like me out of their lives, they are going to be lonely forever. Then when they become 30-35 years old and most men by then have become even pickier, they will be sorry.

  245. broken says:

    Hey guys…what’s the difference between a circus and most of the women on POF? A circus has a cunning array of stunts, and POF has a stunning array of cunts…lol.

    Gotta go now…I’ll get back to you guys later. And don’t worry about those shallow, materialistic whores on that site. They will die a lonely death.

  246. Synical says:

    I notice that the POF site has now started charging if you wish to see as to whether ladies featured have read or deleted your message to them. So as they say there is no such thing as a free lunch, this could be the thin end of a self destructing wedge and the beginnings of the death knell for them

  247. Danny says:

    I was just about to post this exact same news. It is indeed stupid… now you get to pay 80 cents (or whatever it is) to see that a lady has rudely deleted your message. Now you no longer have to face that disappointment for free! How exciting!

    If anything, it’s a useful feature for guys. You can still receive responses from girls for free, right? That’s all that matters.. I don’t give a flying fuck about what the status of my message is unless she actually bothers to message me back. Even before when it was free, I would send a message to a girl and then promptly delete it so I would never have to face the truth.

  248. Transister_Radio says:

    LOL !!
    Who the hell would want to PAY money to see a shit load of READ DELETED ???
    It’s so beyond stupid !!!!
    Who the hell thought that was a good idea ?!?
    Now you have to pay MONEY to see the words READ DELETED ?? LMAO !!!
    Plenty of fish is runned by idiots.
    They better not start charging money in order to READ an e-mail you receive from someone.
    THAT will be the straw that breaks the camels back for 99% of the guys on that site.

  249. Danboof says:

    I was just deleted off Plenty of Fishbreath for possibly being reported a few of the healty self-esteem, love to laugh, self-righteous, great catch, types of women. What did I send as a first email? What do they respond to?

    My headline was: Awww that is sooo cute!!

    Body: I didn’t know they allowed special needs people to post profiles on Plenty of fish. Bravo and good for you! I’m proud of you. =)

    MANY responded: I had 27 messages in my inbox just today. Why do they respond? Because I’ve knocked their self-inflated ego down a notch but not by being “mean” to them. I’d do it as a test to see who could laugh at themselves and not take things so seriously. There were alot of ones who were nice and I struck up conversations with, got numbers from, though most went nowhere and I wasn’t up their behinds like a desperate guy. You’ll see these same women on day after day. Night after night looking for validation and stroking their ego. Like many have stated most are on a FREE dating site because they are attention seeking, self absorbed, damaged, looking for a baby’s daddy, sugar daddy, fresh out of a poor relationship, etc. VERY FEW were decent people.

    Why not send a nice first email in regards to their profile? Because it’s all just “fluff filler” for them to add. And none of them respond to “nice” guys.

    You could tell alot are mean spirited, and have extremely fragile self inflated ego’s that are only used to being stroked online. They get off on having you deleted as if it’s some sort of power trip.

    I’ve had my normal pictures on. Various. I’m pretty good looking yet these women are looking for the next best thing.

    I had awhile ago posted real life pictures (non modelling) of a guy that was a “10” in looks. The emails from these same women were flying in and always questioning “me” when I was the “10” to push conversation even though I barely sent them anything in a first email or had anything written in my profile. These are your entitled American “classy” women. They would NEVER admit they are far from what they claim in their profile and will lie through their teeth to seem like nice, sweet, innocent great people. But the reality is far, far from the truth.

    Consider yourselves lucky you never got a reply from these women. They’ll be on there for years, day after day, night after night searching for the “one”.

    Try posting up a barely written profile with three pictures of a “10” looking guy you may know, barely write anything in the “About me” section and watch the difference in responses. If I had sent my “special needs” email with the “10” profile I guarantee I’d have no “report user” and these women would “love” my sense of humor all of a sudden.

    I’d knock them when I was the “10” and they loved it. It was sooo funny. When I had my real profile up the difference in responses was night and day. Angry, blocked immediately etc. Only a small handful were able to laugh it off and go into normal conversation.

    Try it yourselves.

  250. Danny says:

    hahahah That’s so funny and so true. I’ve never tried setting up a second fake profile, because I can’t be bothered because by doing so, I see myself stooping to the same belligerence and immaturity as the women on there.

    What i find particularly funny about your story is that they “press” conversation when YOU are the ’10”. Yet, when you are trying to even just get into contact with an average woman on that site, YOU are deemed a creep and if you persist, you’re blocked. Whatever happened to just socializing with someone. It’s all gone down the shitter, and technology, in large part, is to blame.

    I’ll never forget this one girl I had contact with a few weeks ago. I thought she was fairly cute but nothing close to GLAMOROUS. I messaged her and she responded back, in great depth actually. So, I sent her a second message to respond back, and she once again responded back and she seemed soooo cool. Not only did she seem interesting, but she seemed genuinely VERY nice and totally compatible for somebody like me.
    Now, maybe it was something I said wrong and I’m to blame, or maybe it was just the fact that she was a total CUNT.. but I messaged her back a third time, expressing the fact that I thought she was a nice girl and that I love talking to her, but I also exposed the fact that my dad just passed away very young and I was still deeply saddened and struggling to get through it (which was true).
    So waht happened? Read Deleted!!!!

    ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!? And you claim to be looking for a fucking RELATIONSHIP!? Bitch, please. You don’t know the first thing about a REAL relationship. A relationship is build on honesty, trust, faithfulness, and intimacy. I shared with her a deep part of my life, and this is what I get in return!? Are you pissed because I didn’t lull you in with sweet talk like a badboy would? GAH! Girls are so fucking retarded on that site! It really is the bottom of the barrel!

  251. Andy says:

    The thing with this POF is women on here stroke there mean-spirited ego from using this site. They want to screen any and every guy that views their profile or genuinely messages them. They say they aren’t the type of person that judges a book by its cover but they still do anyway. And technology is to blame for this. Communication and socializing well with people is effected by technology, which they need to stay away from more often if they don’t know how to properly talk to a guy.

    The most common thing I hear from guys I know who have been to this site, and I’m talking guys who have tried this site for at least a year, is they come across women who make it clear they want the guy to have confidence, be driven, and take initiative, but yet when the guy does all that and makes his intentions known, the women all the sudden back off a lot and just disappear out of nowhere. This is the total truth. It’s basically like as soon as the guy pursues, all the sudden he is too good for the woman and didn’t meet her high expectations. Like the women complain about meeting guys who are pussies and aren’t confident and don’t “man up” and make a move. Yet when the guy comes across as a strong confident guy and mans up and asks the woman out and all that, she backs off and pretends like nothing ever happen. I’m telling you more than one guy I know has told me the exact same story. So women on POF don’t really know what they want then do they? What bitches.

    Seriously, don’t say you are looking for a relationship and then list all these non-reciprocated high expectations as if you are supposed to be pampered and say you deserve more than what you actually DESERVE. You can’t say you are looking for a relationship and not even want to meet a guy, which is the first part. You must not be ready for a relationship (even though you say you are looking for one), if you aren’t even ready to meet a guy. I mean it’s one thing if you change your mind, but it also doesn’t make sense if you think a guy is “creepy” (which they never know how to define anyway) and stalking you after you talked back and forth in like 4 or 5 e-mails and already opened up communication.

    You know I’m pretty sure most of these women on POF are high-maintenance to begin with. And they are on the site obviously because they can’t get a guy in everyday life, which is because their expectations are so high. You know how women brag about how they can smell if a guy is doing the “cut and paste” method of messaging them? Well us intelligent guys can smell if you are high-maintenance, have children, or just got out of a bad relationship in the same way. So these bitches can fuck off! No reciprocation from these women whatsoever. Don’t cry to your girlfriends in everyday life about being led on all the time when you do the same to decent guys. Again fuck off!

    CAN I GET AN AMEN?!?!?

  252. Orion says:

    Amen, bro!

    I decided a long time ago that if I had to lie and play games to get a woman, I don’t need her. Like the POF gals, she’ll end up with someone who will tell her exactly want she wants to hear just to sack her and then dump her, then she can go crying to her girlfriends about how men are so horrible. Then, after her latest has knocked her up and run, she’ll decide some nice guy a.k.a. SUCKER is just what she needs.

    Funny how that works. He’s good enough to support her and her kid but wasn’t good enough for her before. Don’t fall for it, guys.

  253. Cee says:

    This was a terrific post. I’ve played the fool on POF for a long time, and haven’t gotten to date #1. I’m no Don Juan/Casanova, but let’s just say I do FINE w/ women in-person, so something is definitely amiss with the women on the site. I obviously cannot speak for the men, but many of the women are indeed playing head games and apparently await the perfect man’s arrival prior to simply replying politely to messages sent to them. The women indeed “make the market,” so they’re given free reign. I hear the owner of POF makes a FORTUNE off the thing, so he’s guarding his money fountain well. I don’t blame him, but I really think those who post a profile and never respond should simply be dropped from the site, to improve it for everyone concerned. I e-mailed customer service asking about the nearly “zero” response, and I got more of the same: ZERO from them….

  254. Transister_Radio says:

    QUICK story.
    I just recently saw a girl who just joined POF who I knew.
    I use to work with her a few months ago.
    When I worked with her, she would complain about guys making moves on her when she barely knew them and it made her sick. She proclaimed she was looking for a nice guy.

    Well, she eventually meet a “nice guy” who only lasted a short while.
    One day, she comes in complaining that everything is weird because he’s NOT making moves on her and she is weirded out because she’s not use to guys respecting her, so she’s weirded out by his respectful behavior.
    She then states that the guy does NOT look tough since he doesn’t even have tattoos.
    She then says she isn’t sure about this guy since this guy looks like he would be unable to physically fight off other guys, and she wants a guy who looks like he can beat up other guys.

    I’m sitting there think : Why the hell does the guy have to be something out of UFC ?? Is she gonna enter him into fighting tornaments or something ?? Also, wasn’t she complaining about OTHER guys being pigs since they would make a move on her? Now she’s creeped out by this guy NOT making a move on her ????? And he NEEDS tattoos ? WTF !!

    she just joined POF….
    and she’s still single after all these months……..
    Gee…….. I wonder why ………

    • cybury says:

      “She then says she isn’t sure about this guy since this guy looks like he would be unable to physically fight off other guys, and she wants a guy who looks like he can beat up other guys.”

      yea but what the forget is that those guys also tend to slap them around too.

      I think they want this type of guy so that they can go out to bars and act all slutty with some strange guy in the hopes that here sexy badboy boyfriend will beat up the stranger proving how much he loves her.

      face it they are all self entitled princesses and drama queens… you know… damaged goods

      • Ryan says:

        Yeah, then they pretend to act single just to increase their value towards other guys and possibly keep their options open. I just find too many women on POF that have high expectations and try to look for a guy who is like 5 different types of guys all into 1. I’m convinced that the majority of the women on POF, the kinds of guys they like in real life are the kinds that scare away most normal women.

        Back in the 60’s and 70’s, whenever a guy would be nice to a woman and find interests, he could easily get her number, then easily get dates with her and so on. Today, when a guy meets a girl and starts talking to her and finds common interests, it’s much more difficult than ever before to get her number or a date. That’s when all the sudden, we start to see the stupid in the woman and all these other things that come into play, such as these high expectations and needs that you start to figure out she has, or these irrational thoughts that come into play even though they make no sense, the cycle never ends.

        So why do online dating in the 1st place? It will make things worse for a decent single guy because she will only list higher expectations in hopes that a super duper good-looking, animal loving, sensitive, bad boyish, Joe six-pack, cowboy type of guy will come pick her up in his Dodge Ram 1500 truck and take her to fantasy land while stopping at a few family parties first to be shown off to all her friends and family. Oh no, they sure aren’t asking for much, let me tell ya.

        On a side note, here is the theory of “need vs. want relationship contraceptive”:

        For every guy that is not good enough for a woman at first, he then becomes good enough for a woman following a bad relationship or the birth of a child out of wedlock/the father leaving the woman after the child was born. (Basically what we see sometimes on POF)

        Good day gentlemen. Off to the mall to see really good-looking women walk around with really gay looking, asshole type guys.

  255. The Mack says:

    So I’ve made a fake profile for myself with a Brad Pitt look-a-like I found on the internet. I keep my profile description the same from my old account, except a new picture, he’s from Australia, he’s an airline pilot and of course he’s a bad boy and not a nice guy. Now I will message the same women that didn’t even respond to my old profile and see what they say about this new bad boy hunk from down under. Let’s see in Canadian women are really that screwed up.

    I’d like to comment on a comment about getting women overseas. Yes, I have been overseas both in mainland Europe and Asia, and yes women are much friendlier and much easier to date. None of the head games that we see over here in Westernized feminazi CUNTries. Oops did I spell that right? I’ve had many good looking girlfriends over the years and the best looking and the ones that treated me the best were women I met overseas or women in Canada who immigrated to Canada as adults.

    So I’ll update my progress here. I’d put a link to my fake profile but as some women from POF may come here I don’t wnat to sabotage myself. I can however give you the link to where I got the picture if you want. Let me know what you think?

    Also, should I post a links to the women’s profiles who respond to this international bad boy? This would be pretty funny as we can laugh at them as much as they have been bitches to us, because we don’t look like Brad Pitt.

    WTF is this world coming to? Is it time for all of us to move to South America!?

    • The Mack says:

      So, a few women have already messaged me back me back and that is in under a half a day. I guess the badboys from down under who are airline pilots, have piles of money and who look like models are certainly popular. I am messaging one lady who is married and from Great Britain, but who lives in Canada. God save the Queen, hee, hee hee. I think a lot of you will love how faithful she is to her husband who doesn’t know what is going on.

      Aussie Badboy – Hey got my profile pic up so I hope you like what you see. I am looking for a lover. Have you ever been with 2 guys at once cause that is a turn on for me.

      English Tart – hey. i have never done that but it is one of my fantasies. hows your evening going???

      Aussie Badboy – Great. Its rather sexy. Do you think you could handle two guys? So are you single or married? Cheers.

      English Tart – im married,i dunno if i could handle it,lol, i am shy though so would ony do it with guys i know and trust.

      Aussie Badboy – Cool. So are you on the splits with you hubby or are you in an open relationship? What size are your breasts if ya don’t mind me askin? So have you ever been with 2 men at once in your life or maybe 2 men in a day?

      English Tart – No, I’m looking behind his back, i have never done any of that,would love to though
      my breats are 40D.

      Aussie Badboy – Darn girl. I would love to make love to you and suckle your heavenly mounds. Do you like when guys tit **** you? Is he overseas in England or do you live with him. I’m trying to figure out what works best, you entertaining or me entertaining or both. I recently got a health checkup and am totally healthy which I knew anyway. I got out of a long term relationship and just looking for one or two good lovers to spend time with inside the sheets. Looking at your voluptuous body, I’d love to make love to you and cum inside of you. How’d that sound sexy?

      English Tart – he lives here with me,he treats me like crap,i cnt really entertain i got kids here
      you got any more piks?

      Aussie Badboy – Just going through my photo album but should have more uploaded tomorrow. I’d treat you like a queen. So, Do you like when guys tit #uck you? So would you enjoy me cumming inside of you?

      English Tart – i not done that for soooo long, i do love being fuked though
      email me,,,

      ———-To be Continued—————

      Well good to see that women from the UK are so honest and loyal, especially when in the New World full of badboys from around the globe.

      Time for us good guys to move to South America.

      • TheJuggla says:

        Damn Mack, that had me cracking up! Perhaps I should just say to hell with relationships and start going out for self as well.

        I have around 50/50 chances with responses but some are just total idiots. I have received about four numbers in my 3 weeks on the site and have ended more then a dozen conversations because I noticed that most didnt even have a personality. Lots of women show cleavage/ass shots then wonder why they are being looked at like meat. Oh, I wonder.

        Most do tend to pump up their market value, I have had one date so far and this girl didnt even look like the pictures, had a ass like a truck(not even a good round ass, just flat and big), was loud and annoying, and took me back to her place the first night out. Threw that fish back in and went fishing for another.

        Got to talking with some other girl who suddenly got too busy, deleted their profile, and then a week later I see them as a new member. Either somebody isnt single or is an attention whore. Just a waste of time, others that I browsed always had a good front pic but when you opened the profile the rest of the pictures looked totally different.

        Another woman I started talking too told me within two days they had a FWB they were seeing, I was blown away. Asked em what they were doing on the site if they had somebody they were seeing, was told that they needed some sex and their FWB knew they were on the site. Psh, I would fuck you but I wouldnt date you now!

        Overall, I must say that while I have kept my confidence intact – Im starting to wonder what the hell Im doing on this site. A few days ago, I went on a search for a good picture and then looked for a profile format to copy/paste – created a fake profile. Didnt check the profile for two days, came back to my inbox being loaded! Two of which didnt respond to my original emails. I start checking the emails and most are just one liners – nothing deep at all, and obviously the guy on the profile was WAY out of their league. It was amusing though to watch these girls email a fake profile like crazy though… until I didnt respond to a star member. It took one day after a no response to have my fake profile deleted. Poof, gone. I never responded to anybody, not a soul with that profile. Wonder what the reason was, none was given.

        Probably wont waste more time of the site or any other free site, would try a paid one but Im not to sure that I wouldnt run into the same problem again.

  256. seannicol says:

    How about we all get together to take on POF 😉

  257. buddy says:

    The only reason western women are able to get away with the attitude they have on pof and in the world is because of you idiot western men! You see! in asia and other countries dont think with thier sex organ when it comes to thier money and women!..also the divorce courts are not the same in asia as the USA! for the women in poorer countries who hang around on pof and dating sites talking to western men?..those women are no longer interested in asian men in thier country because they feel you western men are an easier target for easy money!..i would say now its the white western men that are so sex starved and most lonley!..why?..because white western women have developed a princess syndrome ( brad pitt or nothing) attitude much more than women in other races!..who also are more sexual!..also!..i noticed there is a much higher racio of white male profiles on pof than other men from other races!..just to prove my point!..anyway the women are bottom of the barel of pof!..get what you pay for!..and sometimes you get a lot less than what you pay for!

  258. Joe in L.A. says:

    This site is UTTER CRAP.

    I’ve met about 5 women from it. Not bad looking and I banged 3 of them…but the work you put it..not even worth it.

    Getting dates on this site is paramount to winning the fucking state lotto. As it’s been pointed out numerous times before..nobody freakin responds. I’m a very fit guy, been told I’m good looking many times in person..rarely ever get shot down in a bar and usually get the #. However on here…I get nothing! The usual read/deleted almost every time.

    Occasionally I get the unread/deleted after looking at your profile! How damn insulting is that? Seriously..not even the courtesy to read the freakin message and then delete? Unbelievable.

    I actually made a fake profile with a model looking guy. I messaged random women and found that still almost none replied. Even ugly women that in the real world would have not have a chance of getting this guy..NADA, not even a friendly reply.

    These women are on here merely for kicks. They get off on logging in and seeing 20 messages from guys all giving them complements. It’s just an Ego boost for them.

    If you’re a guy on here, you are only asking for a bruised up ego. You will come on here feeling confident and leave thinking you are some hideous joke.

    I think if you are going with online dating..go with a pay site. The women on there are actually looking to meet, not just get complements to the point where they think their Vagina is made of gold.

  259. Alan says:

    Before I even joined that site, my friend said one thing he heard from someone else who’ve been on dating sites before.

    “Women on dating sites are so picky, they wouldn’t even date themselves”.

    Its so true and being a man on a dating site is the worst thing you could be, I know this to well as I’ve been on plenty of fish since last November with no luck whatsoever. Whilst my own sister was on another dating site and in the first week she met a lovely guy and one year later, they are both very happy in love….You know that doesn’t happen for 99.9% of men on dating sites but my sister was on that site for genuine reasons.

    Women on dating sites are completely in control and basically on a daily basis show their cruel colours, whilst chasing after the guys who are rotten to the core. Which does kind of even it out a bit when these players bring these women down a peg or two as they completely deserve it.

    Guys take it from me, its not your fault (unless you kiss arse to women on that site).

  260. Julian says:

    One thing I keep seeing is women who say they’re not looking to date as they have a bf.

    I send them a message asking why they’re on a dating website if they aren’t looking for someone. Their response is to delete my message and occasionally block me.

    • cybury says:

      well julian, if you were a beefcake tattooed looser then they probably would respond. most women want to dabble in that forbidden fruit but like to also have the security of a readily available boyfriend… that is until they find a sexual fanatasy guy to replace him with.

      • Ryan says:

        Well of course, because most of these women on here don’t know the difference between fantasy and reality. They have way too high of standards and want guys they don’t even deserve. I once saw a profile of a 175 pound ish girl who thought she was hot or something and was in a bunch of pics with friends who were way hotter and thinner than she was and basically the guy she described that she was looking for was similar to a George Clooney or Brad Pitt. So I was thinking she wants a guy who never shaves, has a voice as if he smokes all the time, and who wants 100 children.

  261. HML says:

    When it all comes down to it, I think the site is pretty much a waste of time. Here is an observation I have that doesn’t even relate to the nonsense that occurs when you actually interact with the girls on POF, which is worth a separate discussion altogether.

    One gripe I have about the girls on there is the lack of effort they put in when it comes to their profiles. Now I understand not wanting to write a novel, or concerns associated with giving away too much personal information online, but in my opinion, most of the female profiles are a joke. Nearly all(at least around my age) were just a few short lines or sentences of the same hollow clichés-“I like going out and having a good time”, “I’m very sarcastic”, “I like meeting new people and am pretty much up for anything”. Gee what unique individuals they are. Clearly such deep, profound statements automatically mean they deserve “the best” which some of them have no trouble whatsoever proclaiming…

    What’s better yet is when a female profile does actually contain more information, it’s likely only because they embark on some veiled diatribe against men where they essentially expose their baggage issues from their past, rant and rave there are no “good guys” and make a series of demands and challenges to men to “prove that they aren’t all the same.” I really have to laugh at the last one, because if any normal guy went on POF and read a sample of female profiles, he probably wouldn’t come away with the impression that women aren’t “all the same”, especially in the way of personality, or should I say lack of it.

    I won’t claim my profile was some sort of masterpiece, but I think it did at least give a decent indication of what I was actually like as a person, and what makes me “tick” so to speak. If you actually want to possibly meet someone special (not that it’s any guarantee it will happen of course), you’d think you would at least put a little more effort in to trying to convey who you are and what you are all about. Apparently that thought process is lost on most females on that site.

    Now why does it seem like there is a lack of effort on their profiles on their behalf? Well unfortunately, reason one is probably that most women this day and age just do not have a lot of substance to them as a person to express. That’s the plain truth.

    Reason two, however, is that they don’t have to do much other than slapping up their picture(s) and a few mindless sentences in order to get a lot of guys to start contacting them, since the number of males is much higher than females on the site. Sadly, POF is also probably home to some very desperate guys resorting to anything (which includes crude messages) just to come in contact with or meet a girl. As has been stated by others, it seems that by getting a bunch of messages these girls really get a high opinion of themselves, and think the whole male population is lying at their feet.

    This results in the delusionary, entitled princess behavior that many others have mentioned. What they don’t grasp though is that normal, self-respecting guys won’t put up with their BS, which means they will be left alone, except for the stream of messages they receive on POF, many of which I’m sure they will complain about being boring or creepy. Yet they will still remain active on the site every day, month after month.

    Why? Because POF incidentally provides the perfect outlet for them to conduct their nonsensical behavior and garner attention, which is all they really want, and what makes the site a waste of time for a whole lot of users.

  262. Mrbig says:

    This is the problem with POF.

    These broads get hit up every day with 20-50 messages from men. Even the average or homely ones.

    They get to the point where they are so picky that they won’t respond to anyone unless they are very good looking and or rich. Also the height factor is important. Many of these cunts won’t respond to anyone that is under 6 foot tall.

    So in other words, this time is a waste of time unless you are brad pitt’s twin or loaded or tall. The rest of us will get left in the dust.

    In the real world, I’m actually a good looking guy and have no issues getting dates but online I get pretty much no love. My photos suck, I’m not photogenic at all. This is killer if you are on a dating site. You might be attractive but if your photos suck, tough luck.

    So what I’ve done is post some celeb that slightly resembles me and changed my profile to make it sound as if I’m successful or rich. Now I get probably 5 girls sending me messages a day…no joke.

    Serves them right.

  263. Mrbig says:

    Forgot to mention..

    Don’t even waste your time trying to make a creative profile.

    I had a profile up with a well thought out funny confident profile. Didn’t make a damn difference at all.

    All that matters are income/looks/height on here. Nothing more.

    • TheJuggla says:

      I agree Mrbig, it doesnt matter what you put on your profile – its all about the looks and income! Shallow fucks, which is worse because most of the women are barely 5s in my area that are on the site. I just deleted my account, done with the women on that site. I am on another site which have a few females like that but their forum members will cut them down to size. Which I have seen people banned for on PoF.

      So far the other site Im on I have been contacted first and not by obese women either. Women with actual profiles and no myspace angle pictures, makes me think PoF is the only site like that. What a joke, if you are reading this and havent setup a profile on PoF – dont, save yourself the headache and the waste of time.

      • Dav says:

        Whats this other site? I’m done with pof too, its the biggest waste of time going full of princess syndrome freaks. I’ve lost count of the amount of messages i’ve sent just to be ignored. Honestly theres all kind of mentalists on there, women who click you on the meet me thing but don’t reply to your message, those that add you to the favourites but again don’t reply, the types who message first but then don’t reply again (wtf?). Even messaging girls who are average shun you. Like most of the guys here i’m at a loss to explain seen as most my ex’s were better looking that what I messaged on pof and to top it off my confidence has taken a huge hit after this experience. Brilliant site though if you want women you don’t find remotely attractive with enough kids to start a football team message you, thats all I got. Oh wait that and women who give you their number but trawl the site whilst you’re actually on the phone to them, very classy!

  264. Ryan says:

    I have friends who have tried POF and gotten the same vibe and reactions from it as I did. No reciprocation from the women on here whatsoever and any normal guy wouldn’t want to put up with their BS. I have some examples.

    Woman profile- ” I don’t like guys who are materialistic”

    (few paragraphs later)- “If you have tattoos or wear Affliction or Tapout shirts, I’m not interested.”

    Woman profile- “I like guys who have their own place, it shows they are a true man.”

    (few paragraphs later)- “I live with my parents right now and don’t have enough money to live on my own.”

    Woman profile- “I don’t go for guys who are always looking for sex.”

    (few paragraphs later)- “I prefer a guy who has experience with relationships, I don’t want to be in a relationship with a guy who doesn’t know what he is doing.”

    I swear some of these women make no sense. I think they just use the POF site to weed out certain guys and to post what they are very specifically looking for, yet very specifically what they don’t want, without actually exposing their own selves and what they are really about and who they are. Thus, they are basically showing they are very picky.

    And I actually had a friend who said he doesn’t have his own place and was saving up for one in his profile but at least he was honest. Most of his genuine messages to women were getting read/deleted and no message responses. Then he eventually got his own apartment and a month after he did, he changed that info on his profile saying he just got a place of his own. Well it was funny because all the sudden he got responses from women for over half of the messages he was sending out and he even got some women to message him first. So I was like “Oh I guess they do know how to be polite and message someone back.”

  265. george says:

    So this girl who had only posted pictures of her face and breast gave me her phone number. I called we set up a date at an expensive resto ( I am stupid but hey I was desperate). I even had to ditch my friend’s bday to go see this bitch…I could have probably met decent girls there.

    Anyway, I pick her up and smthing seemed odd she had a triple layered coat and so much cloth on even for winter. When we finally get them off at the resto I finally notice how fat she is. Her thights were the size of both my legs. She was HUUUGEEE. She ate the whole meal like a pig…I paid she didnt even say thank u . I dropped her home and deleted my pof account.

    Her profile said “average” ….:(

  266. Travis says:

    It’s a numbers game. There’s twice as many men than women on POF, so that already puts us guys at a disadvantage.

    It seems like women are trying to find Mr. Perfect and men are just trying to find a woman who will reply to their emails. I see a lot of women’s profiles that say “I’m not going to settle.” Ok?? Perhaps you’d like to post a picture of a male movie star and say “IF YOU DON’T LOOK LIKE THIS, DON’T BOTHER MESSAGING ME.”

    I’m sure online dating is great, if you’re perfect. If you have the trifecta of great looks + great job + great personality. I don’t expect women to be perfect, and, from what I’ve seen, most women on POF fall into the category of average looks, $10/hour job, and no personality. Most of the women actually aren’t ugly. The problem is that they have no social ability, and don’t seem to understand how a conversation works (hint: you ask questions and show interest in the other person).

    Here’s my advice to you guys. If at all possible, AVOID online dating. You’re much better off in the real world, where the ratio of men to women is 1 to 1. If you can meet a woman at work, school, the grocery store, Alcoholics Anonymous, do it.

  267. Mike says:

    As much as I would like to believe this is not true and there is hope for me on plenty of fish, you nailed this dead on you are 100 percent correct about everything. Most girls are not even looking for a date they have boyfriends but sign up for the site anyways because it’s free… like come on now im not joining to make friends I want a relationship. I suppose internet dating websites are all useless unless you look like Brad Pitt. Thank you for exposing the truth brother. I hope everyone reads this who has not signed up for it yet and reconsider… all the website does is lower your confidence even more if you think you are in a rutt now.

  268. rick says:

    Just last night i created a fake profile on of a really cute 28 year old brunette girl. I wanted to test this fake profile out on plenty of crap but they just kept deleting it. whatever you worthless scum site.. anywho, i log in today and find 27 emails, 20 winks, profile viewed 384 times and it only been HALF A DAY.. on my real profile it took probably 3 months to get 384 views..

    I looked at some of the profiles of some of the dudes who winked.. The majority were non matches based on my fakes criteria.. older dudes (late 30’s to 50’s), dudes from other states, quite a few middle easteners and asian dudes (my fake is obviously white), but still.. i finally got to see what women have to sift through on dating sites.. Guys often wonder why they get no responses, well thats why.. If you had dozens of new emails everytime you logged in you simply wouldnt have time to respond. I think what has ruined online dating isnt necessarily the idiotic women who use these sites but the over-abundant HOARDES of men who troll these sites..

    Ever seen that show “To catch a predator” where many dozens of creepy social outcast type guys show up to meet what they think is a 13 year old girl? Well imagine being a female and having to sift through hundreds of emails from guys like that.. and n

    All i can tell you guys based on years of experience with online dating is give it up.. There really is better ways your time without losing your confidence or your faith in the female gender for that matter.

    As far as Plenty of crap, this blog here has done an excellent job at describing what utter garbage that site is..

    • cybury says:

      “Ever seen that show “To catch a predator” where many dozens of creepy social outcast type guys show up to meet what they think is a 13 year old girl?”

      interesting point. I often wonder if this is a result of men being marginalized and rejected by these feminist indoctrined self made picky princesses.

      • Orion says:

        Very interesting thought. I don’t condone lawbreaking and certainly not predatory behavior, but having said that, putting oneself in some of those guy’s shoes and thinking what is possibly going through their minds one can see what their mindset could be like that would cause them to resort to females younger than they should pursue.

        Often it is said some guys are “p-whipped”, but in fact men are far more likely to be heart-whipped. It has a lot to do with the way men and women are wired. Men communicate largely to relay information, while women do so with feeling and emotion. Men don’t tend usually to have the same type of bonding with other men as women do with other women; that close social bonding we all crave as humans. As a result, men are far more likely to be “lonely” or loners than women, and when such a man is rejected again and again and basically told by many women and to an extent society and the media in general that he doesn’t matter, one begins to see a little more just how starved for female companionship many men can be, and how those men could throw caution and common sense to the wind when they see what appears to be a friendly female face.

        There are ways one can avoid such a rut, like getting into a good spiritual life, volunteer work or working out or other activities, but hanging around on internet dating sites like POF is definitely not one of them. And, consider this: if those gals are half as great as they seem to think they are, why do they need a dating site to meet a man unless no man in the world meets their standards?

        On that last note, don’t fret too much over those types. They all get their come-uppance eventually. There are many examples, but one that really sticks in my mind is Anna Nicole Smith. Remember her? I remember seeing a picture of her surrounded by handsome, tuxedo-clad men with a “no man in the world is worthy of me” look on her face, and then, a number of years later, suddenly she wasn’t so hot stuff anymore. That’s the fate that awaits the chickadees like the ones on POF. Further, women outnumber men in the general population, so it follows those gals will in all likelyhood be alone with a cat as their only companion.

        Find a spiritual life, find activities you enjoy, and if you get a case of the horns, get an escort. Except for the golden gash, what else do most women have to offer anyway? It certainly isn’t friendship, companionship, loyalty, or anything else like that. Those things extend only as far as your wallet is deep, and even a deep wallet can be drained very quickly. It’s amazing how fast fortunes can change. A meat company which was one of the biggest ended up going out of business almost overnight because of a recall not too long ago, and other examples abound.

      • TrueStuff says:

        Good Point. The incidence/prevalence of child molestation abuse by men has skyrocketed as the decades have went on. The rate of divorce has also. The number of single people has also risen. These trends have one huge thing in common..the womens lib movement. Feminism has really cause some scary trends to develop, but the feminists will never own up to this fact.

  269. Dave says:

    If it was just a site like POF, I would agree that maybe it’s not the fault of the women… That maybe we could blame all the knuckle head guys that flood them with BS. But here’s the thing… I’ve participated on specific social sites that aren’t even really about dating, and women are just as rude and arrogant on those. And they aren’t getting dozens of emails a day… So that excuse is BS. I’m on a site where people are artists. I’ve emailed women to say I really like their work… which was true, I really did. I would have been happy just to talk to them as acquaintances. I would say, probably about 90% of the time, I get zero response. And it’s not like I’m some creepy looking old fart or something. I’m a decent looking guy. So you have to ask yourself… What kind of person is so self-centered, that when a person compliments them on their life’s work, they can’t even take 5 seconds to say thanks? Especially considering the fact that they claim the whole reason they’re on the site, is to “network”. For all these people know, I could be some rich guy looking to buy thousands of dollars of paintings or something.

    Bottom line… It’s pure laziness. How many guys have walked by a woman and just said ‘hi’ in a basic friendly manner, only to be completely ignored, like you don’t even exist? I would guess every guy has experienced that. The way I look at it… How many of you guys could ever see yourself being like… “Wow… I really wish all these women would stop trying to talk to me and finding me attractive… How annoying!” That’s what it comes down to, and that’s the same mentality online. And when you look at it from that point of view, that’s when you realize how ridiculous it is. So they have to sift through some emails everyday? Oh, boo hoo… How terrible for them. That must just be miserable, having people actually be attracted to them. Give me a break… It’s a joke.

    The truth is… Most women can’t deal with online dating. It goes straight to their head, and they turn into a bunch of egotistic asses. When you’re a decent guy, good looking, and you actually take the time to seek out the women who are realistically in your league… and all you get is ignored 99.9% of the time… then you see those same women basically living on the site, day after day… It’s pretty obvious what’s going on. The few guys who say they do well on the site, usually say something like… “I get all kinds of dates”. Meaning what? Yeah, they’re total players. And of course, the few times women actually do go for a guy, guess what kind of guy it’s going to be… Yeah… The players.

    I guess it wouldn’t be so bad, but then you get to hear the same women bitch about “how there’s no decent guys”. Sorry, but if you’re getting dozens of emails a day, and after about 6 months, you can’t even find one guy to take seriously… You’re f’d up.

    The shame of it is… It really does start to erode your perception of women.

  270. Travis says:

    What I find interesting about online dating is that even the unattractive women get quite a bit of attention. You expect women who are 9’s and 10’s to get flooded with emails. And they do. But even women who are 4’s and 5’s get a fair amount of email. Granted, not as much as the 9’s and 10’s, but enough to still be picky. I was chatting with a woman who was butt ugly and she said she gets several emails a day. I was floored and all I could think was “holy s— you gotta be f—— kidding me.” I mean, this chick redefined ugly.

    That’s what you get with POF and online dating. You have hot chicks who get so much attention that they become overwhelmed and can’t make up their mind. And you have ugly chicks who get way more attention than they deserve, simply because there’s way more men than women on dating sites.

  271. Doyll says:

    Have to agree,today was the last time i go on this site! The women are attention seeking cows! Also i got comments from them,only to reply and they never answered me back!! wtf? why contact me in the first place? Do it the old fashioned way,go out and meet her!! Stuff POF!

  272. Jeff says:

    As for myself, I am the typical case that seems to be more common these days…As a guy, I’m above average in looks, decent job, have always taken care of myself, keep in shape, decent job and no criminal record and no kids. I discovered the harsh reality in my 20s that pretty much none of those virtues matter at all to American women. Before long, my motto became, “If you don’t meet and marry a normal attractive girl in highschool or college, it’s impossible thereafter”.

    Why? Because girls that are attractive and nice and stable that choose good guys to be with, did so back in college. And since they are good stable girls, they have stayed with those guys ever since. So what’s left? Unattractive women and also women with mental issues that cannot sustain healthy relationships that came from broken backgrounds and are usually attractive to scum rather than good decent guys.

    So it’s a numbers game….meaning, statistically, more than likely the girls that are still single in their late 20s and into 30s are because they are either fat/ugly or mentally jacked up and more than likely are the ones that will end up on POF. So no matter how cute and nice some girl’s profile might be (if you happen to come across one), the odds are much greater that you more than likely are talking to a girl whose thought processes are illogical.

    I have met and talked to quite a few girls from POF, and in each and every single case, the girl came from a broken up background. Not that i really care what their background was, but every one of these girls were just downright rude to me and always played some sort of stupid game with me that always resulted in me becoming frustrated with them, and then having them ridicule me once I expressed my confusion or frustration.

    You see, most of these women/girls from 18 to 40 on POF grew up without fathers around. They were never taught how to treat and respect men. The only lessons they were taught were the lessons from their mothers that spit venom about men and the mainstream media that teaches girls to chase scum and act like a slut. These girls use their sexuality and looks to play with men because they know they will have 50 more emails day after day. They don’t have to worry about ever being single because they know that all they gotta do is show their sexy bodies somewhere, and they’ll have guys falling all over them.

    Society has allowed for this. People might say that middle eastern countries are from the stone age, but they really aren’t. They haven’t let mainstream western society corrupt their nations. Society in middle eastern countries teach their women and make it socially unacceptable for them to flaunt their bodies and disrespect men.

    Yes, there are good women out there, and you might be lucky to meet just one of them in your lifetime. But face it, western society has been purposely corrupted and most girls running around are a product of that environment, which means they simply just are not marriage material or good for any kind of healthy relationship where a man’s strengths compliment a woman’s weaknesses and a woman’s strenghts compliment a man’s weaknesses. Seems like most girls these days are egotistical sluts that want the whole world handed to them on a silver platter. They flaunt their bodies around, they are given affirmative action jobs with paychecks they don’t deserve, they have divorce laws written in their favor, criminal laws written in their favor, and mainstream television filled with skank role models showing them how they should act.

  273. Jeff says:

    Ok, quick update….Feb. 1 2011…I just happen to be chatting with a girl on POF. She’s 28 and not bad looking. A tad above average. Nothing hot. Anyhow, I just asked her if she gets floods of email……..she just emailed me back a couple minutes ago and she counted 180 emails!!!!! I already knew that, but no wonder why it’s so freaking hard to get a girl on there. I’m afraid that the only way to get to meet a girl on POF and actually get a second date is if she is bottom of the barrel and no guy wants her. A guy just can’t win. You can go on a date with a girl that isn’t quite up to your standards, and she’ll still reject you because she has 3 more dates that week and already had 3 more before you. You can’t win. The only way to get a hot decent girl is to head out into public and meet girls face to face.

  274. wana65 says:

    you will have to go over seas to get involved with a decent slender and slender headed woman guys!..they dont exist any more here in the USA!..even having a lot of money does not change that!..if you dont have the money to go outside of the USA and or you are in your late 20s and up in age then you are pretty much hit!..even if you were the man that had the money and looks to attract the few good looking american women left?..with the way they are in the head how could one deal with them rich or poor?..forget it!

  275. Dave says:

    I’ve only been there a month, and already I just think it’s a total joke. I’m going for a record to see how many women who are legitimately compatible with me that I can message, and not get a reply from. I’m up to about 30. So far I have a perfect record of rejection. The other night I saw a woman asking for a guy who was basically me down to a T… No reply. She’s been logged on every time I’ve gone on since then. Every message I’ve received is from women a minimum of 50-100 pounds heavier than me, and at least 5-10 years older than me. I got a message from a woman 65 last night. I’m 44. LOL It’s ridiculous.

    What’s really sad, is if you go in the forums, there’s all these people that have been on there for like, years… and if you say one negative thing about the site, they all come popping out to defend it. It’s like this big, sad, pathetic club for D list, serial daters.

    • Julian says:

      It’s damn annoying isnt it? I got a message from a transexual, a gay man and something else, a woman I think although Im still not quite sure.

      Anyway I’ve been on POF for a few years and am constantly rejected.

      Read Deleted
      Uread Deleted
      Unread Deleted
      Unread Deleted
      Read Deleted

      It used to bother me and make me wonder what the hell I was doing wrong – why I couldn’t even get a single woman to reply to a message. Now I realise that women are incredibly picky (understatement) about who they reply to. I think even God would have trouble getting a date if he was on there.

  276. joe1 says:

    I hate POF with a passion.

    The women are so fucking superficial, it’s insane.

    If you don’t appear extremely good looking in your photos, you will get no love whatsoever.

    Even if you are good looking in person and your photos suck..tough luck.

    The women on here get so many men messaging them, that they get extremely picky with their overblown egos.

    I can pretty much assure you that if you met these cunts in person, they would be attainable but on here, almost impossible.

    Fuck online dating.

    • Leo says:

      Well said Joe1! Most women on these sites are just average or below average and have you notice how most of them just want men to entertain them and are looking or say they want mostly military men….. gold digging hos

  277. jay says:

    All the women on there are so superficial. Especially if you don’t have a Harely or all the other toys. Almost all have addicitions and/or are financial train wrecks. Most are unemployed and are looking for a mega millionair movie star. Most of them can’t even meet the standards they have set for someone else. That place is the pits!!!

  278. Scott says:

    I’ve used almost all of the major dating sites. All are bad (read: worthless). But POF is the worst. Many years ago I worked for a newspaper in Juneau, Alaska. They planted fake profiles in their singles section to trick men into calling a toll number to talk to them. I worked with the Alaska Attorney General and got them busted. I believe PoF is doing the same thing. Nothing else can explain the 95% rate of READ: DELETED. That high of a ratio is not supported in the real world. And I believe they use some of their most trusted Nazi-moderators to sometimes reply to guys and keep them going for a few emails, then they vanish. People do this in real life, certainly, but not nearly at the rates it happens on PoF. I believe a good, solid investigation could prove these allegations and perhaps get the site shut down for fraud. The owner of the site is doing the male population an incalculably huge disservice. Typical Internet nerds — not the slightest concept of morality. My advice is to stay away from ALL Internet dating services as THEY. DO. NOT. WORK. But especially stay away from PoF. It’s not worth Free. It’s a liability. This is solid advice. Please heed it. Stay away from PoF.

  279. Jeff says:

    There’s another trick too that some of these sites use, especially the paid sites. There are some profiles that really are put up by real women that will correspond with you and perhaps even meet you. BUT these women are actually “promo girls”. These are girls that are in the “promotional entertainment” industry. They do a bunch of different things. One night they are beer girls at a bar, another night they have to show up at a car show, another night they just have to show up to a grand opening of a bar, another night they might have to show up at another bar to make it look like lots of women go to the bar to increase traffic. Some of them will put their “portfolios” up on, etc.

    Anyhow, the promotional companies that these girls work for also tell them to join dating sites and go on “dates” or correspond with guys. In turn, in some sort of indirect way, the promotional company is compensated by whatever organization is affiliated with that dating site. For instance, is actually owned by a fortune 500 company.

    And I did personally talk with a girl on Match that said she worked for a fortune 500 company that also owned Match. But I don’t know if she was legitimately on Match or just joined it because it was kinda recommended by the company she worked at. And of course she worked in marketing/sales.

    Aside from that, if you look at the huge revenues of some of the big dating sites, it would be very easy to hire 5-10 girls in select cities around the U.S. and have them actually go on dates. Then, move them to a different city. Ever notice how some profiles of girls always say “New in town” or “I’ve lived in 5 different cities, and I’m looking for someone to show me around”.

    You’d actually have to read the legal disclaimer with a fine toothed comb that you check off when you join the site to see if maybe there is legal language somewhere in it that would allow for a dating site to use “decoys”.

  280. ted says:

    may i add here that from what i have seen on pof is that the only difference between the women on that site and the women on sites like ( myredbook) and women in brothels is??..that the women on myredbook and in brothels are more honest about what they want and will do for how much and are better looking and are not as ding up in the head!..sad story today for what is considered regular women looking for dates

  281. Stink Fist says:

    She: I’m looking for my night in shining armor.
    Me: I’m looking for a woman who’s in really good shape.

    she: Where have all the good ones gone?
    me: You need to have a well paying job cuz I don’t work.
    And I won’t be driven around in a shit box, so you best have some nice wheels too. Don’t want my guy friends thinking I stooped to lower expectations.

    she: I want a guy who can make me laugh.
    me: Well I was thinking of asking your mother or sister out because their not as much a bitch as you. Was that funny enough?

    she: This picture was taken a few years ago, but nothing much has changed.
    me: I used to have this horrible scab on my dick, and it fell off. So I’m o.k. now. How’s your sister doing?

    she: I like fine dining, a well dressed man, walks on the beach, horse back riding, etc…
    me: My last g/friend was just like you. Now I like sheep.

    she: (profile states she is thin)
    me: Then you should cover up those arms and hocks when posing for pictures. Oh, and next time, have a friend take them for you instead of doing it in the mirror. Um, well, maybe that is your best friend.

    she: I like boating, dancing, cuddling under the blanket while watching a movie, chocolate, fine wine, etc….
    me: Shut up.

    she: I’m new to on line dating!
    me: Yay for you. Another one swallowed into the gutter. Spread em.

    Ya, I hate plenty of bitches. And I used to be a nice guy.
    Now I like porn better.

    • Leo says:

      lol thanks for the laugh but it so true. Ive seen every headline you listed coming from those bitches…. damm, do they all have the same brain or what? lol Multiple tattoos and piercings too eww

      • Jeff says:

        LOL…that is so true! It’s like they all have the exact same brain. There is no variation whatsoever. They all write the same crap in their profile. Have the exact same unrealistic expectations and irrational attitudes. And they even take the exact same types of photos.

        On a side note, I’ve been taking grad school classes, and there is this girl in my class that is 33 years old, she has red hair, butt pale white skin, she’s fat, has a horrible condescending attitude, and has been snowballing student loans her entire life. Major debt and she works in retail at a clothing store.

        LOL…I overheard her in class telling another girl about how she has all these men after her through whatever online dating site she joined and that she plans on marrying a man that’s wealthy. LOLOLOL And then she kept going on about how some guy has been texting her all week and that she just doesn’t have time for that and he should “get the hint” that she’s not interested in him even though she’s never met the guy anyhow. LOL. I flat fell out of my chair when I overheard her say that. She is a perfect ZERO and she’s looking for a perfect 10 in a man. She’s the worst of everything you can find in a female but yet exhibits the identical attitudes of the girls I see on POF. Girls that are 0s, 4s, 6s, and 7s all looking for the perfect man that’s out of their league. LOL

  282. ronniegarfield says:

    Stink, internet porn is actually cheaper then child support and bull shit from these women. And more men are picking up on this.. It’s actually taking away from these womens business. Plus, there a ton a free porn on the net now.. Also, i hate how on every profile, all the girls always use this line! Make me laugh. must have sense of humor.. how original?? Got news for these honey’s. Lifes not a freaking joke. You aint gonna be laughing all the time.. get real..

  283. D-Unit says:

    These so called women, low average, not so bright, think they deserve to be chased, thats why they hide behind a computer. If you let them play you then you are just being used, get some new glasses. Play YOUR game, bypass loosers. I have played and feel kinda stupid, but thats friggin OVER. Yea I screwed a few on the first date, when they said they wanted to wait. I did more shit with these women than you can do with a farm animal. One gave me a BJ before I could remember her name, come to find out she had a few glasses of wine before she drove to meet me, she said she didnt do this with just anyone, yea RIGHT. Went to the doc and got a clean bill of health, forget this shit…….

  284. ronniegarfield says:

    hey guys. iam in my late 30’s maybe iam out of touch or getting a little old fashion. but is there any girl out there today with No tattoos???? If i ever seen a girl from 18-47 without one, i would be shocked. You never seen that in the 80’s unless you were a biker or motley crue. ha ha. alot of it’s the same story. 3 kids of 3 diffrent guys no job and no man and 20 tattoos… Funny. tattoos aint cheap, these girls have no money, but yet how did they pay for all those tattoos?? They must have thousands of dollars of tats on their bodies,, without 2 nickels to rub together..

  285. Andy says:

    That tattoo thing as well also annoys the crap out of me. The piercing too like the tongue or belly button. I guess they are supposed to make you think they are extra cool with the tattoos and piercings. People don’t care if they permanent but then when they get hagged out and ugly when they are 35, they look like tramps. It seems like those women in the late 20’s/early 30’s on POF love to have that “single mom/I don’t mind being a cougar” look. They think by taking pictures at angles looking down their shirt or with cute childish faces that they are 10 times more sexy. I ain’t falling for that shit.

    90% of the women on there aren’t worth dating because right off the bat they seem too much to handle. And I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten a message of contact from a woman and I respond right away and then I never hear from them again after that. Chicks today are so selfish, it’s unreal. If you act like a gentlemen and ask them out and offer them a good time, they will ask all these details about what they would be doing, and if they don’t like one thing or if nothing is in it for them, they look away and assume the guy isn’t worth it. Nevermind meeting them first or the fact that they at least have a date on the table. How can you possibly think that highly of yourself when you aren’t even a 6 out of 10?

    Simple rule why women are still single and on POF all the time:

    When women are at a young age (19-24), they pass up many opportunities that come their way because they are too picky or just don’t know what they want yet. Meanwhile guys at those ages are less pickier than women so when they pursue more, women back off. Then when women get older, they become less picky while men become more picky. Then they complain when they can’t find the perfect guy.

  286. John says:

    Finding this website has validated me on the most frustrating of all experiences using POF. The POF dating site has given me invaluable experience as to the state of the American woman mindset. When I first joined POF, I was laid off but knew eventually I would find a job. POF gave me something to do in between sending out my resume and getting rejected in the job search. It was nice to get rejected on both fronts as it has given me much thicker skin.

    All the stories here are the same, email 100 women, maybe get 2 or 3 responses. If an attractive one would respond, you could not get past 2 or 3 correspondences before she would disappear into the mist. The only ones who would initiate contact were usually disgusting women who had 4 kids from 3 or 4 different fathers. I used the IM feature a lot during my unemployed time, only the disgusting ones would reply back (I would IM them strictly to learn about their thought process), and they had HUGE egos as if they were movie stars. I am no George Clooney, but I’m not a bad-looking guy, I workout 3 to 5 times a week, am educated and write and speak fairly well. Now that I found a great job, I realize I will have better luck at the gym, supermarket, anywhere. Avoid POF at all costs, it’s a COMPLETE waste of time.

  287. ronniegarfield says:

    John, supermarkets and the gym never gave me much luck either. specially these day’s. if you smile at a girl, they think your a stalker unless you look like brad pitt.. Its tough all over.. Someone i know was at a wal-mart and he was checking this girl out, and she freaked out and screamed at him and called security and he was escorted out and the cops were called. Thats messed up.. in the 70’s you could check girls out and it was cool. you got to be careful these days, you can get arrested just staring at chicks who wear almost no clothing and got 20 tattoos , unless they think your good looking.. Its scary out there today. I got news for these women, i know there are alot of wackos out there, but not every guy is a stalker.. like chris rock said, can’t blame a guy for just trying to get laid..

  288. Leon Jones says:

    I have read lots of profiles on pof; it’s funny that I have found some of these women on the pay sites. Here’s what I have done, I have a profile on plenty of fish; I listed a long list of requirements and women sent me the hate mail and they have used adjectives such as selfish, self-center, and other unpopular names. I am glad that I wrote my profile with complete honesty becuase I gave me a chance to see how women are when they don’t meet your standards. I hate to say but, most women on this site even the one’s that answer your profile aren’t really looking for anything because they are constantly going on this site. Along those lines, women don’t want to talk to you by phone; instead they want to hide behind the keyboard because they lack communication skills. I ran across a profile where a women didn’t post a picture; she said don’t ask me for a picture, my que was she must be pretty unattractive or she has someone in her life. Also, I see women who say I am family oriented and my kids are my world. Most of these women’s kids are living at home well past 20 with grandkids. When you see that type of behavior, there will be problems in that relationship. I also know these women talk a lot of bs about how independent and strong they are, I find them to be code words for I’m an entitled princess and I don’t have anything to offer. Gentlemen we have the advantage and power because they’re are more women than men. Here’s what you have to do. When you talk to a woman, put your foot down and let her know that you are not putting her on a pedestal, you’re not taking care of her kids, if you want true equality then you need to grow up instead of whining about how badly men are. Let women they need to look at themselves and they will be suprised that they don’t like who they are. I have been on and off of pof, I have met some decent people but, most of these women seem to be caucasion women; I believe some of them are racist and the other ones who just seek black men are women white men don’t want. Most of the women that have responded to my profile where black and they understood where I was coming from. White women seem to live more in fantasy land and they are no longer in demand because white men are going after latinos and asian women; black men use the white women who are at most trashy, they smoke, they have no car, no job, a bunch of kids, and they have a self sense of worth. Also, many of them don’t know what a relationship is, they have been burned so much but, it is their fault. Here is my rule, if a woman can’t bring anything to the table but drama, I tell her to hit the road. Just as I stated before gentlemen these women on pof; I am not saying all of them are attention whores and little girls who have never grown up. They have a bad track record when it comes to relationships becuase they pick bad men, let their kids run all over them and they can’t get a guy in the real world. I have gotten a lot of read/deleted messages but, I am not afraid to put my foot down. I have told these women that I don’t need you because their are plenty of you that aren’t on the dating site. Gentlemen most of these women have all kinds of mental and emotional disorders, unstable behaviors, lack of common sense, lack judgment and responsibilty. Also, these women can’t handle honesty and they are not strong and independent. Most of these women don’t know what they want. Take it from my gentlemen, plenty of fish is a bad site but, I am not about to alter my looks to play into the egos of most of these women. Put your foot down by being a man, let them know that they are not all of that. I do and it works for me. I am not politically correct nor do I care about the bs feminist movement. The feminist ideology has brainwashed our politicians, public education system, universities, commercials, and sitcoms. Here’s my saying. A man needs a woman like a lion needs a stove.

  289. Jack B Nimble Jack B Quick says:

    Have you noticed, woman in the real world, even the undesirable ones, are now carrying an attitude?

    Wonder why? Wonder why it’s just as difficult meeting them in real time these days?

    It’s because they have been to dog training.
    They go into POF, and build up their egos.
    Then, they carry this attitude in public.
    All of a sudden, the fat chick with Tammy Fay makeup thinks she’s a gift.

    Best pickup line to turn a chick off?

    “The solution to all your problems is between my legs”

    Now I’m not afraid to fart or burp, swear spit, curse stagger.


  290. Steve says:

    My neighbor’s wife is on POF posing as a divorced school teacher. Funny thing is … they aren’t divorced and haven’t even FILED for divorce. they are merely separated (he lives in the basement). She also hasn’t been teaching for 10 YEARS!!!

    Not divorced, husband lives in the basement, no job in the past 10 years, and 3 kids.

    Unfortunately, that is not what she has posted on her profile. What man is going to want any part of THAT?! I mean, she can only hide some of the stuff for so long before a guy gets suspicious.

  291. Dan says:

    I’ve just come to the conclusion that the feminazi movement, tv shows, and magazines have made women so arrogant that they feel they can get by without men except to use them for sex when they feel horny. Then and only then do they take a guy who’s rich and spends his whole life working on his body and ego. Alot explains why nobody has Christ in their lives anymore. You can’t love and covet yourself, have an ego higher than the sky, and judge someone on material possessions if you have true Christian faith now can you? Such is society today, and why society is failing. That’s alright. I don’t need a woman to be happy. Sex can only feel so good, and if it takes this much trouble to get some, then it isn’t worth it. I’ll use my hand thank you.

  292. g says:

    Apparently in societies where polygamy (lots of women to one man) exists, a lot of average looking guys inevitably end up doing without. And of course all the good-average women end up sharing the best looking and most successful 10-20% of men, where the best looking ones get most of the male’s attention and the least attractive get less, but still hang in there and belong to that guy.

    Its just a theory, but maybe we are seeing some kind of polygamy at play here, and the women are unwittingly playing to it, and creating it by being so picky… and the 10-20% top scoring guys are also playing to it, because they are in so much demand that rather than just finding themselves a nice girl, they ‘play’ a good 5+ females instead. That means that those 5+ females think they can attract and keep a guy in that top 10-20%, but in effect they have just become one of his girls… and they will see this as being ‘messed around’ by a player. Then a nice average guy gets in contact on POF and he doesn’t measure up, naturally – so gets a read or read/deleted.

    So, whilst these women aren’t willingly making themselves part of a harem, with lots of wives and one husband, by always aiming for that top 10%, they are effectively putting themselves in the position of being there, and putting a lot of average guys in the position of not being able to find a mate.

    On the other side of things, people will do what comes naturally. No one can really be blamed for their actions when it comes to who they find attractive. If a women doesn’t fancy us, we can’t make them, or even try to make them change their mind. In the real world I am normally viewed as cute (if the girl likes me). I keep myself in shape and do a lot of exercise. I’m not an absolutly great looking bloke, but I have seen that I can attract some reasonable looking women… but I get zero responses to every single message on POF and I have been on there around 6 weeks and fired off around 60+ emails. They hardly ever delete them, and they usually visit my profile… then nothing. I usually send a pic with my email, and they still visit my profile… but then nothing. My profile is good, and i have 5 women on the “wants to meet you section”, but the first contact emails dont like to respond for some reason… even though some of them are nothing special in the looks dept… just adv like me. To quote Homer simpson: “Doh!”.

    I just thought this site would be the place to go through a range of different women, do a bit of dating, from them find the one I clicked with… and then start some kind of relationship… but it seems either I was wrong, or it will be a lot harder than that!

    • Jeff says:

      Now remember, women are different from men when it comes to what they are attracted to. Women will actually develop their attraction to the types of men that they think society values. A lot of women literally develop their attractions by what they see on television and in mainstream media. This becomes reinforced by the other females in their social circles that will model their boyfriends by what they see on MTV. Their friends will follow suit.

      For example, the show “King of Queens” was really social engineering to suggest to women that the type of guy they should be with is a fat dopey guy. Hence, ever since that show came out, lots of women across the nation acquired fat boyfriends. It’s cool to be with the fat funny guy rather than a fit good looking guy with good morals. The reason for this social engineering, is if the global elites cannot get white women to date outside their race, then they provide examples of loser types of men (Kevin Federline) for white women to be with to downgrade the white race. If all white women only dated and mated with fat ugly stupid white guys, decades into the future, most white offspring will be just dumbed down fat dopes.

      Above all else, mainstream media and our pop culture society encourages women to pursue careers over family. It takes at least 2 kids to replace a married couple’s place in the population. Therefore, if a white woman waits until age 30’s to have kids, she will only have one or two at the most. The result is a decline in the white population as compared to other races.

      Above all else, mainstream media and pop culture encourage girls to go against God’s authority and elevate themselves above men and view men as being less than they are. Men are only to be used to obtain status. This attitude is reflected on POF as well as any other dating site. Women these days just simply do not respect men at all whatsoever. A lot of people think this is really the human race evolving and moving into a new age and that women were oppressed and blah blah blah, but the truth is, this is the human race falling further away from God and men are losing their authority in this world by design through social engineering.

  293. ronniegarfield says:

    good points to all, can someone explain to me whos filling these fat chicks with 20 tattoos, heads with all this air that they are the shit. I never understood what makes these fat chicks so confident? please help me to figure this out! Is it that they are putting out and getting good looking guys to fuck them cause they have a big tattoo on their tits? I dont get it…

  294. Jeff says:

    It’s mainstream media combined with the public education system. Direct quote from

    “There is so much anti-male bias throughout our western culture today that I can’t see how any woman could view any male in a positive light. I am afraid any man in America who marries an American woman is doomed to disappoint her. Marriage today for men is a very risky business.”

    Our culture has been corrupted so much, that females are hardwired to believe that they deserve the best in all areas of life and to settle for no less. The whole ironic this is that everything from the cell phones girls talk on, to the SUVs they drive, shoes, houses, jets, etc. was all invented by men. But yet women are brainwashed to believe that this is their world and us men are just swine that live in it.

    Also keep in mind that the divorce rate is so high, that for example, most girls that I have met or dated in my entire life have always come from single parent homes. Their mothers spit venom and were the ones that broke up their family and divorced their father. Therefore, they grew up with no male role model around the house to teach them how to respect men and what kind of men to be attracted to.

    So with no man in the house, where do little girls turn to develop their moral compass? You guessed it….MTV, pop culture magazines, sex in the city, Ellen, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, etc. Through all of these outlets, their brains are molded to believe that they are superior to men, they are victims and were oppressed by men, they deserve the best in life, they deserve the best careers, it’s ok to flaunt their body and dress like a slut in public, careers over having children, date outside their race, etc. All of these messages are constantly streamed to women in one way or another every single day.

    The end product of all this social engineering and pop culture society is on POF just waiting for you to email them so they can gain a sense of satisfaction by either ignoring you, teasing you, or emailing you back to inform you that you are not good enough for them and you just “aren’t their type” even though they don’t have much to offer themselves.

  295. Eddie says:

    I’ve been on POF now going on six years. I’ve gotten a few dates but nothing ever worked out. In the time I have been here (POF) Most of the women that I have gotten dates with are women that I or most other men wouldn’t stay with. So far every one of them that I have gotten dates with were weird acting. Some of them were on medication for some kind of mental problem that I found out about later on. But still weird acting whether on medication or not. I can’t even begin to tell how many I have tried to talk to that can’t even carry their end of a conversation. I call these the “Conversationally Challenged” Getting them to talk is like pulling teeth with nothing to dull the pain.

    Sometimes I write messages just for the h.e.l.l of it. I know when I write them they are not going to answer. But I do it anyway. But seriously, What I have figured out about POF women, As a matter of fact, Most all women on dating sites. Not just POF, They are all for the most part looking for something they can’t get. They are trying to attract above what they are able to attract. They are so demanding that they have bombed out in the real world. Men will not ask them out that they meet in other places. So they come to dating sites as a last-ditch effort to get a date. But their standards are so high that no man can reach them. They still wind up alone. PLUS, They get the idea in their heads that they have plenty of men to pick from because so many men write them. They can pick and choose whatever they want.

    What they are too dumb to realize is that only lasts for a while. The longer they are on POF the less messages they get. They are too dumb to realize that the well will eventually run dry. Especially if they are just average in looks. Which in my years of being on POF most that I have looked at are just average. I would say at least 96% ARE average at best.

    They want something they can’t have and don’t have the common sense to see it. I have messaged plenty of women that to me were common in looks. Some of them even on the big side. Just to be ignored. I don’t consider myself a pretty man. But I ain’t ugly either. I know I am not. I have had plenty of women to tell me they thought I was a very good-looking man.

    So what’s the problem with the women on POF? My Idea about it, As I said above, Looking,Wanting something they can’t have. Something they are not attractive enough themselves to get. These women will wind up alone in the long run.

    Sometimes I wonder to myself why I keep hanging around POF. But for whatever reason I do. And I keep finding the same thing over and over. Goofy weird acting women. I wouldn’t recommend the site or any dating site to anyone. They are a waste of time. Especially if you are for real and really want to date and find someone compatible.

  296. Jeff says:

    I just had to post this. It’s part of a girl’s profile on POF:

    “WOW… 50 MSG IN 2 MINS. on here. THIS IS FUNNY! OMG… You have to be taller then me… just saying. I do not im. If you take pics of yourself I will not give you the time of day. I want… a smart/ funny/ classy guy that wants to get married in 2 years & have a perfect family with 2 kids. 5 days & Almost 700 msg… Ha!”

    First Date:
    “If you do not look like your pics.. I will start laughing & walkout. Anyway, first time I meet you I would meet you for a drink first. Then if I like you dinner somewhere after that travel. If you can’t afford to travel then you can not afford me. Just saying..ha! I come from a classy family that has money, my friends have money & I will only date guys that can afford my life style. Sorry, I’m a little blunt. Just do not want to wash your time.”

    I actually believe the 50 messages in 2 minutes and 700 messages in 5 days. No wonder it’s so impossible for a decent guy to even talk to anyone on POF or any online dating site.

  297. ronniegarfield says:

    You know,, reading this isn’t that shocking anymore. In alot of ways today, thats how alot of these women think. Thats why alot are so picky. What would really make this worse is if the girl was fat and had (you guessed it) 20 tattoos! Hate to say this but she will not be getting those things she wants for a long time. even if she is hot.. money is tight. I even read where dudes are being picky about getting married as much these days , cause they don’t wanna give up half of everything they own and then some…

    • Jeff says:

      She’s the silicon barbie looking type. 29 yrs old. Yea, she’s attractive, and I don’t blame her to have some standards, but writing a profile like that is completely stupid because it repels just about any guy rich or not.

      I did email her just to see if it was a real profile. I put “i have money” in my subject headline to see if she would read it. I told her: “I got money, but I don’t date girls that are into money”. She actually replied back and told me that, in the end, dating a guy that isn’t rich just doesn’t work out for her. LOL. But she went on to say she’s had plenty of luck on POF. LOL. But she’s still on there, so must not be that lucky.

      I just had to email the profile to see if was real because I couldn’t believe someone would be that dumb to write that crap. The older she gets, the less desirable she becomes. And any man in his 40s and 50s that is loaded with $ is old enough and wise enough to just stay single and use his cash for cheap thrills rather than being tied down to a gold digger that can take it from you. So at her age, she’s very unlikely to find someone to actually meet those demands.

      But you’re right, most men these days with money are less likely to marry. With “no fault divorce”, a woman can at any time, walk out on you and take almost 100% of what you have. Any lawyer she uses will check into every nook and cranny of your life to see if you got money so that they can cash in on it too. And even sometimes a pre-nup doesn’t hold up in court. The longer you are married to someone, the more likely the pre-nup will be turned over, so it’s not a guaranteed thing.

  298. Jack says:

    I did something today that I don’t normally do. I cussed this idiot woman out. Some of these women are down right idiots. They will back you into a corner and make you tell them why you decided to back off. Besides the fact that a lot of them lack social skills and can’t carry on their end of a conversation, A lot of them just don’t know when to quit.

    This one I have been talking too now for a few days sent me another picture of her. I have found it’s smart to ask for different pictures from another angle. A lot of times you see things that you can’t see in there profile pictures.

    There it was, A boob tat. I’m sure that there are some guys that don’t mind a woman having tats of any kind. If you don’t mind then more power to you. But as for me I do not like tats on women. Especially boob tats. I don’t care what the reason is for doing it. A woman can try to reason it away any way she wants. But to me they look tacky and they make a woman look like a whore.

    When I spotted the tat I politely backed off. I don’t like walking bill boards. So, I told her that I didn’t mind talking to her if she wanted but I had decided we were not a good match for each other. Most women back off when you tell them something like that. This one refused to back off.

    For three days I tried to get away from her without hurting her feelings. Instead of just talking to me and letting it go she just kept on wanting to know why I wouldn’t want to date her. She kept on wanting to know why I changed my mind. I told her again today to let it go and forget it. She just wouldn’t let up.

    I finally had to come out and tell her that I didn’t like boob tats. She just went ape shit. She got tore up from the floor up because that boob tat was something she did in the remembrance of her mother. To me you carry memories of the people you love in your heart. You don’t wear them on your boobs. I told her that. Then I asked her to drop it.

    She refused to drop it. The next thing I know I am getting another picture of her lower back tramp stamp. It didn’t help matters none. I didn’t need to know or see it. The next thing I know she is preaching to me about how I am screwing up being the way I am about tats.

    I finally wrote her back and told her if she didn’t let it go I would be forced to put her on the block list. I told her that I liked her as a person but Tats are just a big turn off with me. Deal Breaker.

    I get another message from her cussing me out for turning her down because of her tats. I wound up putting someone who I actually liked talking to on the block list because they didn’t know when to shut up.

    I honestly don’t know why women think these tats are so attractive. To me you take a woman with average looks like most of them on POF and put a tat on her boob she hasn’t added anything to her attractiveness at all. She has taken away from it. Now her looks are below average.

    You take the few and far between really good-looking ones and add a few tats all they have accomplished is making themselves look easy.

    I wonder if women in general really realize how many men they turn off by tatting themselves? Or if they even really care? Personally I don’t think they really care. If they did they wouldn’t do it. They say they care about there looks but if they did they would not mess with perfection. There bodies are perfect like they are.

    To me, When a woman puts a tat on her boobs it shows lack of self-worth and self-esteem. They don’t think much of themselves or they wouldn’t do it. It’s a form of mutilation and shows me that you are not happy in your own skin. It also makes me wonder if something is mentally wrong with the person. If you can sit in a chair and let some stranger/tatoo artist hold your boob and draw on it and fill it with ink, Something is wrong with you.

  299. ronniegarfield says:

    Marriage is bad enough, but the biggest weapon women have against men is a kid or kids.. Then it gets real ugly. from what i heard and read, it can get real messy. Not sure exactly how many people are still gettting married like crazy, but today, its more complicated with the economy and people losing their jobs left and right. So now girls are more picky about who they go out with.. Specially when you reach a certain age. Its hard for even a 23 yr old to score girls. But alot of it depends on the RAP, LOOKS, and how you carry yourself.. But your right about one thing, these girls looks aint gonna last forever. But they can last a long time. but once they start hitting 49-55, it changes… then if they are still single , they wont be so picky.. then its just silly. But 90% of women all end up with someone. There will be way more lonley older men then there will be women.. its sad.

    • cybury says:

      yup after 40 they sure get less picky… problem is that we tend to get picky ourselves (aint karma a bitch) thats when we get to use all that negativive behaviour we learned from them when they were younger against them. who wants some tired out female who spent that last 20 years riding different badboys. yes I have heard that they admit they made mistakes when they were younger and now have seen the light but i figure if I wasn’t good enough to be the parent of your children then I aint good enough to be your pension plan either. but they shouldnt worry too much cuz no matter how hidious they become, no matter how many cheesy skanky tattoos they scribble on themselves no matter how old or how fat they get there will always be at least one looser guy wanting to play hide the salami with them. just dont expect it to be anything more than a one night stop over lol

  300. ronniegarfield says:

    said it best… girls always get what they want. cause guys are obsessed with pussy. that’s all dudes want.. and women know this. If guys would quit it and not be so desperate to get their decks sucked. Maybe we would start having the upper hand…. And trust. as one me self. guys will do any chick. no matter what..

  301. Jeff says:

    Years ago, I was hanging out with a good friend of mine. At the time, he was about 6’4”, 215 lbs, muscular, 30 yrs old, had a decent job, good morals, etc. On top of this, he was not shy at all. He approached girls at bars all the time. Anyhow, one night while we were all driving to go hit a popular bar, he was at wits end about how screwed up women were and why is it women always chase losers and why he has such a tough time. Not only that, he was tired of running into girls (single moms) that had kids by complete losers. I was in the same boat as he.

    I explained my theory to him: Females these days, ages 18 to about late 30s only chase 2 types of guys:

    1. rich/wealthy/high occupational status guys
    2. Complete deadbeat scummy shit-headed vermin loser types.

    Both of these types of guys are exactly what’s reflected in the mainstream media and what is held up in pop culture media for girls to date. The rich guy offers money and material items, therefore the female that is with the rich guy can feel good about herself when she shows off her new SUV, big house, jewelry, purse off to her friends and family. The younger more stupid immature girl, will date the scummy shit-headed vermin so she can make herself “feel good” by trying to “change him” and also by being with the same type of loser all of her friends are with. Therefore, she fits into and is accepted by her social group. It’s all about “feeling good” about herself by: fitting in and/or showing off.

    For example, Jenny’s friend Betsy has a loser boyfriend with tattoos all over his body and has no job and looks like he only showers once a month. Betsy saw this on MTV and thought that this is the best type of guy to be with because they are cool fun and wild, or else this type of guy wouldn’t have been on MTV. Jenny then wants to acquire the same type of boyfriend so she can be like Betsy and fit into her peer group. This mental sickness spreads like a virus. Women actually only care about what others think about them and how well they fit into their surroundings. They will choose guys that can enhance this.

    Anyways, I explained to my buddy that him and I were NEITHER of those types of guys. We were not rich/wealthy, nor were we deadbeats with scummy looking faces and out of shape bodies and poor morals. Therefore, we could not offer either type of situation to all the girls in today’s society.

    He definitely believed in my theory when I pointed out several good looking very well built clean cut guys all standing against the wall at the bar by themselves with no girlfriends. Then I pointed out several guys on the dance floor that were sloppy and overweight and rather creepy looking all with hot girls.

    Decent looking, moral, responsible, trust worthy guys with middle class jobs need not apply. There’s nothing about this type of guy that needs changing nor can this type of guy offer high financial status. Take a look in the crowd on the D’Angelo or whatever kind of “double your dating” videos, and you’ll notice all the guys are decent looking trustworthy types. They all seem to be very well mannered and you’ll notice there isn’t any hyperactivity or loud behavior in the crowd during the seminars. The guys in the audience reflect the guys in today’s society that women actually seem to despise. It’s a backwards world we live in today. Back in the 1950s, these types of guys were what every girl pursued because marriage and family were important and sacred. Not so today. Society has been completely rotted and the types of men that girls chase completely reflect it.

  302. ronniegarfield says:

    jeff, these are good points indeed. I kinda gave up, all my friends had the same girls since high school, so they never had to go on the scene looking. Thank god for them too, to not be subjected to this nightmare of the dating world. Girls really do care what others think. It’s really true what you say. me and my friend said this a while back that we were too clean cut for girls today. I just cant belive that dudes with no job or drivers license get more hot chicks than brad pitt. Yes after 30 , your looking at girls with kids and tattoos..

  303. Closetogivingup says:

    I love this blog. You guys really seem to get it (other than the whole boob tatt thing, but that’s besides the point) when it comes to POF.

    I hate to say it, but I’ve been on POF for around 2 years. As others have said, the women I met were just average looking or on the heavier side-No 10’s here, maybe 6.5 to 7 at best. Lots of emails, less profile views, and even less responses. Some women write you back a couple of times but seem interested then disappear. Really serious, right?…But damn, seriously, of the one’s I’ve met they all (except one actually) ended up being crazy.

    One chick was all over me one night when we were out at the bar-We ate dinner chatted, she seemed normal and friendly and invited me out to the bar with her. We’re out with her friends that night and she’s all like, “Oh you’re sexy this and that”, blah, blah, others could hear…It was awkward but I saw it through. She asks me at the bar, when we get back to my place we’re going to have some fun right? I’m drinking and say yes. She laughs and says, “I thought so”….She buying me drinks, her friends are nice to me. Things seem to be going as well as I could hope for….Just wait.

    Anyways, we get back to her place, just the two of us. We makeout for seriously like 2 mins. 2 f’in minutes..And she’s says, “I don’t want to go too fast” and I want you to sleep on the couch. I had been drinking/was drunk so I wasn’t planning to drive home anyways, so I’m thinking fine I need to sleep somewhere because I’m drunk.

    Anyways, an hour or so passes, I think she’s sleeping, and there’s a knock at the door…Who is it? It’s her friends we were out with…And about 3 of them. They go into her room and I’m thinking WTF? They don’t leave and are talking. I’m thinking, maybe, just maybe this is some sort of orgy waiting to happen…Nope…So I say, F this and leave because it was weird, rude, and who knows what else..

    I get a call the next day the minute she gets off of work, and the chick tells me she was scared something might happen because she didn’t know me well, so she called her friends over to “keep her safe”…Oh so I’m like a potential rapist now???lol…

    Not an adult, not mature, f’in crazy with crazy rationale for her own behavior. Thanks POF for the memories.

    That’s probably the weirdest POF date I have been on.

  304. Jeff says:

    Ok, I’ve got to respond because the girls i’ve met on POF in the past were just downright crazy also. Although I haven’t met anyone in quite a while because there’s something inside me that just doesn’t want to bother with POF anymore.

    But I met a girl one time on POF that was 28, blonde, about an 8 maybe. Not really hot, but I’d definitely bone her and I wasn’t embarrassed to be seen with her in public either. For starters, she told me that her dad was a chef and had put a wooden chicken inside her kitchen, and then told her she needed a “cock” in her kitchen. LOL. I knew right then and there she came from a jacked up family. What dad talks that way to his daughter??! So anyhow, we ate dinner together and talked and clicked actually. (crazy girls can be fun sometimes because you know you can get laid). Of course she reveals that she was unemployed and told me she was on an “extended vacation”. So she lied about having a job, because she didn’t. So you guessed it, I was going to have to pay for dinner. So she wanted to go see a movie after dinner. I thought to myself, “what the hell, ok, maybe I can get sex or something”. So we get to the theater, and this girl orders a latte’ at the concession. She then proceeds to pour flavored sugar in her hand and asks me to lick her hand ?? It was bizarre, and I said ‘no’. She was like, “c’mon lick it!”. So I thought, maybe this is a sexual thing for her, flirting. So I lightly touched the sugar in her hand with my tongue. She laughed. Anyhow, the next thing I know, she had poured 10 little cups of half/half into her drink. And then she grabbed the syrup bottle from behind the concession and pumped like 15 pumps of syrup into her drink!!!! It was gross! The chick was f’in crazy. Long story short, we went for a beer after the movie and she had told me she had already met 9 guys that same week. WTF?! She even recorded one of the meetings on her cell phone video camera. She showed me the video, and it was some poor guy that came out to meet her, but he didn’t know she already had some guy-friends with her and they were all drunk! So she wasted some guy’s time on POF and I got to see a video of it! LOL. Lastly, to top it off….she was moving 300 miles away in a couple months anyhow. WTF? I was like, “why did you bother to ask me to meet”. So she called me the next day, I answered my phone, and she proceeded to talk about how she sleeps naked alot, and wanted me to try sleeping naked at home too?!?! WTF. I was strictly in this just to try and have sex with her. Anyhow, she disappears. Wouldn’t return my texts anymore. So I wasted $ on dinner, movie, beer, phone calls, texts all for nothing.

    My advice is if you do continue to meet girls on POF, just avoid paying for anything unless it goes really well and you are sure you might be able to get laid at least.

  305. ronniegarfield says:

    yeah. cant tell you how many dates i went on and paid for these chicks and nothing came from it. Girls are lucky that way. Once. i met this girl and wondered if she was gonna show up, and my friend said, oh yeah, she will show up FREE FOOD.

  306. josh says:

    Ya I get the same problem the woman just look at your profile they never talk to you. Then they freaken delete your messages. Heres what you need to get a woman on pof A big ass bank account really good looks and willing to spend out of that big ass bank account.
    Ive also had my picture deleted. They said that they couldnt see my face when you could. So I put anew one on that you could really see my face. They deleted that one to. I really hate that f**ken site.

  307. Mark M says:

    POF is nothing but a big waste of time. Most of the ladies I met from there were only looking for a FREE night out. A few even cried to me they were behind on bills and needed help with money. Some didn’t even look good in person, there photos online were different. LOL
    Stay away from that place – these ladies are gold diggers or looking to hustle you!

  308. Check it says:

    Gentlemen, let me give you an analogy about the dynamics you face as a guy perusing online dating sites like POFreaks (or any online dating site really)..

    Imagine walking into a random singles bar. Inside this singles bar are 100 random, single, eligible, actively looking single men. Also in this bar
    are 10 random, single, eligible, actively looking single females..

    In a nutshell, this sums up online dating.. What you have is a dynamic so out of whack that it wont take very long to experience all the bullshit and
    frustration that has been described here..

    Even if you are great looking, educated with a great job and career, funny, intelligent, etc., a girl
    (i refuse to call American girls “women”, they are anything but) can and will completely blow you off because she knows there is 9 other guys waiting around for there turn to try to get there turn..

    Now let me ask you, if you were in this bar, would you stick around? Hell no, you would throw away your beer and find another avenue to meet females..

    I suggest you do the same with online dating..

    In the case of POFucktards, imagine the 10 singles females from the singles bar.. Now imagine about 8 of them being fat, uneducated, completely ignorant, multiple bastard children, and a shift manager at the local Valero..

    Welcome to POF

    • Orion says:

      Good post, my man, but you forgot a few of the charming attributes of POF women.

      In addition to your post: imagine the approximately 8 women smoking like chimneys, getting drunk and shrieking obscenities all the time, covered in tattoos, been in more laps than a napkin, hate men while worshiping celebrities and chasing after assorted sociopathic men all the while complaining “there are no good men.”


    • Dave says:

      Actually… One out of ten actually PICKING a guy would be welcome. Personally, I don’t even think your odds on there are that good. I had a girl on there tell me she gets 30 emails a day. That was three months ago. I still see her on there every single day. As are seemingly a good portion of the other women in my area. Do the math… That’s over TWO THOUSAND guys in three months. Nobody does it for you out of two thousand guys? Maybe the most they ever do is date a guy a couple times, then go right back to the pool again. That’s not searching for somebody… That’s just flat out psychotic. But in their minds, they think it’s perfectly normal to reject hundreds of guys week after week. I honestly don’t know how a person could sleep at night doing that. It’s sadistic.

      • Jim says:

        That is nothing Dave. If they are even average/above average looking? They are dating 3-5 guys at the same time. (and sleeping with at least 2-3)
        But it’s also somewhat curious to me. As I work all hours of the day and night. I find it strange, when I take a search peek on a LATE friday or saturday night. And see how many are “online now?” If they are ALL THAT, why are they NOT out with a “hot guy” or getting laid? Why are they home, sitting in front of a computer?

  309. Danny says:

    I was really irritated by this one chick on there the other night. She was the princess type, and also had zero class, since her main picture was of her flashing the middle finger atthe camera. The rest were just pictures of cleavage. She claimed to just be looking for friends, since she has a boyfriend ALREADY!! So I put her in her place.

    I basically told her that she was scum for doing what she was doing, and she emailed me back LAUGHING at ME, saying that I made her night because it gave her a good laugh. She claimed that her boyfriend knew about the account, and in fact, had her password even. BULLSHIT! Either she’s lying through her teeth, or that boyfriend is fucked in the head. She then proceeded to say that her pictures were hot and her boyfriend even thought so. In my honest opinion, there is nothing sexy or “hot” about a little girl whose mind is warped my trashy reality TV shows. I even said that to her and she kept laughing at ME as if I was the one that was fucked. Delusional little girl. It is purely psychotic behaviour. Ths girl wasn’t even above a 6 out of 10 yet she expects guys to feed her ego just so her and her boyfriend can laugh and reject them.

    Another chick said in her profile that she was deaf. So she admits she has a handicap, but in the same sentence goes on to say that she only wants a man above 6 feet tall, and he MUST be of European descent. Is this a joke? Again, it’s psychotic behaviour!!

    Another thing.. have you guys ever noticed that when you try to put a girl in her place, none of them ever get extremely mad or upset about it? Instead, they either shrug it off or preach about some bullshit jargon that makes you shake your head in awe. This, to me, shows that they get emailed daily from guys who are just messaging for the sake of telling them off, so they don’t take offense to people on an individual basis. Or if they have REALLY severe emotional problems, they will block you just because of what you said. The truth hurts, I guess! This is nothing but a game to them. To all of you fellas who actually got dates off of this, I cite you as lucky ones. There is just absolutely no way this can work out.

  310. Julian says:

    Markus Frind claims that “Over 1,000,000 relationships were formed in 2010 as a result of”

    He should be reported to the FTC for false advertising. There’s no way anyone can know how many relationships were formed.

  311. Average Joe says:

    I agree with all the guys’ comments on here. POF sucks big time.

    I wouldn’t say I have Hollywood looks, but I’m not ugly either. I joined POF with hopeful expectations but was massively disappointed after six months. Not one message from any woman. And no replies to my messages either. No thanks, no nothing. A big fat NOTHING.

    I even messaged some fat, ugly woman with about 10 kids, just to see what would happen, and even she ignored me. That was the last kick in the teeth!!

    Another point, if you look at the top of the page it’s always the same women constantly online. Something weird going on there.

    And like the other guys said, how come all these attractive women can’t get dates, and have to resort to online dating? I run a small business from home, that’s why I was on there. I don’t meet new ladies in the course of my day.

    But what’s their excuse? I wouldn’t mind but they’re all stuck up. They wouldn’t lower themselves to reply to my messages. Even that fat ugly woman! Ha, I have to laugh about it!

    • Danny says:

      It’s enough to drive you frustratingly insane, isn’t it?
      Some days you’re fine and you shrug it off but some days it just really gets to you, especially when the woman comes off as kind and genuine in her profile. I don’t just laugh at the site though.. I laugh at the world. It’s not much different out there than it is on the site. This blog is proof that the average normal guy who has nothing wrong with him, gets the shit end of the stick.

  312. ronniegarfield says:

    guys do your selves a big favor, get a hooker or a call girl, alot cheaper with less headaches. THis fat women with 2000 tattoos and stuck up wants. aint worth it…

  313. Brianvp says:

    Yeah, I just started a profile 2 days ago, and I already suspected they use bots and fake profiles. So knowing that probably half of the profiles are bots that will never reply to your email, and on top of reading this whole reply section I won’t be putting much more time into this turd. ( you guys are hilarious, why can’t women just be normal like us, I’m not saying we’re without problems, ) but wow! there is something about the femi-nazi movement combined with this obesity and have 3 kids by age 21 thing that is just really ruining our whole prospect for anything more than saying F*ck it and paying an escort. I just looked at my craigslist personals and escort services in Ohio for the first time ever, POF has literally driven me to this point, as it’s hopeless. You can’t win on POF, you send a short message you’re vague and and get replies, you pour your heart out and send a paragraph or two, you wasted your time, you won’t get a damn reply either. One of the few I saw that looked ok made me stop in my tracks the title ” Looking for good match of intellect ” and then the word…Feminist came into the description, and that was it, I hit my back button. Then you have the country girls looking for ” my rude chew dribbling shot of whiskey ( has to like Ford trucks) ” The rest are just a joke, and I know most of the simple profiles with those pictures of women that are a 5/10 ( a 5/10 on POF is a godsend compared to most ) are mostly bots/fake profiles. I must say, my confidence has literally gone through the roof in my RL outings now, I just realize how stupid this online crap is, and that I don’t need some stupid online princess fest full of grandstanding undeserving fart bubbles. I’m going to just man up and start going up to women, I can actually thank POF for actually being so terrible it woke me up. Otherwise it’s a troubling indication of a larger problem in western culture that is going to be the undoing of us if something else doesn’t hit us ( hopefully a big asteroid or something, we need the reset button to be hit ).

  314. Simon says:

    I joined Plenty of Fish two weeks ago, just to give it a try and I agree, it’s really bad. I did what everybody does and messaged all the attractive women, but had ZERO replies. Then I started messaging some of the ‘dogs’ hoping they would be at least grateful some guy was writing to them. I sent ten messages, and received just one reply. I had told her she had a nice face. She replied by saying I am butt ugly and I should die. I was furious, tried to reply with an insult to her, but she did the cowardly thing and had blocked me in advance. I could throttle that b*tch. I reported her, but I don’t expect they’ll terminate her account. I terminated mine though. POF is a bag of sh**.

  315. trevzilla says:

    This sums up my problem, I’m a good looking clean cut normal guy who likes to do outdoorsy things and work out. I’m loyal stable and hold down a good job. My neighborhood is hipster central, so unless you look like a lowlife criminal covered in tats, and 100 piercings and hang around the coffee shop all day with your skateboard because you haven’t got a job, the women around here won’t give you the time of day. By the time those girls figure out that they are attracted to losers, they’ll be in their 30s with faded tatties and earlobes down to their shoulders and no guy in his right mind would be attracted to them. To highlight my point, I scan Craigslist missed connections daily and one girl posted to the guy who was standing on top of the car shouting fuck the pigs during the rioting in Vancouver, that she thought he was hot. I’m totally boned.

  316. Hey I put this profile up and the hate mail is coming in daily

    I say:

    Really…do you honestly think I care about what any of you think of me,or that I would ever degrade myself by attempting to sell myself to you on here…get over yourselves and all your bs self descriptions about how fabulous and
    feisty or sassy and independant and blah blah blah you are…you know it’s all bs anyways come on. I mean really I would have to say that at least 75% of you can’t even complete a basic a sentence without at least one grammatical error.

    You see the thing is,is that about 80 % of women between 38-46 years of age on here describe themselves as fabulous or “not your average woman”….hmmm.. I’m thinking that if 80% of you are fabulous wouldn’t that make being fabulous quite average?

    Hey I was the good the good guy with you people for years and it doesn’t work… take that:) Oh yes and unlike the ersatz badboy version you all crave so much….I actually have the physical and intellectual ability to back it up.

    What’s that?….You don’t like like guys who workout and you only like guys with tattoos,you think I’m ugly and I don’t fit your peer pressure driven, media hyped,walnut sized brain induced description of what your perfect man should look like?….well boo ****ing hoo I’m officially heartbroken. Whatever will I do now?

    Oh yes I know ..all your life you have only ever been with jerks and ***holes and your childs father is a deadbeat…But that is what you chose right? The song remains the same.Let me guess…after spending the last 25 years riding every lowlife loser badboy type in town….Now you want a nice guy to clean up the mess you made of your life. Well I’m not nice anymore so it won’t be me.

    I know you are going to say..he is on roids and blah blah blah. Think what you want, but suffice to say it is the result of years of conditioning and power training and sunday mornings in the gym or running up the grouse grind…..yes running.. while you were spending sunday mornings trying to figure out who your babys daddy might be…too bad the morning after pill wasn’t around back then hey ladies.

    To sum it up I would like to suggest that your take your entitled princess attitude and “dry stuff” yourself with a very large and asymmetrical zucchini with the stem still on it .Have a nice day:)

  317. Here is the profile of a very average looking pof retard for your reading pleasure.

    She says:

    Please don’t message me without reading my profile. I don’t want any gifts either thank you. If you are going to message me then be bold, confident, polite and have the courage to go after what you want. I’m a strong independent woman and I’m not easily deceived or taken advantage of. I’m not desperate and I know exactly what I want. If you can appreciate that then please read on.

    1) I love to travel and stay in shape so I traveled around the world for almost 3 years working as a fitness instructor and teaching aerobics on cruise ships. I’ve been to almost every port on west coast of north America, all of the Caribbean, various trans Atlantic ports and all of the Mediterranean Sea.
    2) I have a very large tattoo of a rising phoenix on my left side symbolizing coming from hard times and personal transformation and growth. Even bigger than my tattoo is the incredibly huge story that is behind it.
    3) I’m passionate and dedicated to my career. I’ve been a stuntwoman in TV/Film for the past 9 years and couldn’t imagine doing anything else with my life. I do what I love and love what I do!
    4) I’m a country girl at heart…. I love country music, being swung around a dance floor, riding horses, the outdoors and I have a guitar that I play around with but I’m waiting for someone to teach me how to play a song. I want to live on a ranch one day.
    5) I’m pretty adventurous and love to take off on random spontaneous road trips lead by flipping a coin at all major intersections.
    6) I’ve been bungee jumping 35 times…. front flips, back flips, tandem, swan dives, at night time, in my bikini, 2x naked and I was the first person in Whistler to jump off with one leg…. 😉
    7) I don’t take a lot too seriously in life, I can appreciate a good sense of humor and I’m very playful…. I’ve made a career out of playing.
    8) I’m half Filipino, half French Canadian. That makes me a flippin frog!! I have a very large family on my Filipino Father’s side. 68 first cousins!!!
    9) I’m a spiritual being and don’t believe in organized religion. I believe in energy and that everyone is entitled to their own beliefs… I also believe in ghosts and aliens….. don’t laugh, I’m serious!…. lol
    10) I love animals… I prefer big dogs to cats and I have an 8 month old Wolf/Shepard X Karalian Bear Dog. I ride horses and I have loved and lost 25 fish in 4 years.

    If you have questions or feel like sending me a message….. PLEASE read the following section first, it’s all about you baby!

    1) You are athletic, healthy, fit, active and in shape! You can not only keep up with me but challenge me and teach me something new.
    2) You are confident, attractive, you take care of yourself and take pride in your appearance. You know how and when to get dirty but you clean up nicely and smell good with and without cologne.
    3) I have no idea what you do for a living but whatever it is… you love it! You have a passion for your career and enjoy everyday you go to work. You are good at what you do and make a good living doing what you love.
    4) You are financially responsible and independent…. Meaning, you don’t live with your parents, you can afford to do all the things you love, you don’t have a mountain of debt and you don’t stress about money matters.
    5) You live in the lower mainland and you have a car. You are not more than a 45 minute drive away from Poco and you don’t mind making that drive for a last minute dinner and movie night.
    6) You have never been married and you have no children but look forward to a family one day down the road. (not a total deal breaker depending on individual situations.)
    7) You are an extra-ordinary champion of men with a life less ordinary! There is nothing boring or mundane about your life. You are adventurous, driven and an optimist. You love your life and are in complete control of it knowing that we create our own destinies.
    8) You are interested in some of the same hobbies and interest as me and look forward to experiencing them together as well as introducing me to some of your favorite things to do.
    9) You are between the ages of 33 and 43, but you act like you are 25 some times and you are wise beyond your years.
    10) You are done with the party but you still know how to have a good time without having to make apologies the next day. You don’t smoke, do drugs or have a drinking problem but you enjoy a night at the pub, social parties and a get together without spending every weekend hungover on the couch.

    Ok, now… if you feel that this describes you 8/10 or less then best wishes and keep fishing cuz I’m holding out for my prince. If you feel this describes you 9/10 and you are interested, send me a message, some things can be compromised. If this describes you 10/10… WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING SWEETHEART? I’VE BEEN PATIENTLY WAITING FOR YOU BABE…. SEND ME A MESSAGE ALREADY!!! MWA!

    First Date Some thing fun and casual

  318. crazycanuck says:

    I was on POF forums and we had this debate about a health issue. This one woman and her friends are just trolling. When people disagreed they got pretty nasty.
    Mr Cowboy the moderator sends me a message that 3 people complained. Yeah so, just because I didn’t agree and these 3 witches didn’t like what I said they decided to complain. Aren’t they grown ups?

    Some people can type shit and never get their posts deleted or get any warning yet I do something that someone doesn’t like because they don’t agree with me the mod bitches at me all over nothing.

    Mr cowboy is nothing more than an a$$ kisser to women. Notice I said women not ladies. Not too many ladies on POF.

    Markus decided to put the forums link back on the main page when you sign in and guess what regular POF posters are starting to get rude and shit, when the link wasn’t there it was a little bit better.

    Worse of all POF doesn’t really provide ssl connect yet these stupid noobs expect you to pay for serious membership? Someone steals your account you’re toast lol

  319. Dave says:

    I agree… I spent a little time on the forums and found many of the people there to be real low lifes, and they seem to just sort of get off trying to make people feel like shit. Most of the women there live in complete denial, where they act like no woman in the history of the site has ever one single time, taken advantage of the mismatched numbers of women to men… Everything is the guy’s fault, no matter what. According to them, the ‘princess syndrome’ doesn’t exist. It’s just all our imagination. There attitude is like it’s completely normal for women to sit on a site, month after month, shooting down thousands of guys… You know, like that’s how life is supposed to work… ‘Nothing wrong with that, so what’s the problem? Nothing to see here… Move along’. They’re so delusional that they actually think that makes perfect sense. You will never in a million years ever get them to admit that women ever do a single thing wrong on that site, and if you infer that they do, look out… They’ll basically do everything they can to stomp you into the dirt and belittle you as much as humanly possible. Then of course you have the guys who back them up, who are just a bunch of spineless pussies that would do anything to get laid, including selling their brothers out… They’re even worse than some of the women.

    I logged in today for the first time in a while, and OMG… I looked at my “viewed me” page, and I swear it looked like a freakn’ group photo for a local Jenny Craig chapter meeting. So according to the women on POF, this is all I’m entitled to in life, and I should just shut up, pick my morbidly obese female that looks like 50 miles of bad Alaskan highway, and just be thankful that they took pity on me. F that! In my worst moments of dating I never went out with a girl even half as unattractive.

  320. Steve says:

    First off, thank you very much for posting this blog. Because of this blog I realized that online dating sites like POF are a total waste of time for men unless you happen to be exceptional looking or look like you have a ton of money. I too posted forums on POF only to have them deleted either because it was controversial to women, any of the moderator didn’t like me or the people posting replies didn’t like what I looked liked. There are a ton of women and men that go on the forums and they to find anything they can to use against you. It’s like these people have nothing better to do than disrespect someone’s opinion if they don’t like them for one reason or another. I had people insult me for telling the truth. I also had men on there suck up to women even though they knew I was 100% correct about things. It’s like if there is something people on there don’t like about you they will find any reason right or wrong to attack you and disrepect everything you say. Alot of the time they do it by twisting your words out of context when they deep down inside know exactly what you mean. In short, I feel the only people that really benefit from this website are either extremely good looking men, men with way about average incomes and of course women.

  321. Rob says:

    I first joined POF in 2008 as a recommendation of a friend who met his wife on it. I had a few dates with girls and never really got any bad attitude from anyone. Only real bad experiences was when a girl contacted me and we chatted online and arranged to meet the following Friday and all of a sudden wouldn’t talk to me anymore.
    I had a 8 month relationship with a girl who contacted me on POF. I then quit POF.
    I ended it when she moved to London and to be honest she wasn’t overly enthusiastic about having a relationship to start with.
    I then rejoined POF in March this year and after a few girls getting in touch with me suddenly stopped massaging, i thought to myself one day “Screw this! This is really weak, WTF am i doing spending hours at my laptop when i could be outside living life instead of feeding a bunch of girls overly inflated egoes!” So i quit earlier this month and I now do alot of things on my own, like working on my fitness and concentrating with my career.
    POF has mad me lose interest in dating and in relationships as a whole. I’m gonna do my thing from now on! It’s even made me more distrustful of women which i know is kind of a bad thing because i’m sure we’ll all agree there are plenty of good women out there. Thing is they’re a rarity.
    Rant over and thanks for this blog. POF can go get stuffed as far ad i’m concerned.

    Peace out!

  322. ronniegarfield says:

    well, people. having a girlfriend is very expensive, because they love to travel all the time. they are worse than back to the future. But travel is a must and that cost so much money. which most of us dont really have. just giving you a heads up.. Maybe. dont do it in the summer. wait till late fall ealry winter. when the beaches are closed. ha ha

  323. cowcreature says:

    Here’s the deal with the moderator whose moniker is “*Cowboy*.” First of all, as to his name, didn’t most people get over any cowboy obsessions by the time they were, I don’t know, nine? Well, apparently the man child known as “Cowboy” did not. Sad.

    Before Cowboy became a moderator a couple years ago, he was one of those forum creatures who hung out in the help/suggestions section to attack new posters who had concerns. You see, POF has a whole slew of posting rules, whereby just about every single post can potentially be interpreted as breaking the rules. Well, the new posters don’t know the rules and post away gleefully. Then, the sharks smell blood and immediately circle to fire on them for breaking any number of rules. These types of responses are posted by these sharks under the guise of helping the new people, but the actual truth is that they’re attacking them. The most famous of these people have been: cowboy, uglyfroggiecritter and FrankNStein, to name a few. They’re all internet trolls and sad creatures.

    Well, Cowboy kept posting and angled to be a moderator at POF. He probably begged for it. And, one day, he was brought on by Markus. And Cowboy has done nothing but embarrass himself and Markus since that time.

    You see, Cowboy, even though born in the U.S., is uneducated and doesn’t have beyond a fourth grade education. Every time the man tries to say “would have” he posts it as “would of.” And the horrible English and grammar snowballs from there. Somehow, the guy doesn’t know that he embarrasses himself with every such post, even though he thinks these posts make him look powerful, smart and attractive to the ladies. Go read the man’s profile. It’s a real hoot. And he wants us to think this act gets him ladies? He thinks those creepy photos are sexy? Hahahahaa.

    What a sad little man far outside of the real of reality.

    • Danboof says:

      Cowcreature…You aren’t kidding..I was banned by the “Cow Pie” as he should be called from posting on that complete joke of a forum on my FIRST THREAD/ FIRST POST! I posted a “no contact” challenge thread for people who need to get over someone and just go “no contact”. I was banned for THREE years and told to “take my agenda elsewhere”. LMAO. That site is completely pathetic.

      I’ve also tested responses with a fake profile with barely anything written shortly made after I deleted my regular account that was banned…Let me tell you HONESTLY..The women on there will LIE of what they “want”..As soon as you post (at least three pictures) of the same “model” looking guy guy and barely ANYTHING in the about me..Send emails or just let the profile sit…you get TONS of replies and attempts at continuing to email, offer numbers, sexual innuendo from the same chicks who state they aren’t looking for players, want nice guys, don’t want to talk about sex etc…I’ve talked with plenty on there…and trust me…99.999% of those profiles are all fluff to make these chicks seem “holier than thou” and stroke their own fraudulent egos. The chicks on P.O.F leave their profiles up looking for the BEST looking, tallest guy, who makes the MOST money to write them…even if he just wants to hit it and quit it…Yet if you asked them that they will deny it to the hilt..The ones they respond to are a completely different story. I’m back on with my regular profile just for kicks. I don’t take ANY of them seriously. Go out and meet people in real life like I do and we all should be doing. Unless whoever complains on here is really looking for the trash that are the chronic residents of that site. I use it as another way to meet people. Not rely on it. Eventually I’ll get bored and leave the site for good as I am slowly starting to…

  324. JM says:

    I have been on plentyfish for about a year now have deleted my profile a few times off and on. Been on their probably 3 months now. I get a lot of messages from females who message me out of the blue saying I’m cute or hot or they love my eyes. Then when I message them back they never respond back . what kind of sense does that make ??

    I have 63 Women who want to meet me on the meet me feature.
    I’ve talked to at least 40 of them and they all say they do not want to meet me. when I asked them why did you add me on the want to meet me feature they said ” I don’t know” what kind of sense does that make ???

    And yes it is true women will go by a profile take interest for maybe a minute or 2 and then move onto the next profile.

    one girl whom I was talking to turns out the reason she was on plentyfish was she wanted money to buy a new cell phone. another I dated for a short time was looking for a sugar daddy to move her out of her town, by her nice clothes and take care of her kids for her , while she goes to the electric cowboy on Friday and saturday night and gets drunk.

    Then of course there are the women you meet that turn out to be married or pregnant and they forget to tell you that, till you find out later after you have met them.

    Most of the women are looking for some thing on that site and it is not love. It’s someone to buy them things like jewelry, clothes, cell phones, pay their bills, be a baby sitter for their kids while she goes and parties it up. I even had a woman profess she wanted to marry me, talked to her some, turns out she goes from profile to profile telling men she wants to marry them ? why ? because its plenty of fish and every woman on that site is friggin crazy that is why

    • Dave says:

      [I have 63 Women who want to meet me on the meet me feature.
      I’ve talked to at least 40 of them and they all say they do not want to meet me. when I asked them why did you add me on the want to meet me feature they said ” I don’t know” what kind of sense does that make ???]

      Haven’t you received the POF Female Decoder Book yet?

      Why did you message / say you want to meet me? Response: “I don’t know”.

      Translation: I’m an incredibly screwed up woman that is so desperate for attention, that I sit at home messaging guys, just to see if they’ll respond. If they do, then in my totally F’d up head, it makes me feel more pretty.

      Here’s some others…

      “Why do all you guys just have lame one word messages”?

      Translation: I get 20 messages a day from perfectly decent guys, with intelligent, respectful things to say, and I ignore all of them. But the blond blue eyed player with nice abs who sent me a message, only said ‘hi’… and that annoyed me. So now I’m condemning the entire male population and blaming it on them.

      “I’m a strong, independent, opinionated woman, who knows what she wants… and I need a man who can respect that”

      Translation: I’m a total control freak that no man in his right mind will have anything to do with, so I’m trying to find some desperate sucker, who’s willing to let me put his balls in a vice 24/7.

      Profile headings such as… “Can you handle me?”, “Make me laugh”, “Do you have what it takes”?

      Translation: I have an ego the size of a house, and I suffer from massive ‘princess syndrome’. I delude myself into thinking that every man on this site should fight for me, because I’m so awesome.

      “I’m a big beautiful woman who is completely secure with myself, and I have learned to love myself for being the person I am. I need a man who’s OK with that”.

      Translation: I have totally given up on ever trying to better myself in life, so I’m just going to sit here and stuff my face full of pie, and expect the whole rest of the world to change for ME.

      “I thought I’d give this a shot”

      Translation: I’m already on four other date sites, plus MySpace, plus Facebook… plus I leave ads on CraigsList every day… and I ignore 99.9% of all the guys on those sites as well.

      “I just want a good, caring man, who’s sensitive, intelligent, sincere… and really knows how to respect a woman. I don’t want any cheaters, drug addicts, losers, or rude guys. Please don’t show me your chest, or other body parts… Also, please don’t be a player, or one of those guys that is just in this for sex.”

      Translation: I only want a guy that looks like Justin Timberlake

      I’m looking for a: “professional”, “well traveled man”, “sophisticated man”, “secure man”, “guy who knows how to treat me right”… “man who knows how to live”.

      Translation: Anything below 100k a year and don’t even try talking to me.

      “Vegas baby!”

      Translation: I’m a 40 year old woman going on 19, and my simple little peanut sized brain is still entertained by going to a place that’s 100 degrees… and sitting at a pool all day drinking myself silly, while showing off my sun damaged, leather like skin, in hopes that some desperate horny guy will make a pass at me.

      “Sorry… No conservatives or Republicans”

      Translation: I get all my information on how the world works, from watching “The View”, and on our first date, I will most likely drone on and on about how we are bombing babies, killing the planet with SUVs, and terrorists just really need a good hug. That’s what George Clooney said, and he’s hot… so it must be true.

      You should really pick up a copy.

  325. cybury says:

    JM, females who message you out of the blue saying you’re cute or hot or they love you’re eyes.


    1) morbidly obese, past child bearing years and indigent
    2) scammers in Ghana
    3) markus bots to trick you into staying
    4) 13 y/o’s bored with too much time on their hands
    5) hookers looking for some quick action and you wern’t quick enough

    basically they are nothing better than a den of casey anthonys

    face it, if its female and on pof its has to be fucked up somehow.


  326. Mr Fed Up. says:

    I’ve been a member of POF for a few weeks and had no luck. What I don’t understand is why these women put on their profiles they don’t want to hear from filthy minded men. Yet when I message them, I’m ignored and I’m one of the good guys.

    Also, I have messaged all the women who seem ideally suited to me, interests wise, and stuff. Never really looks. But although I am compatible with them, still I get no replies.

  327. cowcreature says:

    Looks like *cowboy* has been relieved of his moderator duties. Aw. That was a long time coming, considering his constant flaming and attempts to belittle users. So no more long sighs, eye rolls, incorrect use of your/you’re and they’re/their/there. And no more butchering of the English language in an attempt to look smart or cool. Memo to cowboy, you’re stupid and embarrass yourself with every single post you make. Oh, and you’re butt ugly. *grin*

    So what was the first thing cowboy did after being relieved of his moderator duties? Attempt to continue the power trip by reporting about 10 other users in the forum violation thread. What a loser. Looks like trapped has given him a quick slap and possibly a suspension already.


    • danboof says:

      Hahaha. I see the cow pie’s posts have been removed from a few threads. Poor Cow pie. I guess they told him to saddle up and take his sorry a$$ off into the sunset. What a pathetic little man with his fruity poses and TACKY outfits. The guy fashioned himself as some sort of forum “stud”. And from the looks of the women who post there I wouldn’t want to be seen with any of them. I guess he felt like John Wayne with the attention of the fuglies who kissed his saddle burned arse. Anybody who wrote a reply here needs to check out the Plenty of Fish forums and see how long these people are on there yet STILL can’t find anyone. Of course it’s not their fault. It’s EVERYONE ELSE! Pathetic.

  328. cowcreature says:

    Trapped has been on POF for 5-6 years and is still single. Go read his profile for laughs. No, it’s not funny. It’s ridiculously not funny. I suppose he’s happy trolling the POF forums trying to look high and mighty as the big moderator. It’s not working, chief. Get a new game plan. And a life.

    Some of the usual trolls are in the help section reporting people and flaming people under the guise of “helping” them. It’s rather transparent what they’re doing. Miss Allison and Uglyfroggiecritter are two of the worst offenders in this vein.

    Altogether, they are all just horrible people trying to get power on the internet for dubious reasons. They all need to go outside and get lives. It’s pathetic.

  329. Nor says:

    Man I’ve sent about 36 messages and just got 4 replies. what the heck !! I’m starting to think that some of the messages never make it through.. I mean these girls can’t all be attention junkies and if they are>> WHYYYYYYY????? dammmmm I’m no ugly mothertrucker..I’ll pretty much date any girl, skinny fat , fatter.. who gives a shit its all about having fun and living life. Stupid girls and their selfish ways of thinking.. Almost all of them say they are looking for friends or a relationship but none of them move a phucking finger to even try to get to know you !!! AHHHHHH!! I

  330. chester says:

    I talked to a chic on there that was freaking 35 years old….and not even hot…..she told me that it’s worse now than ever with dating sites with the obscene number of guys that are on them. She gets volumes of emails constantly. I kinda know the girl and she’s the honest type, so Im pretty sure she wasn’t lying.

    So when it all comes back down to it, yes most girls on there are screwed up and are looking for what’s out of their league, but because of the volumes of emails they get, it’s completely ruined. The girls end up deleting or ignoring emails from guys that they would actually be good matches with. They don’t care.

    I recently spent 2 weeks talking to a girl that finally arranged to meet up with me. So of course, as you guessed it, on the night I was suppose to meet up, I was getting out of the shower and she cancels at the last minute. Typical. Didn’t surprise me. Did she care about disappointing me? Of course not. She has 125 more emails to go answer.

    Although I’m the typical case of guy that just won’t give up and I keep drifting back to the dating sites, I already know in the back of my mind that unless you are a male model millionaire, you are only going to get girls that are below your league.

  331. saltbird says:

    I was looking over some profiles the other day, and it struck me how almost all the women on these sites have to over emphasize and exaggerate everything they state as far as interest, hobbies, jobs etc. in their profiles. For example “music is sooooooo important to me” or “my children are my world”, or “I just loooooooooove my job”. They are so empty in the head that they need to convince themselves in their own profiles that they have any kind of relevant thought in their peanut size brain. Yeah, like who doesn’t like cool music? Or if you have kids, who doesn’t care about their kids? Unless you are a really insecure stupid bitch who deep down could really care less about her children; and most of these women don’t give two shits about their kids, which is why you see so many of them posting pictures of their kids on a dating site. Or if you have a job you enjoy, who runs around shouting “my job is soooo great”?? Unless of course you just need to convince people that you are soooo important and special in every way, shape and form, and if you are a man trying to contact her, you better be as super incredible as her because she is soooooo perfect!!LOL! Women these days are pretty much all total losers who can’t even come close to living up to what was supposed to be the outcome of the woman’s lib movement. I am convinced that if you regard women these days as anything more than the total whore’s that they are you are bound to get burned in the process. They’re all about as mature as a stupid puppy that runs around in circles chasing its tail, or after whatever new colorful squeaky toy is thrown its way. In any given moment, they will run away from you for what ever else catches her eye that seems somewhat “fun” or “amusing”. Deep down on some level, the more intelligent educated women know they are also totally empty, which is why they are the meanest, coldest bitches. They cannot come to terms with the reality that even though they might be highly educated and making money at a decent career, they still know they are not equal to a man and need a man for certain things. These women will never change, and no matter what you say to them they just act condescending and patronizing to you. I think the best bet if you are going to try to meet women these days online or in the real world is to lie your ass off, try to get laid as quickly as possible by spending as little money as possible and move on to the next one. But don’t count on that working either, because women these days are so confused about who and what they want out of life, they would walk away from a inconspicuous chest full of gold for a giant ten foot pile of shit because it attracts more attention from her stupid friends. It’s all about attention attention attention. If they cannot get attention in a good way, they get it by being with some douche bag tool of a guy, or by having as many kids as possible and letting them run around like animals so everyone notices them or feels sorry for them. I think the worst thing any of us guys can do to ourselves is try to question or rationalize woman these days at all and ask “WHY” are they like this. This is only going to drive you nuts.

  332. Solo says:

    If the women did come from a “classy” family what is she doing on POF?
    She is the type of women looking for the top 10% of guy, that guy isn’t on pof he is to busy banging women in the real world

    women like that once their looks fade, will either 1. have a bunch of cats

    2. lower their standards in hopes for sucker


    3. End up just being another mans mistress at best

  333. ronniegarfield says:

    guys. they are all the same.. i dont know how people stay married these days for so long..

  334. DannyPay says:

    I actually set up a fake profile on POF to “test” to see if it was me, or if it was just the women, or the site itself that was the problem. I used a good looking model guy’s photos, but not unrealistically fake. Everything was plausible, but yet ideal from a womans point of view. I put he made 60k a year. College degree. No kids. Had a car, home, and job. Said I was an artist and former model. The whole nine. I definintely got more hits, but even the women who were interested were not really even hot. They were just average, but you could tell they would’ve simply ignored me if I had put my real profile up. This at least gave me an insight into what women are thiking. Sure enough, they kissed my butt and told me that looks weren’t at all important, thinking that I was a great looking guy and it wouldn’t matter. That was a couple years ago, but I’ve noticed the same hot girls are on there with the same photos. Ugh…don’t you think a very attractive woman could find a man if she was actively looking for one??? Adding insult to injury, I have been rejected by girls with large visible scars, and waitresses that don’t even drive and have kids. My theory is women get on there and figure that they’ll have to sort through a thousand frogs to get one prince. And us, the guys, are just treated like ugly frogs. Maybe the prince shows up one day, maybe he doesn’t. But he’s probably not going to go on POF looking for average women with unrealistically high expectations. That ideal guy I created to bait in the ladies, yea, he doesn’t exist!

  335. DoNotWasteYourTime says:

    It’s almost impossible to get a response on pof but it’s no better once they actually DO reply…

    There was this woman on pof who clicked ‘Yes’ when she saw my picture on the ‘Meet Me’ feature. So she must have thought I looked reasonable. I checked her profile and she seemed nice so I mailed her. We emailed a few times, then I asked her to meet for a drink. She said sure. So I tried setting up a time and date. She kept saying she’d let me know. After a while I gave up. Every time I checked my ‘Meet Me’ list she was there, online in the last day, 2 days, etc. A few months later I got irritated and mailed her asking why she was online every day when she’s brushed off meeting a guy she’s already shown interest in and agreed to meet with. She couldn’t really answer but did say she spent too much time logged onto pof. And guess what? She’s been online today. Presumably having great fun dicking guys about with no intention of ever actually meeting anyone..

    There was another woman who also clicked ‘Yes’ to meet me, when I mailed her she read and deleted my email! I mailed again a week later and asked her why, she replied saying she’d fallen over and had a concussion and must have deleted my mail by mistake. And if I mailed her again she’d reply. So I mailed her again. Guess what? No reply!

    Not to mention the woman who was a vegetarian so I said think about the poor bananas and she accused me of making a Holocaust joke and blocked me…

    They’re all crazy!

  336. Dannyb says:

    To the guy who made te fake profile..I know for a fact that putting a fake profile with a model looking guy in realistic photos that are non posed and a height of over 6ft will have replies like crazy. I tested that with a bland barely filled out profile and “I” got tons of replies and sexual innuendo from these “searching for the one” phony girls. I literally tested with over well over 100 women and they ALL replied and kept trying to talk to “me” even though I had hardly ANYTHING on the profile except the three model looking guy pics and height over 6ft. These girls are looking at pictures of who they’ll respond to. And it’s true LOADS of single moms with multiple kids, tattoos GALORE, the neighborhood’s “first-hit” type of girls and every other sort of dysfuntional personality etc. These women are the delusional bottom of the barrell. Lucky for me I meet tons of women in real life. I tried the site to meet normal cool girls but they are extremely rare on that site if there are any at all. Best advice is to work out ALOT. Take care of yourself, do the best you can in life and meet real life girls. The ones that are lifers on that site are being pumped and dumped by the top 2% in looks and keep that tired cliche line of “there’s no good guys out there”…while hoping some hot stud, with loads of cash and over 6ft worships the sewer they crawled out of. Sorry but I’m not picking up the trash on that site. Too much respect for myself than to catch a disease or deal with a chick with numerous mental issues. Let them waste their “wonderful” lives away. The site is a waste of real life time that could be spent productively.

    • Jim says:

      Hey DB, it started out as the same thing as you did. Just a test to see what would happen. But it did have a unexpected turn to something else.
      If you are dating a person from a dating website. And she is telling you, that she is being exclusive with you? She may not have a profile visable and is better dealing in secret. So when you post a can’t miss fake stud.
      It will get them to show their hand and come out briefly, for a shot at the “dream.” Then you know they are full of shit. But of course we all know, 90% online, already are.

      Look Danny boy, I am 45yrs old, well educated, make 100K a year. Am a rock solid 205lbs on a 5′ 11″ frame. Yet of course, am just an inch shy of the ideal.
      I have no problem getting dates in the real world, at all. But whether at the gym, grocery store, library, church or online. The bottom line is this, women are women! It doesn’t matter where you meet them.
      90% of american women, are entitled, self absorbed, shallow, pretentious, better dealing, wannabe cougars. A man will work a shit job, that he hates going to everyday! He will work it 24/7 to feed and clothe his family.
      A woman has to LOVE her job AND the bitches she works with. If she doesn’t, she will quit and take a pay cut, to find one she enjoys. Plus, they need to be inspired, and make a difference.
      And they will definately quit and do something, fun for a living.(at less pay) If they have a Man helping with the bills! You see, men have responsibilities and women have OPTIONS. And working shit jobs till you die. Well thats what men are for, not princesses.

      But that being said. As far as the fake profile. It has already been said on here, many times. There is NO ONE, outside of Brad Pitt. That can meet the standards these bitches require. So I made a Brad Pitt for them.
      Now while I am in the top 10% in looks, income, fitness, etc. I am still at a disadvantage online. Just because of the sheer numbers game.
      But my stud (as I call him) stands out. And after these women have waded thru so many lesser guys online. When they meet me, they are shocked and delighted. And always e-mail my stud, thanking him for the introduction.
      I do have standards myself, quite high actually. And yes, I have banged plenty of hot chicks off Match, POF, Cupid, Fitness singles, singlesnet, etc.

      Are they all mental defects, demanding, entitled, etc? You bet they are, but I’m already 3 steps ahead. Always wrap it before you tap it. Pussy is pussy bro and I have NO remorse in using and dumping.
      I am truly happy without a woman in my life! I never get lonely, miss company, need cooking or laundry done. I do quite well for myself and have for many years now. But hey, I’m not 70yrs old and I do still like to spread some seed. So it totally works for me. You just have to keep it in perspective.
      And remember, women in the “REAL world,” are STILL women! Translation, they are ALL nutjobs! Just differing levels of insanity

  337. Ryan says:

    Ok guys, back again for another rant, with most likely more to be followed by other frustrated male POF users. Yep as you guessed it, I keep going back to POF trying to give things a try with different women hoping I can find one who is mature enough to know the whole reason and purpose for doing online dating. And I don’t mean to seek attention and casual dating. I tend to find most women on here do this for attention. If they weren’t on here for attention, they would take this more seriously than they do. The cleavage shots and pics from 5 years ago crack me up still. But as they say, you learn from the best. The women who are actually worth it in life, are the ones who listen to the mothers, not their friends or their devilish side and what not.

    Alright, now for the rant. I don’t get why women feel the need to lie about themselves in their profiles. If they want a guy who is “honest, caring, trustworthy, family-oriented, or anything along the lines of a fairy-tale ending”, then they should fulfill the same characteristics themselves. Just saying. I love how women use the term “good head on his shoulders”. OK well, I can find a thousand profiles of men on POF with a good head on their shoulders. What the hell are they waiting for? But what they leave out is “…have money, look good in a military uniform, have money, act like a jackass to me whenever I go through phases of being a slut or whore, have money, buy me a gift every month, have money, be willing to have sex after the 2nd date, have money, make all the money so I can be lazy with the children, did I mention have money?” Yep that covers it I think.

    I’ve found women on here who come off as being really easy and/or slutty but they act like they are a good Christian, have good morals, and know their right from wrong, etc. It’s hilarious. There should be a clause somewhere in the “Terms and Conditions” that says, “Be aware that the men who sign up and create a profile on this website will be outnumbered by women 1,000 to 1, so expect to never get a response for every 50-100 messages sent, for the women on this website should be considered as far more superior than men.”

  338. Dave says:

    The sad thing is… That site has just confirmed a lot of what I didn’t want to believe about how women’s minds work. I was willing to get married pretty young. I just assumed I always would someday. Between the shitty experiences I’ve had in the past, and watching how women conduct themselves on a site like that… At some point, you can’t easily keep saying it’s ‘bad luck’ or a ‘coincidence’, when the same things keep happening over and over. Of course, most women would try and brainwash you into thinking that it’s somehow all your fault. Bullshit.

    My favorite messed up scenario, is the one where you notice a woman who just signed up… and looking at her profile, you see that you share many of the same interests… Are pretty equal in looks… Same age range… You have many of the qualities and interests she says she wants… So you send her a message. Then unbelievably, she actually replies. You talk back and forth a few times and she’s really acting like she digs you… Saying the little things that girls always say when they’re making it clear they’re interested in you. I’m not a idiot… I know these are not fake profiles. They’re real women, and they mean what they say. Then a week later… Gone. No reply. And then of course you watch them start the obsessive thing where they’re on the site 24/7. Why does this happen? Because in that first week after they talked to you, they were slammed with 300 guys sending them messages. So now all of the sudden, you… a guy that just a week ago she was all happy to talk to and eventually meet… is now not nearly good enough anymore, and thrown aside like a piece of crap.

    The fact that I’ve seen this happen time after time, tells me a lot about how most women think. #1: Most of them are simply not cut out to make a decision, when offered too many choices. Look at the fact that a woman can spend a whole day shopping for one pair of shoes, and still come home with nothing, #2 I’m convinced women have way bigger egos than guys. I believe that those emails women get in that first week, pretty much completely rewire their brains, and they then convince themselves that they must be some kind of ultra hottie. So much so that NO guy is good enough… and it’s just a lot more fun coming home and jerking guys around on the internet night after night, by constantly teasing them with what they believe is their unbelievable awesome selves.

    I wish just one of them would prove me wrong, but it hasn’t happened. I really wish I could meet one woman that actually lived up to their own self-induced hype. I’ve never come close.

    • DoNotWasteYourTime says:

      What you said about women saying it’s your fault is absolutely true. Whenever I tell a female that I’m having no luck getting replies, they always say, well you need better pictures, you need to improve your profile, you need to mail more, you need to send better mails, you need to talk about stuff in her profile, you need to try harder, blah blah blah. I do all those things anyway. Now if it were just me getting no replies, and every other man was having the time of his life, then yeah I would think it was me doing something wrong. But ask ANY guy who’s tried dating sites, and they’ll ALL tell you that women hardly ever reply. It’s NOT just us doing stuff wrong.

      What you said about women who chat and then vanish… yeah that too. I noticed a woman called Penelope on my matches, mailed her, she replied saying how are you, only been on this site for a week, what do you do for work, etc. We mailed for about a week, then she vanished. I left it for a week then decided just to ask her to meet for a coffee. This she did reply to, saying she was really jaded from internet dating and it would be a waste of time to meet. She’s only been on the damn site for three weeks and she’s jaded? I looked at her profile every few days, sure enough, she’s online every night… jaded? Yeah right!

      One woman mailed me unprompted saying hi, then the next day before I had chance to reply mailed again asking why haven’t you replied, I really liked your profile (oh they really hate it when they mail you first and you ignore them!) Anyway we mailed each other for a bit, met up, didn’t click so stayed as friends. Later I told her I was having no luck getting replies and she said well your profile isn’t very good. WTF? This is the EXACT same profile YOU replied to saying you really liked it!!!

      Just tonight got an email from some 45 year old woman with 2 kids and no photo on her profile. She said if you like my profile ask me for a pic and I’ll send you one. Lady, just put the picture on your profile and stop assing about!

      But the final insult… a few weeks ago a woman added me to her favourites list. Her profile looked ok, I mailed her saying hi how are you doing, mentioned a few things on her profile, just a polite introduction. Guess what? Two weeks later, she’s online every night, and NO REPLY!! This is a woman who added me to her favourites list!!

      Well I’m going to delete my profile and just give up. A few guys do well and don’t have a problem. But normal guys like me, just forget it. When even women who’ve added you to their favourites list don’t reply, then what chance have you got?

      It’s like all women, no matter what they can realistically get, will only give 1% of guys a chance and the other 99% of us can just get lost!

    • saltbird says:

      Hey Dave, “Most of them are simply not cut out to make a decision, when offered too many choices.”….so very true. We are pretty much like pages in a tabloid or fashion magazine to these idiot women. They do not have the courage to meet just one guy and try to get to know him. It is much safer to sit behind their computer screens and act like stuck up little princesses. They are simply scared that us guys will see them for what they really are, which is an empty headed bitch that needs to have her ego stroked by hundreds of desperate guys in order to have any feeling of self worth. I believe they are simply just running from themselves when they go from one guy to the next to the next. That is why we all have had similar experiences on here about how they talk to you for a short time, and then just vanish for no reason. Or they meet you once, seem really interested, and then never talk to you again. These women are a total waste of time, in fact most women are just ridiculous these days, and the whole online thing is just sickening. I could share dozens of experiences I have personally had that are exactly like what other guys on this site have already shared. There is simply nothing us guys can do to rectify the situation these days, I believe it is only just going to get worse and worse. The only thing we can do is focus on improving ourselves by not acting like these frightened little princesses. We don’t need to sit on a website and grovel at their feet for a simple acknowledgment, this is only going to make us feel worse and lower our self esteem.

      • chester says:

        My experiences have been 100% identical. And I can expect that type of behavior from females that are in their 20s that are maybe still immature. But I’ve been talking to females that are all over 30, and they act just like what you other guys have said.

        What’s been happening with me is that I’ve been able to get #”s, but it’s yet another contest to try and get them to meet up. I spent 3 weeks texting one girl recently. Couldn’t get her to meet up. Then she asked me to meet up. So what happens? The evening I was to meet up with her and I was getting out of the shower and had my clothes ironed and money from the ATM, she texts and cancels.

        I’ve had numerous others do nothing but play text games, and they make it difficult to meet up. And when you express your frustration about it, they then tell you to get lost and that you have anger management issues.

        And all of this from females, that in all honesty, were maybe 6s – 7s. They were well within my league and I wasn’t chasing something that was too good for me. I’m realistic and realize that it will be hit and miss with girls. But hell, every freaking one acts identical as if it’s the same person I’ve been emailing or texting. Trying to get one lousy date turns into a giant contest with several stages that you have to get through just to meet them. And then when you do finally get to meet them………they go home and read their emails from 100 other guys.

        It boils down to the same issue every time. VOLUME. Because these girls get floods of email, it completely minimizes who you are. Being decent looking, in shape, having a job, owning a house, loyal, and responsible doesn’t mean anything at all as a guy when it comes to online dating.

        All you guys should put on your profiles that you are millionaires and doctors. Then when you get a girl wanting to meet up, make it impossible for her to do it. Then arrange to meet up with her, and 10 minutes before you are suppose to meet, cancel out on her. Then if she expresses frustration, text her and tell her she has anger problems and it just won’t work between you and her…….and oh……giver her the famous line that all us guys always get…………”good luck in your search”

  339. This site is a joke… All fat chicks wanting to get laid.

  340. Andy says:

    This website has 126,000 hits, which was twice as many than a year ago when i first found this site. So most of us posting on here have been through almost the same frustrations with the women on the sits or just anything with POF in general. I’m glad I’m not the only one who goes through the “I am single, good looking, well-groomed, have a decent job, college educated, don’t do drugs or have a bunch of tattoos, have good morals and values, knows how to treat women, is well dressed, trying to move up in the world, doesn’t have any immediate family in prison, but can’t get a girlfriend” type of frustration. I see now. Well it’s because of the fact that we all live in a negative world, and POF has the shittiest women on there who don’t know what they are looking for or are blind when the right guy comes along.

    These women on here have the highest expectations for what they are even worth themselves. I have all those qualities listed above and I got turned down by a woman who doesn’t have anything going for her own “so called independent and sexy” self. It’s hilarious. You get those profile messages they have that say “I don’t need a man in my life to make me happy.” or “I am independent, I don’t need YOU to support me ROOOOOOAAAAARRRRRR!” or “I am tired of meeting douchebags, can you be the right one?” (when we all know that’s all they go after) DUH! or “If you have terrible pics of you such as being out with your friends, you “need not apply.” So you can see the crap you have to read to make you feel like you are going to get killed if you are one step away from being perfect.

    Seriously, I had a friend who had all the qualities of what I listed above in the 1st paragraph and he has been on POF for 1 year, met like 2 women out of like 50 that were messaged. One he thought might have been worth it was looking for way too many things in a guy. So despite all he had going for him, she shut him down and disappeared all pretty much because she didn’t like how he wasn’t as close with his brother and she wish he would be or better yet as close as she was with her sister. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!? Who the fuck cares? What do you expect when they live 200 miles away anyway? And then another one he shot down because she wanted all these things of him but she couldn’t be the same herself. She wanted a man who was stable, yet she was 30,000 in debt. She wanted a guy with his own place, yet she was 30 and still lived with her parents. She wanted a guy who had a decent job, yet she was a $10 an hour hairdresser in a freaking mall. I had one word for him after I found out all about her. NEXT!

    Plenty of Fish should be called either:

    Plenty of fatties, plenty of fakes, plenty of fat fakes, plenty of false advertised women, plenty of fucking ugly women, plenty of fishy single moms, plenty of women with lopsided lives, plenty of women with children already, plenty of women and not enough men, plenty of women who can’t meet anyone in the real world, etc.

  341. Leon Jones says:

    This site is the worst, most of the women are serial daters looking for a free meal for them and their kids. As a man you will never be number one because she is always going to be online looking for something better. Most of these gals are not looking for love, they are looking for attention; have nothing to offer a guy but a headache. So if you see a woman that you’ve talked to constantly on line, run as fast as you can.

  342. Orion says:

    “Most of these gals are not looking for love, they are looking for attention; have nothing to offer a guy but a headache.”

    Dang, brother, you nailed it not just on POF women but 90% of the ones IRL too!

    If you really need to get your rocks off, you’re better off either getting an escort or taking matters into your own hands.

    If you really want a woman in your life, find one overseas, get to know her and move to her country, more to the point a country that does not have such a toxic social environment as much of the Western world, one where women actually like men and have nothing against a man who means them no harm, a country where the “chick clique” isn’t a cabal of backstabbing, gossiping, rude and mercenary harpies encouraging your wife/girl to get a divorce or cheat on you.

    There are a lot worse things than being single, my man. Until you do, if ever, find someone like what I mentioned above, be a bachelor – a guy who deprives some woman of a divorce and a free home!

  343. Dave says:

    Okay, submitted for your entertainment and enlightenment are a couple of my most recent experiences with POF. I had one woman initiate contact with me a few weeks ago. She wasn’t what I would consider attractive, but she wasn’t ugly either. Since it’s extremely rare for me to be contacted by a woman who doesn’t weigh at least 300 pounds, I decided to write back to her. So, she comes over to my apartment last weekend to meet me and we begin talking. Turns out she has a psychotic ex-husband who is stalking her and she had to call the cops on him recently. She then proceeded to start crying over the dude. Don’t think I’ll be seeing her again. Now, just a couple of days ago, I was contacted by a woman who, again, wasn’t attractive, but not butt-ugly either. She was dressed in baggy camo pants and a T-shirt.. She said she had tats (go figure) and loved to ride motorcycles (again, go figure). She made a couple of sexually suggestive remarks and said my profile had caught her attention a little…not so much at first, but more so now after she actually read it.. She then said she’s picky and asked if I had a bike. I replied that I didn’t have a bike…….that’s the last I heard from her. I’ve had it with these women who are damaged goods or tatted up motorcycle mamas. I have purposely lowered my standards in hopes of at least getting my messages responded to. I messaged another woman yesterday who said she was looking for an honest, trustworthy, intelligent gentleman. She messaged me back saying I sounded like a great guy, but I just wasn’t what she was looking for. What the fuck ARE you looking for, then??? If I were to write a book about my internet dating experiences, it would be titled “Read/Deleted”.

  344. al says:

    POF scammed me out of money. I wanted to upgrade on a monthly basis and they ended up charging me for a whole year. Cancelled my account immediately and have sent multiple emails to get my money back. Nothing. No reply or anything. Am going through my bank and will file with consumer protection. If anyone sees this Do Not give them anything with your account information.

  345. TheFakeBadBoi says:

    I’ve tried various paid sites including I subsribed to the six month membership on that site. What a fucking mistake that was! How could I have been stupid enough to waste my money on such a fraudulent website? The sad thing is, the only difference between the paid sites and free sites like pof is that on the paid sites… You’re paying… For basically the same shit you get on pof! You may as well take £75 our your wallet and burn it. What sickens me is the attitude of the women on these sites and in Britain society in general. In fact, I’m disgusted. I’ve lost faith in the human race. You have to understand that all these users on these websites (except the obvious fake ones) are apparently all real women we have to live with and interact with on a daily basis. I beleive in equal rights for women, but radical feminism has done a great diservice to men and to an extent women too. When a woman acts like a man, she is seen as strong and independent. If she acts like a woman, that’s fine too. If a man acts like a women he is a pussy or a crossdresser. Women can choose to behave both feminine and masculine. Men are only allowed to be masculine. Apparently, being nice is unmanly. Being a bad boy is thrilling and macho, and chicks dig that. I always used to believe the stereotype that girls like bad boys more than good men was created by bitter men who could not get laid. Unfortunately, that stereotype seems to have been proven right time and time again. I changed my profile on plentyoffish to make me come across more macho and more bad boyish. I put in the headline “Untamed rascal – change me if you can!” and deleted all the stuff about my hobbies and me being honest and caring and instead putting my dislike for feminine activities and boasted how macho I was. I described myself and competitve, aggressive and unpredictable and said I always wanted to be in control. Guess what, within 24 hours of changing the profile, a girl messaged me, a hot girl at that, saying “Hey, you seem like my kind of guy.” That has never happened before. When a woman says she wants a nice man or a decent man or a genuine man or an honest caring guy, she really means the opposite. She wants a man who conforms strictly to the alpha male or bad boy machismo stereotype. The decent guys she never notices never get their turn. Infact, she does not think they really exist because she’s only ever drawn to bad boys and assumes all men must be like that. I’ve heard women say things like all men are dicks, but it never occurs to them that there are decent men out there and they just choose the wrong ones. The real-life dating world does not seem to be much better, either. It looks like in life you have to be a dick to get pussy. If you’re not then you better be tall, good-looking and buff and rich. One woman on said she would only date tall, muscular black men who could speak fluent French only with other ridiculous demands. Another woman on pof was suffering from a severe case of princess syndrome. She had an obvious superiority complex and an over-inflated ego, something which seems to be not uncommon amongst women these days judging by these sites and my own experience, with a long profile demanding nothing less than mr. perfect in every aspect. I called her out on her bullshit, and she wrote back to me saying she’d rather be alone than settle for less. The women in their thirties don’t seem much better either. One had a really long profile who even admits hypocrisy and had a shopping list of dealbreakers not unlike a list of ransom demands. She seemed adament on doingThere everything on her terms only, just like all the other girls on the site and expected men to just come along and please her. Once you even get a conversation going, if you can even call it that, the women quickly become non-committal and flakey. These holier-than-thou, self-loving bitches seem to be everywhere! seem to be few genuinely nice single women out there and they’re hard to find, not just on dating sites but in life in general.

    • saltbird says:

      Hey FakeBadBoi, if you think it is bad in Britain, just imagine what I experience here in Southern California. The women here are nothing less than total monsters in everyway imaginable online and in the real world. For sake of keeping what sanity I have left, I simply stay off all dating/social sites and forget about even trying to approach women in real life. There is simply only so much rejection a person can take in one’s life, and I believe I have hit that mark now that I am in my 30’s. I am college educated 190lbs of solid muscle, I bike, exercise and work my ass off to stay in shape, and I have been told many times in my life that I am good looking, and even above average in the looks department, but none of this matters it seems when you are dealing with most women nowadays. The last woman I met from my experience was this total bitch that said in her profile that she wasn’t into material things etc. etc., and she was also very cute for a 30 yr old, so I was pretty excited to meet her. When we finally met at a local coffee shop, the very first question to come out of her bitchy mouth, was what kind of house I owned? And when I told her that I actually rent, and that I am glad I have not bought a house in recent years because of what has happened to the housing market here in the U.S., she turned into a total monster bitch from hell. She started acting all condescending towards me and kind of lecturing me on how ignorant it is to rent and not to own a house. Then she told me she has an MBA and that she knows what she is talking about LOL!! Well it turns out that she bought her townhouse when the market was at its peak a few years back, and by now I would estimate that she is upside-down by at least $200-$300,000. So she was probably trying to find a guy that she could unload all that bad debt on. I could tell that she was not interested in ever seeing me again, so I just asked her flat out-right if she would like me to call her again, and she basically said “NO” right to my face. So I pretty much just got right up and walked out the door. She even admitted to me that her co-workers think she is a total bitch LOL!! Unfortunately, I’m sure she will eventually find some totally pussy-whipped dude to deal with her because she was fairly cute for now, but you could tell her looks are starting to fade fast, which is the thing I love the most about mother nature. These mega-bitches all eventually lose their looks, if they had any to begin with HAHA!!

      • Lincoln says:

        Oh yes. I am here in So. Ca. too. I pretty much stay away from white girls under forty. They are too materialistic and often have little children. I don’t want to become insta-dad.Some single white chicks are the worst with their useless degrees. Stick to latin women if you can find one, but often they have small children too. Hell, most of them do. If a woman has children over 18 that is
        okay, as long as I don’t have to see much of
        them.I’m forty four and still renting. They can go suck a rock if they don’t like it. I don’t have a mortgage or have to pay repairs on a house.Nor do I have to pay property taxes. I live by the beach and love it. Women are supposed to be our equals,so they can provide their own domestic fantasys. I am doing my time working my job,and after fifteen years, I am out of here.

  346. Mike Davis says:

    My two worst experiences on POF to date were A lady that I drove 5150 miles to meet, ordered drinks, appetizers and the most expensive item on the menu plus two desserts to go. Then she told me that she wasn’t interested because she was tired of working and didn’t think I could afford her lifestyle. She was a large woman witha terrible complexion. More recently I drove over 100 miles to meet someone, I thought lunch (on me) went well but when I got home she had written “This is my call out STUPID. I can kick your ass no matter how big you are” I was baffled. OH, yeah, I forgot the one who sent me a questionaire asking my income, net worth, vehicle values etc. POF IS THE WAL MART OF DATING SITES

  347. Leon Jones says:

    Lincoln, I live in Eastern, PA, I would stay away from any woman who has young children, who’s overly devoted to their family, friends, and pets, who says she’s very strong and independent because she doesn’t know what that means, an over 40 woman that wants kids, a grandmother that adopts here irresponsible child’s children, and women who are self absorbed filled with the princess syndrome who will not offer anything to a relationship, and lastly serial daters because they will give you endless frustration.

    • saltbird says:

      Hey Lincoln and Leon, those are excellent points. I have had some experience and also observed through some unfortunate friends of mine, all the women you’ve described. The worst are the ones who are overly devoted to their families. That can get really dangerous down the road if you have to deal with a bunch of total loser relatives and some total bitch mother who she is totally devoted to. I always laugh when I see these dumb bitches putting up pictures of them hanging out together with their miserable looking mothers.

  348. Dave says:

    Direct quote from a profile I recently saw on POF:

    “I have a 6 year old daughter who is the absolute center of my world. I do not share her with anyone, so there will never be a “not my weekend” situation. Yes, I have an amazing family who watches her for me while I’m at work and occasionaly socialize, but you will NEVER be more important to me than she is.”

    Allow me to translate this into a man’s interpretation: “You are just a man…..that’s all you will ever be, so don’t think you’re going to be somebody special in my life. If you ever start to think that way, I will put you in your place and remind you of how terribly unimportant you are to me.”

    What a bitch.

  349. Dave says:

    One other piece of advice to you guys out there, based on my horrendous POF experiences: If a woman either mentions in her profile, or you find out after meeting her that she has a lot of gay male friends that she hangs out with a lot…..STEER CLEAR! This usually means that she has issues with heterosexual males and relationship issues in general. Two of the women I’ve dated off POF and one I dated many years ago all had gay male friends that they constantly spent time with. All three of them also had in common the fact that they weren’t, as they referred to it, “touchy-feely” type of women. In other words, they don’t like affection and they don’t like being touched and you’d better be content just to share their company, ’cause that’s all you’re gonna share.

  350. Milan says:

    PlentyOfFish is a dumping ground for;

    1. single mothers
    2. gold diggers
    3. ugly obese women using 10 year old photos from high school
    4. profile “favorites” collectors
    5. female attention seekers, exhibitionists, narcissists
    6. sluts needing a baby daddy
    7. liars

    I used the service for the summer of 2011. It was nothing less than a complete disaster on every date. I went on at least three dates per week, sometimes more. I’m financially secure. POF is a dumping ground for the worst of the worst. I’m a very attractive blond, male, 40 years old. Women from ages 18-60 were contacting me without me making first contact. My image appeared on their “viewed me” list or they found me through some search.

    POF does not allow restrictions on single mothers, but I set many other email restrictions. Guess what? 90% of them lie. Most have children but do not show up on their profile. Their excuse is “I thought I mentioned that in our emails and phone chats”. Some like to space their kids out every 5, 10, 20 years with different fathers, mostly with black and hispanic men. Many smoke when their profile says non smoker. You can smell them. When asked, it’s “I was nervous” or “only when I drink”. Most are already in relationships. They are just looking for someone to listen to their tripe psycho babble… wft? I only went out with women aged 18-35. Didn’t want to deal with the old divorced angry sloppy seconds woman with a chip on her shoulder and expecting prince charming to smother her with compliments. They also lie about their age after they hit 35. You’ll hear about that “mistake” if you date one.

    I chose 10 separate restaurants to chose from during this time. Some very expensive and some hole in the walls. All depending in their personality. Yes, they order the most expensive items on the menu and order for 5+ people. The rest go into “doggy bags” for their kids or baby daddies back home. I heard nothing but compliments on my looks, hair, smile, humorous personality, generosity, kindness and appearance. It was very difficult to hold back a slap across each one of their faces.

    I was forced to download an Android app that blocks calls, even preventing the first ring (so cool). You can tell them you don’t think we have chemistry but wish them the best on their search, but they will still call/text you. Even after telling them to F OFF B*TCH, CEASE CALLING ME! Their family and friends will try to call you to change your mind, watch out. Think about purchasing a disposable cell phone and number. I resorted to that after the 3rd date.

    I have the personality where women like to tell me all their dirty secrets. Thank God! I can tell all you guys…. way too many POF women have herpes. They ask if that is a problem. Are you kidding me? They talk about how they were raped one or many times from male friends they still hang out with. Had miscarriages from rapes. A lot smoke pot, even though they say they don’t consider pot a drug. It was bizarre to hear that and hear them ask “Are you 420 friendly?” Huh? Several asked for a ride home. Have no idea how they got to the restaurant. I gave them $20 and politely told them no.

    Don’t get me started on the gay male friend thing. That is almost as bad as the single mom with bi-racial snot nose kids. Stay away from women who have gay friends, male or female. They have serious relationship issues from hanging out with these emotionally unstable homosexuals. I’m polite and say I disagree with their lifestyle, but do not have any ill will towards them. Oh my, they will dig into you with rabies infected cat claws anyway. Who wants to deal with that?

    They all want to know if you want children. As soon as they find out you have money, they will ask you to bed, no condom. Yes, they do want to be knocked up for child support. I’ve been asked to go home with a lot of these women with all the hints. Like I want to have kids with a skanky single mom infested with herpes.

    My brothers heard every detail of every date. They never laughed so hard in their life. Each brother is married with kids. They are glad they don’t have to date after hearing my PlentyOfFish horror stories.

    I did meet a very nice woman September 10th 2011. It was at a gathering of some friends and family. She worked at the same employer a family friend works. We are enjoying each other’s company and conversations. I really believe that is the only way you can meet a quality significant other. They’ve been somewhat screened by friends or family. I’m happy now. No more PlentyOfFREAKS or any other online dating service

  351. mike says:

    I guess I feel a little better knowing that it isn’t just the old dudes that have bad experiences on POF It is probably worse for them than it is for me. I hope that you find a good one because the older you get the tougher it is and the fatter and fuglier they are

  352. OkAL says:

    I really want to give the online dating a real chance, but after a few months of using them, I just cannot do it. Women are just not being realistic, most are nothing more then something 20 other guys used and abused, single mothers with to many kids and not a day older then 23, or have serious issues with themselves.

    I actually settled for one that was lower then my standards because of being rejected and treated like shit on dates from a few other women. The more time I spent with this girl though, the more I started to see why she was on the site.
    -Family issues
    -Annoying and ugly kids
    -Money issues
    -Shit friends that bashed anything guy that walked

    She did pretty well to hide all of this, and some of the girls I dated also hid things which came out in conversation as well. I will let you guys know, if you happen to get a girl off this website you should not let your guard down. If they are on dating websites, they have been more then likely used by a dozen plus guys which they will still have contact with.

    Am I jaded? Oh yea, after a few months I cut that girl and she finally confessed to seeing other guys, having two other dating profiles up, and lying about a lot of other things. Things that if I knew the truth on, I would not of even bothered. I tried to go back to two dating websites, said fuck that and deleted my account.

    I use to be a decent guy, now I am out for myself. Got some condoms and I am telling girls what they want to hear just to get some pussy. Why? Cause fuck them, that’s why. I am never going to measure up to them, and hey, I don’t want to be the sucker that is with them after they got to have their fun either. I do not believe dating sites to have anything worth any mans time, they are mostly sadistic, immature little girls with daddy issues and to many kids.

    I would say it is like buying a car, looks pretty, clean, and seems to be reliable. Give it a month or two, find out its been wrecked several times, had a new fresh paint job, developed a oil leak, and has salvage stamped all over the title. It will more then likely never run right, so just dog the piss out of it then hand it off to somebody else.

  353. that guy says:

    I think POF gave me herpes. I slept with one of those girls that got raped when she was younger and also told me she had over 30 sexual partners. Of course she told me all of this while i was sticking it inside her (had a condom of course). The girl looks pure white trash but I had a LONG dry spell and it was easy pussy. A moment of weakness I will regret for the rest of my life.

    I don’t have low standard. My ex was a model type from a very respectable family. When men get this desperate shit happens. My message is please whatever you do stay away from POF. Look up porn online, get a new hobby, play videogames, go out with friends, talk to your mom, walk your dog, caress your cat, do math, call customer service, pay some bills but please whatever you do STAY AWAY FROM POF

  354. BrooklynGuy says:

    And after reading the posts on this site, I would have to agree with all of the posters. But the thing is, it’s not just this site. I’ve tried the majority of the dating sites out there and you’ll find the same kind of insanity on all of them. And believe it or not, the paid sites can be even worse. I had a woman contact me on POF, to this day don’t even know her name. Basically I pulled away after learning about three kids and the other family drama. That was enough for me to finally leave that site. And as for match, well I had a woman contact me who was addicited to sleeping pills. So I wished her good luck in finding someone. She replies “I’ll call you”. I guess she didn’t get the memo. And let’s not forget the other woman who was re-locating…to Africa! I don’t know how I sat through this sh*t with a straight face to tell you the truth. But to sum things up, online dating has been going downhill for quite some time and it seems to be getting worse. And to make matters worse, offline can be just as crazy. In all of my years of dating I’ve never seen things like they are now.

    My advice fellas, earn money, take care yourself, plan ahead in life, travel and see the world. After visiting Europe and the other pars of the world several times, there really is a big difference between here and other places. That doesn’t mean Mrs. Right is waiting for you in Sweden or some other place. But what you can do is learn and keep learning and pursue your goals and interests and she will find you. I think one of the major problems with online dating is that the ratio between the sexes is way off and there are just many options for some people. I truly do believe that men are better doing it the old fashioned way. Remember guys, you bring just as much to the table as they do and don’t forget that. And for every woman that turns you down, there’s 10 more than wont, you just have to hunt like we did before all of this online and feminist crap. So don’t look so hard for her, let her find you for a change. Some of the best women I met, came into my life when I wasn’t even looking for it. Best of luck to all the guys on here and don’t settle for anything but the best. You only get one life to live, make it count.

  355. Steve says:

    Well guys, I have been gone from plenty of fish for a long while and tried and found that the women on that site were more entitled due to the fact they had to spend some money and wanted reimbursed by a millionaire. I talked with one female for about two weeks on that site and everything went well until we chatted on the phone. She had a gay friend and I told her I was uncomfortable around gays and she instantly said we would never work out and I was fine with that. I went back to pof and was hit up by more women that I ever have been contacted by in my life. Must have been all the working out I have been doing 5-7 days a week for such a long time. Anyhow, most of these women were obese and had a few bombshells that were shit at conversations just like the fatties were. I meant one girl who stood out and talked with her for about two weeks and when she called me after she got of work I found out she lives with her ex of 43 years of age, she is 28, and I dragged out of her that she had herpes. I told her in the sweetest way in a letter later that night around the lines that I could not be in a relationship with someone with an std and they we could not hang out. I wished her the best and told her I think it’s great she is trying to better her life and being more responsible. She got angered that I didn’t even wanna hangout with her and I told her I would be fine if we just stayed online friends. She sends me a response of K. I later researched the std problem in the USA and found 1 in 4 people have and std! I thought this was a joke and looked other places and found the same figures. I am was shocked and still am by those figures. I think getting an escort would be just as dangerous in my opinion. Finding a good women with morals/values that is not entitled and full of disease is harder than ever for most men because of feminism and moral/value decline. I will continue my search for a good women, I am just going to take it real slow and not be sexually active even if I gotta get to know this girl for a year or more. I have had a fleshlight for the last year and a half and it never lets me down :o). I recently purchased a ps3 and I workout on a daily basis while holding a great job and business ventures on the side. My self entertainment is a vital key in not going insane. I hope all you gentlemen the best of luck in this road of life!

    • chester says:

      That reminds me a girl I met on POF a little over a year ago that was 28 years old. She was kinda hard looking, so I could tell she came from a rough background. But she had a muscular body on her and she was really cool to talk to and hangout with. I’m at the point in my life where I’m not that judgemental and will overlook certain things if a girl has a cool attitude and seems to have decent values.

      I went out with the girl a few times. So, she wanted to come over to my house and she was going to stop first to get BBQ sandwiches. I was in the best mood. I finally thought I found a cool girlfriend even though she wasn’t that high up on the scale in the looks department. So she calls me to ask what I wanted on my sandwich, and in between sentences, she tells me she had a baby when she was 19 with a 35 yr old that was cheating on his wife and kids. She gave it up for adoption. She tells me this like it’s no big deal. I was speechless. She comes over with my sandwich, and then tells me that there’s more she has to tell me. I told her not to bother. I didn’t want to hear it. A couple days later, she texts me and wanted to go out, but I told her that I was having trouble with what she told me. She got mad of course. I decided not to date her anymore. Maybe if she was super hot I would have thought about it more.

      Case in point, to this day she was the highest quality girl I’ve met on POF. An average looking white trash girl that got knocked up by a married guy when she was 19 is the best that POF has had to offer to me. And I’m over 6′ tall, fit body, graduate degree, I have a job, own house, no kids, been told I’m cute numerous times throughout my life, etc. And that’s the best POF has to offer to me. I’m not mr. perfect, but it’s downright impossible to find a girl thats at least a 6 or 7 on the looks scale and has decent morals. Is that too much to ask??? And that goes for any online dating site and even real life such as bars. Girls are trash these days. Gosh

      • Steve says:

        I’m 28 years old and it only took 3 years for me to realize how trashy the majority of females have become, compared to just 10-20 years ago. I remember the days of families coming over and me going to other families houses in the mid/late 80’s and even early/mid 90’s, when socializing face to face was still popular and considered healthy. These networking sites and just this mass media of pure garbage / tv shows have probably had a hell of a lot to do with this huge decline in morals/values. Considering not everyone is raised or reaches a mature understanding of everything they see or hear may not be morally or ethically right and is for entertainment purposes of the darker side of life. I think feminism actually started in around ww1-ww2 when all the men went to war and women stayed home and worked. Remember all those pictures you would see of the women with a doo rag on flexing her arm? I think it is good women helped out and someone needed to do it, but things advanced too much and never stopped for womens right. Voting and the feminism movement later on. I mean look at the gays trying to compare sexuality “and that is all they really base love on” other wise they would be with the opposite sex as God intended or even nature for the production of another human being, but look how they try and compare racial and sexual discrimination as the same thing. It is the biggest blunder since the feminist movement. I don’t know where our society is heading, but it always seems to get worse. Either to much regulation or not enough. I also think that my next relationship will be mandatory for the both of us getting std test before any sexual relations. You just can’t trust anyone these days!

      • JackLemmon says:

        I’ve had the same experience in the last few years. People tell me that I am attractive, etc. and that I should have no problem with the chicks. My problem like any other guy is that I don’t make enough money with a teaching salary. There is a trend in thinking that teachers make thirty thousand a year,and that is not the case. They earn more more than double of that, but most people think otherwise. I know that 80 grand plus benefits is not great,but there are a hell of a lot of men doing worse than that. I don’t care how fit,attractive,or talented you are. They’re
        not interested if you don’t provide for them. I am talking about good looking girls, not
        homely or fat girls. A while back I did something nice for a very good looking girl. She avoided me like the plague even though I never asked her out or paid attention to her. I am learning to give without expecting anything in return. You have to do things like this in life to keep your sanity in an insane world, but don’t expect her to reciprocate.

  356. Jhony Q says:

    POF is deliberately creating an air of mistrust on-line and in the world. Singles are of the growing majority, who, as cynical and mistrusting as they are made to be, still seek by nature, a compatible mate. You are not alone! There are some vicious and love-hating individuals trolling these sites. The ideals they represent, are bent on creating mass confusion and mistrust between genders, as well as same sex, in order to separate everyone from everyone else. This “divide and concur” mentality is not a game to them, and they will not stop. The only way to overcome this related but disconnected network of diabolical and systematic de-evolution of natural co-habitation between the sexes is to understand why they do it. They know what is important in this world. The number one priority of any life form is survival. Survival of species can only continue if the two sexes unite in a safe, natural, unhindered way. This minority of nut jobs create the appearance of a majority, but they are far and few between. Once you understand that the reality they are trying to get you to believe in, is paper thin and built into a house of cards, the simpler it will be for you blow it down so that you can traverse the dating scene. Just do not give up! Do not allow yourself to become confused by these sadistic genocidal, cowardly assholes. Love is still here and it can be found if you don’t given up. On behalf of caring, real men every where, we are sorry we can’t find you and we love you.

    Try the following:
    1. Put up a similar profile as shown below, allowing for your tastes.
    2. Ignore hate mail and block the sender.
    3. Do not try to get back at someone who has tricked you. It was not your fault. Forgive them, but block them.
    4. Let them come to you. This way you are in total control.
    5. Ignore profile and get to know them as they are on the inside. Names, pictures, gender, age, likes and dislikes are all smoke-screens that can blind potential suckers into being conned out of their naturally occurring self-esteem.
    6. Get a proxy server to avoid the permanent ban, oh, And you will get banned!
    7. Never give up until you find some one who loves you!

    I had gotten so frustrated with POF, that I resorted to writing the profile seen below. I had not allowed the fake profiles and lying, mixed-up women to deter me from finding someone. I kept at it for over a year, until I finally met someone. I am currently still with this person and we have our ups and downs, but it is a walk in the park compared to Dating on POF. This and other dating sites are tuned to a system that rewards brown-nosing management and favored members. I got warned by Markus that I should follow the rules when I gave a woman shit for the way she treated me. I found it incredibly difficult to stand up for myself against polite psychophantic woman. I wrote him back to explain myself and complain about his involvement and the woman’s behavior. I never got a response. I have also been banned several times for no good reason.
    In the beginning my profile was simple and trusting. I found it did not help me narrow down what I was looking for. Over time, I had many accounts and many profiles. There were times I was so incredibly hurt by the treatment I received by women, I just wanted to die. I knew that most women on POF were selfish, evil and hated men. I refused to believe that everyone was like that. As time progressed the profiles evolved by trial and error, from simple kindhearted, optimistic summaries to no pulled punches, take no prisoners diatribes. I finally settled on the profile shown below.
    Some of my early profiles were mean-hearted, coming from a place of pure hurt and frustration, but after a day or so I tamed them up a bit so I didn’t come off as a mean person, like the kind I had been trying to avoid. Yet I could not fall back to being the trusting person I had started out as. (Even though trust and kindness are good things.) I had to take the middle road and go for broke, all the while avoiding Markus’s retarded algorithm. I also had to word the profile in such a way that those that complained ended up looking like the complete losers they really were. After all, I was only protecting myself as I looked for love. Like a lot of us, I was innocent and deserved to find someone.
    Many women would say in their profiles that they wanted something in a guy, but when approached, they did not want what they said they wanted. I think my profile says it all. It was meant to explain what I wanted and give the rest of the psycho bitches a good solid kick in their pathetic asses. These types deserve to be booted from the system and banned forever. But as so many realize, the good folks get booted while the bad folks are allowed stay. You can not speak the truth on POF or you will get rejected, unless you are skillful. I do not claim to have the silver bullet here. A more refined version of the profile below and a better understanding of what the dating sites do to block sincere daters might be necessary to overcome an evolving system. At the very least you should get a laugh out if it.

    Here is the profile:

    Tired of meeting people and it going nowhere really, really fast?

    I’m looking for the impossible, but hope there’s one healthy, compatible girl out there for me. I have not found her yet, but I keep trying, because I refuse to accept that there are no sane ones left. I know what I am looking for and WILL NOT settle; that’s what I would have to do to date most! I would rather be alone than lonely with someone who is unaccountable or irresponsible!
    With a sense of optimistic discouragement and for what its worth, here’s the profile:

    I’m looking for a kind woman to share life’s ups and downs; Someone not afraid to talk about things that actually matter in life and are important to the relationship… on an ongoing basis. The relationship begins with the first ‘Hello’. Be real and be honest right off the bat! Life is hard & short enough as it is, without filtering through all the false folks to find a mate or living with the wrong one.
    I need you to be kind, gentle and smart, not just think you are, or pretend to be. You must be able to think properly. ie. not blame others or project things that are your responsibility. The one for me will already know that being “cool” is unimportant & immature, and loves herself for who she is. She must be intelligent and creative; perhaps collaborate in projects together. I am not afraid to learn from you and grow.
    If you have power & control issues or are out to hurt or snub men, move right along and try it on someone else!! Don’t waste your time?? Stay away!! I mean it!!! Only a psychotic “loser” with nothing better to do, would deliberately do harm!!! If you were psycho, how would you know? If you were a liar, how could you be honest?
    If you’re looking for the perfect man; the knight in shining armor or Prince Charming, he does not exist and your living in a fantasy world! SNAP OUT OF IT!! All you’ll get is 99% of the men who lie to you and then you wonder what happened! Tzzzzzzztt!!!!

    If you want $$$$, too bad, I don’t have any! If all you love is money, then that’s all you’ll get…if any.
    If all you want is sex, I’m not interested!
    If you say you want an honest and open man but become frightened or disinterested if they actually are, I will not think I have done anything wrong, I will think you need to examine yourself, overcome your fears and/or stop playing games.
    If your going out with someone else, are married or want to keep your options open, leave me alone; No, Really, GET LOST!!!
    If you feel the need to lie to me to keep me near or far… I will reject you!!! If you do not do what you say you are gong to do, I will reject you faster! I do not play games.
    If you find it difficult for men to measure up, you will not like me… one… little… bit; I will deliberately sabotage the so called relationship for that reason!
    If family and friends are going to be more important than our relationship, I will not like ‘you’… one… little… bit! If you already have children and family, I want to be included and not left an outsider.
    I’m most likely wasting my time!
    If you are going to play games to seem cool, want to feel chased, feel extra mature, seem better than me, or hold out for something better, or whatever, then I will most definitely not be interested; Pretty much everyone, stay away!
    If you are unable to answer me back without expecting me to do all the work; writing only one or two sentences in reply to my full page letters, if I happen to write them, I will not think your being protective, I will think you are lazy, uninterested, paranoid, looking for easy street or playing immature, unproductive games over energy. In any case, I will lose interest in you. Just be honest and open… if you can.
    If you have Baggage/issues… join the club. Anyone, who says or implies they don’t have any, is obviously on permanent vacation; lying or in denial. Our experiences have led us to this point and are an integral part of our personalities. To deny them to impress others is not really that impressive! It’s called denial. Our memories and emotions are colored by the experiences that came before and after. So, if you have Issues…I got Tissues.
    If you tell me you have dealt with your problems, I will know you most definitely have not. If we are honest with ourselves we will know that some issues do not go away; can not go away, we only evolve and grow around them, if at all!
    If your not honestly facing and working though the problems, or have not yet found a better way of “coping”, no matter how I feel about you, I will have to let you alone.
    If you’re involved in the occult or in some backwards thinking religious cult… Don’t contact me!
    If you’re serious and want a real relationship, and do not have an arrogant Cinderella complex, think you are somehow better then everyone and do not act tough as nails, write me. You do not have to be perfect, but if you are wise and loving with balanced ‘Trust’; If you’re heart is not bitter and mean; if you are insightful, intelligent and empathetic; If you’re not prone to suspicion, jealousy and lies. If you can still unconditionally Trust, Love and have good natured humor, and can see through the smoke, you are her!
    If all you can see in this profile is negativity or meanness, you’ve missed the point. If you’re a stuck up militant feminist who does not value equality or are a flake from the failed New Age Movement, I feel sorry for you, and absolutely do not want you! Most profiles I have looked are a joke and do not reflect the truth in any way! I am convinced the majority of profiles are just ridicules, delusional, myopic and self-centered parodies of the real thing! I roll my eyes at most!
    It’s hard to tell if every single last one of you are not judgmental, paranoid, manipulative, greedy, stuck up, selfish, disrespectful, cruel, abusive and psychotic!! (Pick one.) Any men that would have that kind are as insane, if not more insane than their counterparts have been proven to be! Enjoy your dysfunctional employment, family, friends and failed relationships!!!!
    Otherwise, I am open to you. Where’s the 1-% that are not PHONY?

    DO NOT WRITE ME IF YOU HAVE NO INTENTION OF BEGINNING A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH ME, OR IF ALL YOU WANT TO DO IS ARGUE, SET ME STRAIGHT OR TRY TO GET ME BACK FOR WHAT EVER IT IS YOU THINK I DID!! It will not work!! Instead, doing so will make you seem childish, unintelligent & Psycho, resulting only in you getting BLOCKED! If the hat fits, wear it! If the hat does not fit, why put it on? Hmmm?
    Enter through the Gate, Not over the fence!
    I am looking for a real relationship, not more Ticky-Tacky. Perhaps you should then come back to POF when you’re serious.

    PS. God is male not female! It is a belief, based in fact. Do not argue with it!

    …and I like romantic walks on the beach, kisses in the moonlight, petting animals and smiling at small children…

    First date:
    Chat for a while and then meet wherever to see what we’re like in person; Coffee, Frisbee? Argument? We could sit in a hot tub in the sun on a really hot day and eat 5 alarm Chili drinking hot coffee…? Many of you stand absolutely no chance whatsoever @ ever having a date with me at any point. A man without a woman is like sheep without a cell phone!! …and we could have dinner or a movie or whatever.

  357. Peter Donaldson says:

    I must be the unluckiest man on POF.

    I have messaged over 500 women and not received a single reply. I’ve been on the site a year and the only time I received a message was from this fat old woman with 6 kids and 3 grandkids and she was 63.

    I’m only 37.

    • cybury says:

      unluckiest man on pof?
      you have messaged over 500 women and not received a single reply?
      you been on the site a year?
      and you received a message was from this fat old woman with 6 kids and 3 grandkids and she was 63?

      dude that is the normal stats for pof

      think you are unlucky, try being in your 40’s on the site and see how bad things are.

  358. nugganu says:

    Had a fat chick with a pic of her holding her newborn freak out on me because I wouldn’t do online chat with her. Never went on their again. Not sure why a fat chick with a newborn would be on there trying to get a date.

  359. Sick of it all says:

    The inequality absolutely sickens me with women….and POF
    I saw a profile whose main picture was some saggy cleavage breasts, and a second picture showing some old hag, blatantly asking for sex with a Father and Son……my son was sittin next to me when i read it too!!!!!!!


    I thought…oh, you can use this place as an adult friend finder, so i put up a profile with Intimate encounter selected…….i then wrote my profile which contained no profanities circumventing the censors…like hers did, i ddid not openly ask for sex or fetishes, just basically explained i wasn’t after anything serious……..30 mins later…DELETED….and my email was BANNED

    They are E-pimps…… wake up you sick little pathetic female f–kwits

    And NO, i am not angered by lack of response, 80% of my dates i have been mailed first by THEM, i wont lower myself to mail first anymore….and i can get upto 4 dates a month off the place……but like our man at the top of the page says, theses women are attention whores, your friday night slappers shaking their booty on the dance floor.

    The last one totally fell for me….and i aint rich either….just damn fine lookin, turned out to be a bunny boiler, broke my nose and scarred my face, i lost my house, my job, my sanity and life for it.

    I am starting to resent females to the extreme now, time to know your place……..i am starting to look at them and treat them as the sh1t they are now

    • OkAL says:

      Damn right on resent females now, I got two who cook and clean for me now. I used to look down on people doing that to women but I am so sick of not having any of the fun.

      They dont want decent guys, and they are far from decent themselves. Use em and toss em back imo, I am really enjoying being single like this.

    • Jim says:

      I too have no problem finding “dates.” If that is the definition of finding easy pussy? I too have very high standards for the women I choose to be with. Am in great shape, all my hair, teeth, well spoken, my own home, car and truck. Am educated and have a nearly 100K a year job.
      The problem is finding a woman thats worth investing time with and trying to build something. Once they start online man shopping. Wether thru dating websites, MySpace, Facebook, etc. They will be addicted to the attention and constantly better dealing. Keep you on the hook and forever playing games, lying, sneaking around, etc.
      I get a real treat at reading the ones that say. “Where all all the good men?” “Are there no more gentlemen let in the world?” “Please don’t be a player,” etc. Guess what bitches, we ARE NOW, the men YOU have created!
      There is one woman online here, both Match and POF for the last 18 months. Is 49yrs old, average build, “some college” and all 3 of her adult children live at home. And she is looking “long term,” with guys 32-48yrs old? Most recently she wrote on her headline. “Isn’t anyone wanting a serious relationship on here?” She wrote about “chemistry” and how, “if we have THAT, everything else will come later.”
      I told her that there are those seeking serious. But I don’t know why she believes, a 34yr old guy, wants it with HER! And how serious is SHE, rejecting contact with anyone HER age or a few years older? Told her that it’s obvious from her age criteria. That all she is REALLY seeking, are 6 pack abs, a tight ass and hard dick!

    • Jim says:

      Yeah, I love those skank photos posted. Tits hanging out, ASS shot in the mirror, kissy face, pierced tongue hanging out, etc. And say they are looking for a “long term” and “serious” relationship.
      AND “NOT looking for friends with benefits, NSA, hook-ups, etc!” “If you are a liar and player, pass me by.” PLEASE!!!!!!

      n As I said before. 85-90% of these women. Are banging 2-3 different guys already. And they are STILL online. THEY ARE the players! The reason they don’t want YOU to be a player. Is because women CAN’T STAND competition! They NEED to manipulate and control you. Another woman might screw that up for them.
      And if you are seeing other women. Well then they are NOT getting the “attention rush” and self esteem boost, they are craving. Reality will set in and they will realize, they are just another cheap and easy HOLE to you! And they will call you all kinds of names. As long as YOU don’t know about HER on the side dicks. SO devastated, SO angry, SO hurt, and SO FULL OF SHIT! They are PATHETIC!

  360. Tom says:

    POF is very frustrating, and all these girls have unrealistic expectations in men they want to date. I understand to have a high standard, but stay in your own league for fuck sakes. No attractive male will ever date a woman with 3 kids all from different fathers, or they are a bit on the heavy side, expecting to date a Brad Pitt. For the love of God, play in you own league.

    I love how they say they all want an intelligent man, yet their profile is full of grammatical errors, and these bitches can’t articulate themselves very well. Fucking hypocrites.

    I usually write an clever message with complete sentences that shows real me. I’ll be honest though, almost all of my messages never get deleted. They are read with no response. Why these bitches are keeping my messages as a souvenir? I can deal with read and deleted, but read with no response?? I would like to know, because that’s just fucking evil, because there’s a glimpse of hope she’ll respond.

    The moral of the story is we all should write a generic message like “me single, you too, we talk, then date” if every guy write messages like that on that site to every girl. Hopefully the girls will get a reality check.

  361. I don’t even know where to start. first of all, Plenty Of Fish looks like it was created in 1999. I’ve wasted my time, registered 3 times and the accounts disappeared or I couldn’t log in again. It’s like it was coded by a 10 year old. It’s no wonder ok cupid is kicking their ass. Should I get started on the fatties and the desperate single mothers I wouldn’t touch with a ten yard pole? I think it’s been said here already. Did I mention the ones looking for a sperm donor?

    I’m a good looking guy who makes good money. I don’t know what I was thinking when I signed up at that site. I think it was the acid I did in college coming back to haunt me.

  362. Leon Jones says:

    As always, good points made by each and every one of you. The problem with most of these women on dating sites is they think we are stupid. Number one when you see profiles with women who are over the age of 40 and they have grown kids living with them; yet they say they are looking for something serious; and they put an age range of 30 to 48; they say where have all the good men gone? I say the look at your life, when you have grown children living at home, you didn’t teach them independence or you can’t make it on your own, when you smoke, have lots of earrings and tattoos, attitudes of entitlement and want to be in control, you will lose out. Women don’t want players because they are playing, they don’t want a man who is family oriented because they want him to be around her kids and family. Most of these women never look at their lives; instead they blame others, that’s a sign of maturity. I will tell you guys this, never date a woman who is constantly online whether it’s facebook, my space or any other social site, never date a woman who is overly devoted to her friends and family, never date a woman who has grown children living at home, never date a woman who is unemployed, never date a woman who smokes, drinks, and enjoys dancing, never date a woman who is expecting you to wine and dine her, never date a woman who says my kids are my life, my kids are my world, my kids mean everything to me, never date a woman likes to travel all of the time. Never date a woman who is not trying to better herself, never date a woman constantly makes excuses, never date a woman who can’t cook. These are all of the reason’s why these women can’t find good men. They never look at their own disfunctional lives; instead they make and look at issues based on false hope, delusions, and emotions. Real women understand genuine men. Little girls can’t spell genuine, that’s why they can’t find a good man because they don’t know what a good man is.

    • Jim says:

      Totally agreed! However, they DO know what a “good man” is to them. One that will put up with their shit, kids, alcoholic binges, cook for them, buy them shit, take them on trips, pay for their cell phone, etc.
      And why do they expect us to do all these things for them? Because they are giving us the same pussy that 100 other guys have had? I’ve told MANY of these washed up, online Cougar wannabes. You don’t have anything, that every other woman online has. And yours isn’t lined with velvet, with a gold nugget at the bottom!

  363. Sick of it all says:

    JIM “However, they DO know what a “good man” is to them. One that will put up with their shit, kids, alcoholic binges, cook for them, buy them shit, take them on trips, pay for their cell phone, etc.”

    Absolutely 100% bang on….in that order too, Jim knows his stuff!

    You just voiced my EXACT litany of errors with my last ex off there, except replace Cell Phone with debt, and buy clothes and shoes.

    The trouble with Feminazis, is men have got to stick together, and there is too many weak men out there who are led by their dicks and let the side down.

    A perfect example of the Feminazi movement is what i’m going through now…….

    I started a college course a few weeks ago, the first day this manic little dribbler latched onto me, giving me the line, “it aint easy being a single parent” etc, since then she arranges where i sit, where i go for dinner, and if i refuse she demands and physically pulls my arm, gropes me hugs me, and its quite obvious i dont like or wnat it. There are only 2 other guys on the course and 12 women, despite my efforts to distance myself from her, i keep being teamed up with her, so i had a word with the tutors and explained how she has developed a crush on me, and i cant work with her. Well the rest of the group have noticed whats going on, and she is finally figuring something aint right, and so not to lose face, shes backed up and is exclaiming she has a boyfriend to everyone….. the head feminazi in the group is a beast of a woman 6′ 2″, and she immediately gathered her crew from day one….pretty much most of the women all look upto her and think shes funny and great. Well as this situation has become noticed, the head nazi is playing a little game, she has zeroed in on the other guy and is dragging him into the covern, exclaiming he’s funny and great etc, which he isn’t, she is just projecting, well he’s a bit weak minded and is suckered into it, this has a way of trying to knock me down a peg by ignoring me, becos the ugly bitches are scared they may fall victim to me as my stalker did, so they will have no truck with me at all, its fuckin sad really cos i just want some education, not all this shit…… i am expecting an attack publicly from her at some point soon to put me down, it’s building that way i can see it.

    The feminazi cannot stand to see any male with an ego bigger than hers, this is why ugly bitches hate you, and they will pull together in order to take you down, even though there is no spoken plan, group consciousness comes into play, and the head feminazi molds it to her liking…….Hell really does hath no fury to ANY woman scorned!

    • JDP says:

      Thats really too bad man, but common for us alpha males to have to deal with. I hope by now you have it sorted out. Just pull yours out and tell her you want a measuring contest.
      And did I forget to mention. Not only do they want a “good man.” They seem to want a “good hearted” man.” Same translation holds for that “women speak” definition.
      He is a guy that lets her use him like a doormat. Or as an ATM with a dick. He is constantly clamming up, giving you the cold shoulder or terse responses. And then youmust be a mind reader, to find the problem.
      Well here is the problem, 100% of the time, it’s YOU! You either did or didn’t do something. Or failed to live up to her secret expectations. And women are ALWAYS telling men, in one way or another, what to do!
      Me, I don’t put up with that shit for a second! I have NEVER in my life. Told another person, friend, girlfriend, what to do or what NOT to do. Yet I have never recieved the same respect from a woman.

      A good hearted man, believes ALL their lies, without question. He doesn’t check her text, e-mail, phone call records, etc. When he has serious suspicions that somethings fishy.
      If he tries to, he is a stalker and creep! Never mind the fact that she really IS lying and banging guys behind his back. And is only trying to hide her nefarious behavior, by blaming him.
      A TRUE good man, would have never caught her in the first place. Because his heart was SO good. He swallows all her BS!

  364. Peter Donaldson says:

    What do you think those women are talking about? The ones who are constantly online 24/7? How many guys do you think they’re stringing along at one time? I’d say about 25 suckers.

  365. Daniel Moore says:

    I have been reading the comments here, and I totally sympathize with what I am hearing. I’m not trying to be arrogant, but I’m told I’m good-looking. I crop my pictures, beef-up my description, and send out messages. NOBODY responds, NOTHING. I have had success on other sites, but there is something messed-up about this site. I think the people in POF just want attention. They are not really looking for someone to be with, they just want their ego stroked.

  366. john says:

    I have had a few dates on POF. I’m no posh bloke but the dates I’ve had the women are rough and needy. Looking for a meal ticket to get out of the crap lives they’ve got. I wouldn’t mind but the pic’s they post are nothing to what they look like.

    The site is free but like they say you get exactly what you pay for.

  367. john says:

    tattoos and piercing and living on council estates is the quality you get

  368. JG says:

    I’ve sent out well over 200 messages, not a single reply. Some of them even blocked me. For what? I only said hello.

    The women on that site can’t be right in the head.

  369. Fed up with pof says:

    I’ve just given up with plentyoffish and with online dating in general, I occasionally have a look at some profiles but I haven’t sent a serious email in probably three months, there’s just no point. Women hardly ever reply, if you do get a reply she’ll mail you maybe three times before blocking you or vanishing for no reason, if you ask her out for a coffee she’ll vanish, if by some stroke of astonishing luck you arrange a date, she’ll cancel, and if by the miraculous hand of God you actually meet her, she’ll sit there expecting you do fawn all over her, saying hardly anything about herself but expecting you to detail your entire life story, and then she’ll leave with a face that would curdle steel, and if you ask to see her again she’ll just say no. They will not give relationships a chance to build, they will not put any effort in themselves, they expect fireworks and heavenly bells from the first paragraph of your first email, and if you’re not perfect, you’re worthless, there is no inbetween AT ALL. Putting it bluntly, my fellow males, you have a better chance of achieving happiness by snorting cocaine than you have by being on a dating site.

    • Andy says:

      Everything you just said above there is what I have been saying all along. Especially this part, “if by some stroke of astonishing luck you arrange a date, she’ll cancel, and if by the miraculous hand of God you actually meet her, she’ll sit there expecting you do fawn all over her, saying hardly anything about herself but expecting you to detail your entire life story” Every date I have had from women off POF, and that’s a grand total of like 4 over 2 years, it has been that exact same thing.

      They hardly make any effort, they don’t let their guard down not one bit to let things develop. They have a weak sense of humor and don’t have much to say to create an attraction. It’s like they sit back and hope the guy uses his Superman powers to turn them into an instant potential girlfriend. There are two sides to this thing, not sure if they paid attention to what their mothers told them when they went through adolescence. This girl from POF I just got done talking to now was very vague in everything she was telling me when I tried to make things develop. She kept her guard up as if whatever I said or do to keep her interested or to show her I cared, she would give no signs of anything relevant to the situation. I went on 3 dates with her and she was not making anything clear in order to decide of things should develop further.

      Usually in the past whenever I meet a girl, such as in real life, after the 3rd date we decide if we should make it official or not. This girl kept responding vaguely to everything I said to make sure my intentions were known. It was driving me crazy. She hardly called me in the 1 month we talked. I would send her paragraph e-mails and she would respond with like 2 sentences not asking me anything to get to know me. And whenever I would send her texts, every single fucking time, she would take at least 2 hours to respond to them. I was just like why the hell can’t you communicate and let me know what’s going on. I just didn’t get it. I thought at being 28 years old, you would know how these things work.

      But then I realized I got what I paid for on POF. These women want the ego boost like you said. And clearly she just wanted the automatic fireworks to be set off and if I wasn’t perfect and was in between with something, she would just avoid the whole thing. Nothing pisses me off more when girls know the decency of how people should be when they are trying to date someone and they choose to be ignorant and dumb about it.

      • JB says:

        Wow Andy what you wrote is dead on, On all my dates it’s almost gone the exact same way you described.They never give anything a chance to unfold, they sit and act totally uninterested and I’m forced to talk more than I would have liked to avoid uncomfortable silence.I think POF is a way for boring, slightly attractive women to get free meals.

        and they wonder why guys just want sex?! Maybe it’s bc they have nothing to offer besides that! Even the plain janes don’t have any kind of personality to bail them out.,they’re not even capable a having an even remotely interesting conversation

        They’re all brainwashed by the media into thinking mr perfect is gonna arrive on horseback and whisk them off to some exotic locale, they expect fairy tales to happen without them having to put any effort into anything.They think that they’re all better than they actually are.

        I always wondered after my dates if something was wrong with me,but now I know there’s not..

        The same thing happens to me with the vagueness and stringing along, if you’re not interested , why not just say so?

        The women on here are garbage,baggage laden,still mad at their exes ,ton of emotional and trust issues….stay away from this site at all costs

    • plenty of filth says:

      I totally agree my friend! Its scary to believe all women could be like they are on dating sites, in particular pof but I don’t think they are. O nly certain typoes are that way and they are the ones that gravitate towards sites like pof. Pof certainly sours a males opinion of women though and does nothing to bridge the gap between the sexes. I had an experience exactly like what you described. I had a date with the bitch, she sat there with a sour expression, showed no interest whatsoever, didnt seem to know she is as reponsible for contributing to the conversation as I am, made me do all the work in general and on my way home from that date i got a call from her accusing me of all the things that I described. Couldnt i have been a little more pleasant, could i have shown more interest, couldnt I have conversed a little more, I was quite shocked at the hypocrisy to say the least but once i gathered my thoughts i realised she’s just another damaged product of the westernised female mind of these times. Dating sites are filled with these excuses for women and is it ever any wonder why they remain on these dating for for months or even years on end? Even the attractive ones seem to live on the sites, appearing online every day! You cold think they just don’t find the right man but after a while one realises the game they play and any man with half a brain will and should entirely wash their hands of all female filth on not just pof but all dating sites!

  370. Peter Donaldson says:

    Another thing that gets me annoyed about POF (apart from not getting any replies) is the amount of old women who look at my profile.

    I’m a young guy 37 and when I look at who’s looked at me, it’s always old women in their mid to late 50s. I take this as a personal insult. Why aren’t they looking at guys their own age instead of me? And why aren’t chicks my age looking at me?

    I think I look my age. I’m young, have all my own hair and am slim. I really do take offence at being the pin-up for old women.

  371. jose says:

    I found that there was a ‘mafioso’ of women in particular that seemed glued to their chairs and considered themselves ‘big fish’ pardon the pun ,on the forums. If you started a new topic, their whole focus would be to ridicule anything slightly open anywhere on your post, totally ignoring your actual comment or question and after a while they would just gossip and laugh at you right there between themselves, like you had left the room. But Sir Marcus of the ” i never said this site was a democracy” Sir Marcus’s never seemed to worry about that. These people on the net in general who find one site, saturate it with their ideas, comments and insults need a life. I get one there once every 12 months and see old hags, still single, blasting people then wondering ‘where all the good men are?’ Simple – reading your posts and doing a 180*. Thats where geniuses.

  372. g says:

    Not good. Almost waste of time. Been there 8-9 months. One date only… looked nothing like her pic.

    Plenty of views… but could spend all day on the meet-me-feature with no luck. Once in blue moon get someone want to meet (as in sends a message saying thanks for clicking wants to meet, send a message if you still want to). The latter is the only reason I’m still on there, otherwise I’d have up sticks long ago!

    I’m probably a 6-7 in looks-wise I think (depending on the eye of the beholder). I’m looking for similar girls on there. All I find are either 9 and 10’s that are probably bombarded by males… and the ones I’m not into. The mid-range girls aren’t on there. Once in a blue moon they crop-up. Really frustrating using that site.

    At this point now I may delete my profile. Might give it a month and record all my messages sent… work out the stats, and if it looks too bad, I’ll pull the plug. You might think it’s better to be there as a single guy than not have that chance, no matter how small that chance is…. but going on pof is a risk, as I don’t want someone I only partly know to start asking me about it… and pof has made it so that profiles are visible to non-members – if someone does a search for guys in my area, even if they are not a pof member, my profile is clearly visible to them! There is no option to change this that I am aware of.

  373. Farang says:


    I have lived in various countries in Asia over the last 15 years. You are barking up the wrong tree joining a site like that.

    Asian women:5 star restaurant::North American women:McDonalds

    North American women are, as Johnny McEnroe said about the officials at Wimbledon, `The Pits of the World`


  374. Time Jones says:

    I was –sniff, sniff– banned for three days from POF forums on the “off topic” thread. I am not even there for dating. Miss_Allison did it. She is an illiterate Miss Piggy who has control problems. Read the strung out reply I got below. When I tried to message back, Miss Piggy Miss_Allisson blocked me.

    lol, sure we are gonna put things up for a vote cause the forums are all about democracy dear

    hey next, maybe we can all vote over who should be the moderators too… hmmm… what else

    hate to break it to you but never gonna happen
    if users controlled how the forums were run it would just be one big miss of bigmouths shooting off to each other

    maybe what should really happen is users should actually read the code of conduct they agree to when they join and if they dont like it leave

  375. kev says:

    check this out 2 different dudes with same profile but different picts of course… hot chick with 2 kids meet up the fake profile of the hot guy at a bar/restaurant. he doesn’t show up yet she tries and meet him 2 different times at different places. she got stood up on her second time, yet she continues to show up on the 3rd date!!! Hillarious! The length women will go to get a guy that’s 10 in looks! she was chasing a figment of her imagination.

  376. A.0 says:

    The women in Plenty Of Fish all want the same kind of fictional magic man that does not even exist..

    They all want “Mr. Perfect” it does not matter how handsome you are or how ugly you are… if you say one thing to them that just sounds the slightest bit perverted or strange in their books. They will never speak to you. EVER! they are the most retarded, most brainless, snobby, demanding, moody, air headed, most picky creatures in the planet Earth! ALL of them! just ALL of them are like this. the ones in their teens, the ones in their 20’s and even the one in their 30’s and late 30’s. They are all a bunch of unrealistic picky little snobs who don’t deserve any man in their life anyways!

  377. Ed says:

    Hey people! After reading this post, I feel better about my experience! Okay, so I would consider myself a 8/10 guy. I work out all the time, I’m a black belt, I look pretty good, I’ve had a lot of girlfriends. In fact, I am the best candidate out there for a girlfriend. Besides looks and working out, I FUCKING WORK FOR HOLLYWOOD. Literally my friends are famous actors, you can’t really top my experience, so if you are having bad luck on, don’t let it get you down because the site really is just bullshit.

    Months ago the love of my life walked away from me because she was a LESBIAN. I had no clues, no warning signs. She was related to someone I knew very well, they didn’t even really know about it. I figured after this and all my efforts in her, why not get over her and look for something new? I don’t really go to clubs or bars, so I thought I would try an online dating site. I joined plenty of fish… er I mean plenty of fucktards. I’ve been on the site for about three or four weeks now. I’ve actually talked to about eight girls on here. Three cute ones gave me their numbers but nothings really coming from it.

    First off, two of them are kinda far away, I’m not driving a two hour drive to meet some quick pick off the web. Second, the third girl who was damn gorgeous, she must think I’m a fucking idiot though. I found her on Facebook and she’s a bisexual bitch with a boyfriend. I’m not doing that bisexual crap anymore. Like some of you other men out here have stated, I’m not against gays. In fact I support gays. But after being used by a lesbian and learning how they really think, I think “bisexual” is just a word gay’s use to hide their true sexual preference.

    Besides the cute ones, I’ve had literally about twenty fat, ugly girls message me. Okay I honestly don’t mean to be insulting. My last girlfriend was far from a 10/10. She wore no make up, she hardly had any boobs, she smoked, but I liked her as a person. I’m not picky in looks but at the same time I’m not lowering my standard to some bent out of shape trailer trash. If you can’t maintain your body as 22 years old, what are you gonna look like twenty years from now? Seriously…

    Plenty of fish is dumb as fuck. I’m leaving it up just for shits sake if someone serious messages me, but I’m gonna give some other dating sites a shot. Probably teh same shit from what I read on here but it’s worth a try. I am a guy that always though there was real love out there. I know alot of people in my life who are in great relationships. Well I guess I will never have that. You know men are always discriminated against for being assholes. People that just want to go out and get laid and use woman. I think in today’s day and age things are quite the opposite….

    • Ed says:

      Oh I forgot to include in my last comment, you people if you actually go on the site will probably laugh at girls LIST OF STANDARDS on the bottoms of their profile!

      To contact blah blah blah you must meet the following criteria:
      – You must live within 75 miles (LMAO, yea okay I’ll fly a chopper to your house every visit)
      – You must not be looking for an intimate encounter (never mind your half naked cellphone pics though)
      – You cannot be fat or ugly (wow, you cruel bitch!)
      – You must be between the ages of 18 and 28 (lol nice age span)
      – You cannot be in a relationship (even though your a homesexual dating a woman at the moment)
      – Must not smoke (never mind that cigarette pack in your profile pic)
      – Must not do drugs (becuase its not like they aren’t on any when they write these ridiculous list of standards)

      Absolutely ridiculous, I hsould put that shit on my profile

      • cybury says:

        you have to know the translation for those criterion
        it reads as follows
        Must be a sexy tattooed sixpac sporting jailbird badboy between the age of 22 and 28 who is independantly wealthy but non materialstic and digs fat tattooed multi-pierced chicks who have 7 kids from six different deadbeat dads. oh and you must be a one woman non player type guy. lol

  378. A0 says:

    (This is a typical sexy female profile on Plenty Of Fish….)

    To contact mee, u must b 27 to 29 years old, u must b rich, u must have a car, u must b intelligent, (becus I’mma 27 yearr oldd retarrd whoo failled gradee 1 and stiill caan’t eveen speell) u alsoo must only live 10 minutes away from me or we R not talking evar! if you are younger than 27 years old or older than 29 years old then pass on by and leeave me alone! I’m haviing my fucking period! and I do NOT like perverts or stalkerrs! (me and my stupid air headed friend just decided to go Plenty Of Fish for a joke. We are reallly not looking for dating or anythang reelly… I justt want to make friends firstt. So I can chat with themm a tiny bit online and flake them and dump them online after,

    • Leon Jones says:

      AO, this is Leon, most of the women on these dating sites don’t have a man in mind, they are looking for a man that doesn’t exist. Also, they are looking for attention, I don’t care what they have between their legs or what they look like, don’t make a woman a priority if they make you an option period. Guys we can put this nonsense to rest if we are honest about ourselves. Love doesn’t come overnight, what we feel is lust; when that dissolves what do you have, another female you found and fucked but, you’re still looking for someone to love. Most women on dating sites don’t have a clue to what they want, first of all they don’t want to talk on the phone even if they give you their phone number. Dating sites are a way for females to hide who they really are. If you want to get to know a female, talk to her on the phone to see if she can put two sentences together, see where she resides; on the phone if you are conversing with her, if she is correcting her bad ass kids or talking to other people when she should be talking to you, Tell her in a polite way that I will talk with you later and never correspond with her again because she gave you the idea that you meant nothing to her. You’re time is precious; being number one in a paramour’s life is essential. Lastly, if you choose to get involved with a woman who can’t or won’t make you number one, it means you place a low value on yourself, your wishes, and your needs. To rationalize her inadequate, unsatisfying devotion to you with thoughts of accommodation, significance, relavance, and ranking. If she accords you with a low ranking, you’ll harbor feelings of resentment, and self-loathing, why hurt yourself that way. Most females on dating sites have no clue what a relationship is because they are busy living in a land of oz looking for prince charming to sweep them off their feet. As for the saying, “they aren’t any good men out there”, that’s another crutch but, women don’t know who they are and what they want so how are they going to know what the definition of a man is. The answer is they don’t because they are to busy on dating sites and other social network sites looking for attention.

      • lincoln says:

        All true. To be succinct, most women on POF don’t really online date. The mediocre or ugly ones might. The foxy ones probably already have a guy. They seek attention. Attractive girls most likely get hit on in really life regularly I’m thinking.Or do they? The fact that this site is free doesn’t help matters either. They don’t want to appear to be cheap.

      • A0 says:

        Indeed… pretty women on free dating sites are just looking for men who don’t even exist, if they are not just looking for attention. Pretty women and even half decent looking women don’t actually even online date on Plenty Of Fish or any other free dating site out there, it’s like women seem to have a hatred for free dating sites, They only scam date on money hungry dating sites where you have to pay to have an account and to send messages. I have been scam dated online many times by a bunch of online scam bitches on Face Book who only really wanted my money instead of my love. (I never even got a chance to meet any of them in person because they were all not real people, they were all really a bunch of stupid fake profiles who were all being controlled by who knows what) I was very young and stupid back then in those days to even have joined sites that demanded money from me. I joined this one dating site where I had to pay to make an account and send women messages and plenty of these fake money hungry hot scammer chicks would already be sending me messages before I even got a chance to upgrade my account and upload a picture of myself. (I was thinking…. no…. this is too good to be true) this would NEVER happen on a site like O.K Cupid or Plenty Of Fish. NEVER! this site must be fake, it must be a scam! and all the profiles that emailed me must all be FAKE! women in REAL online dating sites don’t even look at my profile and I’m actually really handsome. The only women on Plenty Of Fish who ever send me requests or messages are all the fat ugly ones. On O.K Cupid it’s even worse… women don’t talk at all. They are all mute. I’m just about at my wits end with online dating! every dating site I ever joined sucked! every woman I ever emailed or requested ingnored me. And I have been online dating for two years straight. Time for me to quit being such a nerd and date the old fashioned way. Time to head out to bars and clubs and meet REAL women that won’t get away from me or aviod me. Online dating on Plenty Of Fish actually makes me MISS the old real life trying to find a date. That’s how bad Plenty Of Fish and every other online dating site in the world is.

  379. A.0 says:

    You know what? you can create an account on a shitty dating site where you have to pay using a credit card just to able to email people and hot scam girls would send you emails everyday just to scam you on those fucking no good sites. No real girl actually responds to emails or sends emails. (Plenty Of Fish Proves It!) Only scams and fake girls who are not even real would send you emails and respond to emails. (It’s all about the money) women don’t care about love.

  380. Leon E. Jones Jr. says:

    Guys, this is Leon, please do yourselves a favor and try to meet women the old-fashioned way. If you’re looking to be number one in a relationship, dating
    sites aren’t the place. I had two experiences where I went out to hotels paid the bill of course she picked up the tab for the food but, she was always getting calls from here kids telling her to come home. I realize that things happen but, if they keep happening while your on dates, it’s not worth the hassle. If a female says she is family oriented run as fast as you can because she isn’t thinking of you, she is only thinking of herself because she will hide behind texts and emails. For this reason, don’t give a woman your email address, if she can’t talk to you as an adult then you have two options you can walk away or hit it and quit it. No dating site is worth the aggrevation. If you want to get of on something, go to the gym, tone up your muscles or go to school and educate yourself. Stay in the real world, at least you don’t have to worry about getting rejected on dating sites because you can do the rejecting.

  381. A0 says:

    On Plenty Of Fish.. if you write on your profile that you’re a gentleman who has high respect for women.

    Every woman on Plenty Of Fish will hide from you, ignore you and reject you as if you had “special needs” Nice guys for sure finish last. They finish last online as well.

  382. Seth says:

    Think about this for a second. Women on dating sites are just attention whores. If you go out on a date with a woman, she comes back home and has another 20 men that sent her a message. All women are doing is going out and using men to get themselves ahead. Its all because their are many more women on this site than men, so us men are forced to play by their rules. I’ve seen this before where in a college town their were 60% women and 40% men. Women were forced to play by men’s rules. Online dating is a waste of time and most super hot women that are online got serious mental problems.

    • HadEnoughToo says:

      No Seth, it’s the other way around. The reason that ugly trailor park trash on that site get away with carrying a picky/better-dealing bullshit is because of the dating disparity problem of there being 3 men for every woman.

      That develops a princess attitude. Uneducated fatties with three kids by different baby’s daddies come off with an entitlement attitude way more often than in the real world.

      Because in the real world you don’t have such a ratio problem. In short, POF is nothing but a sausage fest with subpar women with their laundry list mentalities.

  383. BrooklynGuy says:

    I knew plenty of fish was far from the best site, but after today, it is downright insane. Apparently it is perfectly okay to be pregnant and looking to actively date. Yeah that’s right fellas, the woman is currently two months pregnant! And yet she’s online looking for a good guy to date who understands her situation. I now understand why a female friend said she uses online dating for entertainment. Society is truly doomed.

    • MidwestMan says:

      I’ve followed this blog for a while and I agree with everything on it and have had pretty much the same experiences. I have gotten to the point over the past couple of months that I don’t even email anyone anymore on datings sites even though I haven’t deleted my profile yet.

      There was one girl that was kind of a “leftover” of girls I had talked to that gave me her # weeks ago that asked me to meet up. She didn’t have “full body” pics up, so I knew it more than likely would turn out bad. But I was curious.

      So I go to the bar and sit and drink and wait. She gets there, and she actually wasn’t fat, but her face was awful. Much older and different from her pics. She had thin chicken lips and a very hooked shaped nose with very short teeth. I decided I’d be mr. good guy again and at least talk to her and be respectful and make a friend (who knows, her body wasn’t bad, so maybe a friend with benefits??). We were both divorced, so we talked about our views on marriage. All I remember, is I started talking about how marriage can lose it’s passion when people have been together for a long time and that should be understood so that divorce can be avoided. This girl stands up, grabs her coat, and calls me an asshole and walks out. WTF?!?! She didn’t pay for her drinks. Left me with the bill and sitting there in disbelief wondering what it was that I said.

      I went ahead and paid the bill and called the girl to give her a piece of my mind. She actually answered her phone. I normally never do this, in fact, it’s the about the first time I’ve ever cussed a girl….but I called her an f’in bitch and how much of loser she was for walking out over nothing and sticking me with a bill. She actually sat there on the phone and listened to me cuss her. LOL. I then hung up as soon as she started talking. What a complete bitch.

      I’ve just been coming to terms that most good attractive girls are taken. Leftovers are the ones that go onto the internet like POF. Either they are horribly unnattractive, psycho crazy with issues and hateful attitudes, or if they are hot looking they are only looking for high status. Honestly, women are like Christmas toys. All the hot items fly off the shelves, and if you aren’t there early in life (high school or college) to get that hot toy, then you are stuck with the leftover toys on the shelves that are either returned, broken, or crappy toys that nobody wants. And then the only way to get that hot toy, is to have mega $ to pay your way outside of the toy store to get one handed to you. Or maybe later on in life, you’ll come across what was once a hot toy, but has already been played with for years and tossed into a dumpster.

      • MidwestMan says:

        Oh, and to top it off…..I forgot this part about the girl I met. When she came in and sat down at the bar, we were talking about our families. She was telling me how her sister was with a “douche bag” guy that she personally didn’t like and needed to get rid of.

        I said, “Why is he a douche-bag???” This dumb girl told me that her sister’s boyfriend didn’t have good social skills and that he works at a job in IT and lets her live at his place while he pays for all her bills and gives her a free place to live because she has no job and cannot find one. And he lets her drive his car.


        I said, “So this guy is a douche-bag because he takes care of your sister, especially being that she is unemployed, gives her a free place to stay, pays her bills, but just so happens to not be the best “socializer”???” WTF!?!? I said, “Sounds like a great guy!!!” This dumb girl sat there and shook her head when I said that. I then said again, “Sounds like a good guy to me!!”.

        This is how stupid women are today. And this female I met came off of POF of course. In her world, the “douche bag” is a nice guy that is a little shy that respects women and takes care of his unemployed girlfriend by giving her a roof over her head and paying bills to help her get back onto her feet with getting a job. Apparently, the “good guy” in her world, is the ugly looking jerk that has kids by other women that has no morals and would cheat on is wife at the drop of a hat.

        After hearing that, I just remember sitting there at the bar (2 days away from Christmas which is suppose to be a great holiday) taking a drink of my Jack Daniels and thinking about how backwards things have become these days. What’s good is bad, and what’s bad is good in a dumb white female’s world. It’s unbelievable and I have had absolutey no desire whatsoever in even emailing anyone anymore on dating sites. Once in a while if I log into POF, I will see a few profiles of women that seem like someone I would want talk to. But now, I have a voice inside my head that will say, “Why bother. She will either ignore your email, or if you so happen to get luck to meet her, she’ll either reject you or she’ll turn out to be psycho crazy”. I can’t even bring myself anymore to raising my two hands to the keyboard to waste a minute in my life emailing a dumb worthless POF female.

      • mike says:

        The week before Christmas I had a POF meet. We had emailed and talked on the phone for two months, everything seemed perfect.
        I was confident enough to spend the extra money and take her to dinner instead of coffee. Everything went great until dinner was almost over and I mentioned in the course of the conversation that I had at one time dated a Russian woman. She blew up and stormed out leaving me with the tab, of course.
        Either she was extremely biggoted or she was just looking to end it and get a free meal. I have no idea why I keep putting myself thru this. It is totally senseless. If it were someone else doing it I’d say they were insane

      • Leon Jones says:

        This girl you met sounds like a little girl, I’ve run into that so many times. The problem is, most of these woman don’t know the definition of what a good man is. The answer is, these females are women, they’re actually little girls who have no concept of dating. Most of these females get their advice from vogue magazine, reality shows, dellusinal feminism, daytime talk, the b s education system, looser friends and relatives(who are mostly women), and political correctness. They will use any type of excuse to get out of the date because they have nothing to offer a man. Most of the women on dating sites have emotional issues, relationship issues, and family issues etc. They don’t know how to hold a coherent conversation. They want equality only when it involves receiving. They never ask a man out, they can’t cook, they can’t think for themselves, and they are not independent. I live in Pennsylvania, most of these women lack common sense, live at home with family or have their grown kids living with them, they have very little education, they smoke, have a bunch of tattoos, run their mouths all of the time without being rational, and they are filled with entitlement even if they are unattractive, of course they are dishonest, if a person doesn’t look like their picture and you’re suspicious, ask her if she has a webcam, if she declines, you have your answer. As men, we need to stop feeding into the egos of a woman. My advice, don’t listen to that b s about them wanting to be equal and independent because these females on this site hide behind the computer because of desperate men. Guys there is no shortage of women. If you’re going to find a good woman, you must know who you are and what you want. Relationships can be risky but, if you take the time to observe her behavior when issues such as money, divorce, kids, politics, equality, relationship ranking, etc are being discussed, she will let you know who she really is when you get a reaction from her. Many of her reactions will be the childish adjectives such as sexist, selfish, the list goes on and on. That’s the proof that these women are little girls. My advice is don’t take many of them seriously on free dating sites because you will always be an option for them instead of a priority.

  384. A0 says:

    I just wish I was born in a different generation where women were more tolerant of gentlemen. This world would be a much better place if modern women never even exsisted. This world would be a much better place if every girl from Plenty Of Fish never exsisted. Now… I’d never do anything to harm a girl, infact I always looked down at that kind of behavior… But these bitches from Plenty Of Fish deserve some real good “verbal abuse”

    • JDP says:

      I give these kunts verbal abuse ALL the time online. Ask them about their age range ideal, income and education demands, etc. About how unequal their demnds seem, while spouting euality, independence, etc. Leon knows very well, what he is talking about, as do I.
      Here is a real example of a woman/child profile. 3 months ago, when she joined POF. She was 48yrs old, uneducated, laid off at Chase bank, moved to Tucson and living with her brother. She is also 5′ 5″ and over 200lbs. And had several full body pictures up.
      Yet she went on to write about, how she usually “dates” (ie fucks) younger men. And is requiring men 30-50yrs old. She said she MAY go over 50, but he HAS to NOT look his age! He HAS to also be educated, own his own home and have a good job?
      This demanding, unequal and entitled cow. Was obviously NOT getting the young cock attention she was craving, by having that HONEST (but unequal) profile up.

      She is now claiming to be 38yrs old, Bachelors degree and employed. She also has plagerized some lame ass song, to post on her profile. She has only 1 photo up, a head shot only.and has a “prefer not to say body type.”
      She talks about men rejecting her, when they find out she is “curvy.” And that ok she says, “because I don’t want to date a “hater” anyway!” And, “I have so much love to give!”
      Well wait a minute. Is this the same girl that was “hating” on guys over 2yrs older than her? Wasn’t SHE being a “hater” to guys that look over 50? Do guys over 2yrs older than HER, not have ALOT of love to give, as SHE does?

      Bottomline is obvious. This COW has serious mental and emotional issues. She has some serious self esteem issues. And is looking to get fucked by hot young guys, for an ego boost. Yet ultimately self abusing. When she gets pumped and dumped, EVERYTIME! This is VERY common behaviour, with women online.
      She is at a point AND age in her life. When her pussy is NO longer enough, to get what she wants or believe she deserves/ is entitled to. So she has to LIE about her age, hide her body type and lie about her education. Just to show she has “some kind of value.” In the hopes that some man, ANY man. Will give her attention and her definition of “love.”
      Is it any wonder this woman is divorced and probably more than once? This is NOT new behaviour. This is a life long pattern of lies, deception, manipulation, etc. ALL women do it and sleep like babies at night. Because they are able to compartmentalize and justify in their minds.
      This woman has spent her life. Searching for and opening herself to men. Based on their physical “hotness” to her. Rather than focusing on the contents, she seeks the wrapper. That is why she has SO many failed relationships and will continue to fail!
      NO relationship can stand on physical alone! We, as common sense, rational, ADULT men know this. Yet these independent, equality seeking, female CHILDREN online. Will NEVER wake up!

      • A0 says:

        On Plentyoffish I actually never viewed female profiles that were any older than 35 year olds. But I guess even older women on Plentyoffish are just a big a children as the picky female dogs in their 30’s, 20’s and teens. But it’s so amusing when these 40 and 50 year old ugly cows complain when no one a decade younger than them ever sends them any messages or meet me requests, when I had a 20 year old friend who used to always send 30 year old women messages on Plentyoffish and always got rejected by all of them every single time, and he was actually very decent looking for a guy too. I think it’s once women pass the age of 36. That’s the time when they finally start to lose all their good looks and then they finally start getting a little less picky about men. But only a little bit less picky… when women are still at the age where they are still good looking enough to fuck, that’s the time they have to act all demanding and picky about everything and everyone. But once these picky snobby bitches age out and turn all wrinkled fat and ugly they start to know how it feels like to be us. But even then still continue to not know their own league.

    • JDP says:

      By the way. Her profile user ID is now, LonelyNTucson. The mean spirited “stalker” she mentions, is ME. I’m a mean spirited “stalker.” Because when I saw her profile lies, I CALLED her on it!
      I guess when someone gets caught LYING. It must be polotically incorrect, to call them a LIAR? Have a look guys and enjoy a good laugh!

      • JDP says:

        OK, here is the latest update on this completely mental woman/child. Her NEW user ID is Dearpofusers.
        In her 1st profile rendition. She was divorced, 48yrs old, 5′ 5″ curvy body type, associates degree, unemployed, living with her brother and kids over 18. And was looking “long term” with guys 30-50.
        In her 2nd profile attempt. She was 38yrs old and looking for dating. Had no age range ideal, was now 5′ 4″ Bachelors degree and a job. A prefer not to say body type andonly 2 head shots posted.
        She is now again, 48yrs old, somehow 5′ 3″ and has NO kids? Still has her pretend Bachelors degree and job. But is NOW looking for an “intimate encounter?”
        Says she is tired of games and lies, etc. Is wanting one guy to be at her beck and call, to fuck her. But HE has to provide the place.(cuz she lives with her brother)

        She is SO completely mental! She is constantly updating and changing her profile. Venting about all the guys contacting her and then rejecting her, etc.
        Check out this batshit COW at “Dearpofusers.” Tell her how sorry you are. That apparently the over 18 kids she had at one time. Have now seem to have disappeared or died?

        I have seen ALOT of stupid, lying, demanding, entitled, etc. Profiles in my time online. But this one is WAY over the top!

  385. TTRWJ says:

    I would just like to say that I bookmarked this page and that this is such a good read (quite literally speaking, it was the exact same things I thought/would think to say about POF). Had my account for about a month and sent nothing but kind and non-stalkeresque comments to accounts which you would swear were fake because you got nothing…I got a couple of profile views back, but at least if you’re not interested, be at least a little bit of a human being and say SOMETHING. I was on POF more because I have a lot of guy friends but only about one or two female friends and would like to be able to HANG OUT or CHILL (not engage in sex in any way)…If they even had the courtesy to check my profile, it specifically says in multiple ways that I was only looking for friends…ah well.

    • Leon Jones says:

      TTRWL this is Leon, nobody reads profiles, I’ve had countless disagreements with females regarding my honesty/what I was looking for. Most of the individuals are not mature adults. A responsible adult would go to the next profile; instead they want to see how much drama that can drum up. Also, many people on pof and other dating sites aren’t on these sites looking for love, friends, etc; instead they want attention/entertainment. I have read many profiles from females; they all had the Marilyn Monroe quote; many of these ladies would say how assertive, strong, and independent they are; however, when you had a conversation with them, they didn’t even know the definitions of those adjectives I mentioned; many men were looking for hookups. My suggestion regarding these sites is look in the real world. The world of friend finding has been a dissapointment for most of us, that’s why we found this site to vent our frustrations with the online dating phenomenon.

  386. Amanda says:

    You hit the nail on the head with this one darling. I dated a guy from this site who lied about everything. I joined it again later after we split up. My ex contacted me on there leaving me a nasty message and I replied. Later I was not able to log into my account. I created a new one and asked Markus what I had done wrong, so I didn’t do it again….in the middle of a message to a user, I got kicked out and deleted yet again. I live in a small town and I really want to meet someone great. Its hard, but maybe Plenty Of Fish isn’t the site for me. Most of the guys on there say they want long term, but they only want to talk about sex or end up being creepers. And the girls use face shots and when you meet them end up being a lot larger than you think. Don’t be fooled by this site or the people on it.

    • JDP says:

      Sorry Amanda, but once POF “tags” you as a problem. They will delete you everytime they see your familiar photo, user name, e-mail, etc.
      Leon has always been dead on, with his assesment of dating websites in general. And as far as TTRWJ comments are concerned. It’s not Facebook or MySpace, it’s a dating website.
      I don’t care that they have a “friend” option on POF. Everyone assumes, you’re wanting to “start as friends.” And after meeting and hanging out a few times. Will want to eventually, get the pipes cleaned one night.
      And i hope TTRWJ is’nt like all the other “friend” profiles I have read. That require a photo, NON smoking, NON married, age range ideal, NO activity partners, etc.
      As my opinion of these types of profiles. Having specific age demands, smoking preferences, attractive photo, etc. Only go to show and prove. That you’re wanting MORE than just “friends.” When you require VERY specific demands for just a “friendship.”

  387. Andy says:

    I have tried, OKCupid, and POF. They all suck. All sites I would suggest avoiding if you don’t want to waste your time. OK Cupid I decided one should avoid for sure like 2 years ago. OKCupid has the highest number of women or girls who have children. POF has the highest number of divorced women and fat women by a landslide. And has the pickiest and highest number of women with ultra high standards to the point where they will never be persistent enough to find the right guy. It’s like they weed out the guys right away, hence why you find so many of them with their profiles up for like 2 years.

    The other thing that women are too blind to realize on POF is they aren’t finding the right guys for them because they either don’t do a good job taking care of themselves, they lie about who they are, try to be someone they aren’t, post pics of them from 4 or 5 years ago when they don’t look like that at all in person today, or their profiles are so nutty as if they think they are a princess and deserve the best looking wealthy rich guy who probably wouldn’t even give them a 2nd look if they saw them in public.

    And that’s my point. Women on POF are leftover from all the good women that good guys want in real life. I have been on POF for 2 years and have given up several times because from experience and talking to older people who actually get what dating is, I realized that you will just never find quality women on POF. I have had some of the ugliest , nastiest, trashiest, uneducated, morally oblivious, stupid women message me on that site. And it seemed like whenever I messaged them back they would assume I’m interested automatically or that we’re “dating” already.

    • decklyn says:

      man thats exactly what i call pof plent of leftovers it’s true it is the leftover waste of all the good women

  388. John says:

    POF is a dud beyond belief. Its reduced to nothing more than a hang out bar for all types of women who’s egos grow with every new email they receive. Its imposible to get a response. Its either very glamorous attractive women (what are they doing on POF?) or fat, ugly washed up hoes. Any woman with class quickly realises what POF is all about and gets outta there quick smart! Don’t people realise what a joke the site is when they see the same profiles on there week after week, month after month, year after year? I come back now n then to browse the profiles as you dont have to be a member to do so but the picture becomes clear when its the same women on there year After year. They either cant meet anyone, are only there to feed their egos, meet men but keep their profiles alive just in case, or are simply on there for fun. The fact its almost impossible to get a response regardless of your profile is the real problem though. Are women really that disinterested in meeting men? If so why are they on there? What are they waiting for? Do yourself a favour and give plenty of fish the boot it deserves. Western women have become so arrogant and feministic too. Forigein women are so much better and unlike western women havent forgoten how to be female.

    • midwestman says:

      I’m in that position now where I’m trying to find other ways outside of the internet to meet women because all of the dating sites, including POF, have actually become worse than ever before. I’m too old for clubs/bars, and my friends are married with children.

      There are fewer profiles than ever for women on POF in my city, and a lot of the profiles have been on there for years anyhow. And I think the guy to girl ratio has gotten even worse. Believe it or not, although she is trashy, there is one girl on POF that I actually became friends with and we talked on the phone and she was pretty cool and legit to talk to with a funny personality. She told me she averages 15-20 emails per day, and if she logs in, there will be at least 5-6 more new emails by the time she logs out. She said, if she doesn’t log in all week, there will be over 100 emails in her inbox. She hid her profile because of it, and she isn’t even that hot.

      What it boils down to, is although the population is suppose to be 50/50 male-to-female ratio most girls want the “serendipity” moment of meeting a guy or prefer to meet a guy that’s part of her surroundings (friends, work, by accident at a social gathering, etc.,). and just don’t want to meet a guy that came off the internet. It isn’t romantic or “serendipity” for them. So what that leaves are a very very small number of females in each city that are leftovers, and are willing to bypass the “serendipity” fantasy of meeting a guy in life and will go through the internet because they either exhausted their available supply of men in the real world or simply cannot attract a man in the real world.

      In other words, when it comes to internet dating, the ratio of guys to girls will ALWAYS be obscene. This will never change and that situation will allow low-life females to enjoy a playground of an endless supply of dates. Internet dating has been around for like about 12 years or longer, and it’s a failed experiment. Again, the only thing internet dating has done is provide an avenue for less-than-desirable women to have an endless supply of dates…..where historically (before internet era), these same types of females would have maybe gotten one date every 2 years. I remember back in the 1990s, my sister’s friend that was 28 years old and not bad looking, hadn’t had a guy ask her out in 2 years. Today, if she were on the internet, she would have had 2 dates per day. Women on the internet do no appreciate guys and will only view you as an “option”. That’s what you get reduced to as a guy on the internet, an “option”.

  389. Greg Robinson says:

    I completely agree that POF is a horrible site and a complete waste of time. Ive had some pretty bad experiences on there. Im a black man and i can honestly say that the site is a bit biased……hell even most of the black girls on that site dont like black guys. On top of being rejected almost all the time after sending hundreds of messages I saw this picture of a girl wearing a shirt that said “I like fried chick and watermelon too !!!” Now I can take a joke but the fact that this girl was trailer trash and even said in her profile that she doesn’t date black guys really pissed me off. So not only was she totally rude and offensive wearing that t-shirt but she had the gall to say she wasn’t into black men. Dont get me wrong everyone has there preference in men or women but there’s no need to be a complete racist about it. Signing up to POF was indeed a total waste of time seeing that all it did was piss me off.

  390. Jimmy says:

    One of the main problems is that many women join pof and sites like it with honorable intentions but if they are anything to look at at all they quickly become unindated with a flood of emails from desperate and pathetic and creepy men. To prove my theory ive created several profiles using a hot girls picture, I say very little in the profile and make her sound like a real shallow simpleton. She quickly realises she needs to make absolutely no effort to gain the attention of hundreds of men and this breeds the entitled princess syndrome. Its no coincidence the most attractive girls become the most entitled, demanding princesses. Even the ugly, fatter ones are now developing this mindset as sites like pof cater to all but the most hideous of women. The numbers game is another factor. If you’re a decent man then you have no chance of standing out from the thousands of lesser men that simplistic, child like and damaged women are usually attracted to. Pof is a bad dating site, it attracts shallow and damaged women who in turn attract predatory and damaged men. If you’re not these things you’ll very quickly find you’re out of your depth at pof and feel very sorry for yourself but don’t, the site and the ppl its made for are the problem, not decent people who should never wste their time with internet dating to begin with.

  391. cybury says:

    her last line in that email sums it all up…”Whatever your loss”
    that just speaks attitude and ego. what makes her so sure that we are loosing out on anything? what was it that she had to offer that made her better than all the rest? and did she put these attributes in her profile so that men would not “lose out”? naw once again its the delusional “I am female so I am great” attitude of self entitlement.

  392. Name says:

    I’ve recieved several “meet me”… to this day, only one really drew my attention. So the ratio of users I want to meet to those I don’t is 1/100… I’m being sarcastic… I have no idea what it really is, & counting isn’t something I don’t care to do. On the other hand, it’s free! So, what’s there to be upset about? POF has no bearing on my life. I have tried a “paid” site… it was no different. I really like meeting people in person… so, I have no expectations for POF… being let down isn’t something I feel, and rejection is jus part of it. So… enjoy the ride…

    • manpower says:

      Whether it be POF or Match or online anything, getting a lousy date with just an average looking female is like playing Lotto or playing slot machines. Every email you send, is just a pull of the slot machine handle where the machine never pays off.

      Plain and simple, there are just too many guys on dating sites in ratio to females. If you are lucky enough to get a response and even a “meeting”, more often than not I have always felt like I was walking on eggshells through each stage of communcation.

      It just doesn’t work. That’s why if you do get to meet anyone, women will even get up and walk away very quickly on any date if you happen to say something they don’t agree with. Traditionally, back when people met face to face before internet existed, women gave men more of chance because they didn’t want to wait around 6 more months or longer in hopes of meeting a good guy. With internet, they feel very comfortable rejecting perfectly good guys for sport because they already have another date lined up for tomorrow and for any night they want for the next 10 years if they want. It’s completely pointless anymore.

      Anyhow, I scored a small victory for myself today when I texted a girl that gave me her number over a week ago. She’s the one that contacted me first on POF, and then ignored my reply (typical). Why email someone, and then ignore their reply? Then she emailed me 2 weeks later with her phone number. She didnt’ give me the area code of the number. So I guessed the # area code and texted her. (I actually got it right). She didn’t respond to my text of course. So I email her about the area code, and so she emailed me her full # without saying “sorry” or texting me back. So I texted her again…..and no response of course. So a few hours later, I just went ahead and texted her saying “I’ll pass, you aren’t worth my time”. Then I got an immediate response!! I just flat told her that I’m sick and tired of females always acting like they are too busy and wasting men’s time. I told her to take a hike. She got so angry and started texting me calling me a psycho and creep….always the typical female response. Everything is so typical with them. I’m just so sick and tired of average looking women acting like they are just waaay too good for ya.

      I have half the mind to put down “doctor” $150,000 + on my profile, then go meet a girl and then get up and walk away during the middle of the date. And when they ask why I’m leaving, I’ll tell them that they aren’t acting “confident” enough which indicates to me that they aren’t “alpha females” because I’m looking for a “bad girl” to treat me like crap. Let them know how it feels for someone to completely waste their time with an irrational excuse.

  393. paulrhall says:

    good morning friends no calls no e-mails seems pof forgot one of their employee”s of fakes sneaks 1932 rickie1963 of pof made threats on ringman1000 and i still have e-mai now pof blocked me for no reason because of fakes and fraud i”m going to governmet agentcies with my facts mark brooks is a crook and no friend of mine ringman1000 paulrhall may end up on date line oh and i e- mailed this to pof this morning let”s see if i get reply

  394. Leon Jones says:

    Fellows do yourselves a favor and stay off dating sites period. If you’re going to look for a woman, try to do it the old fashioned way. All dating sites do for women is build their ego. My experience is women on dating sites are not good communicators, they don’t have any concept what a relationship is and they are self-centered and dellusional beyond repair, they don’t want to take responsibility when they are wrong even when you have evidence against them. They give you phone numbers to call them but, they text most of the time. Lastly their standards are very unrealistic but, if we had standards like these females, they would call us names and label us as bigots. That’s what happens when you put political correctness, socialism, communism, and men not having the guts to challenge women. Fellows if you decide to use the dating site make sure you have standards. Another thing to point out a lot of these women on dating sites are unemployed, underemployed, uneducated, undereducated, living with roomates, children, and parents, they put all of their priorities in family, kids, pets, work but, they have no time for a relationship. If you feel a woman is keeping you down, go to the next one. Don’t waste your time feeling sorry for her and paying her way. Equality comes at a cost of sacrifice and women still don’t know what it is to be strong and independent, they only thing they have is a lot of mouth with no action to back up what they say.

  395. paulrhall says:

    ok,friends seems attorney general hasn”t gotten enough complaints to act can you believe it!!!so direct your complaints to federal trade commision at or call 1-877-382-4357 tell them ringman1000 sent you if this site will print this???more you complain more will get done!!!!paul r hall

  396. Craig says:

    Had to laugh today when I saw a profile from a woman the size of Alaska, you couldnt make it up!!!

    “one final thing, without being a total cow I have to point out that everyone has their likes and dislikes turn ons and turn off’s, granted my build and size is not everyone’s cup of tea… HOWEVER that doesn’t mean I’m fair game for overweight guys either! I’m not attracted to large men sorry! so please don’t message me!”

    So let me get this straight? She doesn’t like overweight guys even though she is overweight herself? She is disgusted by fat men with rolls of fat and stretch marks, but she expects any normal man to tolerate what she wouldnt? why would a normal guy want to date a fatty?
    Only on the internet could she have the nerve to say that. Imagine in the real world if she went up to slim guys she would get laughed at, yet on the net she can make such ludicrous demands and the sad thing is men probably do message her

    If not for the net she would have to date someone as fat and disgusting as herself.

  397. Misogynist says:

    Its unreal how many woman have gay friends these days, I don’t agree with it and that’s my prerogative but soon as you mention this to a woman they go crazy and accuse you of being homophobic and narrow minded. Avoid woman with gay friends, too much drama 24/7.. these guys ringing the women up at 4am for some drama crisis.

    I find its virtually impossible to find woman who don’t have gay friends online or the real world. I guess they feel safe around them but to be honest I want no part of the lifestyle

  398. Axel says:

    I dont know where to start

    1)the women who state they want to date but only casual yet seeking dream man?

    2) the ones who use fakes headlines. genuine/honest loving and funny then delete you if you arent Brad Pitt. That is the biggest insult on the site taking you for a mug

    3) The where are all the nice guys headline or I’m close to giving up….you message and no reply

    4)the no cheats and liars headline. Why would you put that? IF you are a cheat or a liar you really gonna think I’ll pass, no you’ll think another easy mark advertising how simple she is

    5) The sheer arrogance of the women. All thinking they are Gods gift to the world when in fact they are just average at best

    6)My friends and family are amazing comment

    7)play hard work harder comment

    8)you reply to women and thank them for ignoring you and they reply you’re welcome…how stuck up are they?

    9)none of them can differentiate between their and there or you’re and your. Spelling is truly awful.

    10) I was chatting to one woman she said she was talking to 9 other guys, I said I wasn’t interested then, she said No I’m not talking to them all at once!!! as if that makes a difference!!

    11)The Marilyn Monroe quote they all use

    12)Why do plain women a)think Mr tall dark and handsome would be on this site and b) would be interested in their plain ass anyway. Just sheer deluded women.

    13) Wanting a funny man but when you send a funny message they don’t get it.

    14) My friends made me do it…..Really?

    15)The teachers on here who in their spare team love going on safari and white water rafting and tending to wild sheep in Argentina..yeah right.

    16)women without a photo who wont let you message them unless you have a photo

    17)the women saying tired of pervs , this with her main photo in her bra

    18)The word nice and lovely meaning nothing. They are just words and mean on POF nothing. Sorry they do mean something they mean must be like Tom Cruise but taller but the woman dare not put that

    19)txt talk how r u. Maybe okay if you’re 15 but doing it at 32?

    20)The pure ignorant shallow pigs on here

    plenty more but just wanted to get it off my chest. Full of ugly (inside and out) dogs who are playing games.

  399. vcooper1 says:

    All of these are so true! I have been on this site and Match and even though I’m considered very good looking, in shape, hit on a lot in the real world and “checked out”, I’m not in their list of criteria. I’m 6′ tall but not 6’3 (so they can wear high heels as they are 5’9). I’m not white, I’m multiracial with the complexion of The Rock. Even he would have trouble on these sites and we are even the same age! I’m 40 even though I look 30 so they would nix me because of that too. Best to stick to the real world. I’ve had a girlfriend for a number of years and recently ended that relationship but won’t go on that crap. I’ll see what life has out there when I’m ready to jump into the dating pool again.

  400. Mr J says:

    Guys, you have to pull up the blinds to see these sites for what they really are. women get to paint pictures, you guys need to start painting pictures as well. they all say they have things they like, want, even need. talk with em and paint them that picture.. if you talk to any of them that is. just saying, once you paint that picture you are free to roam and do as you please. cause guess what, they are doing the same.

    i recently opened my profile back up to see what would happen with my idea.. two girls later, i think its working pretty well. things you have to consider is one, they are just lying about .. well about anything they tell you. they will probably go back on their word and change them constantly and if you ever see one clutching their phone at all times – well you probably have somebody who is playing the sidelines.

    had sex with both girls numerous times because i knew they didnt really care about me. i mean, the nice guy route wasnt getting me anywhere and it sure the fuck wasnt getting me any play. throw your morals away and get ready to bag and tag boys. sure, i felt bad at first til i told myself to go ahead and prove it to myself.

    phones dont lie guys, so consider that. like another guy up top said, you minus well just look in the real world for a woman. even so, real world women can be just as bad. just saying, after looking at the phone i never felt bad again. nothing like have sex with a girl one day and having another girl polish her cum off your dick the next.

    one more thing, after i trashed em they both had guys in days if not hours! that is just their mentality, they think they are hot shit and they themselves have no morals so dont even feel like you are fucking up their lives or something. be safe!

  401. Frank says:

    Bob on. And many women’s profiles are a complete contradiction. For example, they pose sexily in risque positions, often semi-clad, and then bemoan the fact that guys comment on their private parts (though I have not done this myself) and claim that they do not want guys contacting them looking for intimate encounters, despite being half-naked in one, or even sometimes, the majority of their pictures – because clearly, judging from the pictures, they are not looking for an intimate encounter themselves.

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