The Future of Dating?

There was a time, however brief, when online dating actually worked. In those halcyon days, there was a good chance you could actually get a date, and even meet someone worth getting to know. Alas, no more, and PoF is solid proof.

Before online dating came in, women had to be realistic, and couldn’t afford to be too picky, else they ran the risk of going dateless. Today, online dating makes a vast range of choices available to women, and they can filter out men who don’t meet certain very narrow criteria. That is, they can filter in the top 5% of men – rich, good-looking, and tall, and ditch the rest. In addition, they can ignore or block men who respond to their profile, if they’re not up to snuff. As a result, a lot of perfectly good guys are getting shut out. It doesn’t help that the vast numbers of women on PoF doing the shutting out are of low-quality – thug lovers, tattooed from here to kingdom come, serial daters, substance abusers, single mothers looking for a meal ticket for themselves and their kids, fatties, and psychotics who wouldn’t even begin to interest the top-notch guys.

Hey ladies, this is your dating future!

The situation isn’t any better on pay sites. Women who pay a fee for use of a dating site are even more demanding, and they often see the fees they pay as an investment in landing a top-drawer guy. And sometimes they will pay just to get some attention from men if they’re really hard up.

It should come as no surprise that low-quality women can be found on pay sites, too. And because they are generally unwilling to accept imperfect men, men who join up hoping to meet a woman end up spending a lot of cash to get essentially nothing in return. This is one reason why pay dating sites are often fraudulent. Because the few real women who are using such sites generally skip over the average guys, (and the operators of pay dating sites know they do this,) fake profiles are used to entice men to sign up, and at the same time give them the false impression they might actually get something for their money. Sadly, this kind of fraud is hard to prove, and the legal systems in most Western countries are loath to address it.

You might be forgiven for thinking that dating in the real world is better. It isn’t. Consider for a moment the fact that women who join PoF and other online dating sites can also be found in the real world, along with all their negative behaviors. Indeed, many men find that their success rate in the real world is just as poor as it is on PoF or elsewhere. Unless, of course, they’re good-looking, or have got ‘game’.  To paraphrase Amy Alkon, The Advice Goddess, if you go looking for women in grocery stores, you’d better have a game that’s good enough to charm a woman even while you’re bending over a corpse at a funeral. What ever happened to the days when you could simply just be yourself and succeed with women?

Sifting through the hundreds of comments that have popped up here on Plentyoffish Sucks! several things become crystal clear. The first thing, obviously, is that online dating sucks – and it doesn’t work for men. The second is that men are getting fed up with women and the increasingly rotten treatment they get from them. Oh sure, there are alternatives – escorts, porn, onanism, celibacy, hook-ups, and PUA. But none of these are realistically sustainable. And if you’re thinking about getting into random hook-ups, you’d better have game, and you’d better be good-looking. As for Pick Up Artist (PUA) techniques, they’re just a sophisticated form of begging for sex that puts women in the driver’s seat.

Since none of the alternatives are workable in the long run, what’s next? Here’s what’s next. Men are increasingly noticing how poor their odds of success are in trying to get a date. They’re going to jettison online and traditional dating.  They’re going to turn their energies to other pursuits, or go overseas to places where women still like men. Eventually, what will follow from all this is that women, either offline or online, won’t be able to get any dates. And as I mentioned in an earlier post, “What the Hell is Wrong with Women Today?”, they’ll be relegated to living with their 999 cats or having lesbian affairs. Even if they do learn to smarten up, (and they seem to be congenitally incapable of doing so), it’ll be too late. The good news is that the fraudulent online dating sites are going to dry up in droves. The bad news is that the rare, few good women that might be out there are going to suffer terribly for their sisters’ perfidy.

It’s a piss-poor state of affairs, no doubt about it. The only people who are likely rejoicing over it are the NWO and the zero population growth freaks, who by now must be dancing with glee.


49 Responses to The Future of Dating?

  1. johnnymilfquest says:

    Good post. Especially the first and last paragraphs. So true.

    Although this blog is called “POF sucks”, I actually think that the paid dating sites are WORSE now due to the outright fraud and shady marketing practices that are rife in the industry.

    I think that there is actually a “perfect storm” of social conditions right now that are keep the sexes apart in some cases or keeping them in miserable relationships in others.

    1. Marriage 2.0

    Even guys like Athol Kay or Keoni Galt who are in stable happy marriages will warn you of the dangers of getting married under the current legal arrangements in the west.

    Marriage rates are declining rapidly in both western Europe and north America. Although the average guy isn’t thinking consciously thinking in terms of a “marriage strike”.

    2. Feminism and declining male status.

    Hypergamy is as much of a reality now as it has always been, but at least in the past a woman’s desire for a man of higher status than herself was much easier to satisfy.

    3. Obesity epidemic.

    Both men and women are both getting less fuckable all the time.

    4. Horrible economy

    What would sex and dating look like in a Mad Max collapse-of-civilisation scenario?

    Isn’t that the direction we are headed in right now?

    Tattooed muscular thugs uber alles?

    • Lincoln says:

      I agree with much of what you say.
      I was having many dates until about two years ago since the economy has taken a nose dive.
      And boy, this really has affected it. There are many depressed people out there even though I am doing alright.

      Americans are big, period. I have seen so many women with cute faces but with a body that would make Fat Albert cringe. Many men are fat too.
      Online dating is a tremendous ego boost for women while men are constanlty swimming up stream. Women receive so much mail. I am lucky if I get one a day or every week. I am decent looking and tall.
      Feminism. There is a trend of misandry from
      television and radio shows and commercials.
      In the media we experience that women know
      it all and men are simply moronic dogs.
      Doctors are now saying that some of the inks in tattoos may cause cancer.So maybe we’ll see fewer tattoos in the future. God I hope so.

  2. chester says:

    I can attest to that. Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way about marriage. In a nutshell, true marriage doesn’t exist anymore. If you get “married”, it’s suppose to be a legal contract that you sign that should require agreement from both parties if it is to be terminated. Not so anymore. The reality is, your marriage belongs to everyone else of whom can terminate YOUR marriage whether you like it or not. Your “wife” can go file for a no-fault divorce at any time for no reason at all. The lawyers will poke into your background to find out how much money you have so they can strike a deal with your spouse if they find out you have a lot of money or own a successful business. Women typically have friends, female relatives, and therapists that will weigh in on your marriage and will give their recommendation on whether your wife should divorce you or not.

    Fortunately for me, I didn’t have any kids with the bitch and she was already make decent $ with her affirmative action for white females job. So I didn’t lose much other than a few years of my life that I could have been out fooling around and having real fun.

    Which led me to online dating only to find out that the ratio of guys to girls is obscene. Most of the women on there are the types that only seem to want to cause trouble with men. They are sociopathic in the sense that they have no problem with you flipping the entire bill for an evening, but yet have no intention on ever seeing you again. They have no problem giving their # to you and then ignoring you when you try to contact them. They have no problem canceling out on a meeting/date at the very last second as you are driving down to meet them. They act as if when it comes to honoring commitments or keeping their word about something, that it only applies to their stupid female friends and it’s perfectly ok to lie to a man or jerk him around. And if the man doesn’t like that he was lied to or stood up on a date, then the female will then tell the man that the problem is with him and that he has anger management issues for not being nice about being played with. And then you will be labeled a “creep”.

    So then when the girl you were talking to goes to tell her female friends that you were frustrated with her ignoring you or canceling your date, her friends will say, “Oooh…..he’s creepy”.

    And what is up with the “creepy” thing anyhow!??! If you so much as glance at girl in public, or send a text or an email that they didn’t quite like…..then you are “creepy”.

    But like the poster above says, men are really catching onto this and are fed up. It’s obvious that there is an agenda put forth by the “powers that be” to rewire women’s brains through social engineering to ruin marriage and family. But of course, explain that to a female and they will either call you a bigot or tell you to go put your tin foil hat back on. But it looks like more men are catching on and hopefully women as a whole will get burned by their own stupidity soon one day and end up old, single, childless and downright bitter once they realize how stupid they were when they were younger to treat men the way they did.

    And then…….one day if I happen to come across a poor old lady that is in a state of despair over her wasted life…….I’ll pat her on the back and say, “Are you looking for companionship?”. And after she nods her head yes, I’ll then say………..”OOOOOOHHHH……you’re CREEPY!”

    • Dave says:

      Chester makes a good point about marriage. A marriage certificate isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. A couple vows to God in the presence of a minister (if you’re religious) to stick together until death do you part. Even though you take those vows to God, all it takes is for one person to change their mind, then some clown in a black robe slams down a gavel and pronounces you divorced. This happened to me. I had a wife that I adored and would have went to the ends of the earth for, but she told me one day out of the blue that she wanted a divorce (I later found out she had been cheating on me for quite some time). She did this three weeks after my father died and the judge wound up giving her half of everything my dad left me, including his $80,000 life insurance policy. She originally told me she didn’t want anything from me, but her bitch friends convinced her that she was entitled to half of everything and that I was an evil monster, so of course she did what they told her to do. I desperately wanted to stay married, but thanks to that idiotic no-fault divorce, I couldn’t even counter-sue for adultery.

      • Sal says:

        Chester WOW my story is the same as yours almost identical to yours play by play. I also adored my wife I mean I was in love with this woman and would do and did anything to make sure she was happy. I returned to Ohio after my father passed and 3 weeks after my now ex wife had filed for divored and had me served at work,I was in total shock didnt even see it coming.
        I so much wanted to stay married like you my ex told me that she didnt want anything from me but boy did that change she turned into mega BITCH its like someone flipped a switch all these people told her she should go for whatever she could so she did and set out to destroy me she stuped so low as to make me homeless which she has done and th court doesnt care. I was very good to this woman I even raised her son from a prior marriage. she really hurt me on so man levels and I dont mean just the money or house.
        She took me for over $300,000.00 then I find that she was involved with someone else, the court is making me support her to boot. This is bull !!

        Now about POF the site sucks ! I feel that most of the women on this site are players and think their crap doesnt smell, most of them are stuck up and set to many demands (maybe in a fairy tail) they do not have the common sense to reply to your email even if they are not interested. Most of the women on POF are not beauty queens and have many issues .. I am no Brad Pitt on the other hand I am not ugly and I am honest. All you hear from the women on POF is how bad the guys are on here well I am here to say its not just the men but women as well.

  3. Leon Jones says:

    Today’s women are very delusional, they don’t know how to make a decision unless it comes to their friends, family, and kids. As a man, I don’t worry about them calling me creepy because it is they who have the problem. As men we need to have standards and tell a woman how we really feel. If they call me names such as sexist or bigot, that’s because they can’t defend their positions. As a man, if a woman expects to get treated like a person then offer something besides your body.

  4. Dave says:

    I can’t believe how right on the mark everyone is on this site. I’m still on POF (I’m a glutton for punishment, I suppose) and I can’t believe how many profile pictures I see of women with what I call “tit tats”, you know, those ugly-ass tattoos that women get right over their breasts. Some of them even have pics showing off the damn things, like they’re proud to be all tatted up like an incarcerated gang member. Also, you just gotta have a Harley or you don’t have a freaking chance!

    Anyway, it’s funny that Chester mentioned a woman giving out a phone number, then not answering your calls, because it just happened to me. I’ve been talking with a woman who, quite honestly, is not really attractive, but at least she responded to me. She has been messaging me every day and gave me her phone number. I called her last night and got no answer and haven’t gotten a message from her all day today. Go figure.

    To address the situation of whether men will stop dating women, well, I’m about to give up. In the past, I’ve been almost obsessed with trying to find a date because the loneliness has been nearly unbearable. However, I wonder if it’s worth the effort anymore. Yeah, a guy’s gotta have some sexual release, but I’m starting to believe it would be easier, less expensive, and softer on my ego to just drive to the nearest city, get a motel room, and call up an escort service every now and then. At least those ladies will ACT like they’re interested in you after you pay them.

    • Lincoln says:

      I am in the same lame boat. I guess the answer is to work on yourself. Develop a talent or work out at the gym. Whatever else brings you joy since you really can’t count on someone else. I am sure doing a lot more surfing these days. Now I really enjoy the beach. The economy has influenced my dire dating life. I was very busy in that department before the economy got worse. People are depressed. In all fairness to
      women, I think people including both men and women don’t give a shit. Everybody is too
      busy it seems to make arrangements to meet
      somewhere or to commit to anything. Now I am
      very heterosexual, though I tried to make
      plans once with a dude since I thought we
      were friends. Just to go out and have a few
      beers and a laugh you see. He looked at me like I
      was from planet Mars. People don’t socialize as much as they used to I guess. I’ll eventually meet a woman outside the U.S. Probably the Phillipines.

  5. Solo says:

    I agree that dating blows ass and most of this post is on point, however learning game is essential. I just read something about Dave saying he dated a Grenade of POF for 8 months paid for her while she was unemployed and he never got laid! This to me is unacceptable. You don’t have to be an asshole or jerk but learning how to be indifferent being able to spot a women who is a timewaster or a golddigger or a women isn’t gonna put out, are more then helpful. You don’t have to aspire to be a “PUA”, but knowing the basics of women psychology well save you tons of time and frustration

  6. dannyb says:

    Do yourselves a favor guys. If you meet a woman in real life and she tells you she’s been on or is on Plenty of Fish or any online dating site….Either A) Hit it and quit it…Or B) Head for the hills as fast as you can. There is NO woman worth taking seriously on ANY onine dating site. Trust me. I know of three women personally who I know in real life who I’ve seen and joked with on Plenty of Fish. And though attractive I know full well what they were about…Money, status, Attention seeking, drama queens, and complete relationship disasters. (I’ve known people who have dated them in real life.) Run Forrest! Ruuuun!!

    • Paul says:

      If a women has some obsession with the internet as a whole (facebook, twitter, dating sites etc) then you should be very cautious, especially as a lot of women do browse around looking for someone better than their current boyfriend (usually financial related)

      Both of my sisters are in happy long term relationships and they barely use the internet, their friends however are internet mad and will actually rush home from work to go check facebook and plentyofcrap. Its pretty sad how women have destroyed the art of dating in favour of getting their virtual ego boost drug fix.

      Conclusion, If a women uses the internet a lot. Like Danny said. Run for the hills as she will no doubt shit on you.

      • DP says:

        I live in NYC and I’ll tell you this, the men here make it hard for the women to find relationships. Does that make the women more realistic? HELL NO! God are they ever stuck up snobby bitches.

        I know one woman who constantly complains that she has absolutely no opportunity with men in this city. This chick has been going on an on about if for well over 5 years. However whenever she finds someone who is willing to date her for more than a week, she picks the dude apart. Yeah, its always a list about why this guy is inferior to her and why she needs someone better. To this date, she is still single.

        Most of my female colleagues are the same. They’re snotty, back-stabbing bitches who would just assumed bite your head off as say hello. I don’t even bother interacting with them anymore. The less we talk, the better.

        Oh god then there is online dating here. What a freaking nightmare. My roomate did it for months. Each date he had, he came home pissed off. It was like slamming his head against a brick wall for months. After all that, he met a girl who, well has a few extra pounds. Far from a model, but she treated him like a human being at least. It was like eating a Ritz cracker after eating dog crap for months – must have tasted like heaven in comparison.

        So that leaves bars to meet chicks in. The problem being that when these chicks aren’t twittering or facebooking, they are fucking drinking themselves into a blackout. I dated 2 women here and they both turned out to be alcoholics. The drinking just got worse and worse. Now my family is wondering if there is something wrong with me because I’m attracting alcoholic women. Well unfortunately that is the pond I’m fishing in. I didn’t fill the pond with booze before I started.

        So I’m at my wits end here. I don’t see anything ever coming out of this god forsaken city. The more I look at it, the better expat-ing looks.

  7. Lincoln says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t care about the future of dating. It’s amazing to think that there was a time in So. California during the early seventies and late sixties when there was free love. We live in such an androgynous and effeminate politically correct society now where everything is supposedly equal whereby celebrating the differences of the two genders is greatly frowned upon. Mix that in with materialism, poor economies,and narcissism and you have an incredibly dull society, lacking individuality, expression, character, and love. When I was in my teens, I used to be happy seeing a good looking girl walking my way. Now, not so much, and quite often I get ignored if I say hello to them. Shit, I am just saying hello and that doesn’t mean I want to fuck you immediately if at all. And now, since there is supposed to be one gender, women feel they don’t need a man. Without traditional families, you often have poor
    communities. Experiencing the way many women are now
    might make one resent his mother or sister.I just do the things that I enjoy,and if the right one comes along, great. But I am not going to hold my breath here, and soon I’ll be looking somewhere outside the U.S.

  8. Jim says:

    Lets understand clearly, women have no practical or common sense reasoning. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Men have responsibilities and women have options!
    Meaning that a man will step up to his responsibilities and most women, will expect a man to take care of it! The entire emphasis is that women are giving you sex. So that entitles them to demand.
    Sorry, but they are quickly losing their value in that department. And the competetion is pretty fierce! The women outnumber us 3-1, we are the hot commodity. Keep yourself educated, debt free, in shape and happy. And then they will be dying to snag you.
    Make sure that you have your unflinching demands as well. Tell them you are not going to settle for less than you deserve.

  9. Leon E. Jones Jr. says:

    You hit the nail on the head, the minute men start demanding something from women you will see how strong they really are. If you educate yourself regarding women, you’ll find that you will not have to kiss their ass or spend lots of money on them to get laid. Women these days are hypocrites, they won’t do anything unless they benefit that why I call females confused little girls who occupy female adult bodies. Another point that I make, females think that we are the only ones who want sex but, they want it as much as we do but, they down play it remember, they are the ones who are buying the vibrators and using hand showers. Also, remember, women on dating sites aren’t looking for love their profiles are all smoke screens because they want to be seen as respectful but, if you ask them what they can offer you, you won’t get an answer because they live in the world of entitlement. Most females believe that we should be happy to have them. I am going to play the feminist man for a second. When a man is independent we don’t need women because we have to own up to our responsibilities; however, when a woman says shes independent, she has no clue of what that means because they aren’t taught responsibility as a man don’t make it easy for them.

    • Jim says:

      Confused little girls is a very accurate description. It’s the instant gratification of a chold, that they all seem to seek.
      Have a look at womens profiles. Maybe 80-85% or more, ALL mention the MOST important thing as, “chemistry.”
      Do they even know what “chemistry” actually is? No, to them chemistry is visual. 6ft plus tall, 6 pack abs, certain hair and eye color, skin color, etc.
      Thats the shallow and simple mind at work. The practical mind knows, chemistry is fleeting. You can have the “passion, fire, hunger,” etc. With just about anyone reasonably attractive and NEW. But even with the hottest guy or girl on the planet. That newness fades in a few months or years.
      What happens when he farts in bed. Has bad breath in the morning. When she has to use the bathroom, after he takes a dump and it reeks? The everyday, mundane, routine of LIFE can get in the way of “chemistry” also. Sure, it’s still there, just takes a backseat when daily chores are prioritized. And don’t even get me started on, if you and kids to it.
      To these girl/women, they want that heat and passion. To their very simple minds, that equals “in love.” When the passion cool, and it ALWAYS will, no matter WHO you are with. Thats when they “fall out of love.”
      Has any woman ever said to you or have you heard it said by a woman, to another? “I love you, but I’m not IN LOVE with you.” Thats women code speak for, “I care about you, but don’t want to fuck you anymore.” And she is trying to let you down easy.
      Oh she may still bang you from time to time. But her MAIN focus. Is going out and finding some new and exciting dick. To rekindle the passion, so to speak.

      Again gentlemen, this is the immature mind at work. Not realistic about sex, passion or “chemistry.” Not realistic about relationships, think everything is a romance novel, etc.
      Thats why SO many women are online forever! They want the FUN and PASSION of dating. But not the WORK of a relationship. So when the chemistry cools. Just fire up the old profile and start the cycle all over AGAIN.

  10. Transister_Radio says:

    I think a LOT of guys are noticing just how bad things have gotten in the U.S and the U.K, which explains the new phenomenon where guys are buying expensive plane tickets to go to other countries so they can actually find a woman.It’s not just one or two guys doing this. You have SEVERAL guys doing this at this moment of time. It may not be a mainstream thing, but when you have a number of men wanting to get the hell out of the country in order to meet a woman, you know something has gone horribly wrong.

    The majority of the women want to be treated in a good way. Yet, a good majority of them tend to go for the “bad boy” who treats them like shit.
    After the “bad boy” has finished treating them like shit, who do they take it out on ? The “nice guys”. Hell, in most cases, a “nice guy” who did nothing wrong usually becomes the victim of some girl who wants to take her frustrations out on men.

    I think something is horribly wrong there.

    Women complain that they want to be treated equally in all areas of our society. But rather than date the “nice guys” who would treat them well, they date the “bad boys”… the very guys who would be more than happy with taking all their rights away. Something is wrong here.

    While a few good women are still around, they are typically taken by a guy who was lucky enough to run into her. Meanwhile, 90% of us are stuck with the women who would rather date a “bad boy” or would just drive us insane if we were to go into a relationship with them.

    Even the divorce rate is out of whack. It’s about 50% at this point in the U.S.
    Those are NOT good odds (especially if you factor in the alimony and child support payments a guy might have to pay if one was to get divorced. alimony alone is EXPENSIVE).

    Overall, a LOT of guys are noticing what is going on and are getting pissed off. There is a current trend of guys buying expensive plane tickets just to meet a girl in another country. This is going to increase if the current dating scene continues in the U.S and U.K (and even Canada and Australia).

    Women want to be treated like equals ? Then they need to STOP dating the “bad boys” who would actually want their rights taken away.
    Meanwhile, all the “good guys” are getting wiser to what is going on and are getting ready to “abandon ship”.

    The majority of women need to change their ways and stop rewarding bad boy behavior.

    As for the men who can’t find anyone and are stuck in their present location, here is hoping they are lucky enough to run into some of the very FEW good women that exist in the U.S and U.K at this moment.

    There are a FEW good women out there, but when it comes to meeting them, it’s a matter of luck. Here’s hoping most of those poor guys who can’t find anyone are lucky.
    Sadly, most of them will be stuck with all the idiot women who prefer the “bad boys” because they think they are more fun (when in reality, they are fooling themselves big time since eventually they always get screwed over by the bad boy).

  11. QuantockWarrior says:

    There is a lot of sense being spoken on here – particularly where marriage is concerned. The concept of life long marriage is being eroded. I live in the south of England (UK) so my thoughts do not reflect the United States – however, much the same will be happening there too. The institution of marriage is linked to Christianity, and since the Christian foundations of Britain are being dismantled then so is morality, commitment and national stability.

    Those on the political Left (generally it is the Left, though not exclusively so) have sought to undermine marriage to further their own egalitarian goals. D.H. Lawrence once referred to marriage as ‘man’s small kingdom within the big kingdom of the state’. The married family is crucial to a stable and free society, because it is the independent forum in which children can be brought up and knowledge passed from one generation to the next without the interference of the state. As a consequence, those who have wished to empower the state have always despised the married family, because it is a power base against the power of the state.

    So, as marriage has been destroyed, we have increasingly found ourselves in a situation where men simply do not wish to get married because they will be punished severely if a woman departs from the contract. As someone rightly pointed out above, it only takes one side of the marriage to break the contract these days – and the state will often step in with the full force of the law and its social services to break up that marriage even if one side wishes the marriage to continue.

    Meanwhile, the feminist movement has been radicalised since the 1960s. Modern feminism is very different to say the suffrage movement asking for equal votes. As a consequence, society has been feminised and men emasculated, and the dating and relationship has been significantly altered.

    There are decent women out there. It’s unfair to say all women are stupid or unreasonable because we all know that is not the case. However, there are an awful lot of women on dating sites such as POF who are incredibly useless. I, like another commenter above noted, am a glutton for punishment and I’m still on POF. I do get a few messages here and there, but generally speaking most are ignored. I find it interesting just how so many women chose to simply ignore and delete messages. You would have thought there would at least be a few out there who would reply to messages saying, ‘sorry but no thanks’ – but I haven’t come across any like that. I find that most women, even if they talk to you, are obviously biding their time and waiting for something better to come along.

    • Bruce says:

      Adding on Canada. We’ve become Americanized or Westernized, whichever term you wish to use.

      Not a dbag? Good luck keeping a girl’s attention (even if you don’t want for more than the night).

  12. chester says:

    Bravo!! Bravo!! Absolutely and completely 100% true. Especially what you said in the first couple paragraphs about the institution of marriage being crucial for a free society and preservation of knowledge to pass from one generation to the next.

    The destruction of marriage is a “culture of death”. People don’t realize it, but to gain power over a society as the oligarchs are doing and have always seeked to do, they know that destroying marriage and family is one of the main keys. And destroying Christianity is a tactic for doing so along with turning women into the useless egotistical crap that they’ve become today. POF reflects the damage that has been done and is absolute proof. You are seeing women that have been literally wired to serve as a instrument to demoralizing society and mankind. Yes, there are still good ones around, but more and more and more are becoming an enemy to man and freedom. They really are.

  13. Misogynist says:

    I remember when I signed up and saw all the profile headlines. Wow I thought I am no male model but should get a women here. They all wanted a good man, a genuine man, someone funny, loving, the most popular headline was a good hearted man (whatever that is) so I sent emails out and couldn’t work out why no replies, how could they know if I am genuine and honest without getting to know me? Then after a short while it dawned on me, its all lies, the headlines might as well not be there. They are all lying bitches, what they all mean is “I want a male model” and it doesn’t matter how genuine and funny you are, if you don’t look like one these lying skanks will ignore you despite their looking for someone special bullshit. Picking people on looks is doomed to failure as eventually people need to talk and they’ll realise they majority of people who are good looking are thick, very few people are good looking and clever, you normally get one attribute or the other.

    I also think the younger generation in the last 5 years ages 18-28 are basically thick. They are the Feminist Facebook LOL generation, the ones who sit watching reality TV, I have messaged some of them (I am 30) and they are brain dead. They put their blackberry messenger number on their profile and spend their life on social networking sites, when you tell them you don’t have Facebook they act shocked as if you’re weird. You try and talk to them and their idea of a proper chat is via MSN, you get their number and they just want to text all the time and if you call and want a REAL chat they ignore you as they aren’t socially intelligent enough to converse if its not in their virtual comfort zone of the internet. WE really have a generation of brain deads, I read in 1986 only 25% got a 2;2 at Uni, now its 67% that says it all and 2;2 is not a good grade. Everything is dumbed down. We live in a society where success is being on a reality TV show. The amount of the woman under 30 on this site have no idea how to socially interact face to face. Have dated a few and you have to do all the talking as they are so fucking dumb are unable to talk. These women are only good for sex as a relationship is impossible as they bring zero to a relationship and don’t even start me off on their spelling. When you cant even spell the area you live correctly you know you are dealing with a thick bitch. They have been brought up to expect the Mr Darcy character to be waiting for them and they wont settle for less not realising the media has brainwashed them and he doesn’t exist.

    The profiles are so generic is laughable, I don’t know if they believe they are being unique or whether they don’t care but they all contain
    -my friends and family are amazing
    -I work hard but play harder
    -I love travelling
    which is all bullshit and tells you nothing.
    People also think they are clever using the Marilyn Monroe quite “if you cant handle me at my worst you don’t deserver me at my best” not knowing loads of people are using the same crap

    I would love to know the ratio of men to women on this site, near the end I started messaging fat women who wouldn’t get a look in the real world only to get ignored (when you email them an insult its amazing how fast they reply then) the ones who at 4am in a bar would still be on their own. The online frenzy has been great for these heffers. Getting messages from so many men seems to morph them into some sort of online goddess in which losing track of reality they start developing an attitude. Add that to the number of plain women who have no personality and I was amazed at the audacity of these women to ignore someone like me. The internet has saved these women from a life of loneliness. In the real world they wouldn’t get a second look but with tons of men emailing them they even they develop princess syndrome and get cocky. They can go fuck, the ugly plain thick skank hoes.

    In the end I decided I would sooner be on my own, I could never understand why men would pay for sex, now I can see why, why go through the hassle of dating the loons and fuck ups when you can pay to bang a broad. The site is nasty and women nastier, I just wish I had found this site a while ago.
    Finally I`ll end my rant with some humour, the women on here are so dumb that I lost count of the number of profiles in which they had a provocative picture of them in their bra with their tits hanging out. Then in their profile they would complain they are sick of men emailing them for only one thing. Without any sense of irony at all, They are so fucking dumb they don’t realise why men are sending them such messages

    • swamp zombie says:

      dude, you hit this so right on it scares me.

    • Jacques says:

      You are my hero!

      While I totally agree with every word that you said there is also a sad reality that is settling in is that the phenomenon that you just so well and genuinely articulated is also manifesting itself in the real world.

  14. donthephone says:

    anyone listen to Beyonce “who run the world” song ?? It is obvious what the media has been trying to do for so long. I think they have succeeded.

  15. Cap285 says:

    This decades topic: Why are women dating bad boys?
    Next decades topic: Why are men dating foreign women?

  16. Leon Jones says:

    You nailed it Xc0de, many women can’t hold a coherent conversation. They act like children when they don’t get what they want and they are always quick to blame someone else instead of looking at themselves. Most women on plentyoffish are looking for fun and attention; as a man, you will never be a priority in a woman’s life; instead you will be an option.

  17. charlie says:

    I agree, women may have upper hand on dating sites, but eventually they have to be seen in public. Then the playing field is level. Market for people works same as any other commodity. When supply meets demand, market is in equilibrium. Average women don’t end-up with above average men because they met on dating site. POF is not changing the laws of physics. It’s just delays the inevitable. Going on a date is like judgement day to women. They know they will be heavily scrutinized. This is why they play games.

    Now I just play games too on POF. No sense taking it seriously anymore.

    • Erik says:

      That’s very insightful. Online, the women enjoy a virtual power, yes. But this only maintains a golden delusion that they’ll make their hypergamous fantasy-match. In reality they never connect with Prince Charming, and their time and value continues to slip away …But the delusion anesthetizes this reality.

      We men, on the other hand, have no such anesthesia—so we’re forced to get real and forge solutions.

      Those who are content on POF are akin to terminal patients on a heavy morphine drip: passively smiling, but no future.

  18. Steel says:

    I apologize in advance for this cross-post. This is something I just have to get off my chest and tell all my bros out there who are having a hard time in the dating world. I was in your position once, a guy who pined away for some time for a woman I could call my best friend, confidant, lover and perhaps soul mate.

    Well, I eventually woke up to the nonsense that women are the be all and end all of everything and got a life, which I am quite happy with. Yes, I am a POF “veteran”, but quit the site some time ago.

    These last couple days on my Facebook account, I was just puttering around, not really doing anything special. You know that “where are they now” thought you get every now and again about people you used to know? Well, that thought crossed my mind. I found a few old friends of mine, which was cool. Then I searched on a few women I used to date out of sheer curiousity, wondering where life had taken them and what they may be like now.

    Let me tell you, guys, if you are single, as I am, COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!!!!!!! Sure, it would have been nice to find the woman I described earlier, but my eyes were opened when I saw what I could have been stuck with. YIKES!!!! Years later, these chick look like flipping whales! It makes my skin crawl to think I could have been stuck with one of those bovines for life! YUCK!!!!!! These chicks were so big Jenny Craig would run and hide! I’ve kept myself in good shape and continued to grow as a person, but thankfully not grow outwards……..I am still partly in shock, which I probably shouldn’t be, and partly indescribably thankful I ended up single. Seeing what I could have ended up with, I am thanking the Dieties I’m not the poor sap waking up every morning next to a pile of goo, or going home to some chick who, if she ever went swimming in the ocean, some sailor might try to harpoon.

    Keep your heads up, guys. When you see “what might have been” you may just find yourself grateful some POF wanna-be princess didn’t hook you! I can’t imagine what it would cost to feed those oinks, let alone throwing in alimony and/or child support.

  19. Price says:

    Good analogy about them only enjoying virtual power.

    the fact that POF advertised on Facebook tells you all you need to know about the class of people who are on there. Update my status, like this, tell the freaking world I am eating a tuna sandwich. Social networks sure have a lot to answer for. LOL LMFAO, ROFLMAO LOL, all the dumb women who use it. LOL all the time at everything LOL. Speak fucking English you dumb bitches

    POF is a joke, all the men on here are spot on.
    what I want to know is what the fuck is a “good hearted man”? That’s what most profiles want, or a genuine good hearted man, so I email them and give it a while and when they haven’t reply I thank them for the ignore at which point you see their true colours and send an abusive email back. Don’t fucking lie to me, you don’t want a genuine decent guy you want some uber hot dude who has a 6 pack. Oh I want a nice guy who wont treat me bad; fuck off you lying whores

    Loads of average women on the site which you might forgive if they had any ounce of personality but they don’t/ My friends and family mean the world to me, I enjoy having fun and other generic b.s which tells me nothing about them. I would say majority of women on the site are 5/10 but they think they are 9/10. After a while I regained by dignity and thought fuck it I am not being ignored by 5/10 women; go to hell. You;re plain and have the personality of an otter and you ignore me?????

    Too many women are immersed by the celeb/facebook/Blackberry culture and it shows. “Add me on facebook or bbm” is a common profile line.

    Have to laugh at the women who are tired of being hurt/cheated on and lied to and make it clear they don’t want the same again. Why would you put that? As if some player will read that and think okay I wont play this one……………

    Lots of women on here have just come out of a long term r`ship they claim and they want another one right away?. Yeah that will work wont it?
    and what’s with the I want friends. Go to join Friends re-united then for Gods sake.

    I eventually got pissed off and set up a fake profile with a fake guy who loved travelling, Well wouldn’t you know that I got deluged by women. I took great pleasure in telling them all I only date attractive women, that felt good, it was funny as you could tell some of them were shocked to be told that, but as the fake picture was so hot they couldn’t say anything back except thanks good luck,

    Women of today are a waste of space, materialistic and shallow, oh and dumb. Last decade the decline has been spectacular, linked directly to the rise of the internet and reality tv. Its not going to get better, if anything its going to get worse.

    I always remember the quip; I cant wait till I’m rich I’ll be able to get myself a good looking woman, not such a joke now

    p.s add me on BBM or facebook LOL

    • Dave says:

      Very good points, all of them. I have a special hatred for the “friends only” thing. If you are looking for friends, then why in the name of all that is holy, are you on a fucking DATING website??? It just boggles my mind. You want a friend? Go buy a dog!!! You also gotta love the ones that post the pics of them with their boobs about to explode out of the top of their low-cut shirts and then bitch about guys commenting on their boobs. You’re also spot-on with the generic profiles. “My kids are my world, I love my friends, etc” and also what the fuck is it with all the women who love camping, fishing, hiking, mudding, four-wheeling, and all that other shit? That sounds like a redneck guy’s profile, for God’s sake! Where are the women who like to put on high heels, nice dresses, and go to the theatre or museums or something more cultural and ladylike than riding on the back of a goddamn Harley?

      • plentyofweirdos says:

        Yeah what has happened to the women that like to put on high heels, nice dresses etc…? seriously out of the six women i’ve met from various dating sites over the last two years only two made a real effort on a first date with me and even though it didn’t work out i still have respect for these two women cause they made an effort.
        The other ones couldn’t be arsed so i couldn’t be arsed with them, i like a woman to make an effort not a huge effort but at least try why are they so lazy nowadays? we make all the effort initial contact with them online, arranging a date if we get to that stage now infact we can’t even get a reply nowadays nevermind a date?
        But if were lucky you would at least expect them to make some sort of effort? to me if a woman doesn’t make an effort on a first date shes not interested or has other ideas a hidden agenda or something.
        At the moment i’m only on one website okstupid used to be on pof my last straw was when i met a headshot photo and when i saw the rest of her she was as wide as the atlantic ocean.
        And to my shame i hadn’t had any sex for a while and i slept with her after that i regretted what i had done and deleted my pof profile.
        Its just as hard in the real world trying to find a woman but at least you get to see what they looklike first.
        pof sucks and so does the other dating sites.

      • JDP says:

        The funniest thing about the “friends only” mantra, that I also see quite often. Is that most of them have e-mail settings, that BLOCK people seeking “friends?”
        If I see a “friends” profile. I ask the following questions. If your only seeking “friends,” why do they have to be ONLY male “friends?”

        Why do they have to be 3yrs older, BUT 15yrs younger than YOU? If he is your “friend” and turns 4yrs older next month. Does he lose his “friend” status, when he does?

        Why do you block married? If your only wanting “friends,” can married people NOT be your “friend?” If he is single and a friend for 10yrs. Does he lose his “friend” status, if he falls in love and gets married?

        Why do you need a “friend” to have a picture posted and NOT smoke? Why do you care what a “friend” looks like or if he smokes? Just as long as they don’t smoke around you.

        Why do you block e-mails from those seeking “hang out” and “activity partners?” Is that NOT what “friends” do, hang out and do mutually enjoyable activities?

        I have yet to get an answer from dozens of “friend” seekers. Other than the standard, fuck off asshole! Apparently asking common sense, rational questions. Is too much for the disturbed mind to comprehend.

  20. cybury says:

    “what I want to know is what the fuck is a “good hearted man”? ”

    easy…. a good hearted man is a young sexy athletic wealthy muscular tattooed man who likes plain unattractive indigent fat baby mommas with seven kids from 6 different fathers and who are covered in cheesy tattoo’s.

  21. Sean says:

    Geez man, am I glad to discover these comments. I’ve been using match for a few months now, and I was starting to wonder if I was way uglier than I thought or something. I mean I’ve had women compliment me in person enough times that I thought I was at least in the upper echelons of the “average guy” category. Like some others have posted here, I’ve actually started sending messages to girls who were fairly unattractive, but at least had somewhat standout profiles, and even most of them don’t respond, and if they do the exchange fizzles out rather quickly.

    I’ve also noticed that that 90% of the profiles are pretty much the same. “My friends would describe me as…” and “Traveling is my main passion” and “I love to hike and camp and blah blah blah/other manly things.” Also these chicks seem to have the highest standards possible. They all want guys with overflowing fountains of ambition, money and success. They’re average – below average women who want stellar guys. I realize now that the reason they’re on dating sites to begin with is because of their high standards, and the fact that they haven’t been able to find a guy in the real world who meets those standards.

    Once my current subscription comes to an end I’m going to cancel my account and go back to trying to meet someone decent in the real world. Fuck online dating.

  22. misogynist says:

    What these women don’t mention on their profiles is they are all freaking ignorant
    some skank put “I am too nice” in her profile and then of course she didn’t reply to my message- yeah sure you are nice
    shoot them a message back and say thanks for ignoring me and they hate it

    when I look at the women who have looked at my profile and ignored me I laugh.

  23. Sam says:

    Good post.

    Anyone here still think the middle eastern cultures are backwords ? Think again.

    Both women and men are happy with the arraingements in these “cauvanistic” cultures.

    I could go into more details, but I will let

    Interested parties do their own homework

  24. JDP says:

    Western society and culture. Is crumbling geometrically, as we speak. I’ve seen all the washed up, cougar wannabes on POF.

    The “some college” princesses, that can’t spell CAT. Have no job, car, etc.

    The single Moms, who’s longest relationship lasted 3yrs. Yet has 3 boys and are pregnant with number 4 kid. And are already online and looking for a “long term” thing? AND put YES to wanting MORE?
    When did having multiple, half breed, illegitimate children, become cool, chic and wise? Creating nothing but a burden on society. Drawing welfare, food stamps, Access health insurance, etc.

    Have seen women well over 40 and even some over 50. With kids grown, all over 18. And “undecided/open, to having MORE?

    I still go online at POF, with a fake profile. Just to see and read, all the train wreck profiles. I weep for the future of our society, culture and country.

    Do these batshit insane, mentally unstable and emotionally damaged “women.” Truly believe they are even fuckable, let alone dateable or relationship material?

  25. Greg says:

    Its no better in New Zealand dudes, sure some men get lucky on sites, in reality its a very small percentage that score. Women think its all about the chemistry, men just need them to say yes, its a numbers game if your prepared to put a lot of effort in it.
    A option is the Ukraine, odds there are way much better =8 women to 1 man, or phillipines.
    Many of the relationships I see dont impress me that much,
    Hollywood has a lot to answer for as well. Dont expect things to get better, women will be gettting a lot worse and blaming men for not being good enough for them, i note the eligible line has been dropped in lifestyle dating stories.
    Some of the online women claimed that all the good men were married, yet in nearly the same breath moaned about being sick of said married men hitting on them, its really astounding what they spout. I just laugh at them now, and more so when they get burnt by a bad boy, they expect sympathy from us?
    Thankfully I’m quiet glad not to be noticed, its saved me a lot of drama and grief.
    Another line they use is that we are women haters if we stand up to them, laughs even more.

  26. Mike says:

    Most pics on POF are fakes or pics with no body shots. Women want your money not love. Feminism claims they want equal rights yet they expect men to pay for the dates. No woman is worth it. These bitches need to understand you want equality you’ll get it. Personally I have never used any dating sites for meet women. I just forget women all altogether. I rather ride my mountain bike or workout and drink some beer.
    Do we really need the headaches these women give us? Let the bitches die lonely.

    • JDP says:

      Have to agree withyou 100% Mike. Lets face a few facts. What do men need women for really? Answer, procreation and recreational sex. Ohter than those 2 things, we don’t want or need them.
      Once we get our nut, we want nothing to do with them. Would rather they or we leave. When we are not horny, we hangout with guy friends. Why? Because we understand our gender. Men have a sense of justice, order, fair play and have practical minds.
      If we didn’t have a raging hard on in our pants? There would be a bounty on a bitches head!

    • JDP says:

      We don’t need women to cook, clean, do laundry or anything else for us. We are modern men and VERY self sufficient. And MOST “modern” women, bitch and complain about doing the cleaning or laundry. And VERY few anymore, know how to or want to cook.
      How many profiles online, have you seen? Women posting tatted skank profiles. Have 2-3 kids, from 2-3 different dicks. And the headline says, “love a tall man who cooks!” “Bonus points, if you can cook.”
      Little or NO education. Unemployed or LOW wage job. Many illegitimate kids. Lazy, unmotivated, entitled, demanding, etc. So if they don’t cook, clean, have a viable ncome, etc. What the fuck are they bringing to the relationship table? Yep, you guessed it, their mouth, tits and ASS! BIG DEAL!

    • lincoln says:

      There is not much point in thinking about it.If a girl tries to seek me out,then alright, I’m game. Chasing after vagina is a waste of time, usually. Many American women are fat and out of shape. If I really need a girl, then I might have to fly over seas.I would like chick who is a little younger and softer than the middle aged girls who are seeking me here. I am not really content on living without women,but I do know that there are other things that are far worse.Hell, if you’re alive and breathing, that’s almost good enough.

  27. Aldo says:

    I saw tons of exaggerations in all comments
    Dating sites works very fine for good looking guys who are 8 or more in the looks scale…it can work fine also for sevens
    also it works ver fine for the average/ugly women who otherwise they will never have the chance to met them
    but the average and ugly men will be ignored and pissed off by most of women..
    that’s because they outnumber women by 3/1 and all are desperate
    The behavior of the men is so needy,they are always saying nice thing to women compliments ,being boring etc etc
    Then women online start to think they have a high value
    for example a chuby who is a 4 after a cup of online sesions and males sucking her pants thinks she is a 8
    That’s the big problem….men being so needy and being so nice to all the women
    another problem is that some men are so stubborn…they insist and insist and insist….even after the woman sent them evident signals of no interest
    So if you are man, it doesn’t matter if you are ugly or handsome
    STOP being so nice to women
    STOP saying thing like you are beautiful,you are cool,you have nice tits ( do not compliment on looks )
    STOP being needy and desperate
    STOP making fake male profiles…use only 1 profile and be honest….do not cheat the photos or hide something about you in the photos>otherwise your 1st date will be a disaster
    STOP proposing a date in the first day you chat with a woman
    STOP proposing an expensive dinner to a women you don’t know nothing about
    STOP proposing direct sex… (works only with desperate big whales 250 lbs or more)
    STOP insisting with women will show no interest
    STOP chasing women out of your league (example you are a 5 and you try to pickup a girl who is a 6 +…..she will reject you)
    if you feel the girl is too much for you….DON’T LOST YOUR TIME you will be rejected/ignored

    comments etc to

  28. Alvin Toffler coined the term “overchoice;” when he wrote “Future Shock” YEARS ago.

    The ability to flip through profiles on POF has made it impossible for anyone to really “know” another person – it’s just too easy to move on to the next picture and soundbite.

    I use to meet women at clubs and so on – I did “okay”, but there simply are no clubs for people these days – it’s all online.

    After enough junk, I searched “Plenty of Fish” on Google and found a LOT of males had the same experiences: average looking women with attitude, older women seeking younger men, women I’d never look twice at posting all kinds of very high criteria!

    We have digitized the fun, romance and mystery from it all… It’s a shame – it’s all one dimensional now.

    And so goes the rest of society.

  29. larry says:

    Another POF sucker here.How about the women who want to meet their soulmate? Go to a fortune teller.I have met women who I would swear are not the same woman whose photo I saw on POF.I don’t want to be redundant so I will say that my experience on POF mirrors what other guys have written here.I think the best you can do is to get involved with clubs and associations of interest and let the chips fall where they may.

  30. Jayne says:

    Um, if women on online dating sites are only chasing the top 5% of guys, doesn’t that mean that those women will go dateless since there aren’t enough top-drawer guys to go round (and if the guy is genuinely top-notch, wouldn’t he be dating the most beautiful woman – a beautiful woman he didn’t have to meet online in fact).

    Clearly, it’s not just men missing out because women are picky. Picky women also miss out since no ordinary guy is deemed date-worthy. Hence, the question arises: what are such women doing on dating sites? Are these poor ladies just wasting their time or are they just trawling for attention and the thrill of blocking losers?

    • pofsucks1 says:

      Yes, they’re wasting their time, and the time of men who use online dating sites. They seem to think it’s fun rejecting men for sport, never realizing that doing that only motivates men to go for a little payback. And so the vicious circle of both sexes mistreating each other continues.

      They are definitely trawling for attention to feed their already overinflated egos. Plus they’re getting what I would call the online equivalent of buying a lottery ticket – putting up a profile in hopes that despite horribly long odds, Brad Pitt (or a reasonable facsimile thereof) is going to magically show up on their doorstep someday to sweep them off their feet.

      The reason why so many women get away with such rotten behaviour is that in the dating and mating arena in North America today, men have few realistic options (and often no options) and are forced to go for what they can get, not what they want.

      And I’m not suggesting here that men necessarily want supermodels. Many men, me included, would be perfectly happy with dating average women. But they can’t date such women because the women in question think they’re entitled to get men who are clearly out of their league. It’s not even a question of simply trying for such men, it’s a very real sense of entitlement.

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