What the Hell is Wrong With Women Today?

December 12, 2010

Transister_Radio writes:

QUICK story.
I just recently saw a girl who just joined POF who I knew.
I use to work with her a few months ago.
When I worked with her, she would complain about guys making moves on her when she barely knew them and it made her sick. She proclaimed she was looking for a nice guy.

Well, she eventually meet a “nice guy” who only lasted a short while.
One day, she comes in complaining that everything is weird because he’s NOT making moves on her and she is weirded out because she’s not use to guys respecting her, so she’s weirded out by his respectful behavior.
She then states that the guy does NOT look tough since he doesn’t even have tattoos.
She then says she isn’t sure about this guy since this guy looks like he would be unable to physically fight off other guys, and she wants a guy who looks like he can beat up other guys.

I’m sitting there think : Why the hell does the guy have to be something out of UFC ?? Is she gonna enter him into fighting tornaments or something ?? Also, wasn’t she complaining about OTHER guys being pigs since they would make a move on her? Now she’s creeped out by this guy NOT making a move on her ????? And he NEEDS tattoos ? WTF !!

she just joined POF….
and she’s still single after all these months……..
Gee…….. I wonder why ………

As Transister_Radio so cogently explains, in the last ten years or so, men have found themselves increasingly put in no-win situations in their attempts to interact with women. If a man asks a woman out, but doesn’t look like Brad Pitt, or doesn’t clearly have a lot of money, he’s a creep and will be rejected forthwith. In the most cruel way, if at all possible. But if he doesn’t stroke her ego by asking her out, he’s still a creep.

As for the UFC angle, well, the sad truth is that Western women are NOT attracted to ‘nice guys’ – you know, the stable, decent types that generally treat women well, and should make good husbands or partners. They’re attracted to thugs. Why? Well, thugs are exciting. And they look and act like alpha males, but are really only the ersatz version of the real thing.

And what a lot of women seem perenially incapable of recognizing is that thugs generally abuse women, sometimes within an inch of their lives, and do not make good long-term (or even short-term!) partners. Plus, the excitement eventually wears off and the thuggish behavior becomes a drag.

The fact that so many woman want thugs but don’t want decent, real men should tell you that women today aren’t women, but confused little girls. Very confused little girls, at that. And the fact that the woman described in Transister_Radio’s post wants a guy who will protect her – or least look like he can, really puts the lie to the feminist argument that most Western women have taken as an inviolable article of faith – that they are fully liberated, independent, and equal to men in every respect. If they really were all of those things, they wouldn’t need a man’s protection, would they?

Women have only themselves, their feminist mothers, and feminism generally to blame for the terrible conundrum their behavior has created. They demanded SNAGs (Sensitive New Age Guys) and got them. Now they don’t want them. They supported feminist laws and policies that not only emasculated, but feminized men, and now they wonder where all the alpha males went. Then they demanded that they be given more than an equal share of the university seats, and the top jobs and offices, without being expected to merit such positions, much less earn them.

And they are now starting to wonder why men are withdrawing from these arenas, and why they are no longer willing to work very hard to keep society afloat, instead preferring to sit at home with their XBox video games and a six-pack of beer. It goes without saying that men build the world. And a world without men building something for the betterment of all, is a world that is doomed. The bottom line is that matriarchal societies (and this is what our current Lord of the Flies world is heading towards) don’t do very well over the long haul, nor do they ever produce anything resembling a real civilization.

And yet, a society free of men seems to be exactly what women want – except when it suits their purposes.

But it’s not hard to see why men are withdrawing in droves. Who wants to support a society that denigrates you at every turn simply because you are a man? Who wants to support a society that sees all men as crypto-rapists or pedophiles? A society that is increasingly hostile towards men, and continually seeks ways to destroy them, lest the holy feminist liturgy be offended?

I could expound at length about how women (and society) got to this state. But that would probably take a whole book to accomplish, and this isn’t the right venue for such a thing.

The kind of women Transister_Radio describes form a very typical female demographic on Plenty of Fish, and definitely account for the majority of women there. They want their cake and to be able to eat it too, and also be unaccountable for their bad behavior, if not completely untouchable. Most men with a smidgen of intelligence would realize what kind of woman fits that behavior pattern, and probably recognize her in an earlier post I made on this blog. Yep, you guessed it, she’s the entitled princess.

And when you combine the entitled princess attitudes, the garish, ugly tattoos they sport, the piercings, the drunkenness, the slutty behaviors and all the other crap that women today engage in, another danger emerges. That danger is the very real possibility that the vast majority of Western women are soon going to find themselves not only totally un-marriageable, but un-dateable, with the end result that they will likely spend the rest of their lives either living alone, or having to settle for the dregs among men, to be used only as sperm receptacles and nothing more. In short, they will likely never know what it means to be with a man of quality. Nor will they ever learn what it means to be a real woman.

The ills I describe are not restricted to young twenty- or thirty-something women. The very same kind of feral, atavistic behaviors and attitudes are starting to become popular among women in their forties and even fifties – amongst women who seem to be old enough to know better, and who are not taking the time to lead their young sisters to better ways.

And as a forty-something male, I find even trying to date is futile. There’s too much risk, too much rejection, and there’s far too little reward for the usually huge effort that has to be expended. More to the point, is there any reason why I should prostrate myself giving a woman some ego strokes while not ever being able to expect any reciprocation on her part? And all of this is assuming I can even find a woman who doesn’t look and act like she came out of the movie Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome in the first place.

Increasingly, I’m finding that many men in my position are seriously considering expatriating to countries where they aren’t so badly treated, and the prospect of being able to find a decent partner is not a pipe dream, but a reality.

Western societies should take the impending exodus as a warning and take steps to rectify the situation. And really, they are now at a crossroads where two possibilities exist. The first is that men will rise up, revolt, and take down the established order. Or they will simply abandon a society that is too corrupt to be repaired. Societies that lose their men usually find themselves consigned to the dustbin of history, never to return.