pofsucks1 is a cheesed-off single male who wants to hear from others who have had negative experiences on plentyoffish.com.


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  1. Keith says:

    I can echo the complaints I am reading here about POF. I belonged last year for several months. I did meet people and have dates. I liked the free sight and it was working for me. Then poof… My profile disappeared. I tried many times to get it back up but it would disappear in hours. I tried contacting POF with no response. I researched a bit and finally concluded that they have limited hosting ability and women are the candy that encourages men to look at the site and read the advertising. If you’ve been deleted save yourself the anguish of reposting your profile. I even tried using a friends computer to mask the computer ID and it lasted for only hours. I have to give them credit for being super sleuths at figuring out who you are. Another comment I might make about online dating in general is that people lie. If she only shows an above the neck picture theirs a reason. Some post out dated pictures. I have since learned to meet women the old fashioned way. In a night club with music and drinks. Good luck gents, Keith

    • Jerry says:

      Have been and off POF for 5 years and met a slew of characters.Several were on a plenthora of Depression and psychotropic drugs.Met several who didnt even look like their photos(used someone elses photo). Met several,of them using photos 15-20 years old. Even had 2 stalkers.Now I am not saying POF is the worse site out there,but, it would take some doing to be worse.
      And, Markus and his moderators are a joke. If you complain too loudly, they bounce you out or worse .Censor you.Back in the spring of 2011 they were s”supposed” to have a new “chat proggie” Some clown moderator told me it was my “system” , then IE(, then told me to D/L Google Chrome and it would work????? Only problem was. I was running Google Chrome.Cant fathom, why the “Largest dating site on the internet” is such a shitty site???? But, then maybe its just me LOL LOL LOL Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I dont t hink so

      • Jerry says:

        Addendum to my above post. Just for S&G “Shits and giggles”, I dewcided to email random “local” women.Totally whatI wasnt looking for,”Short fat old and definitely ugly women”. Must have sent out 40 emails. Only response I received was from 5 short women,telling me how ignorant I was to be only looking for tall ,long legged women.Hey, at 6’1″ try kissing or dancing with someone 5’2″.So, I will agree with several posts on here, that the majority of the women on POF are no more then “Attention Whores” just looking to see how many responses they can get!!!!

      • Gord, Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA says:

        I have also run in to a few who were obviously ten or fifteen years older than their pictures.What worked best for me was to just invite them out for a friendly coffee at Starbucks or some other busy place then at least I could meet them face to face without spending a lot of time or money.If I felt they were worth it then I could always follow up latter with messaging or a phone call to ask therm out.On the first six coffee invites I sent out I got five positive responses. Right now I’m dating one steady and know I can always dip into the barrel again when I’m ready to move on. So for me POF is a meeting site rather than a dating site.I eventually stopped the usual practice of sending flirtatious and cheesy messages to try to create chemistry,etc. I just found it wasn’t necessary.Here’s the message that worked so well:”It sure would be nice to get together with you for a friendly coffee with no expectations. Please let me know if you’re interested. Starbucks is usually good.”


        Try this and like me you might find it to be too good. I make every coffee date a Favorite and then use the notes section to keep track of them. Some weeks I was meeting five different women so it was easy to gett confused without the notes.

  2. David says:

    I agree. Moderators are powerful insecure aholes. Losers that get a rise out of throwing people off the site. If they were cops they would be giving people tickets for going 1/1000 over the speed limit . Simply pathetic. Now they have an ad that says they delete unfit daters!!!! What arrogance. Whats an unfit dater to begin with? isn’t that something that is different for everyone? I have a profile still there but its just one of many free options so its all good. Thankfully there are other sites like Myspace that allow flexibility in forum posts. Have a great day all

  3. Alan says:

    What a load of rubbish PoF, exactly what you guys have said is correct. I was also deleted off the system for simply being there. And yes you have to e-mail around 50 people per day to get around 1-2 response at least. A cut and paste job is required and you need to do it in one go. Then wait for the results. It wasted my time and got nowhere.

    I would like to get back at those feminazis by simply setting up a fake profile with a fake e-mail. Then reallly give them the abuse they deserve before getting wiped out. I’m not saying lower yourself to their standards by doing this, it’s just an idea and what I really would like to do. I think you guys are only the tip of the iceberg. Soon he’ll be out of business and will get shafted doing another business elsewhere.

  4. Bob says:

    I cant say enough about how Plenty of Fish Stinks. All your observations are right on. What a waste of time!!

  5. Geoff says:

    As a Brit in the US I have had better odds than perhaps are due that said I have to agree witht the observations of the type of women on there. I’m prepared to say it – attention whores – racking up as many favourites as possible.
    I recently posted some verbiage that no doubt will get me hoofed – good job.
    ‘FitBriPdx’ is the profile under which my diatribe was posted.

  6. mr randall says:

    Pof is useless if your an average bloke.Ive had some some success on a paid dating sight,Which was by no means amazing but atleast I was able to easily get a date.Then when using the same profile on pof , getting a date even with some heffer is mission impossible let onlone an nice average women !
    Women on the whole only go for the looks not whats written in the profile , trust me ive have researched this one throughly!
    IN CONCLUSION POF is ,,,,,
    great for good looking bloke with good photo .
    Any bloke who is not really good looking it pointless even if you fill your profile in!

  7. Sim Sood says:

    This site is a site to set up men for failure believe it or not . You can have abs and crap and get women but may be an arsehole . But if your a man that knows how to treat a woman and confident , interesting , etc , you get nothing . People say women dig men in confidence , i don’t believe in that at all . Women are shallow in every way but don’t want to admit it . Even the nice looking ones saying ” I’m really easy going , and friendly ” arent really . Im an Indian – Canadian born and raised in Canada , and this one girl i was interested wouldn’t talk to me based on my ethnicity. You may call it wrong preference but i call that discrimination . Guys , you want to find someone , go out there and find it . Women on this thing will never find happiness and thats why their standards are always going to be high . Having standards is good but having them high is not cause its more difficult to please yourself in what you want . Go into an environment that your comfortable and talk to women . If you like books and crap , try to pick them up there. All i have to say is canadian , american , british , and some parts of racist european women suck!

  8. john says:

    There are only 3 basics types of women on POF! #1 has trouble getting dates because of weight issues!.#2 has no intentions of meeting a man she is just there for an ego boost!..finaly #3 divorce pension is about to run out and needs somebody to step in emediatly and pay the bills!..thats it!..of course some have other bad attributes but that is it for reasons for being on that site!

  9. Anthony says:

    I’m so glad I came across this blog/website, for the longest time, I thought it was just me – there was something wrong with me and I would never get a date again. but now I know, online dating sites are all bullshit and worst women have become so materialist, narcisistic, and worse cruel. They prefer to live the life of a mean girl – stuck with a high school mentality and always getting dumped on by the alpha male jerks out there instead of being truly happy with a man who will worship them and be good to them !

  10. Leon Jones says:

    Plenty of fish is nothing but a site for attention whores, self-absorb, hypocritical, entitled females who live in a fantasy world. Most of them are on this site because they won’t pay for memberships on better sites. I as a man am not afraid of these females. I tell them how it is; they don’t like it, they can keep moving. See I learn not to cater to these women because they have nothing to offer me. So many men want to kiss their behinds for what? misery. I have met women on plenty of fish but, they know that I am not going to take that nonsense. I made my standards high; these women didn’t meet them so they started writing on how self-centered I was because I didn’t want to be a father for their children and I didn’t accept someone who is constantly smoking, drinking, unemployed, and poor hygiene. As a guy, I turn the tables; they don’t like it and they can’t handle it. Many of these women are little girls who won’t handle the rejection of the real world. If they have egos, it’s because we guys keep feeding them with compliments. Let’s be men and tell them like it is. Most of know these women on this site aren’t dating material because they don’t know what they want. Also, they won’t approach us. Just remember if we as men use our heads, we have the upper hand because they’re more women than men. A dating site is an option, we don’t need it, we choose it. If you’re confident in yourself, you will get better women but, you need to know who you are and what you want; but, don’t put a woman on a pedestal or treat her like an entitled princess. If she’s not willing to bring anything to the table, move on to the next one, eventually, you will find that person. Gentlemen, use all of you communication skills, listen, and watch their actions. You will find out who these women are very quickly; once you see their behavior, you’ll know she’s a waste of time.

  11. BRYAN says:


    I am not conceited at all but I know I’m a good looking guy, in pretty good shape, no kids, an income (already retired at 40), own place, vehicle, animal & nature lover, a very open-minded non-denominational Christian, etc.. but I am treated like a leper upon POF. The women treat me as if I’m just a piece of shit. I’ll write a nice polite introduction email and when I check to see if it was read it will either say “unread deleted” or “read deleted”. How can one actually be so cruel as to just delete another’s email without reading it first? That is also the fault of POF for allowing emails to be deleted without being read.

    This can really take a toll on one’s self esteem. After a while one might even feel worse about themselves for being so unwanted as if he’s a plague. Constantly, over & over being turned down or having his profile viewed hundreds of times without a single woman taking interest (except for overweight or unattractive scrags who are desperate). I have preferences also but mine aren’t unrealistic!

    Sometimes you do find a decent Human to where you both like each other’s pics and you pass an e-mail back n’ forth and then make it to the phone where you both have a great 4-10 hour long conversation (Yes I have had many very long convos) only to see that the girl has fallen off the face of the Earth for you don’t hear from her and if you email her she doesn’t get back to you. I have had this happen a handful of times. If you’re not interested why stay on the phone for hours and hours with me then? Obviously they were enjoying the conversation also, so then what’s the deal?

    I find that the women on POF are VERY SHALLOW & SUPERFICIAL as to where Mr. Perfect wouldn’t even be perfect enough for these people. All they want is a huge muscle stud who has a bank account like Trump! Disgusting !!!

    Oh and no i’m not wrong, for I made up two fake profiles to prove my point. The “pretty people” (hot blondes) all flocked to these two made up guys like white on rice. So unless one has the looks of a runway model with a perfect body and huge wallet, these ‘whores’ have no interest what so ever!

    Signed Bryan (forever to be alone & pathetic hoping someone of quality will take interest)


  12. POFVenter says:

    I’ve been on and off with POF for like 3 years now. The first two years I just had a picture of my face, and I was sending out a bunch of messages but not getting many responses. I am a good looking guy but I don’t consider myself photogenic, so I thought that was the reason why.

    This past year I really put a lot of effort into POF, as I’m 24 now, and I am looking for a girlfriend. Also, I started working out, and I have a nice picture of myself with my shirt off, so I thought that would better attract the babes.

    I sent out a ton of messages like last time, but now I was getting more replys, more attractive girls looking at my page, and more “meet mes.” I started getting some phone numbers and Facebooks. Well, this is where the frustration started, trying to get past that level of just talking on POF. Some of the girls I added on Facebook, deleted me. Some within seconds, no joke. Like, what was the point of that? The ones that kept me, didn’t talk to me, so I deleted them.

    The girls whose numbers I got, I actually got two dates out of them. The first girl, I had to travel almost an hour to get to her. She didn’t look like she did in the pictures, and we just went to the movies, no hook up, that was that. Didn’t talk to her again. The second girl, she came to me, which was nice. We talked for hours, and I really felt a connection with her, though when it came time to say goodbye, she got awkward, so I didn’t make a move. I thought she had potential, but then I tried texting her days later, and she never responded. I tried again and she said she was sick, and we talked a bit then, but then I tried again to text her and didn’t respond again.

    To sum it up, POF is like a video game for girls. They keep playing guys until the find who is right. Also, they treat guys like crap because they are on a computer, so you cannot do anything to them. And you know what? They can do it. As a goof, I asked one of my hot girl friends to set up an account and see how many messages she got. She got 200 messages in an hour and a lot of those instant message invites. It was incredible. How can guys compete with that? Oh, and POF shut down her account because they thought it was a fake.

    There is a silver lining to all of this though: I have had good luck with meeting women in person. That is the key guys. Be confident, approach a woman, and have a human to human conversation. These girls are much more friendlier than the cold hearted snobs you message on POF. They will approach you too, if anything. Just meet girls and get out there.

    In conclusion, websites like these are hurtful to the young male’s psyche and self esteem. Do not fall prey to them, they are not to be taken seriously at all. And also, I would like to thank the creator of this website for having a place for us guys to vent.

  13. rob says:

    POL, for plenty of loosers.I met alot of women only a few of them hot. Most of them were train wrecks. They have so many problems and no credit. I was banging one and her dog was scratching at the bedroom door the entire time. The women that are hot usually wont respond unless you look like a model. I created a profile with pics from three different models. They did not have a clue they were 3 different people.The messages were pouring in with numbers. I found that most of the women are losers looking for a big wallet becuase they have no money.

  14. Leon E. Jones Jr. says:

    Rob, you bought up another good point, besides the women who think that their children and grandchildren are their world, family is important to them. Pets are another element that we face as well. I see women putting their pets in the bet. As far as tapping that ass is concerned, I’ve been in that same situation where a woman’s dog was scratching the who time; worse, there was an incident where a friend of mine had a dog bite him while he was banging a chick. Most of these women on this site are losers, undisciplined, dellusional, lazy, narcassistic, self-absorbed, and unrealistic and nothing to offer a relationship. If you’re man seeking love, make sure you let a woman know that a relationship is not about her, it’s about us. If she fails to see that, go to the next person and let her know the same thing. Don’t let her talk about her pets, kids, friends, family, or anything that doesn’t pertain to establishing a relationship. Also, make sure a female isn’t living with parents, children, or roomates especially if she is over the age of 40. Plenty of fish woman most of them aren’t ready to be in relationships because they don’t understand what it is to have their own life becuause they are too busy trying to live through lives of others such as kids, family, and friends; that’s why you see most women’s profiles that say my family, friends, and kids are most importatant to me. These women will continue to search because they are not adults, they are children who occupy female adult bodies. What I’m saying is you find a female who knows how to function as an adult with her own place, job, life and car. If a woman can’t fill a guy’s desire, don’t get involved with her, she will cause you endless frustration.

  15. jackson says:

    Here ya go, here’s the poster child of POF: irish_gal_76

    It’s a 34 year old female. She has pics of herself with a lip ring, flipping her middle finger to the camera and urinating by a johnny-spot. She drinks at least 3 times a week. Her profile of course mentions the #1 most typical phrases that us guys just are completely sick and tired of: “I’ve lived in Europe and I love to travel” “My family and friends come first”.

    This is exactly what females have become today. It’s a perfect representation and it’s only getting worse. Did women back in the 1950s act this way? Of course not. They were women back then that had class and got married and raised children.

    Females such as this think they’ve broken through into some sort of new age territory by acting foul and putting on some sort of act like everything is a big joke to them and they can just get any guy and at any time they decide. As if society years ago was really an oppressive psychological experiment against women and she has it all figured out. She doesn’t realize that in the end when she wakes up from her delusional trip, the joke will be on her. At age 34, this female is already approaching the point where her fertility is declining and the chances of having a child with down syndrome increase as well. But these idiots seem to think they are fertile until they are 50. This individual is a huge train wreck waiting to happen. She’ll be 40 something one day and realize she never had children and completely threw her life away in exchange for acting like nothing but scummy shitheaded vermin.

    It’s too bad and it’s appalling to see such a horrid display of a female. I can’t stand females like that, and I don’t care how hot they think they are, I have no interest in them.

    • Leon Jones says:

      Jackson, I agree with you, to take it one step further, most of these females who have profiles on plenty of fish, datehookup, and of course ok cupid.com don’t know who they are. Psychologically speaking, they are very disfunctional. They don’t know how to communicate or write a cohesive sentence. They are little girls who occupy female adult bodies. When you hear the words, “my kids and family come first”, I’m family oriented, my kids are my world, yet they are behaving improperly, that’s because, society hasn’t taught women how to be independent. Men on the other hand, we have responsibilities most males know that the media, universities, women’s magazines, and politicians have always catered to women. As a man, we have to learn how to tell a woman that we are not going to accept improper behaviors; if they insist on being disrespectful, cut them loose. Most of these females are very dependent on government, families, kids, grandkids, and their pets that’s why it is so hard to date them. When you find females in these situations, you’re looking for endless frustrations. Here’s how to handle these situations. If you hear a female complain that she doesn’t make enough more, you should run like hell because she is giving you the sign that she needs your wallet, if she tells you that her friends, family, kids, pets are her world and they will always come first, run like hell becuase she is telling you that she is not independent and can’t function by herself. If she tells you she loves traveling, run like hell because she is telling you that she thinks about taking trips but, can’t because she doesn’t have the income; therefore she is looking for us as guys to pick up her bus or airfare so she can meet other men while you pay her way. If she has no employment, you either hit and run or don’t talk to her at all because she telling you my life is messed up and I need to you to save me. If she likes to go dancing, she’s tell you that she wants to hang out with the girls but, she wants you to finance her girls night out. If she want pay for own dinner, you ask her how feet are in a mile or how meters are in a kilometer and you make her walk each and every foot or meter. Finally, if she is constantly on free dating sites, if she post pictures of her with other people or they are far away, blurry, just head shots or post no picture at all, she’s probably something that you may want to be with after you have slammed a couple of shots of alcohol where anything looks good then but, the lights are out and you put her out before the rays of sun hit her face. In summary, if a female puts all of these illusional expectations in her profile, that she requires from a man, you see if she is living up to them, 90% of the time you will get the answer and that is she won’t. The reason I am so confident in who I am is because, I don’t need women, I choose to have one but, if a female thinks she can get away with something, she will. As a man, let’s start having realistic standards, then we will evaporate the endless frustrations of dating.

  16. chris says:

    I find that one of the most frustrating things about the women on plenty of fish is the fact that they take any sort of communication given to them as creepy. Once I finally get to talk to one of these morons all they have to talk about is how creepy the previous guy was that tried to say hello. When im sure they were just trying to be nice and spark up a conversation. Is this site just thought of as another social network site like facebook and myspace by these women? Jesus man im actually trying to meet someone!

    • Transister_Radio says:

      I have notice that as well. Basically, if the guy isn’t up to the woman’s standards, the women write the guys off as being “creepy”. In reality, the only thing most of these guys did was just say “Hello” (they did NOTHING wrong) but since they aren’t up to the woman’s standards, the guys are considered “creepy” (or “creepers” as most of the women have classified most of the guys as).

      It’s REALLY stupid.

      Most of those men are NOT “creepers”, they are just trying to introduce themselves in a polite way. Yet for some reason, among most women, saying something as simple as “hello” makes you a creeper and most women make it seem like the guy is a freaking ax murderer or something. In reality, it’s just the woman overacting and being a drama queen and the guy did nothing wrong.

  17. Gord, Vancouver, Canada says:

    I have learned a few lessons through my time on POF. I met a gal that was great on emails back and forth plus some pretty explicit stuff on the phone. So I decided to take the plunge and drove seven hours to meet her. She came up to my hotel room and when I opened the door I couldn’t believe it. She looked about fifteen years older than her picture! I kept looking up and down the hall for the person that I was to meet but there wasn’t any sign of her. Lesson learned: forget about long distance relationships. Too risky. Also online I had all these serial viewers so I decided to start making contact with some of them but didn’t get very far; one even said she just wasn’t interested, thank you. Some of them had been viewing me every hour for days on end. I think they might have been wacking off to my pictures.he,he. Now I’ve gotten out of the online stuff and have joined a few co-ed clubs where I’m having better luck using the old fashioned methods: smile, say something funny, smile again, show interest by asking a few questions, etc., etc. I’ve even asked a few,”do you come here often?” and it actually works!

  18. Gord, Vancouver, Canada says:

    OK here’s something to chew on. Why is it that very few women take the initiative and make the first contact?I thought they wanted equality?I guess they just don’t have the balls for it.lmao.

    Vancouver, Canada

    • charlie says:

      you not missing anything. i get lots of contacts from women, but still very unhappy. always a front for head games. They either don’t reply when they send me a “Meet Me”, cancel date at last minute, already have a boyfriend or really have no intentions of going out in first place. I’m 52 and getting really tired of this crap! Can anybody give me one plausible reason why a women would go all the way to date, then tell me she has a boyfriend shortly after she arrives at meeting place? Why bother? Does she think I’m some loser who romances other guy’s chicks?

      By far, the worse is the lying. They lie about their education. They lie about where they live. What else are they lying about?

      i’m a noble guy. a moderately successful software engineer with 22 years experience. but all I get is the dregs.

      Thank God for 30 packs of Miller Lite and sports on TV! Always got one on top of fridge and one inside.

      • JDP says:

        The constant stream of lies is very common, for women online. As is trying to “date” while married or with a boyfriend. This is called, “better dealing.” They are trying to trade up, while still in a relationship. One main red flag for this, is when they do not post a photo. But they will make some lame excuse, as to why they don’t.

        But then again, she may have been lying about having a boyfriend. Because she didn’t feel “chemistry” with you and was blowing you off. Because she is a woman online and has 100 “options.” Meaning, 100 e-mails waiting for her, when she gets home. Thats what men online are to them, “options.”

        Count your blessings on that one and leave her to be pumped and dumped by 100 others.

  19. lincoln says:

    Yes,that site sucks plain and simple. One will get nothing on there. Most of the chicks are money whores and dikes. I mean, why bother posting photos of yourself and having a profile if you don’t go out with anybody. Conceited cunts.
    It is a waste of time if you personalize any emails because you won’t get anywhere. If you do decide to email a chick on there, the note should be very basic like a form letter– because if they like what they see, a simple hello would probably be enough. Creative letters to girls on there is a loss of life, and a go nowhere situation. Eat dinner, watch T.V., talk on the phone, paint a picture, and or read a book while you’re sending out those form letters to chicks on POF.

  20. Leon Jones says:

    Guys do yourselves a favor and stay off of all dating site because they free sites have the bottom of the barrel women; the pay sites have fake profiles and women who don’t want to pay for a member ship. Lastly, two many woman everything else above a man so the best thing for we guys to do is either pump and dump women or leave them alone period. You have to think about yourselves; to many women don’t have their own minds because they are busy letting their loser friends and family do the thinking for them. Remember guys, we are people; we deserve our happiness without drama that some females will bring into a relationship.

  21. sam says:

    Why do guys interested in meeting desirable even bother with POF and dating sites,

    Look, half the guys on these sites are either married/attached and/or have BS profiles.

    All that happens is 50% of women take turns dating 20% of the guys on the site, most of whom are BSing their profiles.

    And why would you want to meet these women. You can’t touch them for 6 months until you’re site they pass all std tests.

    All dating sites have is highly probable disease ridden women.

    Even when I meet women, I always find out if they used dating sites in the past, and if they did in the last year … I’m not interested.

    Women on dating sites are passed around more than a joint.

    Why would you risk you’re sexual health being around these women.

    I have three buddies who tried the POF site. All professional men in the mid thirties, interested in settling down and starting a family. All there of them ended up contracted herpes from women on POF. It’s a lot harder to meet desirable women to start a family … once you have herpes. Their lives are significantly fuked because of that.

    I suspect in the near future, dating sites will just be for std infected people, trying to find partners with the same std.

  22. Chase Dionne says:

    Is it just me or can POF not be taken seriously? I mean everytime i check my matches they only have 1 or 2 interests and finding someone that doesnt drink is harder than trying to go out and actually meet a girl.

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