What the Hell is Wrong With Women Today?

Transister_Radio writes:

QUICK story.
I just recently saw a girl who just joined POF who I knew.
I use to work with her a few months ago.
When I worked with her, she would complain about guys making moves on her when she barely knew them and it made her sick. She proclaimed she was looking for a nice guy.

Well, she eventually meet a “nice guy” who only lasted a short while.
One day, she comes in complaining that everything is weird because he’s NOT making moves on her and she is weirded out because she’s not use to guys respecting her, so she’s weirded out by his respectful behavior.
She then states that the guy does NOT look tough since he doesn’t even have tattoos.
She then says she isn’t sure about this guy since this guy looks like he would be unable to physically fight off other guys, and she wants a guy who looks like he can beat up other guys.

I’m sitting there think : Why the hell does the guy have to be something out of UFC ?? Is she gonna enter him into fighting tornaments or something ?? Also, wasn’t she complaining about OTHER guys being pigs since they would make a move on her? Now she’s creeped out by this guy NOT making a move on her ????? And he NEEDS tattoos ? WTF !!

she just joined POF….
and she’s still single after all these months……..
Gee…….. I wonder why ………

As Transister_Radio so cogently explains, in the last ten years or so, men have found themselves increasingly put in no-win situations in their attempts to interact with women. If a man asks a woman out, but doesn’t look like Brad Pitt, or doesn’t clearly have a lot of money, he’s a creep and will be rejected forthwith. In the most cruel way, if at all possible. But if he doesn’t stroke her ego by asking her out, he’s still a creep.

As for the UFC angle, well, the sad truth is that Western women are NOT attracted to ‘nice guys’ – you know, the stable, decent types that generally treat women well, and should make good husbands or partners. They’re attracted to thugs. Why? Well, thugs are exciting. And they look and act like alpha males, but are really only the ersatz version of the real thing.

And what a lot of women seem perenially incapable of recognizing is that thugs generally abuse women, sometimes within an inch of their lives, and do not make good long-term (or even short-term!) partners. Plus, the excitement eventually wears off and the thuggish behavior becomes a drag.

The fact that so many woman want thugs but don’t want decent, real men should tell you that women today aren’t women, but confused little girls. Very confused little girls, at that. And the fact that the woman described in Transister_Radio’s post wants a guy who will protect her – or least look like he can, really puts the lie to the feminist argument that most Western women have taken as an inviolable article of faith – that they are fully liberated, independent, and equal to men in every respect. If they really were all of those things, they wouldn’t need a man’s protection, would they?

Women have only themselves, their feminist mothers, and feminism generally to blame for the terrible conundrum their behavior has created. They demanded SNAGs (Sensitive New Age Guys) and got them. Now they don’t want them. They supported feminist laws and policies that not only emasculated, but feminized men, and now they wonder where all the alpha males went. Then they demanded that they be given more than an equal share of the university seats, and the top jobs and offices, without being expected to merit such positions, much less earn them.

And they are now starting to wonder why men are withdrawing from these arenas, and why they are no longer willing to work very hard to keep society afloat, instead preferring to sit at home with their XBox video games and a six-pack of beer. It goes without saying that men build the world. And a world without men building something for the betterment of all, is a world that is doomed. The bottom line is that matriarchal societies (and this is what our current Lord of the Flies world is heading towards) don’t do very well over the long haul, nor do they ever produce anything resembling a real civilization.

And yet, a society free of men seems to be exactly what women want – except when it suits their purposes.

But it’s not hard to see why men are withdrawing in droves. Who wants to support a society that denigrates you at every turn simply because you are a man? Who wants to support a society that sees all men as crypto-rapists or pedophiles? A society that is increasingly hostile towards men, and continually seeks ways to destroy them, lest the holy feminist liturgy be offended?

I could expound at length about how women (and society) got to this state. But that would probably take a whole book to accomplish, and this isn’t the right venue for such a thing.

The kind of women Transister_Radio describes form a very typical female demographic on Plenty of Fish, and definitely account for the majority of women there. They want their cake and to be able to eat it too, and also be unaccountable for their bad behavior, if not completely untouchable. Most men with a smidgen of intelligence would realize what kind of woman fits that behavior pattern, and probably recognize her in an earlier post I made on this blog. Yep, you guessed it, she’s the entitled princess.

And when you combine the entitled princess attitudes, the garish, ugly tattoos they sport, the piercings, the drunkenness, the slutty behaviors and all the other crap that women today engage in, another danger emerges. That danger is the very real possibility that the vast majority of Western women are soon going to find themselves not only totally un-marriageable, but un-dateable, with the end result that they will likely spend the rest of their lives either living alone, or having to settle for the dregs among men, to be used only as sperm receptacles and nothing more. In short, they will likely never know what it means to be with a man of quality. Nor will they ever learn what it means to be a real woman.

The ills I describe are not restricted to young twenty- or thirty-something women. The very same kind of feral, atavistic behaviors and attitudes are starting to become popular among women in their forties and even fifties – amongst women who seem to be old enough to know better, and who are not taking the time to lead their young sisters to better ways.

And as a forty-something male, I find even trying to date is futile. There’s too much risk, too much rejection, and there’s far too little reward for the usually huge effort that has to be expended. More to the point, is there any reason why I should prostrate myself giving a woman some ego strokes while not ever being able to expect any reciprocation on her part? And all of this is assuming I can even find a woman who doesn’t look and act like she came out of the movie Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome in the first place.

Increasingly, I’m finding that many men in my position are seriously considering expatriating to countries where they aren’t so badly treated, and the prospect of being able to find a decent partner is not a pipe dream, but a reality.

Western societies should take the impending exodus as a warning and take steps to rectify the situation. And really, they are now at a crossroads where two possibilities exist. The first is that men will rise up, revolt, and take down the established order. Or they will simply abandon a society that is too corrupt to be repaired. Societies that lose their men usually find themselves consigned to the dustbin of history, never to return.

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  1. Danny says:

    Women’s lib was the worst parade of propaganda to coem to fruition. But even in the midst of it all, it wasn’t ALWAYS like this.

    My parents were going to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary last month, until my father passed away from a major heart attack a wek before this was to occur. You know how my parents met? My dad was best friends with my mom’s brother, and he always liked her/found her attractive. One day, he asked his friend to a hockey game, but he couldn’t go, but my mom chimed in and said “I’ll go!”. So he took her out to the game, they had a blast, and that’s how they fell in love.

    The point of my story is that my mom gave my dad a CHANCE… something that is extremely hard to find for virtually any guy nowadays. Women will congregate in their little groups of friends and develop an assortment of opinions, usually negative, about how “creepy” and “pedophile-like” all the guys are.
    But why are these guys creepy? Is is just because you catch his glances at you, yet he’s too shy to approach you? There’s a fine line between shyness and creepiness. This is EXACLY why these “women” are confused little girls, as you claim.

    On POF (and in the real world), girls will THINK that they deserve so much better than what they really do. This isn’t to say that some women deserve to be verbally and physically abused while others don’t but if you have 3 babies from 3 different daddies, smoke weed/drink all day, and dress in slutty clothes, then you certainly don’t deserve anything better than the men who fit in that same category.

    Girls really do overinflate their sense of entitlement There are girls (and I know one persaonlly) who think that they are SUCH gifts from god, that they don’t see a need to smile or look pretty in photos. They think that, as long as they are blonde, short, skinny, and wearing a bikini in the picture, they can get away without smiling or genuinely attempting to loook atttractive. Why? Because they THINK that they are great, snd the act of smiling is a commodity that they could wo without.
    This girl I know.. her face is so plain in EVERY single one of her pictures, but guys will com in droves and comment on how pretty she is. As long as they keep stroking that ego of hers, why bother to use up that excess energy to make the muscles i your mouth for a a smile?


    • Marie says:

      WHY does everyone hate POF? Is it because there are no free alternatives? Want to group together and make our own dating site? They’re doing that at TheyFall, starting with letting the users pick a new name for it.

      • cybury says:

        Marie, its not the free dating site thats the problem… its the distorted bad attitudes women have today combined with their unrealistic expectations. You will find this regardless of whether its a pay site or not. all free sites do is provide more unemployeed looser jailbird tattooed badboy types for women to pick from since most of these jerks don’t have two nickles to rub together.

      • sherkhan says:

        Free has nothing to do with it. the exact same girls are on POF, okcupid, match.com, eharmony, etc….

        Most of them have cut and past profiles that match word-for-word. And most have been on for at least several years (at least here in Seattle). All wondering why they can’t find “the one”, while ignoring 90% of all emails sent to them.

  2. thatguy says:

    The generations before had it much easier. All you had to do was be at the right place at the right time and you could go out with a beautiful woman. Nowadays that same woman will probably think of u as a creep if you even look at her in public and go back home to check the thousands of message she gets on pof. Sad state of affair. Maybe 2012 will help ? LOL

  3. slick says:

    I have a question for you guys.. WHY IN THE HELL DO YOU CONTINUE TO BE A NICE GUY TO WOMEN???? Over and over on this site and everywhere you look in society these days, i see guys whining about how they are “a nice guy” and how they continually get shit on by women… Well why do you continue to kiss their asses? Why do you continue down the dark road of nice guy when you know it dont work? Me personally, i dont kiss nobodys ass, especially women.. With women it’s all about RESPECT.. They cant respect you if you’re constantly trying to please them.. What all you “nice guys” need to do is change your attitude. I’m not saying you need to treat women like crap, just let them know from the beginning that you’re a MAN and not a pansy.. You’ll be suprised at the results. Never ever put women on a pedestal just because she has a vagina. It’s sad to say, but with modern american women you really do have to let your inner asshole come out.

    So guys do this: quit whining and change your attitudes. Go out into the world with the aim of pleasing only one person, yourself. Dont take women and dating so seriously and just laugh and have fun with it no matter what kind of shit happens.. Never ever let women push you around. You’ll be suprised at the results.

    Google “Tucker Max” and read some of his hilarious stories if you need lessons on how to let your inner asshole come out..

    • Ron Jeremy says:

      good stuff! lol

      • cdog says:

        I don’t get it. Why the fuck do I have to be an asshole? I prefer to be nice, but if you want I can easily be the biggest dick you have ever seen, slick days.

        Alsol, sluts, and bad boys are one in the same; disgusting piles of flesh that aren’t worth a damn!

  4. josh says:

    after talking with a pof girl last night on skype in hawaii who after finding out i live with my father did not want to talk anymore and she just finished selling off everything in her i added the fallowing to my pof profile……

    ( i want to appoligize for not having a house payment that causes me problems as i live in a house by a beautifull mountain that is paid off by my father!..i am sorry that i can put %90 of my income in savings every month and pay 10 grand a year out of my own pocket to travel and see the world!..i am sorry that i dont have creditors after me as i dont have any debts on cards!..lol!!..just put that in there because some ladies i have talked to thought i was wierd or something because i was not in that typical situation as them and most people today!..lol….house accept her bed an computer to stay alive..i went to my profile at pof and added the fallowing below!

  5. Fine Gentleman says:

    Hi Everyone!
    First I would like to say thank God for this site! I often visit to read the reviews and it’s so good to know I’m not the only one and there are countless men who have given Internet ‘Dating Sites’ their best sincere effort only to be disappointed, bewildered or even had their self esteem or health destroyed while never even getting one date with a real girl.

    As for me, I’ll be spending Christmas #10 alone since joining Match.com as a paying member for nine years (yes 9 Years) and a Plentyoffish member for 3 Years logging in every day and never having received the first sincerely interested email I had hoped for from a basically Nice, Polite, Friendly, Single, Available Female who joined to sincerely find a fine gentleman and was willing to meet in person. They are the very rare exception but those women do exist on Dating Sites but the sites make it virtually impossible for some or most men to send or receive an email from those women as I’ll explain shortly.

    I’ve also tried other ‘Dating Sites’ and from my experience they’re virtually all the same. I’ve wanted to post a review here but from my nine years experience and the last 3 years of researching to find the Truth about Dating Sites it would literally take a book to write all I’ve experienced and learned so I’ll briefly cover just a few points without going into details.

    Basically, the Internet Dating Sites themselves are Fraud and engaging in fraudulent activity. Nothing… absolutely nothing is as it appears to be whether it be the Profiles, Views, Activity Date, Favorites, Winks, Emails or Instant Message Features. One of the many things I discovered is fake emails are sent through fake and real ads without (in the case of a real person) their knowledge whether it be only one email or a sudden stoppage (blocking) of emails or the ability to send or respond to or receive real emails through or to the real person’s profile.

    Dating Sites are actually set up in a variety of ways to keep the great majority of men on the site and for ‘Pay Sites’ to get men to become and continue to be a paying subscriber. That’s the sad truth for the great majority of men but some men are put in a ‘Category’ so their Emails (sent or received) are allowed or partially allowed to and from ‘Real Female Members’ so there might be that rare ‘real date/s’ or even rarer ‘success story’ to keep all truthful and negative reviews debatable and questionable.

    As for women’s profiles: Three different research groups found that 93% to 97% of Match ads are not paying members therefore they can not read or send emails (some of those and the majority of the remaining ads are believed to be ‘fake’ ads) and Match itself on six different occasions did not contest or disagree with the statement “Since approximately 95% of women are not paying members they can not send or read emails” Also you’ll notice approximately 50% of female ads are ‘Inactive’ so why don’t real women hide or delete their account when they are forwarded a notice of their emails, winks or matches to their Internet address from POF or Match? They aren’t sent so they won’t be reminded and their ads stay on or are ‘reactivated’ though some may now be married with children or even deceased.

    On POF I’m looking at women’s ads that were on Match 3 or 4 or 5 years ago and a few were on Match when I joined Nine Years ago and yes these women’s ads are listed as ‘Active’ or ‘Online Now’ ..so.. assuming it may be a real person and you’re going to send a very nice, complimentary, well written email please remember: Some women’s ads receive 100 or even 1,000 responses from men every month (yet some real, bright, attractive women report they have had virtually no emails to their ad or the many nice emails they have sent to men – there again it’s the ‘Category’ the site has put them in to keep those real and desirable women on to keep the men on and paying) remember, if a woman’s ad has received 100 or 1,000 (or more) emails and No Man could write a profile or email that was ‘good enough’ please don’t be disappointed if you’re not ‘good enough’ either. You’ve just joined the crowd of a thousand other men!

    There’s so much more I could write for hours on end but one thing POF and Match has taught me is I never have to worry about the economy or being unemployed. I can always join a Carnival with a booth next to the Freak Show being billed as ‘The Undateable Man’ with a promoter out front announcing:
    “Step right up folks! Inside is the mystery of mysteries! A nice height, nice weight, nice looking, clean cut, All American Christian Protestant white male who doesn’t drink alcohol, never used illegal drugs, never been in a bar or even had a parking ticket and stranger than the Freak Show next door he’s a 100% single, available, sincerely searching for a nice girl and he’s a mannerly, polite, honorable true gentleman wanting a girl to love dearly, cherish, always treat her the best and his happiness would be making her happy and he’d travel to see her and relocate for the happy marriage he has his heart set on being a wonderful loving husband he has all the qualities to be.”
    Ya gotta admit… according to POF and Match I’d be the carnival’s main attraction and make a fortune!:)

    Oh… and according to POF and Match, women never have to worry about the economy or being unemployed either! Women can have a booth next to mine making a fortune guessing men’s exact height, weight, age and with a little help from a crystal ball guess the exact amount of money in a man’s wallet. Hmmm… 5 feet 10 and 1/2 inches in height… 186 pounds… 40 years and 11 months old… 58 dollars and 14 cents! Hey… it’s a gift all Dating Site women seem to have! lol

    As to the ‘high demands’ in women’s ads that are often firm and non-negotiable: These are on Fake ads so you’ll accept your failure and no response since you didn’t meet all the demands anyway. But let’s say some Real women have these demands too. Imagine you had the demands for a woman as those women have for a man and at work in the lunch break lounge 10 women were there and one of them asked you:

    “So do you have a girlfriend?” You answer “No, I’ve been on a Dating Site for 3 years and I get a lot of emails but I can’t find one woman I’m interested in.” She asks: “So what are you looking for?” And you answer in the spirit of a woman’s ad:
    “Well… she MUST be 37 to 43 years in age, 5’11” to 6’2″ in height, athletic in build, have at least a Masters Degree, earn a gross annual taxable income of $50,000.00 or preferably more, have a firm stable business or be a career professional, love to travel and will go on a tea in London then brunch in Paris trip on any spontaneous moment, loves to hike, loves to sing along to my favorite music, loves wine tastings, loves my dog because my dog is like a first born child to me, can make me laugh and make me feel butterflies in my stomach, weak in the knees, hear fireworks, see sparks and have chemistry ..and.. she can NOT live with or be too attached to her parents or live in a townhouse, mobile home or apartment and I will not tolerate being smothered by a girl as I really need my alone time away from her so I can go out with my guy friends ..oh.. and I prefer she be a natural blonde with green eyes.”

    lol Come on guys! If you said that what do you think every woman would say about you when you walked out of the room? Here’s exactly what they would say: “He doesn’t want a girl! He must be a latent homosexual and hasn’t discovered his true identity yet.”

    I believe Internet ‘Dating Sites’ will never be successfully sued for the terrible loss of millions of American men’s man hours of productivity lost, the emotional harm or physical harm i.e. premature heart attacks or strokes, nervous breakdowns, depression or financial loss incurred because: 1. No attorney firm and staff would be willing to engage in the countless hours gathering information to present a court case against them 2. No jury would be able to understand all that is involved 3. The Dating Sites already have their attorneys standing by waiting for that day and have their case already prepared 4. The ‘fine print’ on Dating Sites 5. Remember… every ‘Internet Dating Site’ calls itself an ‘Internet Dating site’ Get it? Most every man is going to be having a ‘real date’ sitting in a restaurant with a ‘real human girl’ about as likely as they’re going to get a girl pregnant having ‘phone sex’! No, I’ve never done that any more than I’ve ever had a date the last nine years and hope that was ok to say and this post has not one four letter word like many others but believe me… I didn’t ever use four letter words but POF and Match has sure given me inspiration to learn how! lol

    Wish I could continue but must close and thank you so very much for your time ..and.. Keep sending in the posts! They really can be helpful to men who have offered it all and failed miserably and doubting themselves and feeling they have no value to American women!

    I’d really love to hear about receiving rude, abusive, hateful, character attack emails. I’ve had my share and they were completely unprovoked! Anyone else?

    On POF my settings are standard and city after city my same age and distance searches consitently show more women than men on POF. Anyone else showing more women than men?

    I don’t drink alcohol (ok if she does) about 70% of women on Match list ‘About My Date’ that he drink and in my profile on POF I write I don’t approve of illegal drugs yet only about 1 in 200 on POF or Match write anything about drugs in their text. Does not drinking and no drugs make a man unacceptable to women?

    Anyone else come to the conclusion many ‘women’ (or ‘women’s emails and instant messages’) exhibit sociopathic traits? From my study of human mentality and disorders and from experimenting with my ad, emails and instant messages I’m absolutely convinced of it!

    I’d like to mention my profile and emails have always been very gentlemanly and I’ve tried and offered everything I can possibly imagine any man could. I have a good username, very nicely written profile and my emails have been as friendly, polite, complimentary and with a sense of humor as any man could send and God in Heaven knows I’ve tried my best. I’ll be the first to say I am not a ‘handsome’ man but I am nice looking and when I posted my photographs they turned out even better than I had hoped for and I’m very happy with them and all I’ve tried and I’ve tried everything you could possibly imagine. When I look at a search for my profile to see that it’s online I’ve checked other men’s ads and being very sincere I can say I’m at least in the top 10% in my local area. Yet nothing… absolutely nothing impresses the ‘women’ on POF.

    I am so discouraged! Another Christmas alone. The town I live in has zero available girls to date (except bars and I refuse to go) so I’ve run my ad in different cities and it makes no difference so I’m stuck with the Dating Sites. People who know me think I’m a great catch! They say I’d be 100 times better than what so many women end up with ..and.. it seems no amount of effort or price is too great to pay for many women to chase after, date, commit to or marry the wrong kind of man they end up having problems so bad with they eventually have to leave or divorce him. And quite a few women send emails or messages telling me of their horror stories but they’d never consider getting to know me much less an actual date! lol That’s so bizarre I don’t know whether to laugh or just break down and cry at the insanity of it all! So I’ll be spending another Christmas alone and it seems being a fine gentleman leads to a terribly lonely and dateless life. So as the Headline says:
    “What the Hell Is Wrong With Women Today?”
    Please forgive all typo’s and thank you so much for your time. Hope I’ve been helpful and Best Wishes!

  6. Julian says:

    Oh man it’s so demoralising isn’t it? I too have been trying for years and years with no success.

    I’ve tried everything, different photos some smiling, some without smiling, different lighting, different profiles, some with humor, some without humor, short descriptions, long descriptions. Nothing, absolutely nothing helps.

    I’ve sent hundreds of messages often with compliments. If I’m lucky a message won’t immediately get deleted without being read but do I ever get as much as a “thanks” for a compliment? No.

    I’ve tried countless other dating websites again with no success. On one website I even had to pay for someone’s rejection message.

    God it’s hard work.

  7. Dood says:

    A far more fun game is to get fit, spend money on clothes & your image. You’ll attract women then just reject & ignore them. If I do get a smile from a female in a bar I tend to give her a weird “ewwwww” look then move on. You can feel the anger burning inside them.

    Don’t waste your time on women. Invest your efforts into other things like education, helping the poor, etc.

    • Lincoln says:

      Yes, I think you’re correct.Unfortunately it has turned into this very unsocial environment. If one is sincere,attractive,and a nice person then I’m up for giving her a chance.But most of the time I don’t encounter this, so work on yourself and help others if you can.

  8. Transister_Radio says:

    First off, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the person who came up with the website “Plenty of Fish SUCKS”. This website allows people who have been burned and hurt by POF to see that they are NOT alone.

    It gives them a chance to see that it is NOT their fault that they aren’t getting responses to e-mails or even meeting anyone off of POF. They are NOT to blame.
    POF is a horrible website and many of the posts on “Plenty of Fish Sucks” provide proof of that.

    With that said, many of the men here have stated that many of the women on POF are shallow, cold hearted, materialistic, rude girls who might receive hundreds of e-mails and will reject all of them because none of them measure up to her standards.

    This is true. Very True.

    Certain people (such as the idiots on the Plenty of fish Forums) would disagree with this.

    Allow me to provide some proof of this.

    On the popular site “Youtube”, there have been quite a few videos lately which featue girls sitting in front of a camera MAKING FUN of all the guys who message them on Plenty of Fish. It’s not just one girl, it’s quite a few with their own set of videos.

    These girls (who have Plenty of Fish profiles) sit in front of their camera making horrible jokes about each of the guys who message them. They sit there LAUGHING at all the guys messaging them. They then upload the videos on to youtube for everyone to see.

    Allow me to provide one example.
    While I won’t provide the direct link, I will provide part of the name of the video. In the Youtube search engine type in :

    goes fishing on Plenty of fish…

    The girl who posted this video included her first name in the title of the video, but I forget what it is at this time. However, if you type in the following into the Youtube search engine :
    goes fishing on plenty of fish…

    You will find her video.

    In her video, she sits at her computer chair making fun of all the guys that message her. Allow me to provide some examples of what she says.

    Example : (she says) “Oh !! He’s six feet tall !!! He even rides a motorcycle !! (she is VERY pleased by these two things).

    She then says “But…. oh, wait, he looks like a GIRL !!”
    (I’m pretty sure that’s the part where her female friend sitting next to her begins to laugh).

    Then, without reading the rest of his profile, SHE REJECTS HIM and moves on to the next guy in her Plenty of Fish inbox.

    She appears to go from guy to guy, just looking at their photos and REJECTING all of them at lightning speed. She is NOT even reading most of their profiles.

    The most interesting part is when she see’s some other guy’s profile and says something along the lines of :
    “OH MY GOD ! His profile is so LONG ! I’m not reading all of that !”.
    She then decides to SKIP to the LAST line of the guy’s profile and only reads that.
    She then REJECTS him by saying something very rude and moves on to the next guy in her inbox.

    She even goes as far as to make fun of yet ANOTHER guy who sent her an e-mail and even shows his profile picture on camera while making fun of him.
    So yes, she even shows off one of the pictures of the guys she is making fun of on camera.

    There is a LOT more stuff she does in her video, but It’s best if you see the rest yourself. Let’s just say she’s rejecting so many guys during her four minute video, I lost count on how many guys she rejected in a span of FOUR MINUTES.

    As bad as this video is, she’s not even the worst when it comes to making these type of videos where women are making fun of all the guys who message them on Plenty of Fish.

    There are a few others on Youtube who are doing these types of videos. I forget the name of the video, but there is a trilogy of videos which feature one blond and one brunette making fun of EVERY guy who messages them on Plenty of Fish.

    While the following is not one of the videos where girls sit around and make fun of guys who message them, there is another video called :

    Guidelines for writing a plenty of fish message

    At first I took this video as a joke considering how absurd it was. However, despite some of the humor sprinkled throughout the video (NONE of it being funny), the video is a HUGE slap in the face of all the guys on Plenty of Fish.

    The girl in this video goes off about how she HATES it when men write her an e-mail that only says “Hi !! How are you ?”. In a VERY arrogant way, she insults the guys on Plenty of Fish.

    In the early part of her video, she even admits that she is shallow (at least she’s honest) and declares how she hates getting messages from ugly people. She then says that no one is going to want you for your personality so you better have some great photos.

    Again, while she does use a lot of humor in this video (where she’s just being sarcastic), she is being VERY serious about many of the other things she is saying. There are many HATE filed parts to her video where she is bashing guys on Plenty of Fish and she is serious about the things she says.

    This is a VERY disturbing thing since all the ARROGANT things she said are very much present in many of the profiles of women that you find in Plenty of Fish.

    The whole point to all of this is that it is important to know that the guys who are messaging women on Plenty of Fish are NOT at fault (despite what the people on the Plenty of Fish forums have to say).

    Guys, it’s NOT your fault.

    All those girls who are making fun of all the guys who message them on POF and then make videos on youtube are EVIDENCE of the majority of the women on Plenty of Fish.

    Cold hearted….
    The list goes on.

    Sadly, this problem is not only present on POF, but present on the outside world as well. Not all women are like the girls that are present in the two videos I talked about.
    HOWEVER, the majority are….
    and it’s growing at an alarming rate.

    The divorce rate in the U.S is at 50% (or possibly more), the dating scene is getting more and more screwed up everyday, and things aren’t exactly getting better.

  9. Leo says:

    Why do women just look at your profile and move on?

    Im a good looking guy but women just seem to do this and I had like at least 10 women that have done this and I haven’t even message them.

    BTW, Its My first time trying this online dating and wow, women on these types of sites are so damm stuck up that even the fat ugly cows are like this too.

    I have come to the realization that most of these women (besides what has been said on top of this page) are lesbians, bi, and have low self esteem.

    Transister_Radio, you seem like a very smart person and have a very strong knowledge about this online dating crap. Thank you for spreading out the good word!

    • Bruce says:

      I’ve noticed a lot of women’s profiles complain about all the idiot males who message them and can’t spell or put two sentances together.

      Like many of the men on here, it appears that’s a farce too. Being edumacated is not an added benefit either, unless you look like a UFC thug too.

      I’m betting those women who compain about not wanting to see you with your shirt off in pics (something I’ve never done), are full of shit too. Many of these tramps would melt at the sign of interest from some thug with a shirtless picture showing his tats and ripples. Funny thing is, most of the women with pics showing 70%+ of their breasts don’t turn me on at all!

  10. Leo says:

    Also, Datehookup. com is even worse than POF. Women on dating websites are such hypocrites that on there they want you to stoke up their ego before they reply to you with only a 1 or 2 meaningless word messages but when they are doing live webcam shows now the tables start to turn and yeah I know… money talks.

  11. ronniegarfield says:

    yo, dudes. save your money. yes, the dating scene is hard today than ever. even fat women got egos and its all about good looks and Money, its really about materiel stuff today . I gave up on trying to date girls a while ago and iam more happier excepting it wasn’t gonna happen, its not our faults. I know guys who don’t have a car or job and are getting more ass than bradd pitt.. go figure..

  12. ronniegarfield says:

    True story. its all dumb luck!! I know of a guy who doesn’t have a job or a car and hes buying a house with a nurse, and shes pretty hot too. The dude even convinced his wife to stay married to him so he could stay on her health insurance (his wife). Now he met some chick on the internet and is buying a house with her (well, shes buying the house) what a player this guy is… so its stories like this that make you wonder..

  13. wana65 says:

    pof defies explanation??…why in the world would a decent young looking guy that has a decent house and 2 jaguar cars,his own medical practice $150k plus a year income have trouble getting responses??..but for me that is the case?..i have recieved numerous emails from women who just dissapear after one or 2 exchanges?..must be the same lame people and game on that site??..unbelievable!

  14. ronniegarfield says:

    malls, supermarkets and stores aint any better. I don’t know where to meet em anymore. to me, they are all just stuck up.. maybe i should quit my job and i will have more luck. ha ha

    • jason says:

      yep-im finding that women only seem to go for either wife beating thugs or effeminate faggots these days(who exclude you behind your back).I give up-and that’s exactly what im doing-quitting my job, grabbing a backpack and just exploring the country.

    • Lincoln says:

      Yes,I know. Where does one meet women now? Those days seem to be over. They are incredibly antisocial now. Women want to choose their men,and they do. But now you have to meet all of their requirements. It’s a long impossible list. I’m tall and fairly attractive with a job, and I still have a hard time. God help those who aren’t tall and have something else that may hinder themeselves to be successful with

  15. Mike says:

    I’ve had plenty of young and hot chicks initiate contact with me on that site, but even I think the place sucks. The women on there are total cunts. I deleted my account last night.

    You’re better off going out to clubs and such. The women on there are too arrogant, because even the fatties, oldies and uglies get loads of mails to them.

    I remember one chick from that site who contacted me. I’ve had two 16 year old girls contact me on there, which is fine by me because 16 is legal here. I got. Anyway, I replied to them, and got them on to MSN. Both of them just said nothing to me at all, even when I tried speaking to them. Remember, these girls initiated contact with me.

    About 2 years later, I tried talking to this girl again on MSN, and she was really mood to me for no reason. Bitch.

  16. ronniegarfield says:

    maybe we should all quit our jobs and ditch our driver’s license and maybe we will get girls to go out with us. seems to work for the unemployed…

  17. Leo says:

    Yeah, it seems all these women go toward guys that are unemployed or just plain losers. High school chick on these sites are never serious and are just there for an ego stroke or whatever they’re looking for…. maybe a missing chromosome anyway get a load at what this one whore said that goes by the name “theonly1here” on that Datehookup website:

    “I don’t like guys that speak slang or think their hot. I love country music and i play volleyball. I’m that girl that you think of when you say “I wounder if there really is a princess out there”. Write me to know more(: If you dont write a crazy cute different message i wonnnttt write back”

    Princess? seriously? She cant even spell but wow what sad shallow ego lol

  18. D-UNIT says:

    I stumbled onto this site right after the last straw on POF. I talked to a woman last night, she was happy and seemed alright, today I called her and mentioned something she said about one of her dates that wasnt all that, she said that all I ever thought about was negatives, I was thinking WTF she was starting to sound like one of those happy/sad cases AKA bi-polar. She said this wasnt going to work, I firmly agreed,bye. Let me give you some details, I am 62 y/o 6-4 250# ex army special forces, I am retired and have a ton of money and my own home, drive a nice monte. I am a retired merchant marine, so thats why the POF connection, been at sea for many years, and around the world many times. I am not bragging or complaining but you couldnt guess my age to be around 50…I will say about POF I have never been so badly treated and dissed by a bunch of friggin low life so called women in my life, disfunctional is the word. When a woman says she has a glass of wine on her profile, its usually 64 ozs.(every day) and you are usually standing in her last boyfriends shoes or ex s. I have been out with financial advisors that had no idea of a financial plan and accountants that couldnt add up their paycheck, usually simple math there. And to top it all off they all think I want their puss, 99% of them I wouldnt touch with a long pole. When a woman says she has an average figure, you can bet its dam big average, and her twenty y/o picture she put on the profile, like I wouldnt find out shes a lying bitch when we meet. I finally smartened up and got away from all of that b/s, when you put yourself in the way of the muzzle, you usually get the bullett. I will rage a bit more and then leave it alone, I refuse to be treated in such a disrespectful manner by some low low average attention whores that cant pay the mortgage and cant fix their own shit around the house, and if they were all they say they are then WTF are they doing on a date site, I have been at sea for many years, and have enjoyed the company of some of the worlds most desirable and beautiful women. These american women are backing themselves in a corner, make your fucking bed and sleep in it, fat, ugly disgusting, drunk, cant hold a conversation, its just a shame thinking they are all that. Ill be going back overseas…good luck to all of you men, just remember if you let women treat you anyway they feel like then you will suffer until you smarten up.

  19. ronniegarfield says:

    d-unit. its gotten worse over the years.. even the fat 20 tattoos ones who aint got no man, are picky as hell

    • Leo says:

      Besides the 6-10 ugly tattoos they have, dont forget the piercings and the nasty nose ring they have between the nostril that makes them look like a bull. goar, goar, goar lol

  20. Alan says:

    Girls on POF in the UK are the same as American girls, who obviously haven’t matured enough into women that know what they want, unless going for players and thugs time and time again is what a woman does? then have the nerve to post some bullshit like “where are all the good guys?” on their profiles.

    I’ve stopped using that site now as after a while it really does get to you as its to much hassle to get to know a woman when its 99% full of girls.

    • Lincoln says:

      Yes, I believe it. Many woman (often fucked up ones) go for bad boys or losers because the girls themselves are fucked up. Birds of a feather. A hot looking tramp wants to find a man that is worse than she is to make her feel better and less dirty. She wants to be the virgin princess, but she knows she can’t so the next best thing is to find a piece of garbage bad boy so that she’ll feel more pure. Quite often girls like men who take risks and go against the grain. A biker with tattoos. A convict. Ted Bundy the famous serial killer had many female admirers while
      he was in jail. For many chicks,being nice is boring. But I say be who you are because good always prevails in the end. Good people win in the end most of the time.

  21. Jeff says:

    Back in ancient times, when one empire wanted to conquer another, one of the many methods used aside from surrounding that country to not allow food or trade, was to corrupt their women. This gave the men within that country nothing to fight for. Who wants to fight for a country full of stupid women that turn on their own men?

    The exact same tactics have been used in America. Most people do not realize this. It was done through mainstream media, cinema, education system, feminist movement. It takes a generation for the changes to take effect, but the changes are here and were successful. What we have, for the most part, is a greater portion of the population of women that have brains that are warped and hardwired to believe that they are something special, they can do anything a man can do and better, they deserve everything the world has to offer, they deserve the best college degrees and the top jobs to go with it, and that relationships & marriage should be the way they think it should be aside from what God intended for a union to be between a man and women. And the very day things don’t go well in their marriage, most divorces are initiated by women. Although it is a sin against God to divorce, women could careless. They have their own beliefs aside from God. Go pick up a bible and see what Jesus said about divorce.

    Gentleman, some of you might not be crazy about the bible, and some of you might be great followers of the bible, but the first act of defiance against God was by Eve, a woman of course. This story has much greater symbolism and much deeper meaning today than ever. It’s almost rather eerie if you really think about it. To me, women perpetuate evil. Some say that money is the root of all evil, but why is it that throughout human history man has always chased money and power? It’s because that’s what it has always taken to obtain women! If woman were attracted to nice great guys that didn’t have money and were proud followers of God, wouldn’t every guy on this earth then try to be the best possible Christian and follower of God as possible? Women are attracted to evil. Every time I see an $80K SUV on the road, it’s always some stupid woman driving it. It’s all about materialism, money, and appearance to women. They resemble what Satan values.

    Today it is worse than ever. POF is just simply a reflection of it. Women don’t go onto POF to look for their equal counterparts to establish life long meaningful relationships with. They go onto POF to obtain the BEST. Because these women, that are average looking or slightly better, all think they deserve the top males of society. And if they cannot find the BEST, then of course, they go for the WORST. Yes, they then go for the guy that does drugs, has no job, is ugly, fat, stupid, and worthless. Women only chase guys from both ends of the spectrum. Either a guy that is way out of their league, or way below their league. Decent looking, clean cut, responsible, God fearing men need not apply.

    Transistor_Radio hit the nail on the head. Why bother with so much effort and ego stroking, only to face so much rejection? I have found myself in that exact same boat. I have gone out with women that were below my league, that I found myself walking on eggshells around. I found myself having to stroke their egos just to keep them acting somewhat civil towards me. Only for them to reject me for whatever reason they could find, and then jumping back onto POF so they can answer their 75 other emails. I don’t think one female I have met has ever complimented me on anything. It’s all about themselves and seeking perfection in their lives through a society that has manufactured success in their favor through affirmative action, feminism, and brain washing.

    • Mark says:

      AMEN brother!!! Well said!

    • james says:

      Nicely put! I’m a Christian as well and I find internet dating a complete waste of time.
      I’ve tried four different sites all the same result.
      I’m 30, 6ft tall and 165 lbs with a little bit muscle, a new car, a house, a restored classic car, a motorcycle, a decent income and I get nothing on these sites or in real life.
      It’s so freaking depressing I feel like giving up looking for a woman at all.

  22. Mark says:

    How is it that women are so damm picky with their requirements and write all this huge crap in their About me section and yet they can only respond with a 1 or 2 words when you send them an email???? WTF

    • sherkhan says:

      I know! The few responses I have gotten have all been just a few words or just a few sentences. No follow up questions, no compliments, no thank you, no nothing.

  23. ronniegarfield says:

    all these women want is money. tattoos and babies off 20 different dudes.. i even read in a magazine that most girls dont pay cash for their tattoos, they give sex for em.. An article from an actual tattoo artist says he onlys makes money off the guys. girls don’t pay. you get it?

    • Mark says:

      I did not know that! Ive been talking to this decent looking chick for 2 weeks now and has 8 tattoos damn…. im gonna stop talking to her now and get off this POF. That explains why they’re on these sites imagine if porn wasn’t free? we all be doomed!

  24. ronniegarfield says:

    you know whats hurting women a little these days. is that dudes dont need to get pussy off women when they got 500 free porn sites on the internet. iam sure thats got to hurt womens game a little..

  25. ronniegarfield says:

    is pussy really worth all this???
    look at some of the crucial consequences that come with it… pregnancy – child support half your check for 18 years. All the bullshit you have to deal with, diseases. HIV, herpes (yes you can get this from open mouth kissing) and most people have it.. All the drama you have to go through.. hundreds of dollars and wasted time.. dudes. 50$ go to the massage pallor and a good massage and get your rocks off and be on your way… Trust me. its too much work agony and bullshit..

  26. Mark says:

    Ive gotten some few emails from below average looking or baby mamas and they don’t even know how to write a message. They hit me up with words like just “Hi” or “Hi, how are you?” and yet when guys do this, these same women complain how they hate receiving messages like that and they just unread/delete your message… hypocrites bitches.

  27. mitch71 says:

    back in my teens into my middle 20s
    before the internet came out i did not know what narcistic personality was?..i never could understand why when i got a girls phone number and she showed interest at the time!.then when i came to call her she was distant or playing some hard to get type of game?..i developed a bad problem in my head about my looks and who i was as a man as a result!..it was not until 1995 when i was 23 years old that i went outside of the USA for my first time!..i realized that there was nothing wrong with my looks and me and that it was THE AMERICAN WOMEN!..then when the net came around i now better understand the personality disorders that american women suffer from!..now i am always visiting asia and american women dont even exsist in my world!..what a relief!…

  28. jason says:

    i have been on PLENTY OF FILTH since its invention in 2004!..during that time i have talked to countless american women and went on a dozen dates!..all the women had issues of some kind!..now the class of women on the site are worse than ever!..even the ones over seas!..however!..this past week i met a girl in vietnam who was not on plenty of fish but we got connected through a lady who i did meet on pof over seas!..this lady is confident and employed at a decent job in her country and i do have the time and funds to get involved!and she likes me and is very interested and we have been making plans..i deleted my pof account yesterday and let me just say in the famous words of Dr Martin Luther King!…FREE AT LAST! GOD ALMIGHTY FREE AT LAST!..and it feels great!

  29. ronniegarfield says:

    Good question? how many of you have gotten laid as a result of this site??and was it worth it???

    • Jeff says:

      I did manage to get laid from POF, but as usual, the girl was kinda heavy. Not obese, but not normal and fit either. The only reason why I did was because it had been a while since I had gotten any action. What’s a guy to do? If women in America weren’t so horrible, then a lot of guys wouldn’t have to go to such lows to get laid.

      And of course….after it was over, I had that regretful depressing feeling of hopelessness. That is the worse feeling. We’ve all had our “fat girl hookups” and that will probably be my last. I just hate that regretful feeling afterwards.


    • jay says:

      I met one who was rather good looking….then I find out she is sleeping with the neighbor that is 24 yrs older than she is. Her old bf is 25 years older. Her three ex husbands (all within 7 years) are in their 60’s (she is in her early 40’s). I was the youngest in my late 40’s. She had to marry the babies daddies all kids from different males. Then she tells me she isn’t a gold digger,yeah right. All these old dudes had money and toys. She has no job and is an alcoholic plus a chain smoker. I found all this out rather quickly and I left. She starts drinking at 9 am till at least 10 pm. She is now with her 64 yr old neighbor that is a creepy perverted old dude. Yeah plenty of fish equals plenty of whores.

  30. stan says:

    I did get laid from pof. One time. Now I am now testing for herpes, Aids, and was worried sick for about 3 weeks now when I felt my dick burning.

    Here is how it happened. I had a date with a girl who listed herself at 5’3. I am about 6’0 so I didnt think much of the height difference. When I came to pick her up she was a DWARF maybe 5’0 with HEELS on. Her friends were there at the resto so I run AWAY.

    At the same time this other girl from pof texts me and asks me to pick her up (out of nowhere). I got excited and went to get her….she was a skinny, tattooed, pierced weed smoker. I wanted to throw her out of my car but the devil played with my head and I penetrated her for 2 minutes before she said: “o yea I had sex with about 30-40 guys”. I got out and was paranoid (and still am).

    deleted pof. I am out

  31. dave says:

    Whoah Stan be careful man these kinda sluts can be nasty! There is no in between on pof, it is either the stuck up bitch who won’t even meet anyone (except if they are paying for dinner) or the trashy drug addicted whore who screws any dirt-bag in sight.

    I don’t know if it is me but I keep seeing the same bitches all year round on the website. A lot of these girls I went on dates with and they are absolutely despicable creatures. I mean they have all the undesirable qualities a man could ever wish for! Not funny, nothing interesting to say, self-centered, broke, fat, smelly….

    If you grew up like me with no real social circa and you need to rely on internet dating then God help you.

  32. ronniegarfield says:

    internet dating for men is bad. just plain bad.. Women have the upper hand. iam throwing myself under a bus here, but i look at it like this, if they are on a dating site then there must be something wrong..

    • Alan says:

      99% of girls on dating websites are the same girls that your mother told you to stay clear of when you was growing up, as they either have issues, single mothers, gold diggers or just outright nasty cunts who would end up ruining the poor guys life like their own ruined lives.

      One good thing though about these girls though, its made me focus on myself as Id rather remain single and be happy doing what I what when I want, instead of having to put up with girls again and again messing with my head when all they really want is the players and thugs (which they will NEVER admit it but its so true).

  33. ronniegarfield says:

    Yes, girls love bad boys.. always did. Me too, iam more focused on me these days.. its too much hassle

  34. Rob says:

    I think the frustration men are feeling are simply due to bad odds. Most, not all, but most men, need women & sex. The opposite is not true for women. For the Western female population, take away 1) Lesbians, 2) Feminists/those with cock anger, 3) golddiggers, and 4) morbidly obese, and there’s not really a whole lot left. Sure, there are women who enjoy masculinity & sex, but what, maybe 20%, if that?? They are with the bad boys. The rest are either licking each other, are pissed off intensely at men, or are holding out for the most eligible bachelor. Money, power, fame.

    Women simply don’t need us the way we need them. They may want us, but want is not the same as need. They can afford to hold out & play games, which is what is happening on the online dating sites.

    On the surface you would thing there’s about 1 woman for every man on the planet…but factor in the qualifiers and you are probably looking at 1 woman for ever 6 or 8 men.

    What is the worst that will happen to a chick that held out too long? When she’s 50, she’ll move back with her mother or sister, and ride out the clock with a cat & cable TV.

    Back in the old days, perhaps the lack of carreer choices contributed to women wanting to get into a marriage a try to make it work-through sweat & sacrifice. Now they can get any job & often will get preferrence over a male candiate. If they are both smart and attractive, the world is basically at their feet for the taking. Why would they need us?

    • lincoln says:

      Very true. The odds aren’t very good anymore. There are too many reasons why girls don’t have any use for a man now. But there are more women than men. However,the uglies, grannies,and fatties are always available and they are quite often friendly and willing to go out. But a very attractive women (in her thirties or forties)who is friendly with a decent job? A very rare bird indeed.

  35. ronniegarfield says:

    Rob, your are 1000% right about this. They really don’t need us at all. but they always seem to end up with someone.. They want those babies and guys will do anything and i mean anything just to get their dick sucked. And girls know this. they give up a little head and get their kids and see ya..Yes, women have the upper hand now more than ever. They are not only pretty with perfect bodies and 100 tattoos, they are also extremely intelligent, and are getting like 4 or 5 degrees in all kinds of things. so they really dont need a man for money like they use to…
    I still belive alot of getting laid is looks. yeah money helps, but alot of dudes on dating sites make decent enough money, but its not enough. If you have both, its better. but there really is no such thing is True Love like on t.v. its really all about material things and what they can get. bABIES AND SECURITY ARE THAT. I think i said it best..

  36. Danny says:

    Funny story that I feel I should notify you guys about. It’s about an experience I had he other day. It has nothing to do with dating itself but it has a LOT to do with what’s wrong with women today.

    Me and a few buddies were hanging out at the mall the other day, sitting at the food court with a coffee as we chit-chatted. We do this routinely on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, and it’s a fun way to get out of the house if we’re all off of work and there’s not much else to do.

    Well, suddenly these three girls sat down at a table in our eyesight directly in front of us.(around our age.. 19-24)
    As we continued to chat, I found myself glancing their way on occasion, and once they noticed this the first few times, they started STARING back at me, and whispering amongst each other. So when I made eye contact with one of them by accident, I smiled their way politely. No more than 10 seconds later, one of them mumbled to the other while still holding their gaze on me, and they immediately stood up, wlaked around and moved tables where they were out of our eyesight!

    WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THESE WOMEN!? No, we were’t staring at you. No, we weren’t desiring you and undressing you with our eyes.. And no, we don’t want you! You’re a bunch of 6 out of 10’s anyway!

    It seems to me taht this is no longer about guys having trouble getting dates, but about guys being privileged to even make eye contact with the female race. IT’S SO FUCKED!!!!

    Knowing the way women act, I wouldn’t doubt if those three females left the mall that day and hooked up with a guy that does drugs, has tattoos, has his hat sideways with his pants on the ground, and “tawks like dizzzz yoooo!”

    Those guys are deemed acceptable boyfriend material, but I’m NOT!?
    So frustrating!

  37. ronniegarfield says:

    dan, wow, so true today. women dont want you even looking at them unless they think your good looking. Girls today, think most guys are stalkers and psychos.. Unless your good looking to them. And think all guys want is sex. yet they will go to an orgy and screw 500 guys and do 20 girls too. you do know 75% of most girls today go both ways.. I really almost give up

  38. The POOFster says:

    Here’s the deal with Plenty of Fecal matter.

    We all know women are on there for an ego stroke, killing time, have severe emotional and mental issues, and or are single mom’s all looking for a “white Knight, perfect 10 looking provider.

    With that being said I can ASSURE you as I’ve tested my theory that with a minimum of three pictures of an unknown model looking guy in non model taken posed pictures and a height of at least 6’… no matter how bland and short “your” profile is…They WILL respond. I’ve tested it with over 100 women at least and 99% literally wrote back and pushed for conversation with questions, sent IM chat requests, sent unsolicted emails to the “models” pics, laughed at everything “I” said and gave numbers to “me” that I never called…within three or less email exchanges. “I” even had women talk sexually suggestive to lure the “10” they saw into meeting them. I did the old “unread/read deleted at that point to bust their fairytale bubble a bit.

    Women will say anything to make them “appear” like a great catch on there but in all honesty they as a WOMAN went on a free dating site for a reason..They want the “trophy” looking guy to “complete” their nothing to offer, shallow, pathetic, fragile ego’s.

    Examples of chicks profile requirements and lines below:

    “Make me laugh, I love to laugh” = I want you to look hot as hell and make me giggle no matter how boring, unfunny, unemployed, abusive or dumb you are. (Who the hell doesn’t love to laugh?)

    “I don’t reply to guys with their shirts off” = (Chick reverse psychology) they put that so the guys posing shirtless will see them as a challenge and reply. They aren’t fooling anyone.

    “Searching for the one, my prince etc.”= chicks who are forever delusional and would offer nothing in return but want a “perfect man” to take care of them. (Good luck with that.)

    “If you don’t have a picture don’t contact me”= Even if you do and have a few…if you aren’t drop dead gorgeous I won’t respond either.

    “Tired of the games, no game players, jerks etc.” = I’m a complete mess who’s only been attracted to game players and jerks my whole life but don’t realize I’m dumb enough to actually type those statements and show the game players and jerks I’m vulnerable and I suffer from “victim” mentality”. though of course it’s not my fault. It never is. My statement is also a warning to normal, non game players to avoid me at all costs as who in their right frame of mind (unless they want to use me as their personal cum dumpster) would write to someone like me and expect me not to be a complete mess. *If you are a perfect “10” looking guy and a jerk please write me and use and abuse me then toss me aside so I can continue to send out my false “complaint” that “all” men are jerks…of course again it’s not my fault. I’m never accountable for who I date or my actions.

    Those are only a few of the logical translations to the social misfits of “women” that are chronic residents of Plenty of Fish.

    Do all of yourselves a favor. Either look REALLY good and game the hell out of them….or do what everyone else does. Don’t join that site and meet REAL people in REAL life. The Plenty of Fish Cesspool is what it is. Like it or not.

  39. ronniegarfield says:

    Yo, society isn’t much better than dating sites. I joined a gym and the girls are all stuck up and dont want no parts of any dudes. at least not me… Thy give dirty looks, dont smile.. its tough./..

  40. Alan says:

    At a gym, the supermarket or just walking down a street is really no better than POF women but at least you get to see the stuck up cunts in the flesh than the gutless cows hiding behind a monitor sat on their throne.

    Women over here (England,UK) are just idiotic and immature, the majority just consider guys creepy and a stalker just for wanting to get to know them….Its really so ridiculous and when you get that look (you know the look from them, that makes you feel like crap just for taking a interest in them) its the way it is and will get worse. So expect to see the amount of single mothers increase in your area as they’ve obviously not matured yet and still require (and chase after) scum.

  41. musicman212 says:

    Being single isn’t easy and using a site like POF can really bring on the depression. I was originally a customer, or I guess I should say, a victim of fraud, of the big pay site that begins with the letter “M” and finally saw what they were doing. They apparently have a law firm working F/T for them, to handle all the class action law suits resulting from folks catching them doing it. This continues right to the present day. They have Professional fake profile writers and also utilize software that deletes e-mail communications between members. The classic is the bit where your subscription is about to expire and you receive e-mail communications from attractive women, who turn out to be persons who deleted their memberships months earlier. Nice. The other major criminal enterprise in this is the one that I have affectionately named Disharmony dot com. Exactly the same MO with them. Those ads on TV are almost unbearable, aren’t they? Featuring the paid actors and actresses all giggling, out at dinner with their new dream dates. Uhuh, sure. A Playmate of the Year, having dinner with some gay looking dude, who does nothing but giggle with her. Sure, happens every day. Pleeeeease.
    The question that is brought up frequently is, “are all the women online simply heartless monsters, who don’t reply to e-mails and just enjoy toying with a man’s feelings?” Well, the answer is yes. But, like most things in life, there are exceptions. There actually are nice women (intelligent, non gold digger, non game players) on some of these sites, but they are almost impossible to find and will tell you that the whole online experience is frightening to them. So, as guys, we have two things to contend with: the despicable game player types of women (yes, the vast majority online), but also the guys out there who are profoundly mentally ill. They are the ones who flood the sites with messages to the women, which are so vile that the chicks become scared to reply, even to what appears to be a nice guy sending a sincere message. Guys, I think we’re screwed.
    It’s partly Feminism (which, yes, is evil), it’s partly the massive Gold Digging (a big problem), partly the gals who deliberately post profiles just to be confusing and cruel ( oh yes, lots of those) and also the perverted imbecile GUYS who have made this method of finding someone online almost impossible.
    POF Forums: how did I get there? After canceling my pay account with Fraud dot com,….(I mean “M”), I was bummed out and did a search on “dating site fraud”. Oh my God. Lots of good stuff and most of it verifiable in the News, too. Anyway, I saw a site listed, that had HUNDREDS of people writing in to share their horror stories about “M”. It was POF! I spent the next few hours there. Some very eloquent and smart folks were sharing their experiences. It was much worse than I had thought. The greed of the pay sites is unbelievable,….”M” is king alright and for good reason. LOL. Hey, what am I laughing at?,….they stole my money too! From there I looked around at the other sections and was enthralled by the large number of great postings. What happened to me is that I joined up with POF, ran a good profile and good photos and went through the same nonsense that so many guys went through there. That site is also set up to keep you coming back and has the same “auto delete” software that erases e-mails between members, the “unread-deleted” phenomenon is software driven and is not always the women. After about a year of that, I gave up and began visiting the Forums again. The number of guys who were furious about online dating was staggering (and frequently very funny too). One guy said, “These fat women all think they are so hot, like they are in big demand or something. They are all waiting to have some handsome, rich guy sweep them off their feet. Forget it guys, you’d throw your back out”. Stuff like that. I’m cracking up all over again while I’m trying to type this!
    I know that we are not supposed to say anything positive about POF here, but I have to say this: that site used to allow us to post the most outrageously funny (and many times angry) comments about POF itself. Yes, about POF itself. It was free speech in it’s pure form and was astonishing. I loved it. But, as with all good things, the moderators eventually changed,…..and for the worse. A whole new dysfunctional era began, when the guy who is into Cows and Boys (you know who I mean) became moderator,….and quickly emerged as Fuhrer. Complete with favorite pets (gals) who were allowed to bash men mercilessly, and the immediate deletion of anything critical of women or the site. I was banned until the year 2015 or something, several times and had to re-apply as a new member so many times that it became tiring. (Don’t use the same e-mail address when re-joining and you should be OK).
    Lastly, thank you to the creator of this blog site, because it gives us a chance to talk about this stuff. I took the time to submit this because of the many excellently written postings that are here. “Transistor Radio” really does a nice job with his posts. All of you do, actually, …..but he really sums it all up with fabulous depth. Also, this is a tribute to two of the members that used to post regularly on the POF Forums, (the good old days, a few years back),….”cybury” and “manforrent”,….who had me in stitches laughing. I agreed with “cybury” that there is a profound need for a site for today’s POF fat women online,….and he came up with “Fats with Tats” as the site name. I think I had tears in my eyes, I was laughing so hard. Not because making fun of fat women is cool, but because the ones on that site were obnoxious as hell and thought that they were the cat’s meow. Well, I guess they would, wouldn’t they. They are protected on the site! Just like the Buffalo.
    Have a good day everyone and hang in there.
    Me? I’m staying away from the online dating now and keeping my eyes open out there, while working and shopping, etc.. Most of you guys are saying that too. What else can you do?

  42. ronniegarfield says:

    yeah, musicman, i hear ya, But shopping at targets and walmarts ain’t much better, i gotten the dirty looks from fat girls with 50 tattoos. and i’ am thinking? who are you to give me these looks, you should be lucky anyones looking at you!, but these rude wise asses know that with their slutty and tats look, they will get guys, cause they look like a good time.. I dunno.. i to the point of just really excepting the fact that there is no true love.. when your in your late 30’s, and you aint got no one, its most likely never gonna happen.

  43. trevzilla says:

    I’ve been driving for an escort site to make some money while I try to land a job in IT. Not that I’m advocating paying for a hooker, but I can see why many men, who’ve probably had their spirits crushed and given up all hope, turn to an agency for some female companionship. At least hookers are more honest about what they want out of a guy. It’s straight up money for sex and cuts out all the bullshit involved in the dating game.

  44. I’m so glad I found this site!!!
    I’ve had a nice 100% failiure rate on POF too, & I don’t know why. I’m a gentleman, not bad looking, dark green eyes, 6 ft 3 in.
    All I seem to meet are the ones mentioned above.
    I was speaking to a girl for a few weeks, we seemed to really click. We spoke for hours at a time on the phone, and she seemed to be everything I’ve been looking for.
    I started to notice she was a bit retarded, because she kept asking me to explain the big words, and could barely string a coherent paragraph together either in writing or speech. She is a carer for old people too-kind of worrying.
    Anyway, she kept saying things like I think you’re the one, you’re a lovely guy, handsome, &c, but we met yesterday & actually within the first 5 mins of conversation says, I don’t think you’re my type. She came to my house too, which has me worried I’m going to get robbed by a load of scum in the night.
    Alarm bells did start to ring when she couldn’t read the word Psychology off the spine of 1 of the books on my shelf!
    I’m still cut up and shaking after that because she really made me believe that she was the one.
    She seemed like she was just attracted to people that would hurt her, like in all her other relationships she told me about. WTF is going on in this world?
    POF has left me shaking in the corner!
    That is only one of my experiences, another girl phoned me 3 weeks later saying, she had just given birth to my child, WTF??? While I was on the first date she was screaming at someone on the phone saying it’s your baby. I agreed to take her home, & she invited me in-I didn’t want to, but she kept saying she didn’t want to be alone, & I can never resist a cry for help. I went in, and there was this guy there, who claimed to be her brother, but you don’t kiss & touch your kin like that, and call them babes.
    I eventually sneaked off, & went home, thank god!
    So if you’re thinking of joining POF, don’t bother!!!

  45. Ludvik says:

    I’m not on Plenty of Fish, but a similar site. It’s only taken me one week to see that the myth of ‘low female self esteem’ is just that: a myth. These women have self esteem through the roof and over the rainbow. It doesn’t matter how ugly they are, or how old, they are profoundly confident little princesses. In fact, I have had just as much luck breaking through to the beautiful ones as to the uglier ones, or the ones who are older than me. You’re just as likely to get a response from a 19 year-old bombshell as from a washed up 45 year-old. You may as well shoot for the stars, because you probably aren’t going to have any luck anyway. Don’t waist time on the ugly ones. It’s pointless.

    The conformity is unbelievable, and actually quite scary. ‘I’m an optimistic person’ is a mantra that is defended with religious zeal, and heretics are burned. How can they all be optimistic? What are they optimistic about?

    Each profile is exactly the same. They love to travel. Travel, travel, travel. Apparently they’ve traveled so much that the standard places no longer impress them. They have to go to Tibet or Nepal. The same woman who will be giddy go to China, with its horrible environmental and human rights abuses, will probably flip out if she finds out you once shot a squirrel with a .22 or drive a V8.

    Other guys here keep saying all that matters is how much money you make, but I haven’t seen that at all. Don’t overestimate money, online or off. Most of these broads are not even going to bother finding out if you have any money. They’re way too lazy and self obsessed to gold dig. They’re just looking at your photo and that’s it. Facially pretty white boys in their early or mid twenties, or the exact opposite–something exotic–is usually the only thing that they’re interested in. Period. They don’t care about your money, your muscles, your intelligence, what kind of car you drive, what you read, your sense of humor, where you went to school, what work you do, or even if you work. They’re only looking at your photos. There’s actually no need to even fill out a profile. Just upload your photos and let them judge you.

    Even if you are good looking enough for them, then you have to start dealing with the fact that most of them cannot keep a conversation going to save their lives. It’s not like you can go to bed with them like you met them at a party and then not have to deal with them verbally. You actually have to email/chat/talk to them for long enough to get things moving, overcome their Lifetime TV movie fears and make them trust you. Most of them are just too flat-out stupid and illiterate to manage even a tolerably interesting conversation. After a couple of, ‘so how’s your life’ emails or texts, you’re literally talking about the weather.

    One of my worst experiences was with a fairly cute woman whose profile was totally empty except it said she liked dogs. She had smiled at me twice and visited my profile multiple times. So I emailed her asking what kind of dog she had. She wrote back shocked that I’d ask that question. ‘Why would you ask me that?’ I replied–logically I thought–‘because you said you liked dogs in your profile.’ She disappeared. No reply. Whatever.

    The more intelligent you are and the more intellectual your interests, the more soul destroying the whole process is. But, you know, stay optimistic!

    • Jim says:

      I know it can be confusing. When these women have such unrealistic demands and snub nice normal guys. But the low self esteem IS evident by their writings. It’s like the loudest guy in the room, boasting that he is “such a bad ass!” That just proves, he’s really the biggest pussy.
      These women have to declare themselves HOT, perfect and God’s gift. To cover up their insecurity within.

      I can give you other examples. Beware the women in their 40’s, they are the worst. They are ALL horny as hell. But for one reason or another. Believe that guys in their 40’s, can’t fuck them good? So they are ALL looking for a “long term” relationship, with a 30 something. (even 20’s)
      Once they have been passed around the online dating “guy pool,” for several years. And when the years start to creep in on them. Some really do finally realize, they are stupid. No 15-20yr younger guy, wants them for more than, easy pussy and a blowjob. So their age requirements change dramatically!
      Also a 39yr old woman with NO kids might want guys 30-42. But the 39yr old woman with 2-3 kids at home? Her guy age range will be 35-48. Because she has a loser EX, that doesn’t pay her and she NEEDS HELP!

      Beware women that have been online more than 2yrs. If they are even average looking and a decent body. They have been banged constantly, like a war drum! And have had more turns on them, than a doorknob.

      My 1st “girlfriend” after my divorce. Had been online for nearly 2yrs. In fact, she has since moved to San Diego (better MAN hunting?) And has NOW been online (POF and Match) for nearly 6yrs? Just for shits and grins, I look up her user name a couple times a month. (Sunshinegirl008)
      She will disappear for a month or even 4-6 months. (this is VERY common, it means they are “hooked up”) NOT, “just taking a break from dating” (which they all say) But sure as the sun will rise, she will be back. (she and they, are all ADDICTED!)
      She was 5yrs older than I and yes, she was a beautiful woman (on the outside) But on the inside, you will NEVER meet a more shallow, superficial, pretentious, demanding, judgmental and selfish woman! She spends hours a day at the gym, spa, etc. Her contribution to the relationship, is her hair, nails, toes, face and body. (that is her “investment”)
      She requires constant, non stop entertainment. 4 star dining 5 out of 7 nights a week. Dinner, drinks, movies, Vegas, cruises, beach vacations, etc, etc. If you can’t deliver, you won’t be around long. But she will Better Deal you, in secret. If you have to work that night or out of town on business? She will have a back-up (or 2-3)
      And heres the worst part about it. She is very attractive physically, but a lousy lay! I’ve probably been with 100 women in my life. And she is in the bottom 5, in terms of quality, experience, motivation and attitude. Whats more, she is pre-menopausal. In a year of dating, she got off thru intercourse twice. Everytime, thru oral sex, but not regular. (and I DO have the needed equipment) Everytime we had sex, it was a marathon, 1 1/2 to 2hrs at least. It just got so boring and mundane. Have her ride me like an eliptical machine at the gym, but never get off? (she said she rarely does thru intercourse) Theres nothing wrong with the random “quickie,” I told her. But she would not have any of that.
      So it is NO surprise she is still online. This is the definition, of a HIGH maintainence, attention whore. Must be entertained constantly, but gets bored quickly. Learn to spot them early, USE them and DUMP them. Right on their well deserved and well FUCKED ass!

  46. ronniegarfield says:

    yep, must love dags., kids, and travel. wow, on the money there. One interesting factor here is that they dont ever get to find out that you do or dont have money.. Its all looks with them. really guys. do we need all this bullshit in our lives for what? for who? I look at it this way and will throw myself under a bus here too, if your 35-45 and you ain’t got no one, chances are, you never will get one… I was never lucky at this. Either you get girls or you dont. theres no in between.. and i dont wanna be 61 and old and shot when ir if i finally get someone who’s 62 and washed up and used up too

    • cybury says:

      yup I agree. I can’t find anyone compatable because quite honestly what I seek seems to be in hot demand. all i can do is treat the undesirable women the same way I have been treated. so if you are a female past your child bearing years, unemployed or employed in menial labour, 6 kids from different dads, skanky tattooes, fatter than a pig in shit well then expect to get read deleted as I, like everyone else, have no want of a spent old carcass thats had her badboy fun. Yup my attitude, if you cant produce a baby or a paycheque what F’n good are you?

  47. Erik says:

    Ludvik, your comment is so true.

    Every profile is nearly the same. Whether is be “I love traveling” or “I’m shy at first, but warm up quickly”, it’s like they are writing from the same script.

    I was apart of POF for a short time, but was a member of Chemistry.com for about half a year. The behavior was the same on both sites: constant rejection and ignoring follow-up emails even after they were the first to initiate contact. I’ve quit both sites, and I’m not sure where to go from here. It’s hard to justify paying upwards of $30 a month to get constantly ignored and rejected.

    This feeling of “walking on eggshells” that a previous commenter said is very accurate. It’s not limited to just online dating, I’ve experienced years of that from women I met in real life. It’s like they are constantly deferring to “someone else” who might be coming down the pipeline, who might be “better”. And it’s not like I’m expecting a super serious relationship or are expecting a fast track to marriage. It’s just dating, but they treat it like a job interview where if you don’t fulfill a laundry list of requirements, the deal is instantly off. Don’t like dogs? So long! Don’t like travel? Get lost! Petty things like this shouldn’t be such huge deal breakers, but they often are.

    I suspect that a lot of online profiles are just women projecting what they’d like to do, rather than what they actually do. Unless you are born into wealth, or are apart of a job or program at school that has you traveling a lot, you can’t possibly afford to do as much international travel as they portray. My theory is that they state that they love traveling in hopes that some rich guy will swept them off their feet and take them around the world.

    The unfortunate part of all of this? Once you are out of college and working full time, it’s really hard meeting women, so online dating is often our only hope.

  48. ronniegarfield says:

    yo, erik, iam with you on the traveling thing. These girls always wanna travel and us to pay for it.. and their kids too. To have a girlfriend today, you got to make at least 100.000$ a yr

  49. dav says:

    My personal favourite is when they message you, hit it off exchange numbers then start texting and within a a few days ignore you before you’ve even had a conversation. Yeah fime, she could have met someone but then why is she still logging in, why is it so hard to say shes lost interest? Better yet how can you know about someone enough to make a compatability decision after a few texts? Are they psychic? Honestly the site is full of head cases, its just not normal behaviour.
    Don’t get me wrong i’ve had a good few dates of there (only one of which turned into anything albeit briefly) but i’m finding the exchange numbers then ignore scenario quite often and rather puzzling. Anyone else experiencing this?

    • Leon Jones says:

      Dav, I have run into the same problem where we exchange numbers, I would text, then make a phone call, this person was always preoccupied with other tasks but, would always say, I am tired of being a giver. Then, I would be the only one texting and calling. Finally, I said would you like to me, she said, I gave up, if you wanted to meet me you would have. I told this person that I don’t meet anyone unless we’ve talked on the phone for at least a week then, I explained to her that she could have made more of an effort to contact me. This person was a 50 year old female; from my belief she didn’t know what she wanted becuase she didn’t no how how to communicate. Also, notice how you bring a attention to a female about what she does wrong and she continues to deny it and blames you. I have come to a realization that the females on this site have mental, psychological, and emotional disorders. They always put demands in their profiles but, they never live up to them becasue they are constantly on the site searching for something that isn’t there. Some of these females have advanced degrees. These females aren’t psychotic, it’s just they live in a world of unreal expectations and they provide nothing to offer in a relationship because all of their profiles are centered around a guy meeting their self-centered, little girl behaviors. Lastly, they don’t no how to converse, that’s why they hide behind the keyboard, texting, and other excuses they make.

  50. Mac says:

    Today’s world is simply not a place for real men. Yesterday’s men were average, hard working, honest…they are the ones who build this country. I think todays’s females behavior is simply one of the symptoms of the many problems our society is facing.

    they are on bbm all day, then facebook and twitter. They fill their life with emptiness. For the guys out there…forget girls for now.

  51. evan says:

    I think these women dont get an rejection , I know women on that website and had profiles unchanged for a year or more , and when I was rejecting them (actually I was doing that because I know from my experience the ones that just try to challenge me ) they were changing all their profile .
    I realized that these women (the average and less ) want to believe they are still attractive and because they know it is a lie , one rejection from one man cant destroy all the ego boost that they gained from 100 man messaged them , and they fail like burned airplane very quickly .

  52. ronniegarfield says:

    One thing i learned, its the fat women with 100000000 tattoos do get laid more than hot chicks… and they know this.. thats why they are so loud and obnoxious

  53. Joe says:

    I am glad that I find this site. I am tired of giving out free dinner or moive every date. Living in NYC I had been out dating more than 60 different women in last several years. Average dinner cost around $90. Do the math $90×60=$5,400. I am not rich but just an average guy live in an expensive area. I probably better of by using the money to gamble on Wall Street. My longest day lasted for about 3 months and she just disappeared without saying a word. I also got rejected from other girls for stupid reasons such as: I am too quiet or not into traveling around the world. (By the way, when I viewing their profiles, why are they so obsess travel around the world?) I am give up now and I believe i will be living alone for the rest of my life….. 😦

    • Kader says:

      Go abroad man. You should take some time of and travel.
      if you can’t travel, join an organisation, club, association. You can meet women this way.

      And remember. Never treat a women nicely or offer anything to her unless you had sex with her. Share everything 50/50, if she doesn’t like it, don’t be a gentleman, stand up don’t appologies and leave her there standing.

      You are way too nice with girls that didn’t give you anything.

      Change your attitude man.

      ~Take care

  54. Jim says:

    I’ve been on several websites off and on since my divorce 5yrs ago. I’ve met and dated many women. Some very attractive and some very physchotic. And have had 2 long term (over a year each) relationships.
    And I can confirm this for you all. 95% of women online, are nothing but attention whores. Entitlement issues, addictions, gold diggers, etc. I give an online relationship 6 months. Before the woman starts losing interest. And starts jones’ing for the attention of online dating. And the possibility of finding someone better.
    They will do it in secret of course. Because they need to have a back-up in place. Before giving you walking papers and losing the free meals, entertainment, etc.

    I am 44yrs old, 5′ 11″ and a rock solid 205lbs. Have the 8 pack, arms and chest of a Spartan. And I make nearly 100K a year. Yet women in their 40’s are exactly as described before. Sex in the City, wannabe Cougars!
    Deluding themselves into believing that the “HOT, hard bodied, 30yr old, never married, nO kids Doctor, is in the next profile. And that their pussy is the BEST that God EVER put on this planet. And she is JUST what he is looking for? (for a LONG term relationship?)
    I was seriously played by BOTH my long term relationships. (secretly online shopping) These women are what I call, the BBD’ers. (Bigger, Better, Dealers) They will use you for awhile, but constantly are trying to UPGRADE. Over a period of time, they start to look at YOUR flaws, while ignoring their own.

    Here are some “Red Flags” for spotting them. If they are looking for guys twice as young, as the older number. (example, guys 5yrs older, but 10yrs younger.) If they are wanting 6ft minnimum. (even if they are 5’2″?) If they have an “average build,” but he MUST be Athletic and Toned. If they have “some college.” ( a basket weaving course?) But require their “match” to have a Bachelors minnimum. (earning potential) Require HIM to make twice as much as they do.
    They have kids AT home, but he has NO kids or “live away from home.” And beware of women posting pictues on Cruises, European travel, exotic places, cars, etc. They are showing you the standard THEY are accustomed to. (and the one YOU MUST provide) Even though, all their “vacation photos” have a guy cropped out. It was either an Ex husband or Boyfriend who footed the bill. (their contribution to the trip, was pussy and a blowjob)

    Here is what I now do. I found the best looking guy profile I could (30-37) Scanned and posted on Match.com, Cupid and POF. Made him into what I call, “the stud.” 39yrs old, 6′ 3″, never married, NO kids, Graduate degree, 150K a year, International travel job, etc, etc.
    All the words I wrote were my own. And the women 29-50, eat it up with a spoon! They are flocking to chat with him, meet him, date him and SNAG him! I do give great e-mail! Lots of sharp wit and complimentairy to their fragile egos.
    But then usually reject them for one small reason or another. Either they are smokers, have kids, too short, too old, want a too serious thing, etc. (he tells them he is a serial dater, NOT loking to settle down)
    Then I tell them about “my friend.” (ME) And he sounds more what they are looking for. If they are interested, I can give you his number or e-mail? BINGO, done deal! I have banged probably 20 different HOT women this way. You see, they might just reject MY photo. (I’m not photogenic at all) But I am better looking in person and a “knock their socks off” personality. (I’ve got game!)
    I rarely stick with a woman from this method, beyond a few weeks. It is my way of getting back MY dignity and self esteem. By beating them at their own, shallow, stuck up, pretentious, game! Bang them like a fuck doll, make em swallow, facials, the whole works! And I sleep like a baby EVERY NIGHT, with my balls WELL DRAINED!

    So there you have it my fellow Alpha Males. Take back your testosterone and treat them like they deserve! Lie, cheat, steal, mis-represent, get fucked and sucked. And send them right back to the website!

  55. ronniegarfield says:

    wow, this stuff is all true… specially the part he said about how if you can;t provide all the free meals, entertainment
    some one else will.

    • Jim says:

      Hey man, the fake profile I created was a stroke of GENIUS! It’s like Brad Pitt, but taller and a little less money. I even have a drop phone I bought at Walmart. (buy airtime) So “he” and I can have different numbers. All “he” does is text of course.
      These “online princess’s” NEVER saw ME coming. (except in their faces) It works like a charm! Now mind you, I’m a very fit 44yrs old, all my brown/blonde hair and great job. But I am only 5′ 11″ and we ALL know the “princess’s” MUST have a 6 footer.
      That is the VERY APEX of shallowness. Hold your thumb and forefinger up and measure 1 INCH. Thats how much a difference, between me and another guy!?
      So for me, as I said before. These women are SO stupid and focused on The Perfect Man. And seem to think they can “short order” one. 6′ 1″, brown hair, blue/green eyes, NO kids, well educated, great income, Will Farrell comic, etc, etc. That I enjoy not only banging and dumping them. But get EXTREME pleasure. When they text my “stud phone.” And complain that I don’t call them anymore or what an asshole, I turned out to be.
      If they weren’t so shallow, superficial, pretentious, demanding or entitled? I wouldn’t have been able to run my game on them. It’s a real treat for me, turning their own issues against them! Because I KNOW they have done it to other GUYS and felt justified themselves.

      • chris says:

        I Did the Same thing, Im very fit for 20 years old and intelligent.I created a fake profile of a male model/lawyer whos own his own law firm.This absolutely worked, i have gotten so many responses from these stuck up egomaniac forever delusional ‘trying to find the perfect guy’ women.All they care about is money and status.However the account got deleted a few hours later.I guess the Moderators notice i was getting so many responses from women and investigated.Pof Staff was just upset that i was doing a better job ripping off users than they were. online dating isn’t worth it theres so many beautiful women you could meet in the real world. They would never find that ‘perfect man’ because those high status men would never go on online dating since they get attention in the real world.

  56. Travis says:

    You know..that never dawned on me!! I don’t know about POF but I wonder if paid sites such as Match have girls work for them that are also issued air phones. I talked to 3 girls in a row on Match that all gave me their numbers without me even asking and then only responded to me once when i tried texting them. One replied to a text I sent, and as soon as she replied, I dialed her # to talk to her and she wouldn’t answer her phone.

    And get this!!…I did get the # of a girl on POF. She was a 28 year old nurse. We talked on phone once, and then texted back n forth for 3 weeks. I tried to get her to meet and she kept saying she couldn’t until “next week” because she had to work her nursing rotation. Anyhow..I stopped talking her. She then texts me out of the blue one friday to asked what happened to me. I told her that I felt like she just wasn’t interested. Her reply was..”Oh Ok”. (WTF…that’s all she had to say??) She did tell me she deleted her profile on POF, of which I thought was good. So we texted a little more and of course it was back to the same thing of her beating around the bush about meeting. So I stopped talking to her.

    So the same nurse’s profile re-appears on POF. I thought I’d joke with her one day and sent her a text joking with her saying “Hey, I knew you were still single! ha”. Her response: “You stop harassing me and stalking me or I’ll report you!!!”. That was her response to me. Unbelievable.

    Most men join dating sites because they are legitimately looking to date and are honest good guys. But most women join dating sites because they have mental issues or have some sort of mean streak in them that wants to emotionally abuse men and they resort to taking advantage of men of dating sites that they lead on and pull the carpet out from. The computer screen serves as their instant gratification to emotional abuse instead of going through the process of meeting guys at bars.

    • Jim says:

      I just checked online on Match and POF today. There are 9 total re-treads back on, since I last looked monday.
      The women I call re-treads. Are the mostly very nice looking women. That have been online dating FOR YEARS. They ALL want to find “the one,” etc. Yet disappear and reappear constantly. (1-6 month intervals) Usually have some NEW “vacation” photos to post. (with the latest dick cropped out) But everything else, is the same exact words written. You see, they KNEW it wouldn’t last. So they save themselves the bother of re-writting, when they go back online. So they may TELL you, “I deleted my profile, your the one, etc” But she really only hid it, till you became TOO boring anymore.

  57. Jim says:

    Well put Travis. There are many reasons they are on dating websites. Here are “red flags” for your consideration. No photo posted? (married or has boyfriend) That may have been the case with your NUT JOB texter. Has “no way” as her smoking habits, but will accept a smoker? (she is a smoker and LYING)
    Now think about this one. Many non smoking guys, will date a smoker. (hope she brushes her teeth often and gum) But I have NEVER met a NON smoking WOMAN. That would want to date, much less KISS a smoker. (that DOES NOT happen) She is LYING about her smoking habit. She is trying to broaden her market appeal, to smokers and NON smokers alike.
    When you first meet her, you may or may not smell it on her. She is hoping (if she likes you) that you will be SO enamoured with her beauty and sex appeal. That you will either forgive OR forget. That she started LYING from the beginning. She will justify this LIE in her mind. But what else has she OR will she justify by LYING in the future? (very scary)
    And the other big hitter. Are those who LIE about their age. (usually 45yrs and older women) They lie to justify having e-mail settings, 35-45yr old. Plus they ALL put in the “disclaimer.” “My friends, family, etc, etc, tell me I DON’T LOOK MY AGE.” And the obvious addition, “I don’t feel it or act it either and have TONS of energy.”
    Now bear in mind. These very women that are LYING about their age AND their smoking and drinking habits. Well they ALL write in their profiles. How HONEST, straight forward, direct, secure, blah, blah, they are. And how they are “tired of the games.” Or ask, “where are all the HONEST and faithful men? Kinda puts it in perspective, don’t ya think?
    Travis, don’t even worry about these interactions with NUT jobs. I do agree and believe, MOST men online ARE looking for a serious thing. (I was twice, till I got burned twice) Now it’s ALL about WINNING! (as my hero Charlie Sheen would say)

  58. London Guy says:

    I came across one girl who’s ‘average’ looking from Sudbury Ontario and has a huge diva complex. Here’s what she has for “First Date”.

    ” we would go out at around 6pm for dinner, afterwards go out for coffee,which you will be paying for, we would then processed to go for a walk while drinking our coffees, and talk about ourselves, and then you would drive me home and i may or may not give you my phone number.”

    I like what Kader said a few posts up. Don’t pay for anything unless you’re banging her, otherwise just leave her there.

    I remember a few years ago I took a girl out that I met on pof to a place called Crabby Joe’s, a restaurant chain here in Canada. She stuffed her face with probably 50 bucks worth of food, the whole time barely saying a word to me, and when she did, she came off as a real bitch. I got up to excuse myself to go to the washroom and slipped out an employee exit in the kitchen. The place was so busy they didn’t even notice me in where I wasn’t supposed to be.

    Do I feel bad? HELL NO. I later got an email from her calling me an asshole and that she had to get her parents to bail her out of the $75 dinner tab. – I only did that to teach her a lesson, at least be respectful to someone who’s taking you out to dinner.

    • cybury says:

      London Guy… I love it
      lol. no doubt she ranted about how all men are dogs and pigs for a couple of weeks. more guys should do what you did. The hell with doing the right thing… if its looking like the date from hell then ditch her and leave her stuck with the tab!

  59. plentyofweirdos says:

    Hi folks i agree with the majority of all the psters comments above.
    I recently went back on plentyofweirdos as internet dating can be a bit addictive and after the last shot down in flames a 1000 times over you somehow regain your self esteem and start all over again.
    But why do i punish myself this way if i like this punishment maybe i should join ALT . com or something.
    Anyways i recently sent a message to this person i finally got a response three days later so i read it and it said thanks for your email but i strictly only do one guy one girl and good luck.
    Right ok i’m thinking WTF i strictly only do one guy one girl yeah so whats making you think otherwise i’m only looking for strictly one girl for ME theres nothing in my profile to suggest otherwise, so i decided to send a reply back to say thanks for your email and best of luck and guess what i was blocked.
    That stupid mentally retarded person blocked me after only one nice email to her WTF what chance has guys got if this is how they behave.
    Even mulder and scully couldn’t solve this x-file.

  60. ronniegarfield says:

    Guys????????? are there any girls out there today, from 18-40 that doesn’t have 20 tattoos??????

  61. originalmikej says:

    No ….sorry ronnie at least not in BC where I live,but what’s worse is that they expect you to have at least 20 tattoos to be considered dateable yourself. These low rent pof morons hold tattoos in higher status than a good job,nice car, intelligence,muscles or any other positive attribute a man can offer. Go cover your back with demon spitting flames and maybe you may have chance with one of them.

  62. ronniegarfield says:

    tats are here to stay, cause once their daughters get old enough, they will want them too. since they get so use to seeing mommy walk around the house half naked all day with 1 million tattoos. So, the girls will all want them too.. Its a trend that isnt going away. ever.. here to stay just like cell phones ans facebook…

    • Jim says:

      This rule does hold true guys. Tramp stamps or any tattoos. Several earings around the ear. Nose rings, eyebrow, lip, belly button rings, tongue studs, etc.
      They all add up to, aging ho trying hard to fit in, be hip and young. No matter the age, all of the above equal SKANK HO! Take my word and experience for it.

  63. originalmikej says:

    I remember one time a couple of months ago I met a woman off pof for coffee a 42 year old I believe, and very below average looking at best with a well below average body even by pof standards and when we met the very first thing that came out of her mouth was…”I am NOT looking for a roll in the hay!” I thought…WOW really? Golly gee she’s so hot I hope I don’t have an accident in my pants..really…. How presumptuous of her, what makes her think I would even want to roll with her? I thought is was rude and I should have just walked away but finished the meet with a coffee,some conversation about how great she was and a bite to eat, and for the first time ever in my life I let a woman I was out with pay for her own meal.She gave me a 20$ on the drive back and I took it. I have never done that before.

  64. Travis says:

    I actually met a girl last week that was 32 yrs old, about average or a little below avg. in the face, and a decent tan body. She was a runner, exercised. I actually almost backed out of the meeting cause I was afraid she might turn out ugly, but she wasn’t bad. I most definitely would have f**ked her, but she was definitely no trophy either. So, of course, I was my “nice” usual chatty self because I just won’t be rude to people. I got to listen to her tell me about how she and her brothers that were doctors invested in rental property, and how great her job was, and how she missed Chicago because it was more socially acceptable to be a single female pursuing a career, and blah blah blah. All the exact same stupid women’s liberation crap that I just can’t seem to get away from! UGH.

    It was so pointless meeting her. I don’t think the girl ever even had a boyfriend in her entire life. I didn’t even bother to ask. We just had a couple of drinks at the bar. So I asked her if she was ready to leave to get out of there. I even paid for her drinks, but it was only like $5 for her drinks. I paid cause I thought maybe I could go out again and maybe get laid at least.

    Nope. She says her quick goodbye on the way out and doesn’t say “call me” or “I’ll get the next drink”. Of course not. The average girl I met has 50 more emails to answer when she gets home.

    It’s completely stupid anymore. Here I am, 6’1” 200lbs great shape, tan, graduate degree, good job, funny, etc. Couldn’t even get a plain jane average girl to say “thank you”. Unbelievable how absolutely stupid and self centered women have become.

    Basically I just paid a few $ to have a drinking buddy to rent for the evening. That’s what POF and Match.com have become for me. Rent a girl companion for a night to drink with for amusement because you won’t get to see them again after that. You have to be almost near celebrity status to maybe get a second date with them.

  65. originalmikej says:

    what kills me is that I am a 43 year old man, responsible single dad ,been working out all my life,yes I do have the 6 pack they are supposed to want,nice straight white teeth,well dressed,tanned and well groomed,nice newer model car.No I’m not 6’3 I’m 5’8 but really that is still within the realm of average and I have an above average physique as told to me by the guys and a lot of females in my gym……yet I am getting rejected by over 40 overweight 3 kids by 3 different men and getting support for non of them, no education or car…..women on this site.

    • Lincoln says:

      Yep, I have been getting rejected by unattractve overweight fatties on a couple of sites. Plenty of Fish is really lame. A barren wasteland. But your problem is that you’re responsible and take care of yourself. You need to start drinking heavily, get a Harley, and go to the tattoo parlor.Hanging out at dive bars standing in front with your motorcycle would help too. I knew a guy who was getting pussy left and right and he looked like Charles Manson with tattoos all over his body. A motorcycle rider and alcoholic, he would meet girls at AA meetings and have his way with them. These were good looking chicks too. He was forty, and he would get young ones. I guess you have to be
      a degenerate these days. God help U.S. societies.

  66. ronniegarfield says:

    originalmike. maybe if you quit your job you might start getting more girls. seems to be the trend today. Girls want guys with no jobs and are buying houses with them. Theres probley more employed guys out there getting more ass than brad pitt….

  67. ronnie….you said it….the sad thing is I often here about these educated career women buying houses and letting the deadbeat move in then putting his name on the mortgage…I have never even had so much as a coffee bought for me by a woman. Or these women who make babies with guys that they already know has 3 kids he is not paying for but thinks he will be different with her. Hey I know of guys who don’t even own their own toothbrush getting more hot ass than Brad could in his prime for sure.

  68. Jim says:

    Hey guys, whoever said women are smart, make wise choices, are practical, think things through, etc? And you certainly WON’T find ANY of those on a dating website!
    I actually just make a fake POF profile. Just to contact some of these deamnding, entitled skanks. And ask them a few questions about their profiles. I do it once and awhile, it’s an interesting and fun sport to pass some time. And it REALLY pisses the skanks off, to call them on their BULLSHIT!

  69. Steve says:

    Can I make a point to you men please? I found that part of the reason we get these unattractive women is because we have been settling for less than what we desire. I remember growning up in the 80’s and back then women used to take the time to make themselves up, wear dresses or skirts, heals, nice tops(not a tee shirt with some girly looking design), did their hair, nail, smelled good and shocking but true even wore nylons back then. These days women are about dressing for their own conforts and doing what the media and their girlfriends tell them that is hip and they wonder why they can’t find boyfriends or jobs lol. I adopted this idea and it really helps me in life, “If I can’t have what I want then I WILL NOT get involved on ANY level”. I love a woman that dresses nice, so if she dresses like a slob I will not date her. I love women that are 50/50 and if she is not 50/50 then I will not date her. I feel if more men took on this idea and refused to date the type of women we are describing here then maybe some women might try to change and make us happy. I’m 42, never been married(by choice), no kids, never had a live in girl and nothing long term in over 20 years(again by choice). The beauty of it is I have women left and right that I say to their face that I will not date them and it’s not because they are ugly, fat or old, it because they are not what I want and I will not settle for anything less and my demand are not that unrealistic. I can’t say I’m lonely(though at times I used to think that) because I have friends to hang with and I can get one night stand if I wanted sex. I really enjoy life and wouldn’t mind finding someone to share that with, but unfortunately all I ever get are slob, user, bitches, feminist pigs, women with kids from assholes and game player. None of those people are about share, they are only about cleaning out your wallet and fucking you over.


  70. greg says:

    I like to open with something like “do you mind if I kiss you on the starfish, on our first date”..that usually gives them something to go bitch-crazy about…. and yes I got banned, but what fun it was, up until then.

    • Jim says:

      I do ALOT more than say that! My main focus is usually. “Lets see, you don’t want any players, booty calls, FWB or one night stands.”
      “Yet your 48yrs old, with 3 kids at home AND looking LONG TERM, with guys 19-40yrs old?” “Hmmm, hows that working out so far?”
      Just that simple, very lucid question about their “age range ideal.” Will get them OVER THE TOP pissed!

  71. Dave says:

    Wow! Thank God for this website. I feel like a man who has just discovered that he’s not alone on a desert island anymore. I have some horror stories from my experiences with POF I’d like to share, along with some things I just plain fucking hate about the site.

    First off, I’m no male model, but I’ve been told I’m a decent looking guy and I’m definitely not ugly. Many of my female friends tell me how nice of a guy I am…so on and so forth. I’ve been on POF for about 3 years now. It usually takes about 20 e-mails before I get a response back and most of them are “Already talking to someone, but good luck to you.” Every once in awhile, I’ll get desperate (hey, I’ve been single for a long time and I see nothing wrong with a guy getting desperate for female companionship from time to time) and e-mail a woman that I don’t find particulary attractive, but who I think will probably talk to me. To my astonishment, some of the lesser attractive ones I e-mail don’t even respond to me!

    The “Meet Me” feature is a complete joke! I’ve had women click on my picture on the “Meet Me” feature, and then when I e-mail them to express interest, my e-mail is completely ignored! The only women who ever e-mail me first are the ones who resemble Pat, the androgynous Saturday Night Live character.

    Nearly every decent looking woman on POF is looking for tatted-up bad boys with Harleys (one went so far as to say “No Harley, no date) or redneck hillbilly farmboys who like to fish and hunt. I’m astonished at the number of women on POF who list fishin’, campin’, and muddin’ as some of their hobbies and talk about how they’re not afraid to get dirty if need be. I’m looking for a LADY, not some hillbilly Ellie May tomboy! They say they’re looking for a caring, honest, intelligent man who isn’t a player and then they talk about wanting to go on a goddam poker run on the back of a Harley! In-fucking-credible!!!

    Also, a big THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all the guys on here who said they’re sick of reading about women saying that their kids are they’re number one priority, their kids are their life, must love kids….kids kids kids kids kids kids. Hey, I know that at 43, I’m not likely to find a woman without kids, but I want to find out about YOU first……..then if things work out I can be introduced to your children.

    Also, these profile pictures some women post. If it’s blurry, it’s because she doesn’t want you to see what she really looks like. If it’s taken from above, then it has a slimming effect on the face and she’s going to look much heavier in person. Some are just old pictures that no longer resemble what they look like now. I’ve even seen some profile pictures of women dirty dancing with other guys in a bar….yeah, that makes me want to hook up with you.

    As for my experiences, here are some of them:

    The first woman I met off POF, we went to an upper-scale restaurant. She looked nothing like her picture, but still wasn’t bad looking. We ate and had a nice conversation and I thought the night had went well. When I went to e-mail her the next day to tell her that I enjoyed last night, I discovered that she had blocked me!

    One woman I met off of there lived about an hour from me. We hit it off the first night and continued to date for eight months. She was unemployed and I wound up supporting her for the entire time we were dating. I mean, I gave this bitch all kinds of money. I suppose I thought I could buy her love and I’ll admit that I was under her spell. She would only come visit me when she needed money and we never even had sex ONCE the entire eight months! When she got a job, she send me a dear John text. I even paid for this cunt’s lawyer when she got a DUI. I realized I had been taken in by a professional dater.

    I”ve dated a few others from POF. I once had three dates off POF within a three week period. All three of them, after the first date, sent me a message saying they had decided to get back with their ex-boyfriend/husband. One of them even told me that after we had sex the night before.

    I dated one woman who started sending me sexy pictures. I thought that was pretty cool until she said she had a really sexy one to send me…..it was a picture of her fucking another guy. Like that was gonna impress me and make me want to be with her.

    I know this was long and I had a hell of a lot more bad experiences, but I just felt the need to vent and share after reading some of these other posts. It’s so nice to know that I’m not alone in my internet dating misery!

    • Jim says:

      Took you awhile to wake up and smell the fishy kunts Dave. But also sounds like you have finally realized. All online women, are gold digging, skank/whores, with severe emotional problems. Not to mention, very likely alcohol or drug addictions and STD’s.

    • sherkhan says:

      8 months and no sex? Wow!

      Although all things considered, it sounds like you dodged a bullet.

  72. Paul says:


    You have to realise women on plenyoffish are 99% damaged in one way or another, like do you really believe good women who actually use a dating site would be on there long? those women are snapped up early on. Leaving the bottom of the barrel women on that site to keep spewing out the same bullshit “looking for a nice guy” whilst they’re really on there for obvious financial gain (players see this clear as day and take advantage of these idiots).

    Women on dating sites are damaged goods and I wished all men would STOP sending these idiots messages and watch how their attitudes changes.

    I’m finally done with plentyofcrap, the women from England (Manchester) are so up themselves. Only players and pussy men would give them attention.

  73. ronald says:

    just to let you guys know even better looking guys are suffering on this website. I am a fit guy who has done some modeling and a figure contest. Buff body, decent face, support myself, dont smoke or drink ect etc.

    Yes I get a lot more msgs than the average guy but they lead NOWHERE. Girls have the attention span of a squirrel and nothing interesting to say. It’s always the same, they promise to meet you but the cancel or disappear the last second. They are not looking for long term anything (especially the ones who insist they are), they want to try different flavors and have different guys pick the up the bill at the end of the night.

  74. aaron says:

    women are so fucked up now a days they dont want a nice guy they want a guy that could kick there ass and treat them like shit im fed up with bitches and its changing me from being a nice guy to a hard ass

  75. Fine Gentleman says:

    Hi Everyone!

    I planned to make an updated post on Christmas Eve which would be 1 year since my 2010 Christmas Eve post and to state it mildly everything is the same as it was on plentyoffish but only worse!

    However… I just came across a woman’s profile and I just had to see if anyone has the answers to a mystery I’ve tried and tried to figure out.

    Her ad which is a relatively short average ad of an average attractive 43 year old woman says:

    “FYI… if you sent me a message the last time I was on POF I’m sorry I didn’t respond. It was my first time with internet dating and was overwhelmed with it all. If you like what you see… try again.
    ***Update*** 9/13/2011 I’ve been back on POF less than 24 hours and I have received over 200 messages so if I don’t get back to you soon I’m sorry… don’t give up.”
    (and she set ‘Mail Settings’ for ‘Age between 40 and 49′ so any men younger or older can’t get an email sent to her)

    In the past I had written a nice email to ask some women how many emails they received each month and how long they had been on. The answers I received were:
    ’20’ (from a woman in a small town in a remote area) ’40’ (from a woman in her 40’s) ‘177’ and ‘200’ per month and these women were not what most would consider attractive and I’ll mention they were also ‘overweight’ since that seems to be a consideration for many. Others of average attractiveness wrote:
    ‘265 in 6 weeks’ ‘300’ every month and ‘5,700 in 6 months’ and that woman’s ‘Headline’ was: “Haven’t found what I’m looking for” (What in the world is she looking for?) In contrast as I mentioned in my previous post some women say they receive very few emails.

    My questions are:
    Excluding the ‘over 200 emails in less than 24 hours’ woman, assuming all the women are telling the truth and are receiving all those emails each month why are they still on POF literally Years later? On my ‘Favorites’ list and in ‘Searches’ and on my ‘Viewed Me’ pages most every woman is still on. Some are on multiple Dating Sites and still on 3, 4, 5 or more years later. Some do close their account but many of those are back on in the future. The whole concept seems strange that with all the many great friends they say they have and all the places they go somehow they don’t have a boyfriend so they end up advertising themselves on the Internet receiving an average from 240 to an astounding 11,400 emails in a year and they can’t or won’t or don’t end up with a boyfriend??? ..and.. If they really ‘can’t find a good man’ why in the world don’t they ever write a fine man like me who has a very nice profile on there and at least check on me? (or some other fine man)
    Can anyone figure it out?

    Another question:
    Searching different cities I notice about Half of women’s ads are no longer active. When you sign up you give an email address and POF sends a message when you receive an email or someone adds you as a ‘Favorite’… so if women receive so many emals from POF why don’t the women ‘hide’ or ‘delete’ their account if they are no longer looking for someone? I had thought perhaps women had changed Internet providers but didn’t they have their mail forwarded? If they have more than one email account don’t they ever check their other email account? And even if their Email or Favorite notifications have been lost in changing accounts, they should know from experience that men will be sending emails as long as they have a visible profile. The Half of all women who are inactive on POF can’t have all lost their emails or forgotten they have a Dating Site profile on the Internet ..and.. it makes no sense that all men suddenly and mysteriously stopped writing to their ad.
    Can anyone figure that one out?

    The last question:
    On my ‘Favorites’ list it shows when they log in and I usually log in several times a day and some women apparently log in many times a day, so I’m thinking, “Well she must be receiving lots of emails or chatting with men” but then they don’t log in for days or weeks or even months. Why all the logging in day after day and then many suddenly stop logging in yet their profile is still visible?

    Hope to hear if anyone can figure those questions out because it just doesn’t make sense. For all you men who feel bad about having your emails ‘Read’ with no response or ‘Read and Deleted’ at least it was read (IF we are to believe what POF tells us) and many women don’t log in to read their emails at all! And to all the men who spend time writing a genuinely nice profile and emails don’t worry… 1,000 other men couldn’t write a good enough profile or email so it’s not your fault! Welcome to the club.

    POF is a strange place where nothing makes any real sense.
    ‘What the hell is wrong with women today’ could also be titled:
    ‘What the hell is wrong with women AND POF?’
    Something smells kind of fishy on that place!
    Thanks for reading and good luck to everyone.
    (not good luck on POF… there may be no hope on there… good luck surviving POF if you’re a decent man and still on that strange place)
    Thanks again for this helpful site to let men tell their stories of the strange experiences they’ve had on pof.

    • Jim says:

      The answer to why women have not lobbed on in days, weeks or months. Yet their profile is still up? It is really quite simple actually. The majority of those women are currently “hooked-up.”
      Seriously, alot of these women can’t even navigate a website like POF. So they don’t know how to hide or delete their profile.
      Most actually will only hide it, very few EVER delete it. Because they know they WILL be back and are to lazy to create a new one. They know, despite the “long term” moniker or BS that they write. That they are attention whores.
      Or that they will get bored with the guy they are banging and that an online relationshiip has a VERY short shelf life. Most are banging 2-3 different guys, at the same time. Online dating is their idea of entertainment.
      These women will hide or delete their profile, when a pseudo “commitment” is made. That is the online equivilent, of “going steady.” (got too have the Jr. High School reference)
      In fact, most will just hide their profile and continue the perpetual search. For the HOT, 15yr younger Doctor or Lawyer. That wants to rescue her broke, middle aged, 3 kids having, worn out, fat ASS. The phrase, “one in the bush is better than the one in the hand?”
      And that is why these women are online for literally YEARS! Because they are BBD’ers (Bigger, Better, Dealers) They TRULY believe that the PERFECT man, is just ONE more profile away. (and of course, he wants them, right?)

  76. chester says:

    Guys, white women today have become so atrocious, that videos such as this are putting ideas into my head: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MN4Z8LCI5M&feature=related

    The black women in these videos are acting exactly the way women SHOULD behave. Although the videos at the link kinda crack me up, it’s refreshing to see genuine relationships with genuine women. After seeing those videos, makes me realize even more what most white women have become these days.

    Seems like 95% of the conversations, especially online, that I’ve had with white women have been either turned hostile or consisted of dialogue filled with nothing but irrational self serving demands and attitudes and standards.

    There’s a reason why these men in the videos are with those women. Men know what real relationships are made of and it’s forced them to look elsewhere away from westernized feminized greedy self serving condescending white whores.

    • lincoln says:

      True. I have trouble talking to attractive white women because they are simply not very friendly.Other races are fine and are no problem in general. Good looking white women seem to expect too much from white men or maybe most men. I’m caucasian, and I rarely ask a caucasian girl out because of this hostility. I prefer women of other races, but for some reason I often have white girls trying to communicate with me, and they are usually out of shape and have a huge supply
      of problems.

  77. Ellis says:

    Interesting comments, I haven’t posted on this site for a while now, anyway im now 27 now and have been single for around 5 years, it kind of depresses me at times but I snap out of it as I have been of focusing on myself all this time. Im basically just happy being on my own, sure I would like some day someone if they come along but im not wasting my life hunting and making myself miserable. I like others on here am a good looking guy, I work out, am intelligent, respectful and polite and a good decent person.

    I get women(older then me) always assume im with someone or that are shocked when I tell them im single. I live in the UK and most girls/women I see out and about just depress me, are unintelligent, fat or have kids, really bad attitudes(laddetes) or go out with complete spanners thick as shit and no respect for anyone.

    I dont go out a lot anymore and I dont want to use online dating such as pof as that just depressed me and made me feel as if I was ugly or that something was wrong with me. It’s not us guys its them, women are seriously fucked up in this day and age. If I get horny ill just have a wank, if women didn’t have vaginas they would be 100% usless.

    As for now it’s all about me and my family, guys make your money and be happy focusing on yourself’s, see the world thats what im going to do, if someone comes along so be it, but im hell as not going to go hunting for a women.

  78. Todd says:

    OMG..I totally agree with this site and all of those who are having trouble. I’m on OK Cupid as well, and it’s JUST as bad. It’s the same thing actually. You see someone’s profile who looks like someone interesting or they looked at yours. You take the time to send them a message and no response. Especially from those who say they want “nice guys, no games please”. But when you do make a move. They either A) Never respond or B) never bother to read you message and delete it. Now I don’t think I’m ugly by any means. I’m actually very confident and assertive and not a pushover.

    The one girl I did make contact with, we carried over to facebook for a chat. We got along very well and had a great time. We exchanged phone numbers and texted each other and things seemed to flow great. Now last time we messaged each other, I felt enough time as passed where we could publicly meet. I suggested we meet up and hang out. I suggested a Friday but she had plans already. She said she would have to check her work schedule. I told her to let me know the next day she has off and we’ll make plans. Well, she flaked out on me and I never heard back. She’s still on my facebook friends list and everytime I try and chat with her. She now ignores me or doesn’t talk. I texted her and no reply. So I gave up. Next thing you know, I look at her POF profile and she changes it periodically from looking for a man to looking for a woman and saying she’s bisexual. (Not saying there’s anything wrong with that.)

    Yeah it does seem and feel like a huge waste of time when you get no responses. But just focus on yourself and do what makes you happy. These broads are the ones who are going to be lonely once a man catches on to their bullshit. Don’t let it discourage you or depress you. Glad to see there’s others who had horror stories !

  79. Jacques says:

    And there’s no ending in sight!

    I have a question; what role is the mass media playing in helping these women becoming more egotistical and narcissistic? When you watch programs like dancing with the stars where only the hottest dancers are invited, to Twilight, the Bachelor, survival and other reality show, what common theme do you find? Either is guy is a Villain or a a gorgeous hot male. These women are being brainwashed and bombarded by images of gorgeous guys on hourly basis what else can we expect?

    IMO things get worse for many of us. Just the other day I asked a good friend of mine a somewhat below average looking, short with a disproportionate body, simple question; “After two years of tight friendship and countless hours us hanging out together, why are we still friends and haven’t moved to the next level and push our relationship further?”

    And her answer could not be simpler: “I have a sickness, I am attracted to gorgeous guys who treat me like shit!” that pretty much sums it all.

    The sad part is that this girl by her own admission and willingly setting herself up for disappointment and long life of misery and heartaches? Why? Beats the hell out of me! Having said that, while most of the facts or theories mentioned above, one needs also the following question? W

  80. so very much true says:

    the women out there have definitely changed for the worse today. their attitude sucks now, and they have turned out to be very filthy pigs now. as a straight man that was married twice at one time, i was a very caring and loving husband that never cheated on them and they did cheat on me. i was very committed to them as well at the time, not knowing that they turned out to be filthy whores. now that i am single and alone again, i will go out a lot hoping that i will be at the right place at the right time to meet a good one for me this time. the problem now is that there are so many whores out there that want to go to bed with as many men as they possibly can, instead of just being with the one. it seems that they are having a contest with their other whore girlfriends to see how many men they can screw at one time. then we have the ones that are lesbians, what a filthy disease they are. either way, we good straight men seem to lose. it now appears, all of the good women that are out there are now taken. we men cannot blame ourselves for the low life scum that these women have become now.

  81. prodigy25 says:

    Its down right hilarious reading this. I knew it wasn’t me. I’m 6’4 1/2 black male who spent 6 years in the Air Force and Now I work for the government. I was talking to this cut Dominican female on POF, everything was going good, we went out had a good time and then boom, nothing! Told her I wanted to see her again and this bitch replied back with a “we’ll see”. I’m like wow really. But yes none of the good looking women contacts you back, I even messaged the average females to see if they would and nothing…That site is a straight up joke. I have taken to traveling abroad to different countries to meet women and not any tricking type shit. The egos and minds of US women are warped…

  82. fedup says:

    I’m 29 from the UK, and women are just the same over here. I have been single 3 years. I have had 9 girlfriends in the past, two of those have been 3 year relationships. I’ve never really had trouble meeting anybody. The longest I had ever been single was 8 months. Until now, this has been the longest dry spell, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier. Is it me, or is it harder to meet anybody now than it used to be? I still have a good social life, a good bunch of friends (who all have partners)….all my female friends don’t know why I’m single..
    So I thought I would give POF a try. Thought the site looked good, lots of women looking for decent guys. A year has passed, and no luck. I used to send out messages to women who I thought I was a good match with. The usual, well spelt and thought out message. Probably 2 out of 10 would reply. (Usually two or three words) Then the conversation would die, or they would just disappear.
    I do get messages however, on average two or three a month. Most of those messages, are the generic “hi” or “hows you” no thought whatsoever, I think Shakespere’s job is safe for a while!……some messages are sent back and forth, leading to nothing. I get some from women who I am not interested in, and I do reply saying you’re not what I’m looking for, and thank them for the message. I even got a reply from a girl saying that she was in hospital with a cyst on her ovaries. Mmmmm, thanks for telling me that. Some I’ve exchanged phone numbers with, and we have texted for a time….again, leading to nothing. Also one or two have cancelled prior to meeting up.
    I got one message from a woman, who actually lives around the corner from me! She was gorgeous, and she gave me her phone number, we added each other on facebook. We text back and forth, I asked her if she wanted to go for a drink sometime. She said “yeah sure”. But I could tell she wasn’t really keen. A Few weeks went by and I could see that she entered into a relationship with some guy, then after a week, she was single again. Then she complained that there are no decent men about!……go figure.
    I have been on 2 dates while I’ve been on POF. One of them seemed nice, 29 years old, but we just didn’t click, and that was a mutual decision, so I was cool with that…… The other was 25,we went on 5 dates over the course of 3 weeks (she messaged me first). Things were going really well. We met up for drinks, went to the cinema, I watched a DVD round her house and then spent the day together, had a kiss and a cuddle. I wanted to take things slow and not to rush things, because I have been shit on in the past. We also got along really well and there was an attraction. Then out of the blue on facebook, she updated her status to in a relationship! I asked her about this, and she said “I’m with another guy I didn’t think you were interested”
    WTF!!! That’s the best excuse I have heard in ages! Not even a sorry. It’s obvious I was interested, that’s why I stuck around and was taking things slow! She then said “I like to take things slow, but I don’t like waiting around” talk about contradicting yourself. More like, you were seeing both of us at the same time until you came to your decision, then dropped me like a piece of shit, made me feel awful……But she was well within her rights to do that, if I did it, I would be called the scum of the earth.
    Women complain that men are bad, yes some are. But women are just as bad, if not worse sometimes.
    Avoid the women who say “my children come first, they are my whole world”……avoid, because you will be last on the list of priorities, even behind the pet dog. I was seeing this woman who was a friend of a friend for a month or so. She had a 2 year old son. The kid kept waking me up one night, which is not his fault, he’s a child after all. So I just went downstairs to sleep on the sofa, which I didn’t think was a problem because I was really tired. This woman woke up, and got in a huff with me. Minutes later she updated her fb status saying “my son is still the king of my castle, nothing will get in the way of that, he comes first” Talk about a nut job, I never did anything wrong!!

    I have still got my POF profile, but I hardly message anybody anymore. I don’t see much point. Plus what’s with the women who click on the “meet you feature”…..you send them a message back, and they don’t even reply!!!
    Women you see out socially are just as bad, they are so stuck up they think there shit don’t stink. You try to talk to them, and you barely get a grunt back, or they just walk away. They get the pick of anything they want, There after the tall, dark handsome man, look down on anything less and don’t even notice you. Even the average women are like this. Most of them just like to play games, manipulate and make you feel like crap, and drop you until they find something better (usually asshole guys) I pulled a girl in a nightclub not long ago (well I thought I did) we went out for a fag. We were chatting away, I turned my back for 30 seconds cos I saw an old friend of mine, I turned back around and she was kissing some other bloke! I just looked at her in disgust and walked away.
    I give up.

  83. Jason says:

    Every profile says “I have most amazing friends and family” why even put that? Course your friends are great that’s why they are friends, That tells me nothing about you, just filling space with drivel
    Almost as bad is the “my child will always come first” jeez really? thanks for telling me, I expected you to leave him alone while we went on a date

    all the profiles morph into one, read one you have read them all

    had to laugh at some of them. One woman said she was moody and bossy, why would you put that? you are trying to sell yourself.
    Another stuck up woman said she normally only replies to 1 in 20 messages and she has to be attracted greatly to the person. Oblivious to the fact she was average looking.

    If you want a laugh check the intimate encounters to see how bad this site is. One woman said she was looking for secret fun without her husband knowing and I kid you not she had photos of herself in her wedding dress on her big day!!! You couldn’t make it up

    There are no decent women on this site which is why it doesn’t bother me anymore when I get ignored or look and think cant be bothered writing to her. I know I wont be missing out on the love of my life if I don’t get a reply or email some woman off here. Tons of stuck up low class women. I used to get wound up at being ignored but now I think they did me a favour.

  84. Misogynist says:

    DREADFUL SITE with DISGUSTING women on there.

    No matter how they look they will ignore your email. So I send them an email calling them ignorant and telling them I had a lucky escape if they are type of person who cant even reply and wouldn’t you know it as soon as you put that in a message they cant reply quick enough -its like magic!!. They claim my 2nd messaged justified them ignoring me in the first place as it shows what I’m really like, hahahaha yeah sure. Or another one is ” I was just about to reply (a week later?) but now you sent me that message glad I didn’t bother”

    Am glad I got banned off POF its full of nasty arrogant ignorant pig-dogs. No decent woman would ever joined such a site. They are all deluded nasty skanks. What do we guess the ratio men to women is? 80% men 20% women?

    But saying that it seems that even in the real world women are changing. All this feminist bullshit turning them into ladettes
    I’m thinking single isn’t that bad compared to what’s out there.

  85. misogynist says:

    I put a fake profile up with a top looking man and the mail cant come in fast enough!!
    I take great pleasure in telling them when they message me that I only date good looking woman no matter how hot they are, and the funny thing is because “I” am so good looking they cant be nasty and they say “oh okay”

  86. Rob says:

    I have a FB friend (friend of friend) that has shown her FB status as “In a Relationship” for almost a year. I have seen her profile on pof and match for the past 3 months and she has been on both almost everyday. She was on pof last weekend and yesterday she posted on FB that she “Is engaged” and planning on a June wedding.
    This is one FU’p woman.

    Guys , buy or borrow the book “A**holeology The Cheat Sheet: Put the science into practice in everyday situations” and ” The Complete A**hole’s Guide to Handling Chicks “. Then go to online dating sites with a new and improved attitude.

    I now have fun going on pof and other sites. See a profile that says “average body type” or “atheltic body” when you can tell by her face she is an obese hog ….. send them a message saying its obvisous why you don’t show a body pic. It’s been amazing how much my responce level has increased since becoming an online date site A$$hole. Yes , I get blocked sometimes, yes I get bitch’n comments back, and a lot just want to argue because they have no man to bitch to. And I swear ….. some women like a$$holes !

    Try it and see !

    • JDP says:

      Hey Rob, I don’t have to try and see. I’ve been creating fake profiles on POF and other websites, off and on for years. And like you, I give their unequal demands and entitlements, a dose of REALITY.
      If the fact that they have been online for YEARS. And jumped from dude to dude, every few days, weeks or months. Doesn’t wake them to the reality. That their value as a person ends, once he blows his load. Then they will NEVER get it.

  87. Franco says:

    I’ve really made a concerted effort with many women on there. The vast majority do not even think they have to dignify your message with a response. Those who do reply, tend to be taciturn and reticent to the point where it is akin to extracting blood from a stone.

    I would ask questions, and receive one sentence replies without return questions, or any attempt to direct the conversation in new directions and topics. It appears from my experience that it is always down to you (the man) to introduce in new topics for discussion, without the slightest hint of reciprocation or effort on their part. And some even take protracted amounts of time to reply to the most simplest of question, AND then receive a one sentence reply with nothing to continue with.

    Then there is the quandary of deciding when to ask if they would be amenable to meeting in person, as this is particularly difficult to gauge as each person is different (well, sort of, the girls on POF all seem to have the commonality of having their skulls lodged irretrievably from their rectums) with the added ambiguity from “talking” through a computer screen over the internet. Some quickly tire of conversation after a short time, and some find you to forward if you ask them to meet, even after considerable effort on your part to engage in affable conversation. It’s worse than walking a tight rope. And it simply becomes a bane and a futile head-f***. I give up.


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